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What happened to innocent until proven guilty? I ...


What happened to innocent until proven guilty? I know someone accused of rape wrongly because of a girls stupidity wanting money. And before you doubt his innocence the police DID investigate and he was proven innocent.. he cousin also attempted the same allegations against someone else.. only those like mojoey can speak for the character of the boy in question.. and let's not forget that.. he is a BOY! Not a man! Those of you who know not the boy or the situation cannot judge him fairly. And I find it completely dispicable that people can use a situation like this to ridicule the church.. question.. if the boys father (not even the boy himself) was a bricklayer.. would his company somehow be to blame for his son's actions? I don't know the case, the boy or the families.. maybe he is innocent or maybe he is not.. but shame on you those who automatically label him guilty.. how dare you!

Just to clarify some facts that were not revealed ...


Just to clarify some facts that were not revealed in the news:

1. There was an actual rape witnessed by an adult. The boy has admitted to the "attempted rape" in court proceedings.
2. The Therrells have been doing their jobs as they were hired to do since this happened and continue to do their jobs even in the face of a public "trial" where most of the church body are behind them but several are against them. In fact they were in church this week working regardless of the stress this puts on them.
3. This boy is not a normal healthy boy. He has had problems in other school systems, been expelled from at least one other school, and done harmful things to girls prior to this incident.
4. The girl's parents were not allowed to see anything in writing confirming the boy had attended counselling on a regular basis.
5. The District Superintendent of the United Methodist Church was notified by ME that this was going on and needed to have the input of the church in April of 2007. He chose to sweep it under the rug!
6. The incident happened in the pastors home while the both sets of parents were in the home. The children were in the next room but the boy snuck the girl to an upstairs bedroom to attack her. This innocent child (the girl) had no knowledge of sex or sexual matters and lives in a land of Scooby Doo, Power Puff Girls, and Hannah Montana.
8. The real appalling thing (aside from the rape itself) is that to my knowledge several Mandatory Reporters knew about this and did nothing. This includes teachers, lawyers, and church officials.

And to clarify, any form of attemped force, sexual...


And to clarify, any form of attemped force, sexually is considered rape.

To the Opp church member Alex that thinks that the...


To the Opp church member Alex that thinks that the very women that helped you worship the lord is "Witless". How about this happen to one of your children, while your in the pasters house that you work for.Lets say your child gets molested. WOULD you be the witless one. I think you have no order to destroy a persons character, beause you are afraid to face the truth. ...You have the right to say it did nothing to the little girl, have you personally sat down alex, and talked to the little girl and asked her how shes feels about all of this and ask her if shes been affected. cause you seem to emply that you know. have you stayed in the house where the parents raise this girl, have you ever had a sister molested. How about your mother be called witless. I think you are the Witless one. I think you need to pray for your paster and his son. because god doesn't like a church that trys to hide a rape by the very head of the churchs son. And to be honest I'll pray for you at my church in seattle Alex. Because I think you have some problems. You defent a rapist....

To / Carolyn Ann...per'aps using trivial not the b...


To / Carolyn Ann...per'aps using trivial not the best descibing a sexual criminal charge,meant such in relation to it being a child that involved not an adult,sexual activity experementation amongst children in growing up is but an accepted part of life,that parent as children come to terms with.It has with strong christian attitude that sex be evil.This attitude as ever changing with times,that sex not taboo subject,children be more knowledgeable than their parents ever were.However it still be the case,some parents regarding sexual education,remain in the dark ages.

Having read more of this case on


Having read more of this case on .....I can only address parents of both famlies famlies,the situation should never have arisen that the boy charged with attempted rape,you having failed each other,as you having failed the lord,as having failed the children,at times in life they most in need of understanding as guidence as support.I suggest this situation looked upon with open heart,engaged brain,emotions out of control,such has brought forth the worst in all parties.To Ronna, Paul,the Lords blessing with you as upon your daughter.I suggest a shaking of hands,all accepting be equal be in measure of stupidity. Be a mothers love of daughter,have superiority over a fathers concern for son. xxxXX Best Wishes...

Why do I get a feeling of deja-vu? It's not the ac...


Why do I get a feeling of deja-vu?

It's not the accused at fault, it's the victim... Hmm. It's so easy, isn't it, to blame the victim of a rape. After all, if the student is a straight-A, good kid, good Christian and all that - then his life will be ruined?

Not likely, as a juvenile he'll get different treatment, and the records are typically sealed. It's only when you're an adult that you can ruin your own life by doing something stupid.

Yes, I consider the parents to have not shown exceptional judgment, but what's the story behind their alleged lack of working? There are a couple of sides to every story, and I get the feeling that this one has a few more than that.

Poor judgment seems to have been exercised all around in this case. But, the kid has been charged and that's that. He'll go to trial where no doubt the truth will come out, and (more than likely in case) no one will be happy.

If the parents and church had all acted responsibly to begin with, the situation might be different. But they didn't. This is why secular law-enforcement is so much better than religious sentiment and reputation-based enforcement. It's difficult to see, at this distance, how the victim will get any deserved justice. But that's what a trial is for.

A sorry, sordid, and disturbing tale with, as you say, no reasonable outcome.

(And, "anonymous", a sex-offense charge is not a trivial thing. You do yourself a disservice by pretending otherwise.)

Carolyn Ann

Mojoey:I respect your viewpoints and your rights t...



I respect your viewpoints and your rights to express them, and this comment is in no way charged by any disagreements I may have with them, but I think it would be a disservice to humanity as a whole if I didn't bring a little more light on the subject. This situation is not so much an example of hypocrisy of any kind, but more of a story of idiocy and underhanded behavior. I feel qualified to make these statements because I am a resident of Opp, and even more so because I am a member of the church in question, and most critically, a member of the youth. The young man in question did not attempt to rape the child; what actually happened is unclear, but it can be confirmed that he did not do any damage to the little girl, nor was he attempting to assault her sexually. To avoid making the issue public, the little girl's witless mother agreed to work the situation out with the pastor's family, with the main stipulation being that the accused child attend counciling. To appease the Therrells, they complied, and the young man, who we call "Squeak," has been going to counciling. The main question is why this agreement was called an attempt at a coverup by the church. The church was not involved.
Here are a few interesting facts to consider:
1) The Therrells had been hired approximately a year ago as assistants to the music ministry. Late last year, they basically stopped doing anything at all. No one ever saw them. And the church was paying them a hefty salary in exchange for nothing. So the Therrells' contract was coming up for renewal. And then... coincidentally... They alert the press and not the authorities that this incident had occurred. Right when the church was talking of letting them go...

2) "I was hoping someone would contact me and ask me if what we needed, tell me they were sorry this happened to my daughter. And ask if we needed to be moved to another church." Great decisions, Ronna. Keep it quiet and just hope that somebody comes to solve all of your problems and move you away from within the church.

3) The child's parents are very secretive and tend to exaggerate things. Could the account Ronna gave have been exaggerated?

What is important is what happens to Squeak. The District Attorney has charged him. The kid is a decent, intelligent, straight-A student. In a possible act of selfishness, his future could be ruined. He would have to register as a sex offender, carry a sullied reputation, and lose his shot at college.

And while I respect your views and self-expression, I was taken aback by the way you've used a story like this, where the truth is obscured and no positive outcomes exist, as an example of "hypocrisy." It seems more like an example of great stupidity poor judgment.

There's even more to the story. Read this...http:...


There's even more to the story. Read this...

On reading such story I was under impression it be...


On reading such story I was under impression it being an adult whom being the accused,not against a 14yr old boy such halfbaked to the extreme,the child charged with attempted rape.The parents should have dealt with matter on the face of it seemingly a trival matter,an mole hill turned into an mountain, a situation that required a little common sense on part of parents.It the parents that criminal charges be brought against,wasting police as courts time,as taxpayers money.