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Mama's Coffee Corner

A black strong coffee without sugar please WAHM Ramblings

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Left but not forgotten


Ooops, time flew and how did I miss almost 4 months???

I have been working on so many projects lately that there has been little to no time for blogging. But don't worry, I'll be back soon! Some of you have asked where I've been and I appreciate that. I'm here, just very busy!

RS Designs has retired and is now Berries and Cream Blog Design. If you need a blog design, we can surely help with that! lol

Choriço has started school and all is fine, there were a few initial hick-ups but they have been sorted out and I'm glad he is at a good school learning lots and making good friends. Today we had to go the the doctor becasue he's got sinuses, poor little guy. Well with some medication he will soon be alright again.

A little update on how we are doing here in Brazil, I'll be back again soon. :)

Hey 2009


Hey 2009, are you here already?

Time flies and it's been over a month since I wrote anything. A horrible thought seeing I love blogging. It's just that I've been pretty busy with everything and my personal blogs have had to step aside and make room for design projects and other thing. Trying to prioritize everything has been difficult and I hope that will change soon.

I hope I will get more time or rather becoming better at organizing my time. Well right now I have to get back to work and try to finish off a few things that have been left behind way too long.

Welcome 2009! I hope the year has started out well for you! :)

A childs prayer


Monday was an oh so difficult day. It was a horrible day really. It all started in the morning when I was dropping off Choriço at nursery. I was paying our monthly contribution when the nursery director casually says; "so did you go and enroll Choriço at school?"My jaw dropped and I said -"what???

A few weeks ago Choriço was at home with pinkeye. During that week they sent messages to the parents and posted a big note outside the nursery that it was the week to enroll the kids to school. Only that they forgot to tell me. So I had no idea I even needed to do that as we had already sent in some paperwork through the nursery. I went to the school who said there were no vacancies left. in the afternoon I went to the nursery and told the director I wanted her to call the school as I consider it to be her fault for not telling me. We started discussing and it ended up with me crying all the way home.

A friend of mine knows the director of another sh cool and sent me there. Only that the school is about twenty minutes away and it was hot. Really hot and I had Choriço with me. Well we went and they said there is a chance he can get a place there. When we came home again after stressing back and forth we were dirty with red feet and warm. I immediately opened the fridge to cool myself with some coke while Choriço went straight inside.

As I stand there drinking my coke I hear some mumbling from the living room. As I peek inside the living room I see Choriço kneeled down by the sofa praying. I could hear him saying something about helping me and about school and so on. Just then the phone rang so he stopped praying.

But this is something I will never forget. I had not said anything to him about praying nor had we talked about Jesus. This was a totally spontaneous prayer. And I am glad becasue this is the way I want my son to go.

The prayer of a child is one of the most beautiful prayers I think. So sweet and innocent.

As for the school we'll just have to see what happens. It's in God's hands really.

The nursery my son attends is in help and unless they raise money to pay the bills they will have to close! I have opened a charity event which I urge you to participate in. Please let me help the nursery to continue to help the families in need! I cannot do this without your help! Please visit VA Charity to find out more. Thank you!!

Why I love Woody Woodpecker


This post could probably be called " I am a lousy mom because I let my kid sit in front of the TV"

This week is quite stressful for me and I have lots of things going on, just this week little Choriço gets a Pinkeye. Just my luck. Took him to the Dr on Monday and he will be home the whole week. Well really I'm not sure it is pinkeye. His eyes seem to be all fine actually. Well it is better to be safe than sorry so I am keeping him at home this week for observation.

While I work Woody is occupying him. Thank God for Woody. Makes my work a whole lot easier.

Do I feel bad? Yes a little. But on the other hand I am trying to work to provide for my family so I don't feel really bad.

Just comes to show it is always good to be on top of things and be prepared for the unexpected.

No more annoying phone calls


Most of us strongly dislike annoying phone calls from insistent call operators that try and make us buy something even though we kindly say "no thank you" a couple of hundred times. Some vendors just don't get it. You do have to give them credit for their persistence.

Well if you want to report a number you can go to Phone Number Reporting and tell them what you think there. Perhaps someone else is of the same opinion.

During the last election here in Brazil we got quite a few phone calls, my standard reply: "I'm not Brazilian so I don't vote" Worked every time. lol Basically you just need to know the magic words and they will resist. Then there are those who are persistent...

Nothing like a good book to cheer up a sad mom


These last few days I've been incredibly cranky, sad and angry. Actually it's been more like frustrated than angry.

Well yesterday I had nothing special to do at night. My husbands uncle is visiting so he and my DH were talking and watching the news, Choriço were playing on the computer and I tried to read the Bible but couldn't concentrate with all the noise. That's when I remembered I had a book lying around that I've been meaning to read for some time now, I found the book and went in to the bedroom to read it.

I started laughing on the first page I think, I was giggling so much that my husband had to go check on me as he couldn't understand what was so incredibly funny. I told him one of the parts, not sure if he found it funny really, and then I continued. It was a short book so I finished it this morning, still laughing.

It was so relieving! After all the tension I've felt these last few days it just released my hormones a bit and helped me see that everything isn't so bad. It was just what I needed. I love reading so for me reading is an excellent way to relax. So for me there is nothing like a good book to cheer me up! lol

How do you relax when you are stressed or sad?

Mama goes shopping


For moms who are looking for baby stuff there is a great place that helps you find exactly what you want: the Baby and Toddler place at

it is really easy to find gorgeous thing there, simple log into their baby and toddler site and tell them what you are looking for. If you are looking for ways to activate your child and make sure he/she have fun and learn at the same time you can read a guide before you buy on what to think about when buying activity centers for babies. It will tell you exactly what it is, what it consist of and where to get it.

Buying quality things for your baby is extremely important and not something that should be overlooked because of financial hindrance. That is why many of the guides give you all the information you need as well as information on where to find the best buy within your budget. As an example you can look at the toddler clothing buying guide. You will see several choices of what kind of clothes to buy, you click on what you are looking for and the next page will give you the option of setting the price. that way you will not have to look all over the net to find clothes for your toddler that fits your budget. It makes shopping online so much easier!!

And for those not looking for baby stuff but loves to shop online, Shopwiki is huge! You can surely find what you are looking for there!

Someone give me ice cream!


(image) Image via WikipediaI would love it if someone came with ice cream right now. It is incredibly hot here! And extremely humid to top it off. It surely wouldn't be bad if it started to rain soon.

So today is a perfect ice cream day, but as I haven't got any money at home I will just have to skip that part... Right now I have to go and pick up Choriço from nursery, it's not very far but it is uphil on the way back. phuuuuuuuu.... I'm not looking forward to it.

Well, a mommy gotta to what a mommy gotta do.. better get going...

The Mouse trap


I think I will be a bit more careful with what I pu into the washing machine after this accident. The other day I was washing clothes and saw that there were some strange dirt on the sheets. I thought it was quite odd, after all I was washing the sheets. I continued to hang the clothes and sheets to dry and what did I find? A dead mouse!

The poor little thing, no I don't really feel bad for him/her, was squashed to the side and had probably been alive before the washing cycle began. Iiiiihh. I like to think of myself as this calm person who isn't too squemish but unfortunaltely I'd be lying so I won't say anything. But I almost screamed out loud.

Of course I had to remove all clothes, fill the machine with detergent, washing powder and all other sorts of cleaning products and put on a washing cycle before I could wash the clothes again...So from now on I'll be extra careful when I wash so that I don't add things that shouldn't be there.

Forgetful Mom


Once in a while we hear these horror stories about how parents forget their kids in the car or at strange places etc. We shake our heads and say "oh that is irresponsible- I would never do that".

You know what, I won't say so, an accident can easily happen due to different circumstances but in this case I am referring to my horrible memory. I am absolutely a forgetful mom, I forget everything! *For those of you who are yet not a parent- prepare yourself the "Mommy forgetfulness" comes after the baby is born.*

My memory deteriorated significantly after I became a mom, I've always been a little forgetful but not like this. Let me give you an example; This morning I put on a washing load at 8am, after midday I remember it! It does not take 4+ hours for the washing machine cycle to go round. Which makes me think that I could easily be one of these moms who forget her child in the car*God forbid* or something else. Sometimes I slip into the internet world and forget about the rest. All of a sudden I wake up and think to myself "oh what was I doing again?" To juggle being a mom/wife/biz owner is already hard - with a bad memory it gets even harder.

And it is not only due to the Internet, it happens when I'm not online either... a lot....

Well they say it is good to stimulate your brain early so that you won't get forgetful when you get older... I better start practicing that...

Modern furniture meets practical


"Modern furniture meets practical" that's what hit me when I looked at and their furniture. Some of these furniture's are amazingly creative! Looking for an online shop where you can buy beautiful Italian furniture? Eroomservice offers just that!They can help you find the right storage and shelving or find the perfect match for the new nursery and much more.

Their modern furniture are just right, the various styles are impressing and makes me wish I could buy some furniture right now. I like the colors and the different shapes they offer. I like to look at contemporary furniture and try to match it with modern design. Some interior designers are great at mixing and matching old and new styles.

If you are having problems deciding on what style to go for then look through their online catalog and if you still cannot find the answer send them an email.

As we all know buying furniture can involve a lot of walking and aching feet, now with online shopping there is no need for that any longer. Today we just search for what we want and click a few times and it comes to our door. Wonderful! If you are looking for designer furniture, go visit and indulge in beautiful design.

Like father like son


The other day I gave my husband a back massage as he was complaining his back was hurting. Little Choriço observed it of course and wasn't late to start claiming his massage as well.

Yesterday he started saying to me "Mom, give me massage, my back is hurting". I kind of tried to ignore it but that didn't work very well. Looking at him he was already lying down on the sofa flat on his stomach.

Heading over to ease his imaginable back pain he says to me;
"You need to use some of that lotion as well" Pointing at the lotion I had used for his dad.
"Aha, OK" Laughing to myself thinking "he is just like his dad"

Well the massage lasted about two minutes and then I said it was enough because I honestly did not have time for massaging that very moment. I think it was pretty sweet what he did and I have always thought that massage is a good way to bond with your child. I have tried to massage Choriço a few times but he has never liked it, perhaps now he has changed :) It's a great way to help your child relax and open up and something that can help heal a damage bond between kids and parents.

Now if I could only get them to give me massage... that isn't likely to happen unfortunately...

A Mama needs relaxin'!


I have a wish that I've had for some time now, a wish that I surely am not alone to have. I wish I could get away to a spa for the day to use a bath tub. That would be wonderful! Just to get away for a little while and take care of myself.

In Sweden almost all houses have bathtubs, here in Brazil that is an absolute luxury to have. And as with all things you don't miss it when you have it but once it becomes a rare thing you appreciate it a whole lot more. And it's the same thing with bathtubs, I miss it so much! I'd love to have a bathtub here. Looking at Simply Bathtubs they have gorgeous clawfoot bathtubs which I think would be perfect in a new bathroom. They have affordable discount whirlpool tubs for all sizes and pockets.

To make sure your bathtub fit with your house and your style there are several styles to choose from; you may want a corner tub, a modern tub, antique or acrylic tub, choose what model and size fits you best. Installing a bathtub needn't be that costly actually, looking at the prices there are bathtubs for under $800 which I would say is a great investment. The more expensive ones goes up over $7000 and more ensuring an even more luxurious bath. The bigger the size and the more customizations the more it will cost you.

Walk in bath tubs are a good choice as you get older as you can sit up in them. With only a small door to open there will be no more climbing and risk of falling. The smart thing with Simply Bathtubs is that you can buy through their site so you won't have to go shopping for a tub but can choose directly from the site. Giving you more time to enjoy your bathtub.

If you are not sure you really need a bathtub then think again, imagine how great it will feel to slip in after a long day at work and just enjoy the heat and let your muscles soften. That is what I miss as it is something I used to do after a day of hard work at the stables. And I think every mom needs some relaxin' once in a while so it would be perfect to liven up a tired mom.

Really, everyone should have a bath tub, but until then I guess the shower will have to do...

Grieving a loss that never was


(image) Image by Grant MacDonald via FlickrLast week was tough. I didn't think it would be all that tough but after a few days it was and it was hard not to cry. The feelings of emptiness and loss came when I was by my self and that 's when my tears would make me break down and cry.

It feels as if I was /am grieving something that never was, because there was no "real" baby yet. Still I felt life inside of me and now I don't feel anything. Nothing, only an empty feeling inside. I was so sure this would be a little girl, I was completely sure. Now I could get pregnant and it could be either because I don't feel anything. It's a strange feeling. All of a sudden I feel just like normal but in between something happened and it wasn't as it used to be.

The only thing that kept me calm and that has helped me immensely is my faith. Without my faith I would probably be crying a whole lot more and asking why? Now I know that God has a plan for my life and that His plans are not the same as ours. I ask God to reveal to me the purpose of this suffering but I might never know and it is still OK.
The LORD is my light and my salvation—
whom shall I fear?
The LORD is the stronghold of my life—
of whom shall I be afraid? Psalm 27:1
I read this verse several times a day and even have it up on my fridge. This is what gives me strength in times of trouble and I give thanks everyday.

Everything will be OK but healing takes time.

Understandign God's ways


Hardly had I written the wonderful news when soemthing happened. To make a long story short we are no longer expecting a baby. I've spend two nights at the hospital and still need to go back on Friday.

I am glad I know God is standing with me in all this and helping me deal with the pain. I know there is a reason for this happening but we can never fully understand God's ways. The only thing we can do is Trust. God has shown us how much we want a baby and we will try again soon.

I will take a few days off to recover.

Ask and you shall receive - Wonderful news


For some time now I have been praying that God would bless us with a little baby. The time never seem to be right and I have seriously doubted that I would ever become a mother again. Choriço will turn five in December and if I had been in charge we would already have had another little one about two years ago.

But it wasn't up to me and I decided to leave it in His hands. He knows when the time is right and even though we didn't think the time was right apparently it is now. Because we are having a baby!

And let me tell you ladies, I knew the very moment I became pregnant. But of course I forgot to write it down so I don't remember. Last week we got it confirmed and I am already 8 weeks along. I am feeling great except for a little heartburn and the fact that I get very tired in the afternoon. Around 7.30 I am ready for the night.

Yes, I have been worried that something would go wrong or that something will happen but I trust in God so I will let Him take care of me and the baby. The only thing I can do is take care of myself and my family to make sure we are fine and that I don't do anything that is not good for us.

I can hardly believe it myself but I am getting bigger and bigger, right now I probably look a bit chubby around the belly but soon it will be different. I look forward to go through all the different stages and can't wait until the baby is here!

Rain and thunder


Today at 2pm the sky was dark, dark. The sun had completely disappeared and the wind had taken over. And now at night it is raining and it is quite cold outside.

South Brazil was taken by a surprise yesterday when a hurricane came in, something very rare in Brazil and no one was prepared. Houses were destroyed and everything looked upside down. I felt bad for those who had their houses destroyed and I just pray we won't get any of that. I'm honestly not sure how my house would deal with something like that.

A small thunder is threatening to start here but so far nothing, the only thing is the constant rain. Which was expected, yesterday was extremely hot and humid.

Right now I am making a nice stew for us to enjoy in this cold weather, with that rice will be served and beans, a tomato salad, broccoli and garlic bread. Almost a feast :)

What's for dinner at yours?

A good night's sleep


Lately I have become incredibly tired and go to bed quite early. Thankfully we have a very comfortable bed. Buying the bed was actually one of the biggest problems we faced when buying furniture for our house.

First we couldn't decide on what bed we liked, looking at several beds in several stores we finally decided on one. Then came the next problem; the mattress. Here soft mattresses are hard to find and I wanted a soft mattress. My husband wanted one of the hardest ones so we had some difficulties deciding there but settled for one that was in the middle. Well 4 years later the mattress is in a good shape and I now think it was good we settled for a harder mattress, it is better for the back.

We decided to goo for a wooden bed without too many details and I'm glad we did because it is simple but very nice. Bedroom World has some wonderful beds and I really wish I could've bought my bed from there. Their selection of beds is impressive. All stores here have more or less the same selection of beds I think, that's why I like it when you can look at online stores and see their beds (and other things of course).

Talking about beds, I really have to go and make the bed, that is the tiresome part...

Nutricious and delicious fruit salads


I love fruit salads, not only are they delicious, they are nutritious as well. My favorite fruit salads contain apples, oranges and bananas. When strawberries are around they are a must as well. At the moment the strawberries are at a very good price so I try to eat as much as I can.

Some say that fruit salads are quite boring but there are several ways you can make a fruit salad a bit more "fun" and even more nutritious. I usually add sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and flax seeds to my salads, vegetable or fruit salads.

Something else to add can be a simple fruit sauce. Mash some strawberries with water and add to the fruit salad or make a lemon sauce. This lemon sauce is absolutely delicious and can be eaten on its own...

Lemon sauce:
1 lemon
single cream
condensed milk

Squeeze out the lemon juice and add as much cream and condensed milk until you get the perfect mixture, depends on taste. Whisk until smooth.

This sauce can be slightly addictive if you happen to like any of the above ingredients. Consider yourself warned. lol

A safe home


Brazil is not a peaceful country if you look at the amount of violence shown on TV everyday. When I first got here it amazed me that everyone has a gate in front of their home. Then it scared me when someone didn't and I found myself thinking "How can they not have a gate in front of their home? Aren't they afraid?"

Home security is something so incredibly important no matter where you live. Making sure that you can sleep peacefully at night and that your family is safe is the best thing. Now I don't live on a violent street thankfully but yes there are violence close by. Every night we make sure we have closed the gate and that the door is locked. I worry that someone will jump over our gate even though it is almost 2 meters high. I worry that someone will try to poison our dogs just as other dogs on our street have been.

There are different security systems you can use and many do use them which is a very smart move in my opinion. Here many houses use a motorcycle guard that comes by every hour or so during the night. What we have been talking about is setting up some extra lamps to make sure we can see properly outside when it is dark. Our dogs are very good guards so we can tell if there is someone outside or if it is just a dog passing.

I think that when you have a family you worry more about these things than if you are single. When you have a family you have responsibility over someone else, and kids rely totally on you to take care of them. Small kids haven't got a clue when it comes to security normally. Mine sure doesn't.

If you don't already use on of the many available home security systems out there today then I really suggest you look into it, there is nothing better than making sure your family can rest peacefully at night or when away aon holiday.

Family dinners


I was raised with the whole family siting around the table eating dinner at the same time. If someone finished they waited until the last person had finished as well. Well in my own family it doesn't really work that way unfortunately.

DH has this thing of leaving the table before me and Choriço have finished and Choriço take ages to get to the table to sit down to eat. It doesn't matter how much we tell him, some days it is impossible to get him to sit at the table. Now DH has understood I prefer it when we all have dinner together and usually stays. But as someone who grew up eating in front of the TV I understand he deosn't see the point as clearly as I do.

I do think that table manners is something very important though so I continue to struggle and make them sit down and wait for eachother. How important do you think it is to have dinner together at the table?

Doing things for the right reasons


Yesterday I was watching the film "Facing The Giants" and I have to say it was a great film! Although it wasn't the best film I've ever seen,but it was very good. The message was clear and it made me think about what an impact today's teachers and society and we parents have on teenagers.

If you have not seen the film it is about a football coach who's team isn't winning, the parents aren't happy with him, his car is about to die forever, his wife doesn't get pregnant and things aren't going so well for him. Until one day when he search Jesus and tells his team that they have been trying to win for the wrong causes, they need to honor God whether if they win or not. Once they change their focus things start to go well for the team and things get better.

It is a truly wonderful film and I cried at the end but I cry easily. There were several scenes where you could see the cheerleaders cheering and dancing to support the team and that is something I find neat. I say neat because America is probably the first place you think about when you say cheerleaders. Brazil definitely do not have them, although they have cure girls dancing in every program instead.

And it makes me think it must be so much fun being a cheerleader. Just to use special cheerleading uniforms and cheerleading shoes makes it all the better. They look as if they have so much energy and enjoy what they do and they are very talented. I'm sure it takes some training to become good and as from what you see on film there is a pressure to be good. Which is understandable.

Well, whether it is football or cheerleading I think it is necessary to support our children to do things for the right reasons, not only to win. Having fun is important and honoring God is the best reason of them all in my opinion. I don't care if I would have to buy cheerleading apparel to make sure my daughter was accepted in the team, as long as she does it for the right reasons and are happy about it it would be money well spent.

Even if you are not a Christian the film is absolutely recommended, it teaches us valuable lessons about what we do in life and why.

Almost spotless


Yesterday I did a "faxina", which is when you clean your house from the inside out and make sure it is clean. Well I started around 8.45am and didn't stop until 1pm when I realized I needed to have some lunch.

I washed all clothes, three loads, now funnily enough I only had two garments from all these loads.. why is that?? I cleaned the bathrooms, the whole yard, and the whole house., And I ironed all clothes in the evening. It felt great!

But the thing is that no matter how much you clean the house is never really spotless. I mean there is always something to clean up or something to do. Today I don't have much to do, only do the dishes and sweep the yard but besides from that- nothing. Wonderful.

Better enjoy it while I an, tomorrow I will probably need to clean again although not as thorough. lol

A cozy home


When we moved in to our home I said I wanted to make it a cozy home, one that you would like to enter and feel a warm feeling inside. Well that has been more difficult than I imagined actually. There seems to be a lack of cozy things to decorate your home with in Brazil. Or at least I never find what I would like.

If I had IKEA around I would have bought several things from there but since there isn't an IKEA in Brazil that makes it a bit more difficult. Of course there are nice shops with things I would love to buy but they are always out of my price range which makes it harder.

Well one thing that does make a house cozier is a rug, so I made sure we bought two rugs when we moved in as well as a few for the bathroom. And it made all the difference! I love my rugs today and wouldn't want to be without them.

So if your house needs an extra touch of something but you are not sure what then area rugs could be the solution. With so many different models and patterns out there on the market you are bound to find something you like. Plaza Rugs has more than 400 different models and will even help you chose the right rug for your home if you are not sure what rug to buy. Their contemporary rugs has become a favorite for many and can surely suit your style as well.

Except for the rugs I also recommend getting some nice and beautiful curtains. Here most curtains are very plain and quite boring but we managed to find some beautiful blue curtains on sale which we quickly snapped up. My next project is to decorate with flowers, the ones I have are all in the backyard. I really do wish I had a better eye for decorating and some good shops, and money, to make my home even nicer.

What do you think makes your home cozy?

Mom, did you hear??


Son and DH is in the bathroom this morning to take a shower and get ready for school. Choriço is a bit late, as usual, and DH bursts out saying a bad word. Immediately Choriço says "You can't say that. Jesus doesn't like that!"

I heard everything and smiled. Then he continues;

"Mom, did you hear what daddy said?!!? He used a very bad word, you shouldn't say that."
"No sweetie, you are absolutely right, how good of you to correct daddy" I answered.

He was quite upset his daddy had used a bad word and I was very pleased with the reaction I have to say. His daddy probably felt kind of bad but I'm sure it was a good lesson learned. *lol*