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Preview: Dermatology News From Medical News Today

Dermatology News From Medical News Today

Dermatology focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of conditions related to skin, hair and nails. It also concentrates on maintaining the health of your skin. Your skin is your body's largest organ, which covers and protects your body. Anything that irrit

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Psoriasis on the face: Symptoms, causes, and treatments

Fri, 28 Apr 2017 00:00:00 PDT

Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune disease that effects the skin, causing itchy and painful patches to form. Learn more about how it can affect the face.

Can I get a tattoo if I have psoriasis?

Thu, 27 Apr 2017 07:00:00 PDT

Tattoos are common in the United States, but they can pose significant health risks to someone with psoriasis. Find out more in this article.

Ways to get healthier looking skin by boosting collagen levels

Wed, 26 Apr 2017 07:00:00 PDT

In this article, we take a close look at collagen, a protein that helps skin cells renew and repair themselves. How can you improve your collagen levels?

Breast rashes: Which symptoms suggest cancer?

Wed, 26 Apr 2017 04:00:00 PDT

Breast rashes or changes do not usually indicate breast cancer, but can be symptoms of two rare but aggressive types. When should you see a doctor?

Six home remedies for hemorrhoids

Tue, 25 Apr 2017 06:00:00 PDT

Hemorrhoids are common among adults, but which home remedies are recommended to help alleviate symptoms. Can lifestyle changes help?

Beta blocker shows cancer-fighting properties

Tue, 25 Apr 2017 00:00:00 PDT

A new study finds that carvedilol, a drug typically used to treat high blood pressure, can protect against the sun-induced cell damage that leads to skin cancer.

White wine, liquor may raise women's risk of rosacea

Fri, 21 Apr 2017 09:00:00 PDT

Researchers have found that women who drink alcohol - particularly white wine and liquor - may be at greater risk of developing rosacea.

Hair loss treatments for men: Best options

Fri, 21 Apr 2017 03:00:00 PDT

What are the causes of male baldness and what are the options for prevention and treatment of hair loss? What are the coping strategies for hair loss?

Topical cannabinoids may help to treat skin diseases

Tue, 18 Apr 2017 09:00:00 PDT

From a review of existing studies, researchers say that the active chemicals in cannabis - called cannabinoids - may help to treat various skin diseases.

Injections to treat psoriasis: Types, benefits, and risks

Mon, 17 Apr 2017 03:00:00 PDT

If topical remedies, lifestyle changes, and prescription drugs do not work, a person with psoriasis may want to try injections to help manage symptoms.

Psoriasis and pregnancy: Effects, symptoms changes, and treatments

Sat, 15 Apr 2017 00:00:00 PDT

How does pregnancy affect psoriasis? How might symptoms change during pregnancy, will the baby be affected, and what are the suggested treatments?

Psoriasis scars: Treatment and prevention

Fri, 14 Apr 2017 03:00:00 PDT

How do psoriasis scars form? Do different types of psoriasis lead to different types of scarring, and what treatments are available for psoriasis scars?

Ayurvedic treatment for psoriasis: Options, remedies, and evidence

Fri, 14 Apr 2017 00:00:00 PDT

Ayurveda is an ancient medical practice. Can it help with the symptoms of psoriasis? What are the risks and safety considerations?

Psoriasis vs. seborrheic dermatitis: How to tell the difference

Wed, 12 Apr 2017 06:00:00 PDT

In this article, we take a close look at the differences between seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis. What are the causes? How might they be treated?

Psoriasis vs. dandruff: How to tell the difference

Wed, 12 Apr 2017 03:00:00 PDT

Learn about dandruff and psoriasis of the scalp. Compare the causes and treatments for both conditions, and understand more about scalp-care.

Clinical trial finds no benefits of wearing silk for children with eczema

Wed, 12 Apr 2017 00:00:00 PDT

A new randomized clinical trial tests the health effects and cost effectiveness of wearing silk garments in children with moderate to severe eczema.

Mysterious outbreak of disfiguring tropical disease in western Uganda linked to decades of walking barefoot in volcanic soils

Wed, 12 Apr 2017 00:00:00 PDT

A puzzling surge in western Uganda patients diagnosed with a painful, disfiguring skin condition known as elephantiasis was caused not by the parasitic worms typically associated with the...

Some bed bugs show early signs of resistance to 2 common insecticides

Wed, 12 Apr 2017 00:00:00 PDT

Pest management professionals battling the ongoing resurgence of bed bugs are wise to employ a well-rounded set of measures that reduces reliance on chemical control, as new research shows the...

Can a gluten-free diet help with psoriasis?

Tue, 11 Apr 2017 10:00:00 PDT

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition. While there is no cure, a gluten-free diet may help some people better manage their symptoms.

Asthma drug helps patients with skin disorder

Tue, 11 Apr 2017 00:00:00 PDT

Patients who develop itchy wheals in response to cold or friction benefit from treatment with omalizumab, a drug normally used to treat asthma.

Prognosis of psoriatic arthritis: Progression and outlook

Sun, 09 Apr 2017 03:00:00 PDT

In this article, learn how psoriatic arthritis may progress, the quality of life to be expected, and what treatment options are available.

Acne may be caused by an imbalance of skin bacteria

Sat, 08 Apr 2017 00:00:00 PDT

Researchers may be closer to personalized acne treatments, after finding that an imbalance in the makeup of skin bacteria may be a cause of the condition.

Psoriatic arthritis symptoms: Pictures, early signs, and causes

Thu, 06 Apr 2017 06:00:00 PDT

It is essential to diagnose psoriatic arthritis as early as possible to prevent damage and discomfort. Learn about its signs and causes in this article.

Psoriatic arthritis treatment: Drug classes and home remedies

Thu, 06 Apr 2017 00:00:00 PDT

There are a number of pharmacological treatment options and complementary therapies for psoriatic arthritis (PsA). Learn about them in this article.

Does my baby have psoriasis? Symptoms and treatment

Wed, 05 Apr 2017 06:00:00 PDT

Can babies have psoriasis and what are the different types of psoriasis? What causes psoriasis and what other skin conditions may affect babies?