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Preview: It's a Wonderful Lie

It's a Wonderful Lie

(Apologies to Paul Westerberg)

Updated: 2017-11-18T14:12:21.228-07:00


This Is Utopian Capitalism


I've often said to libertarians who say you can't judge it, as no state has adopted it as a model of government; that there is an example to judge.  Somalia.  For years, Somalia was a libertarian dream.  No functioning state at all, no rules to harsh your buzz.

We've created a few libertarian paradise destinations since then, in parts of Afghanistan and Iraq.

The United States populace does not appear ignorant enough to completely fall for this infantile vision of absolutely no oppressive government; with its taxes and regulations and humanity for others.

But many Republican voters are eager to submit to the conservative vision of the United States.  One of supplication to Wall Street.  One of constant and brutal austerity measures for the plebs, and a Trumpian, gold-plated existence for the royal class.

The new Republican health "care" plan is an example; a massive wealth transfer from the poor to the rich; and it all costs is the lives of the poor, sick, and elderly.

Here is another example.


Sessions Fucks Over Soldier


Again and again, Republicans wrap themselves in the valor of the military.
Again and again, our military gets screwed by Republicans.

Jeff Sessions' Justice Department Backed a Mortgage Corporation Over a Veteran

Kremlin West


So Trump has hired psychopath Sheriff David Clarke for his administration, a man whom killed an inmate by withholding water and allowed a baby born in his jails to die.  One would think this would disqualify him as too toxic for any normal administration.

I might suspect Trump feels obligated to hire him as one of the few token blacks he can parade around to show he's not racist personally, just his policies (and Sessions, and Bannon, and ...)

I then I read this:

Clarke is one of a few officials in Trump’s orbit with a direct connection to Vladimir Putin’s government. The Daily Beast reported in March that Clarke traveled to Moscow and met with Putin’s top deputy as part of an NRA delegation in 2015. Clarke got $20,000 worth of airfare, meals, and hotel stays for the trip, which he reported on a financial disclosure statement.

I dunno if "one of the few" is snark, but still... Trump is in a world of shit after having disclosed classified material to the Russians and slavishly trying to protect Flynn from being investigated.  And his next move is to hire a bombastic killer with ties to Russia?

The mind reels.

Jail Deaths Weren’t Enough to Keep Sheriff Clarke Out of Trump Administration



Reuters (H/T Atrios:)

National Security Council officials have strategically included Trump's name in "as many paragraphs as we can because he keeps reading if he's mentioned," according to one source, who relayed conversations he had with NSC officials.

It Isn't Just Narcissism

Fuck the Tea Party As Well


'History will not be kind to Jeff Sessions, but hindsight will not make anyone who cares now more comfortable about the present and not-too-distant future that awaits us.
Fuck Jeff Sessions. Fuck everyone in the U.S. Senate who spoke highly of him. Fuck every senator who feigned greater offense about being called a racist than about the burdens that racism places on all of our darker backs. Fuck the black people who actually lent their hues to his long-stemming hatred of us. Fuck everyone who voted to confirm him. Fuck all of them.
Most of all, fuck that real estate and reality-star scammer who bottoms for the Russian government and whoever else appears to pull his purse strings for asking black people during the campaign that if they voted for him, “What the hell do you have to lose?”'
-  Michael Arceneaux

Where Can Jeff Sessions Go? To Hell. When Can He Go? Now

Grasping At Straws


Never a dull moment with Trump occupying the Oval Office.  After having had his Muslim ban struck down, Muslim ban 2.0 at least temporarily halted, Obamacare repeal resulting in the biggest political defeat in 10 years; you would think Trump might be at least introspective if not humbled.

But this is Trump.

Now one week before the government shuts down, Trump wants his Republican congress to not just pass another continuing resolution to keep funding at current levels; but to get new funding for things like the Trump wall.  Simultaneously, he has asked them to revive Zombie Trumpcare and pass it.  Finally, apparently to the shock of his staff, he has announced plans to introduce a bigly tax reform plan.

He is starting to look your racist drunk uncle at the local casino, spending the last of his social security check at the slots.

Can't trust Republicans, ever.


This article is mainly about how our typical, horrible governor suckered our teachers into supporting a bill that supposedly would improve public school funding, only to have him turnaround and expand the school voucher program.  No surprise, there.

But if you're curious about how Arizona is doing investing in its children, this should tell you all you need to know:

A report by the staff of the Joint Legislative Budget Committee shows the funding picture for public schools has not improved.
In 2008, the state put $5.15 billion into K-12. Divided up into the number of children in school, that came out to $4,989 per student.
The estimated figure for this year is $5.07 billion, or $4,528 per student.
And that’s not considering inflation. When that is factored in, that’s worth just $3,911 in 2008 dollars.
 Arizona teachers respond to Doug Ducey's voucher expansion: 'We got played'

Wisdom by Atrios


One reason this blog is sparsely populated, is every time I'm kicking around a thought in my brain somebody expresses it better than I ever could.  Behold:

Trump Voters Still Love Trump

They see politics as a reality show in which their guy is winning and stomping on the face of the losing team, a team which includes blah people. Keep the racism going, keep pissing off the loser liberals, keep sticking it to the blah people. That's what will keep them happy. It was never about the ex-im bank or Chinese currency manipulation or whatever the hell, it was about kicking the shit out of loser liberals. Go Team Trump!

Sincerest Form of Flattery


Assad Says Videos of Dead Children in Syria Chemical Attack Were Faked

Mr. Assad, who has been widely denounced for documented atrocities committed by his military during the civil war, said of the reports about the Khan Sheikhoun attack, “Definitely, 100 percent for us, it’s fabrication.”

This is what the Republican war on truth has begotten us.  All despots and tyrants are watching and learning from our Liar in Chief and the rest of his party.  It's all fake news, only trust Breitbart (or your own local hate website.)

How We Got Here


A nice write-up on the brainwashing of our Republican friends and family.

The Long, Lucrative Right-wing Grift Is Blowing Up in the World's Face

Arpaio Circus Closing As Well As Barnum


One of things I did not pay enough attention to was how Penzone was finally able to unseat the disgusting Arpaio.  Not just unseat him, but slaughter him (55% to 44%).

Personally, I never understood how Arpaio's dog and pony show held up year after year other than the constant, low-grade racism that runs through Maricopa County Republicans.  I get it, as long as he was arresting brown people he was going to get those votes.

But he had a bad habit of killing innocent people in his jails, breaking federal laws, and engaging in constant corruption to enrich himself and his henchmen.  Perhaps his contempt of court criminal charges and harassment of a judge finally was too much for his dull followers to swallow, and they were finally forced to admit he'd been shitting on his badge for years.

Sheriff Penzone to shut down Tent City

Conservatives Love the Unborn, Hate Children


Just how horrible must Gorsuch be, that Clarence Thomas and Sam Alito struck down his ruling allowing a school district to fuck over a family with an autistic child?

Supreme Court overturns Gorsuch ruling against student with disabilities

Infuriating that these privileged fuckers like Gorsuch kick it with the royals their entire lives, and all that experience teaches them is Jesus put them here to step on the throats of the disadvantaged.

Because Of Course He Did


Ex-head of Colorado Republicans charged with voter fraud

“It seems to me, and correct me if I’m wrong, but virtually every case of voter fraud I can remember in my lifetime was committed by Democrats,” Cutis said, according to an archived podcast on the station’s website.

Policy by Id


Mick Mulvaney has said he created Trump's budget proposal by "using the president’s own words."  So this is what a budget without thought for sound fiscal policy nor long-term planning looks like.  This is policy by id.

So it should surprise no one that, not only does this budget stomp on the poor and disadvantaged whilst transferring more wealth to the Trump classes; it does not even make fiscal sense.


Trump's cut to flood map program could trigger insurance rate hikes: group

The same idiocy applies to cutting the IRS budget.  Every dollar spent to the critically underfunded agency results in $6 for the treasury.

Other items, like the millions for the border wall (expected to eventually cost more than $20 billion), will add to the deficit even if they work as designed.

Not a Bug, It's a Feature


The Trumpkin rubes remain willfully ignorant of how hard President Bannon is about to hit them on health care; and they continue to go along because they feel the blahs will be hurt worse.

Again, the whole point of "repeal" is to strip away the coverage provided by the Affordable Care Act. There's no budgetary reason to do so: Repeal is expected to cause a huge hit to the deficit and weaken Medicaid dramatically, perhaps fatally. There's no moral reason to do it: For all the whining about Americans having the freedom to die alone in a ditch if they want to, those people can pay a small penalty and plop themselves down in whichever ditch they like. But rich people want the tax cut, and insurance companies want to be able to reduce coverage, and Republicans who labeled reforms Obamacare in an effort to demonize them as part and parcel of the scary black man's supposed reign of tyranny have now backed themselves into the corner of needing to strip healthcare from their own voters in order to keep their campaign promise of doing exactly that.

It's Sunday, so here comes Team Trump to lie to the nation

DeVos and Making America Dumb Again


My father and I used to have long talks about why Republican leaders have long worked to weaken public education and raise college tuition as high as possible.  It is not about taxes, one of the few times you can say that about the wealthy.

No, in this case, it is all about keeping their throat on your little Johnny's throat while they send Beauregard Fuckstick III to private school.  And the wingnut rubes go right along with it; virtually assuring their children will enter the workforce with untenable debt and their children's children will simply be unable to afford college at all.

There are other benefits, of course:

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We're Gonna Win So Much...


I guess we're gonna lose a few before we ease into the "sick of winning" part.

U.S. slips to seventh best country in the world after Trump election, Switzerland tops the list

And there's this:
Nearly 90% of global survey respondents outside of the U.S. said that they paid attention to the 2016 U.S. election. Hillary Clinton would have won the global election, with nearly 60% of the global vote. Support for Donald Trump was highest in Russia (83%) and in China (54%).
Authoritarianism has its fans.

Republicans Are Sick Fucks


I try to refrain from sharing anything political on Facebook; even if it is only to counter the constant stream of alternative facts my Trumpkin friends use to fill the news stream.

However, this particular link, I'd be terrified to share.  I am afraid someone would tell me what a great idea this is, and I would finally have to face the fact that seemingly normal Republicans haven't just been made ignorant from their news bubbles, not just been made racists, but really truly been made into evil fucking people whom readily give up their humanity in the name of servicing their insane hate radio puppet masters and orange billionaires.

Under Proposed DHS Policy, Detained Immigrant Mothers Would Be Separated From Their Kids

President Bannon is obviously taking some cues from his historical heroes.

Another Republican Asshole


I continue to try and believe that the conservatives I interact with are not bigoted pricks.  It is exhausting, given the types of people they vote for:

State Rep. Passes Out Questionnaires Before Allowing Muslim Constituents Entry Into Office

I'm sure the fact that President Bannon is racist and supports white nationalism does not encourage the thugs of our country to act.  I'm sure the constant attempts at normalizing the useful idiot Trump is not looked at as a call to arms for the unstable.

He yelled ‘Get out of my country,’ witnesses say, and then shot 2 men from India, killing one

‘Go back to your own country’: Sikh man shot in his driveway in suspected hate crime

Queens Woman, 69, Says She Was Attacked by Man Yelling 'You Ought to Be Deported'

Kansas suicide pact with Brownback ending


Once again, as every time before it in modern US history, big tax breaks for the rich did not summon the job fairies.  Instead, as every time before it, huge budget deficits were created.

The Big Lie about tax cuts seemingly will never die, no matter how often it is exposed.

While Kansas tries to dump job-killing, budget-busting GOP tax policy, Democratic California booms

Trumpkins Are Sick Puppies


Some guy is abusing his girlfriend.  She is undocumented.  The classic move here by scum like that is to threaten to have her deported, scaring her enough to keep her in line and allow him to keep abusing her.  Under Obama, such threats had no power behind them (although for far too many cases, they probably worked.)

Under President Bannon, they will be carried out.

Immigration agents detain domestic-abuse victim in court

Republicans for decades now falsely claim to be the party of "family values."  It is and has always been complete bullshit.  And also the Christian right, whom like Putin, view Trump as a useful idiot and continue to back a White House with white supremacist Steve Bannon at the helm.

Flynn Fiasco


Flynn really was as incompetent as Trump.  It is amazing President Bannon let him quit, instead of firing him.

Mike Flynn might be done – but Trump's nightmare has just begun