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In The News


Granny's column about Jonathan and his semi-cousins:Three are different, but they're all gifts Sunday, September 06, 2009 My heart holds three little boys, two J's and a B. At 4, B is the oldest and the one I know most intimately because he spent his first years living in my house. Now, as the occasional visitor, he still rules the roost. He insists on retrieving the mail and the newspaper, unloading the dishwasher and taking out the garbage. Even though I feed the goldfish regularly, when he asks, I must tell a white lie and claim I don't. He demands no one feed them but him, even if a week or two has stretched between his visits. He's heading off this week to 4-year-old kindergarten, but we can't call it that. It's pre-K, he insists. Yes, he's a tyrant, but a loveable one. Who else gives me a million kisses and revels in spending Saturday morning at yard sales with me? He drags me to the neighborhood ice cream store so he can gobble a cone and then spend an hour climbing the ladders and sliding through a tube that brings him back to ground level. He professes love for his Granny. He loves me more than I love him, he insists. If I love him a million, he loves me a million billion, and if that number doesn't suit, he loves me 6-8-9-7-2. So there. The older of the two J's loves me too. You can see it in his face when I walk in his front door. He runs down the hallway beaming, extending a welcome that wipes out the pain of driving the disaster that is Route 581 to reach his house. Sometimes he hugs me tightly and says, "My Granny." Very possessive. I like that. He's a much sweeter child. Gentle in many ways, but all boy. When I call and ask what he's doing, it's always the same answer, "Playing cars and trucks." He entertains himself for hours with his cars and trucks. Very independent. He's also nimble with a soccer ball, a skill he acquired, I believe, in the backyard with Daddy and his older sister. Of the three little men in my life, he's the only one with siblings. Both are older, and he's sopped up their knowledge like a sponge. He went off to nursery school Thursday. He'll be at school two mornings a week. From the excitement, you would have thought he was entering Harvard. He's been preparing for weeks. He's ready for playtime and circle time and anxious to make new friends. "I'll just ask them, 'Do you want to play?'" he said. The 3-year-old J also has an uncanny knack for music. Before he could talk, he was humming songs with perfect pitch. Later, he added the words. It's not unusual to hear him on the porch, playing with cars and singing "Jingle Bells," oblivious to the fact that Christmas is months away. The second J, I don't see as much, but he and his parents recently spent a weekend at my house. At just shy of 2, he's insistent on keeping Mom and Dad within his sight. He prefers I keep my distance, but he'll laugh and flirt with me, his big blue eyes sparkling, as long as I don't try to pick him up. Aside from reticence, he has little fear. He'll climb, slide or jump on anything. Mom and Dad shared video of him from their recent beach vacation. It shows him running full steam toward the ocean, then throwing himself, face down, in the waves. Along with water, he loves fire engines, noisy toys and little balls he can throw all over the house. He's also adept at snatching things he's not supposed to touch, such as telephones and remote controls, and hiding them, prompting an all-out parental search. If the older J likes making music, this one likes dancing to it. He contorts his little body like a late-night dancer at a Second Street club. Three boys, all different, with one thing in common: Each is a gift. If I never get another present in my life, I won't care. When I'm with one of them, I have all I need. [...]



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Happy Birthday, Jonathan!






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Bike Ride Guy


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Snow Day


(image) Not convinced.

The boots are new and I do not trust them.

I refuse to wear mittens.

Mommy won't let me whack the snow with a baseball bat.

And on top of it all, I look adorable and Mommy is in my face with her new camera.

Time to go in for some cocoa.

Out For A Walk...


(image) ...holding hands with the cute little Irish girl down the block.

It Wasn't Exactly Camping...


...but we did get to eat breakfast outside.

Plus, there was a wooden train on the playground.

Whatever you call it, it was fun!


Birthday Party


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Two Years Old


Jonathan was born at 1:41 p.m. on July 31, 2006. Now that he is two years old, he is full of energy. He seems to be constantly in motion.

He is fascinated by trucks and trains. He runs to the window whenever a truck drives by. He likes to go bye-bye in the van.

He knows lots of animal sounds and can repeat them: duck, bear, lion, cat, dog, horse, cow, etc. He is starting to use words more and more, simple things that he sees every day like water, milk, baby, book. He just learned to say "DVD." He also loves his sisters and likes to say their names.

He likes to go swimming. He has been riding in the bike trailer all year, and just started going in the bike seat sometimes instead.

Nap time and bed time have been a lot easier recently. Jonathan likes to read books before bedtime. He usually gets into his crib without too much complaining and says, "Night night." A few times recently, he slept in a toddler bed instead of his crib.

He is getting to be a big guy.







Just add water.

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Sesame Place



No, No...


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I Have Discovered Puddles...


(image) ...and I like them.



Visiting the National Zoo and other fun stuff in Washington, DC can really wear a guy out.





I Have Discovered Dirt


...and I like it.

Make It Stop!!!


Jonathan has been watching Sesame Street occasionally in the evenings before bedtime. He likes Elmo and the songs, but sometimes he gets a little bit scared of the monsters. A few nights ago, there was a LOUD, sustained shriek from the family room while he was watching with his Little Big sister. I rushed in to see what was the matter. Little Big said, "He doesn't like that guy," pointing to the TV screen. "He started SCREAMING as soon as he came on."

This was the guy:


19 Months Old


(image) Jonathan is a singer. He can sing, or at least hum, lots of songs, including "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," "Old Macdonald Had A Farm," and of course the Teletubbies theme song. Oh, yeah -- and the "Barney" theme song, too. He also likes to play the piano. Sometimes he sings little songs while he plays.

He likes to play with cars and trucks. He colors on paper with pencils and crayons. He likes to get in his new bike trailer and go for rides with Daddy, or sometimes Mommy, all around the neighborhood.

18 Months Old



17 Months Old


Jonathan is very active. He's steady on his feet and he chases his sisters all over the house. He runs from room to room and scoots up and down the steps.He is getting to be much more responsive. He doesn't exactly talk, but he can make a few sounds and carry on short "conversations" with Mommy and Daddy. He says "Thank you" when we hand him food or a sippy cup, he knows the sounds that some animals make, and he is just beginning to make the "I don't know" gesture (arms apart, hands upturned) when he can't find something. He also says "bye bye!" and runs to the door if he thinks anyone is going anywhere.He loves to carry telephones all over the house. He comes down in the morning and grabs the cordless phone off the charger. He looks for our cell phones and always wants to hold them when we go for rides in the car. He pushes the buttons and holds them up to his ear, and offers them to Mommy and Daddy with a little grunt or squeak that sounds like a question -- "You want?" Something like that, anyway. Actually, he loves anything electronic, anything that beeps, and gets quite nasty sometimes if anyone tries to take something like that away from him.[...]

What Does A Bear Say?


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Let It Snow