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Hello, I [AM] Dr. Christian von Lähr. I've had to...


Hello, I [AM] Dr. Christian von Lähr. I've had to occasion to chance upon your little Internet bloggy thingy... Your post brought a smile to my face as well; but perhaps for different reasons.You and your fellow scoffers demonstrate a rather limited view of existence itself, from a religious, spiritual and philosophical view point. Whether you trace the ages old wisdom back through any of these means, you will find a very prominent fact in the Genesis’ of these teachings; that God/the Absolute imbued Nature with Spirit. You may have to reach back to the earlier sources and translations, but this common factor exists. Nature People are too acknowledged in Buddhism, a religion older than Christianity by 600 years, and Hinduism too, by perhaps 2,500 years. Derivatives of these will admit their existence as well, as they are understood as a very substantial and necessary contribution to the existence of all things. Mostly in the older Eastern philosophies are found the deeper reasons and justifications, but in essence, “life” comes into being through a hierarchical process. The world was made ready for mankind, thanks to animals, and preceding them were plants, preceded still by grasses. Back farther there were water and the “elements.”All of these things are living consciousness, that serve essential purpose. Not all, however, require the four basic Earth, Air, Water, Fire “states” of matter as do we humans in this “Physical Plane.” All the ancient traditions are quite aware of these facts and therein are defined the Æthers (somewhat different then the gaseous Ether of modern Science). To clarify, think of basic air. It is matter, yet you cannot see it due to its particularly fine energy composition. Such is true to an extreme for the Æthers. It is through their lighter efforts that the primary solid rocks, stones, crystals and gems came about, … minerals, as the building blocks of life.And, therein too was a “consciousness,” as there is still. All is part of God/the Absolute’s greater plan for bringing things into existence through Divine order and wisdom. It is as well a spiritual fact that this pattern represents the known reasoning behind physical life, the world we pass-over into at death, Heaven and beyond. Things that can be seen, demonstrated and proven.Proof exists as well for Æthers and the Nature People, also known as “Elementals” in some ancient texts. Beyond my written works on this subject I travel across the country, year after year, delivering most often free lectures and demonstrations to teach this very point. I do not want merely to lecture and express a belief; I want each and every person in attendance leaving with the experience of seeing Nature People, like Gnomes, Leprechauns, Elves and Fairies. To do this, I have to show them Ætheric energy, and Astral Bodies (those who have passed over,) and even Mental Bodies (those who are in Heaven.) These latter two are necessary because, as would be true for the corresponders here, we would be more likely to see “Spirit,” than Nature People.None the less, I have developed exceptional methods that work repeatedly, and have successfully demonstrated Nature People across the country. At the last New Age Exposition event in Columbus, OH, …despite their extremely large facilities and very sizeable turnout, I achieved 100% success. If that is not clear to you, I am saying that everyone, without exception, saw Gnomes and other Nature People at the workshop, … everyone.If you should happen upon Theosophy, a rather recent 150 year contribution to modern occultism, it has undertaken the great task of organizing the essential wisdom of the ancient religions and philosophies, translated the works, and presented a cohesive presentation on the creation of existence, … that which precedes human kind, and explains our being here, and where we are going from here; as our physical form too will cease to serve purpose once we have collectively evolved sufficiently. Therein, is well placed the meaning of Nature[...]

thnx for the taoist alchemy link, lookn 4 that a l...


thnx for the taoist alchemy link, lookn 4 that a longtime

What a beautiful Mandala.


What a beautiful Mandala.

I think I may have to draw my line there too. If t...


I think I may have to draw my line there too. If they do exist, I hope they'll forgive me for not believing in them. I don't think they'd hold it against me, though.

laughed my ass off over the gnomes, D, farkin hila...


laughed my ass off over the gnomes, D, farkin hilarious~