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Maoist Orange Cake

Spicy, sweet, and subversive, we are a group blog dedicated to conversation about arts, language, humor, politics, nature and the human condition. We practice kindness and admire intelligence of all persuasions. We agree to disagree without putdown or p

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(Graffiti from Melbourne, Australia, photographed by Jill Posener)I am this month's host of the 14th Carnival of Radical Feminists. Aside from spreading the news about that in general here, I want to draw attention to the fact that one of our divas, Kat, has a submission up at the Carnival: It's the post from BitchCraft entitled Housework, Gender, Being a "Wife". Good work, Kat! -- Maggie

LOLSHARKS: CATCH THE WAVE! -- by Maggie Jochild


Kat at her blog BitchCraft created a post introducing the concept of "LolSharks". I was inspired, and used the photo below to continue her tradition. It can be viewed (and, if you are inspired, altered/improved upon at ICHC Vote Page.Go for it!

help me make a brain cake, by little gator


A friend of mine who wishes to not be named has advanced MS and wants to have "a funeral for her brain" while it still works well enough to let her enjoy it. I am trying not to think about the reason for this party, since she wants us to enjoy it. We'll have forever to miss her when the time comes.I have been given the assignment of making a brain cake. I got some useful info atMake An

HAPPY PESACH! -- by Maggie Jochild


When I lived in San Francisco during my 20s and 30s, the dyke political community that was my base was over 50% Jewish. Every Passover, we had a community seder, with a cobbled together haggadah, secular and feminist revisionism, and tons of singing. After the first one, I couldn't imagine how I'd gone my whole life without this meaningful watershed event. It became one of my top three

The Fighting Geoducks


Making good on my threat in the previous thread, here is a photo of Speedy Geoduck, mascot of Washington’s official hippie college, The Evergreen State College (don’t forget the definite article!).The Geoduck Fight Songby Malcolm Stilson, 1971Go, Geoducks go,Through the mud and the sand, let’s go.Siphon high, squirt it out,Swivel all about,Let it all hang out.Go, Geoducks go,Stretch your necks

Rock, Chalk,Jayhawk!


Jayhawk Baby goes for a 3 pointer as she celebratesKU's win over the Memphis Tigers, in overtime, 75-68!!!Okay, I know I'm probably the only one on this blog who even cares about this, but trust me, around here, we're pretty happy. Yes, I live in Missouri, but as Lawrence is only 4o miles away, and both my kids went to school there (one of 'em will even be graduating this December) Kansas is my

Meeting in Ballard


Over at our birth-blog, Dykes to Watch Out For, the subject of a meeting of bloggers in the Seattle area has come up. A number of us live in the neighborhood of Ballard (home of the largest Norwegian Constitution Day parade this side of Bergen), so we have decided to meet in the restaurant at the historic Sunset Bowl at 1420 NW Market Street. The bowling alley, which has been around at least as



At around this time last year, one of our Divas, Pam I., posted the above cartoon to Maoist Orange Cake. I'm bringing it back as an annual tradition. After the fold are several more cartoons and LOLCritters (many by our Diva little gator) which guarantee to puncture the solemnity of this holiday. Some are repeats from other sites, but hey -- a laugh is a laugh.

HELEN 'WHEELS' KELLER -- by Maggie Jochild


(July 1888 in Brewster, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, showing eight-year-old Helen Keller seated next to her teacher, Anne Sullivan, as they hold hands)A new photograph of Helen Keller has been discovered showing her (in 1888) at age eight with Annie Sullivan. It's the earliest known photo of the two of them together -- Annie Sullivan came to work with Helen in 1887. Much is also being made of the

Don't Worry; Be Happy!


Maybe baby Molly is smiling because she's an Obama supporter, and it looks like he may be the nominee.Maybe Molly's smiling because the Democrats have two good candidates from which to choose.Maybe it's just because she's having a bath.(Or maybe this is just an excuse for her grandmama to post a cute picture.)But whatever the reason, she wants you to know that every once in awhile, life is

Goodbye, Aunt Gertrude


My oldest living relative died yesterday. She was 105, the last relative of my grandparents' generation, and my grandfather's sister. Aunt Gertrude was doing quite well until she was 102 or so, and had been quite confused since then.

Hardware woes


A while back, I posted about my neighborhood. I was worried about its future, and upset that my hardware store was possibly closing. The update is that it is, indeed, going to close permanently. There's a sign up saying that they're going to have to sell off the last bits of stock, because Berkeley is unrelenting in its zoning bullshit. The sign also said that "Wells Fargo dealt the final

One Hundred and Eleven


That’s how many Democrats showed up for my precinct caucus here in Seattle on February 9 at the Oddfellows Hall in Ballard. Four years ago we had thirty-six, and thought it was a big turnout. And this time, I was attending as Precinct Committee Officer and had to chair the meeting. I came armed with a large rubber mallet from my tool box to use as a gavel. I needed it.But more important than a

Presidents Day song


I know it's not factually the tune of "Happy Birthday":Happy Presidents Day!Honest Abe freed the slaves.George could not tel a li-ie,So go buy a car!

good grief


Here I am, horning in again, but I just finished David Michaelis' weighty tome "Schulz and Peanuts", and I am bursting at the seams to write about it. As a cartoon afficienado, I was eager to read the book, but found myself quite suprised in discovering how complex Michaelis' subject was. I always figured Charlie Brown was Schulz's alter-ego, but who knew that much of Lucy's character was based

Election Results Are In...


Molly's so happy!Hillary won in Missouri!Barack won in Kansas!But wait....Maybe not..,Huckabee's winning in Missouri too!WTF!Somebody please write a biting political essay, and help us figure this out!

Calling all Divas....


It has been 12 days since out last post. I realize many of us are busy with our own creative activities, but I'm taking this opportunity to implore my sister and brother divas (and divo) to add something new to the conversation.Tomorrow is Super Tuesday, and Mardi Gras. There are no good excuses regarding nothing to write about---these two subjects alone should provide plenty of grist for the

Have A Little Priest...


Some one who loves me finally gave me a Christmas present that I actually asked for this year; not bath salts, or candles, or perfume---no, this was a wonderful present; a crockpot. I used to have one, years ago, but it was broken during a move, and I never got around to replacing it. I knew the minute I laid eyes on this one what delectable dish I would first cook in it---my famous beef

Alas, poor Repubs!


Many of us Divas, through we’re an independent bunch, tend to lean Democratic in political matters. I understand we even have a card-carrying member of the party (me!) among us. That gives us a whole slew of top-notch candidates among whom to choose for President. (If I can’t have Big Al, gimme Little John!)But pity the poor Republicans! They have to choose among nutcases and fascists, all

girlfriend torture


We've known of this for a while, but last night, Boyfriend says "you're welcome" in response to nothing.I scratch my head and wonder what that was all about, and am about to ask when I hear this music coming out of his computer speakers. I've had the song stuck in my head ever since.....Shrimp on a Treadmillso annoying....

Quizzes! Quizzes! Quizzes!


Over at the Blog Whose Name We Do Not Mention, links to a couple of quizzes have been posted, flooding poor Alison Bechdel with more irrelevant notes. Hoping to pick up some of the overflow, I’m posting both links here.Free Rice (words): Free RiceGeography: The Traveler IQ ChallengeI made it to Level 11 of the geography quiz, but I expected better. Part of the problem was the scale of the map,

Merry Christmas, Divas!


Here's wishing all you divas (and divos) out there the Happiest of Holidays!This is what I wish for us all in 2008:An end to the war in Iraq, and the troops coming home.A Democrat in the White House.Someone wonderful to love you.An end the the writer's strike (I miss my Daily Show/Colbert Report!)A robust economy.Better health for all of us!I want to thank all of you for your commentary here--

Stuff I Hate About The Holidays


the angry kitty captures my mood... We're at that part of the holiday season where I begin to think Scrooge had a point---I mean Scrooge before his conversion. I feel like George Bailey when he knocked all the stuff off the table. Or the Grinch, when those damn Whos wouldn't shut up.The Holidays can be wonderful, but aren't there times you just want to close the drapes and wish it was over?So I

AREN'T THEY LOVELY? -- by Shadocat and Feminista (Grandmas)


MOLLY ALICE O'ROARKAll 9 pounds 8 ounces21-1/2 inches of herALFREDO JOAQUIN PASCUAL-DAMIANAlfedo Joaquin Pascual-Damian was born to my daughter Shakira Pascual-Lopez and Sergio Damian on 8/3/07 at a hospital outside Portland, Oregon. At just over 5 months, he weighs a healthy 15 lbs. He is cheerful, smiles a lot, and can sleep through most anything. Joaquin has 5 young (ages 8-13) tias (aunts)



I've been thinking a lot recently about my neighborhood. Stuart may be on a local food only kick, but I'm on a more general local business kick. And when I say "my" neighborhood, I do mean mine. I'm very possessive about Berkeley, because in a way, I've inherited it. My mom's family has lived here since the early 1940's, which makes me unusual in the transplant-heavy Bay Area. I live 5 minutes