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Preview: Comments on: more disgust, with the spaceflight participant

Comments on: more disgust, with the spaceflight participant

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By: lotso

Sun, 14 Oct 2007 00:54:43 +0000

@byte: Well, if I'm the dude off to space, I'm sure not to complain. (right?) But since it's part of my money funding him and I'm already up to my neck in like (incremented) road toll bills, (incremented) petrol bills and the subsequent rise in the overall cost of living. ( I mean face it, I've always maintained that our cost of living is way higher than that of the USA for the amount of money that we earn and the amount of money we have to spent just to obtain the same items. take a look at the big mac index Malaysia's currency, is 50% undervalued, compared to 20% undervalued for Singapore and Australia. That's the reason why each time I go to singapore I tell my significant other that everything is 50% cheaper compared to Malaysia. (based on 1 to 1 $ amount) Our economy sucks and the government likes to still pump in money to fund these sort of non-beneficial activities. BAH!

By: byte

Sat, 13 Oct 2007 06:11:37 +0000

@lotso: whats annoying is that its tax payer money for a tourist mission. its like asking the government to pay for your vacation! and the public cheering that it happens. seems like its debauchery thru & thru this wouldn't stand if it happened in australia. or even the usa i'm sure. its just plain, utter, ridiculous.

By: byte

Sat, 13 Oct 2007 06:02:38 +0000

@leon: i'll refrain from comments on ramadhan, since i myself have no idea what its all about, beyond what i (and the rest of the public) already know... Yeah, I saw his talk at a iirc, it was most interesting. I don't remember most of it now, since I'm not that large a space buff, but it was an interesting talk.

By: Leon Brooks

Sat, 13 Oct 2007 05:53:10 +0000

Ramadhan: facing Mecca would be more straightforward than using a dodgy compass inside a steel-framed train carriage, anyway. Also, a simplistic view says he was closer to Allah in orbit than en terra. Shuttleworth: he was actually useful. If you get a chance to sit through his space station talk, grab it with both hands & grip hard. (-: see if you can record the bit about the parachutes releasing from the Soyuz :-)

By: lotso

Fri, 12 Oct 2007 14:27:55 +0000

I fully agree. This is the tax payer's money at work eh? And all this while, they still agree to hand out increment in toll rates. If you ask me LDP is the worst of all the roads cos it only taxes those at the 2 ends of the Toll and everyone in between gets a free ride.