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Preview: Homebrew and Chemistry

Homebrew and Chemistry

A blog about Homebrew and about Chemistry. Why? Because that's what I like. Homebrew and Chemistry. Sometimes the chemistry is about homebrew and sometimes it's not.

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Thermite 2011


No, I'm not returning to write a post. Just here to show off a superb thermite reaction I did. This was unedited so jump to 3:00 for the actual fun stuff. The wind was really strong so very little of what I said could be heard. That's OK. I was trying to be teachery and stuff. Enjoy:

Awesome day


Today was an awesome day in my brewing life. I did what few brewers have ever done. I brewed 6 beers in one day!!!!!!!!While the rest of you were fighting mobs of people to get a Xbox for $10 off, I was brewing beer.I started this morning in the vicinity of 10AM and finished around 10PM. I brewed the following:Carbon Black Oatmeal StoutRye Pale AleMaifest Bock cloneBelgian DuppelMetathesis Pale

back in the saddle again


I was recently offered an interim "promotion" to an administrative position at my college. I don't want to tell you what it is, but it rhymes with "Gene of the Smackulty." I quickly accepted the position only to find out later that apparently, I can't fire anyone I want. I've been learning and doing a lot! This has left little time to brew. Thankfully, I've finally gotten things into a nice



I finally dumped it.It took me a while to build up the courage to dump 5 gallons of beer down the drain, but I did it.This was my first total loss.

Patents vs copyright


When a drug is patented, the patent last 20 years. It often takes 8-10 years of testing before a drug can be sold to the public. That means the drug company has only 10-12 years to recoup the costs. After which, anyone can make the drug and sell it.Try that in any other creative endeavor and it gets labeled "outright theft of intellectual property."Recently some Thai animators, created a nearly



10-10-10Anyone know the importance of this?Is anyone a fan of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?Can anyone make the connection?The first person to do so wins a prize.[1]non-nerds need not napply.[2][1] I'll email you an emoticon. [2] alliteration enhanced.

oops, I did it again.


I'm kind of like this:I once had trouble with a bit of a beer geyser. Well, tonight I got fooled again. Shame on me..or.. don't get fooled a second time... whatever.After killing three kegs within the matter of 2 days (thanks in large part to my family), I went about filling those three kegs. I had removed the faucets for cleaning well...err...forgot to attach them... again... like

Things I hate


I hate speaker phones.

It's torture


Since the beginning of August (± several days), I have had three beers on tap. I have a pale ale, a dark lager and a saison. All fine beers. About a month ago, I found out my brother was going to be in town during this coming weekend. Since he is an enjoyer of beer, I figured I would save some for him. Easier said than done. I've spent the last several weeks doing my best to ration my beer. This



stupid, stupid, stupid....


I have brewed over 115 batches of beer in my homebrewing career. I would like to think I know what I am doing. Recently, I brewed a partial mash rye ale. I was excited because I had never brewed a batch with rye in it. I have a large kettle in which I can boil about 4.5 gallons of wort. After boiling the wort and chilling it, I dumped it into my carboy. My carboy has a mark on it to indicate 5

To return or not to return


With the recent rash of delinquent bloggers returning to active blogging, (see here, here, here and maybe even here) I've asked myself if maybe I should return to blogging on a more regular basis. hmmmmmmmm, what to do, what to do?!?!?Nah, I'm just going to stay here and keep blogging at a local high school. .. Unless, three of my fellow blog buddies would like to fly out here and talk me into

Just popping in for a bat.. I mean bit.


I'm not really coming out of blogging retirement, but sometime things just need to be shared with the world[1]Apparently, some dude in the Minneapolis area decided to go all NRA on a bat in his house. While it got the job done, it also got him in a bit of trouble. My favorite part was when he sent his wife upstairs to be safe. I'm pretty sure bats fly near the ceiling which happens to be the

Why I love living in Minnesota


Today was the day. The day Spring done went and sprung here in God's country. This morning the trees lining the river valley were brown. By the afternoon, there was an obvious green color covering the valley. The sudden appearance of green is what makes Minnesota great. We endure harsh winters for this very day and the many that follow. Now, if I can keep the freakin' rabbits away, we should get

Random thought as I randomly post sporadically


In the USA, yesterday was census day. Stand and be counted. I must admit, I still need to send in my census stuff. The USA Today published some interesting data on census participation. How does your state stack up? Notice that the highest participation rate is for states in the Midwest! Horray Midwesterners!!!! We are so responsible. But, I was wondering. Where do these percentages come from?

Stuff that I think is funny

2010-03-14T21:41:35.076-06:00, not girls kissing. Just watch the whole thing. It's funny.The part at 2:16 is funniest.

Happy pi day


[(–1)^(1/2)] [2^3] π....and it was goodHappy π day everyone!!

More free homebrewing advice.


Here's a novel idea for those of you interested in homebrewing. When you get grains at your LHBS* it is a good idea to label each bags. I know it sounds radical, but it helps identify which is the domestic 2-row and which is the Maris Otter. Or to identify the 20°L crystal from the 55°L crystal malt.The last time I went to my LHBS, I got about 20 pounds of grains to be used in several batches. At

potty humor (nerd alert)



Ag sucks


Congratulations to our neighbors to the north. You can have your Au. Hell of a game though, eh? Ah geez. We had it and den we din't. If the bulk of Canadians[1] weren't such nice folk, I'd be real pissed off. Instead, since I live in Minnesota[2] and since I appreciate good hockey, I'm willing to let this one slide, fellas. But geez, we almost had it. Curse that Gretzky version 2.0 fella.[3]All I



The ACS national conference is coming up. The theme is sustainability. The keynote speech is Green Chemistry: Chemical Solutions for a Sustainable World. The whole "green" thing reminded me of a post I wrote almost 2 years ago. Since I'm semi-retired from blogging, I thought I'd do a little reposting to fill up the space.Here is my opinion of "going green" from a May 2008 post.===================

I'm a super poster!!!!


Ever since I said I was going to quit blogging, I've found myself thinking of a lot more blog post ideas. I've also found that since I quit, I've felt a lot less pressure to post anything. I can't seem to get myself to totally quit. Slow down, yes, but not quit. I've like the Brett Farve of posting. OK, maybe not, but here I am. Not being retired from blogging.Let me get you up to date on my

My newest activity


I've found a new outlet for all of the information floating around in my head. I do homework for desperate/lazy students. Yahoo Answers is a website that allows users to ask any kind of question. You may have heard of it.If you go to the chemistry section (and I'm sure this is true of any area) there are all sorts of questions from users that clearly came off of a homework assignment. I'm sure



OK, I'm not going to totally quit blogging. But, I am going to fall into the typical pattern of a dying blog. I'll sporadically blog until I totally stop. It could get ugly and uncomfortable. Feel free to just look away. Beside, I still have things to say that the world cannot do without!First of all, which USA state has provided the most olympians for the 2010 Winter olympics in Vancouver? If

It still stinks


After spending a week wallowing in a state of self-pity, I've come to a few conclusions about the Vikings loss in the NFC championship game. Without Brett Favre the Vikings don't play in the ChampionshipBrett Favre is, as he was for Green Bay, the Vikings greatest asset and greatest liabilityHowever, Favre did not lose the game, Adrian Peterson did with his fumbles (despite an otherwise great