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Single-mindedly united as one under the Banner of Songun held aloft by the Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il, brilliant statesman, political genius, and invincible military commander

Updated: 2017-11-17T09:16:22.587+08:30


Leader Kim Jong Il And Cancer : Scientific Impossiblity


The criminal US imperialist CIA crooks and liars, their henchmen, hirelings and servants are once again causing a wave of slander against the DPRK, floating the criminaly ridiculous notion of the possible demise of Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il by way of cancer which is the turn of a blasphemy onto itself that is illegal under international law binded by the United Nations Human

Free Socialist Health Care Model Of DPRK


In Amerikkka the disgusting country of fat pigs only the super rich multi-billionaires such as the Jew Soros and the Jew McCain can receive health because in the profit-driven capitalist society the law is made in such a way that only the super rich multi-billionaires such as the Jew Bush or the Jew Palin have enough money to buy health from the Big Pharma capitalist monster-like

NEW! The Songun Blog Retail Unit Opens!


Juche greetings to all World Progressive Comrades! We have news that the new Songun Blog Retail Unit is now open. The Songun Blog Retail Unit is a shop from which World Progressive Comrades can show their love and admiration for Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il and support the correct education of the masses upon the greatness of Kim Jong Il, the Juche Idea, and Songun Politics by

DPRK The Greatest Socialist Country!


Amerikkka the country of the disgusting fat pigs is the worst country in the world, filled with unemployment, foreclosures, crime, drugs, prostitution, murder and jaywalking. It is the most hated country in the world, being hated even by those unfortunate enough to have been born into this fetid horrible hell-hole hulk prison death-camp from which there is neither escape nor hope.This is why the

Breaking : Dear Leader Kim Jong Il Survives US Imperialist Assassination Attempt


Our sources inform us that Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il has just been victim of an attempted US imperialist assassination attempt. Developping.

Tabaksol Post


The criminal crazy imperialist warmongering Bush is the most cravenly coward leader in the world hiding inside a school when his country is under the CIA plot inside job attack of righteous world anger against the US imperialist controlled demolition on 9 September 2001, but in contrast Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il the brilliant statesman, political genuis, prodigious humanist,

Korea Is One!


Korea is well on the way to the great national reunification under the wise leadership of Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il, as the south Koreans, yearning deeply for the Leader of Mt. Paektu born on the Sacred Mountain, defy the bad brutal brigandish Yankee colonialist oppressors to launch the joint train operations between North and south, reports the Korean Central News Agency :

Socialist Korea, Capitalist "America"


Let us compare Korean airplanes :and US imperialist airplanes :The criminal US imperialist would do well act with discretion and abandon their mad pipe dream of invading Korea, lest they suffer another humiliating defeat at the hands of the invincible Korean People's Army under the flawless leadership of Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il the peerlessly great brilliant general of

Amerikkkan Cat Abuse


More reasons to hate Amerikkka.Death to Amerikkka!

Let Us All Hate Amerikkka More To Death!


This video progressivedocumentary using the progressive reality-based proletarian worldview show that the proper progressive way to hate Amerikkka is to hate all Amerikkkans. To death.Death to Amerikkka!

True Face Of "Israel"


The original nazis.

True Face Of Australia


Led by a nazi.

True Face Of Japan



True Face Of FranSSe


Now under nazi rule.

True Face Of Amerikkka


An other day, an other nazi.

Don't Forget Poland


President Kim Il Sung the Great Leader never forgot Poland. Under President Kim Il Sung and Comrade Jaruzelski, Poland and Korea enjoyed the deep close ties of socialist friendship.

True Face Of Amerikkka


Bush the criminal mental retard liar says "America is a decent country" but this is a bold-faced lie as this documentary clearly shows.Amerikkka is the ugly country of warmongering capitalist US imperialism where criminal gangs of mimes roam the subway at will abusing cats and setting cars on fire.It is a living hell under the police state oppression where even a roof under your feet is no

Why They Are Hated


Who hasn't ever wondered why all world progressives hate the jews? It's because their wickedness and evil knows no bounds in committing the worst human rights abuses in humankind history.The jews pull the strings of the world with control of the financial, banking, political, and media all over the world to make the peoples lives miserable, stealing children eardrums and walls to make cakes and

True Face Of "America"


Nazi rallies of hate, with full collaboration of the authorities, are a daily occurence in Amerikkka. Here is a Nazi rally in Olympia, USA.USA = Nazis.

Views From Paradise


Lies propagated by the Bush clique-owned Pentagon-controlled amerikkkan so-called "media" spew the slanderous lies that the Korean people starve. This is obviously entirely false as the members of the reality-based community know very well since there are sweet potato available in the DPRK. There are even songs and music videos produced to glorify the sweet potato in the DPRK. No such endeavor is

Let Us All Hate Amerikkka More!


All world progressives hate Amerikkka. Why? Because it is the correct outlook in life, and it is easy to dance to.Hating Amerikkka is a good thing.Death to America!

Amerikkka The Secret Nazi Satanic Cult


In this video Comrade David Icke the well-known oft-quoted british progressive scientific researcher uncovers the true face of Amerikkka as not only the country that the jews set up as a satanic cult (as shown in a previous video) to serve their wild ambitions of world conquest and genocide, but even more so evil as a NAZI satanic cult.This is why the world hates the "US" and demand that the Bush

Devils, Monsters


Sharon the jew, Bush the imperialist : devils, monsters.

Koreans Speak About Japan


While at the latest round of six-party talks the criminal wicked Jap reactionary militarists push and shove in an effort to force food aid onto the DPRK in return for a submission over the so-called "human rights" issue, meddling and lording it over, in Seoul the south Korean people have a message for the Japs:Once again, the Korean people is victorious over the criminal wicked Jap human rights

True Face Of "America"


A country of incestuous pedophiles.SAN DIEGO (March 17, 2007) - Cmdr. Duncan Smith dances with his daughter during the first Father-Daughter Dance at Naval Air Station North Island. The Armed Services, YMCA and the Navy League sponsored the dance. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Rhonehouse.