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The Biology Mart

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My Friend, Nick


I'm still here - still not sure what I'm doing. At first, I thought I could make this my "professional" blog that would keep me connected with the world of science education. And as ideas go, it was fairly noble. The problem was that as I attempted to network, the amount of comments on the posts didn't increase. So, what to do?

I got a comment the other day from a friend of mine, Nick - whom I've never met. He comments on a blog that I frequent and clicked on the link next to my name. And he commented on my blog! (When he mentioned it on the Russoville blog that we visit, my response was "What Blog?"). He's got his own blog as well called Hitting the Post and it's pretty good. I read a few posts and was impressed.

It got me thinking, though. What's the point of having a blog if it just sits there. And I've got other thoughts as well. I'm not going to let this blog consume me, but I have news to share and I can do it here. If people care, great. If not, who gives a rip? I'm more than just a washed up science teacher; I coach volleyball, I follow the Minnesota Wild, I play a little hockey, and I'm a stay at home dad. If I veer off the path, well so be it. We'll see where the path leads.

Boogey Fight Camp


The first rule of Fight Camp - you must buy a t-shirt.



While at home, I've been taking a few classes in order to stay busy and pick up re-licensure credits. It has been an invaluable experience for a few reasons. First, I am reminded of what a procrastinator I can be. There's nothing like being jolted to this fact when you're typing a paper that needs to be emailed to the prof in twenty minutes.

Secondly however, is how I have become more critical of my assignments. For instance, I took a geology class online where I had to write a paper each week. As I researched the first assignment, I kept saying to myself - "This is crap!" The professor wanted a thorough paper from me, but didn't seem to want to put in the effort to be specific on what he wanted. After writing it and submitting it, the prof returned the "paper" (no trees were harmed in the writing of the paper) ended up having too much information, but not enough of the information that he wanted (but wasn't specific enough to ask for in the first place). I could go on.

So, what happens when you get an assignment and you don't see the reason? Not one of those "When are we going to use this?" reasons, but "What, exactly, do you want from me?" or "How does this tie in with the objectives of the unit?" or even "This is busy work - don't dump this on me!" What are your options? Does your teacher respond to criticism (no matter how you package it.)? Will they respect your request?

The Love You Take...


I've really been struggling with the existance of this blog recently. Right now its just one big echo chamber - me posting; me commenting; me reading. The only thing I'm not doing (because I can't) is click on the ads. The way I see it, I have two options. Can the blog and quit one more thing that I haven't been outstanding at as soon as I started or give a little bit more.

I choose the latter.

Bizarre Clouds


One of the ways I started class back in the day was by bringing up current science events - no matter whether it was biology or something else. The only prerequisite was that it had to have a high resolution picture so I could put it up on the projector. Today I heard about a cloud on Saturn. Here's the link. Quite the head scratcher.

Open Post


Biology Help is a click away

Biology For All


From the initial looks of it, this blog may be construed as a place for students to get help. That is certainly one of the uses of this blog, but I don't want to limit it to one use yet.

I am a "Stay at Home Dad" (or SAHD for short - thank you Stephen Colbert) and recently while I was at a "function" with my 20 month old, I had a conversation with a mother of an 18 month old. We talked about what we were doing in the meantime while our professional lives were on hold and I told her about this blog. She said "That's great, because I have spoken with so many parents who want to do more science stuff with their kids."

Now short of starting my own "Science Birthday Party" company, I want to help parents do what hopefully I am doing with my own two kids - instill an enjoyment of science. Whether it's going on a nature walk, playing with dinosaurs, or going to the local science museum, I intend to make this blog a home for enjoyable biology and science activities and discussion.

So How Does It Work?


The purpose of this blog is to create a community of people interested in biology - students, teachers, parents, professors - who wish to have a conversation about biology in their lives. Go to a post, type a comment, see the responses you receive. If you are having problems with a particularly sticky biology topic, post a response anywhere and see what happens. Homework answers will not be given out on a platter, but hopefully the conversation that ensues will provide a better understanding to the concepts at hand.

Let's go - Try it out.

Welcome to the Biology Mart


A little about me. Ten years ago, I was a rookie biology teacher who was teaching at a suburban Twin Cities Catholic High School, getting my cute, little ears wet. After getting married, having kid one, then having kid two, my wife and I decided that I should stay home with the two peanuts, whilest she have a go at the working world.

Things have worked out nicely, but I miss teaching and being part of the "educational landscape" (outside of teaching my own kids). Having a slight background in technology got me thinking about how I could teach, but still stay home. Therefore - four tiny letters later... BLOG.

The Biology Mart was the name of my class web site when I taught. I figured I'd keep the name - I'm pretty attached to it. I would like to use the resources I have spent ten years developing, and start a conversation with biology students (and science students for that matter) that will keep me plugged into what they're doing, all the while helping students get the most out of what they're studying.

I hope this fulfills a need for some folks - and if it does, thanks for having me. Check back often for "conversation starters"