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[SFTP] Possibility for Adding "ForceFilePermission" option

14 Dec 2017 08:26:46 -0800

Hi, I understand that if I specify `ForceCommand internal-sftp -u `, the permission of any files uploaded via sftp will be calculated by `

remote port forwarding based on protocol

13 Dec 2017 09:21:40 -0800

Hi, I have the following requirement. -> ssh username@ipaddr It has to direct the ssh requests to port 2035 on machine with IP , ipaddr -> scp use

how to increase AllowUsers beyond 256 in sshd_config

08 Dec 2017 08:36:48 -0800

Hi, There are maximum 256 AllowUsers lines in sshd_config , something like AllowUsers user1@ ... AllowUsers user256@ we

ssh(1) is inaccurate

06 Dec 2017 02:51:01 -0800

Hi, the man page an docs of ssh client say "If command is specified, it is executed on the remote host instead of a login shell." But afaik this is

Explicit file permissions enhancement to internal-sftp

25 Nov 2017 05:19:04 -0800

Dear OpenSSH developers! Please integrate the "Explicit file permissions enhancement to sftp-server" [1] patch v3 into OpenSSH. Reasons: * It increa

How to maintain a persistent SSH connection?

15 Nov 2017 05:08:51 -0800

Hello, I'm tasked with establishing a persistent SSH connection across a very unreliable link, for a remote port forward (always port 2217). I figure

OpenSSH 7.6p1 ssh-agent exiting if passed an invalid key blob

13 Nov 2017 23:22:43 -0800

Hello, I noticed a problem recently when running some test code against the OpenSSH 7.6p1 ssh-agent. These tests ran fine against OpenSSH 7.5p1 and e

ProxyCommand that creates identity file

09 Nov 2017 18:31:45 -0800

Hi there, I'm working on a project to write a ProxyCommand that reaches out to an SSH CA to receive an SSH certificate prior to the connection. The P

RSA Signatures using SHA2 provided by different ssh-agent are not properly verified

09 Nov 2017 02:13:14 -0800

Hello, as a follow-up on my mail some time last month where we were facing weird issues when authenticating to new OpenSSH servers, I went down the ro

ControlPath versus ProxyCommand

02 Nov 2017 18:21:58 -0800

TL;DR: I expect ProxyCommand to have effect in preference to ControlPath. I've just tripped over this one. I have an ssh Host (let us call it "MAIN")