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Current status of PKCS#11 ECDSA support

18 Oct 2017 15:13:22 -0800

Hey all, What is the current status on work to add support for PKCS#11 ECDSA keys? I’ve been using a version of the patch that has been sitting aro

Re: Status of OpenSSL 1.1 support - Thoughts

18 Oct 2017 05:53:21 -0800

As far as I can see, here is a summary of the situation, and there's a point to this, but I only make it in step (4), needing the first three steps

can only ssh unidirectional

14 Oct 2017 18:17:17 -0800

Dear developer, This issue may be not related to openssh but I am not sure. So post it here for some luck. The issue is like this:(you can see more

Status of OpenSSL 1.1 support

13 Oct 2017 14:58:12 -0800

Hi, more or less a year ago Kurt Roeckx provided an initial port towards the OpenSSL 1.1 API [0]. The patch has been left untouched [1] and it has be

Re: openssh-unix-dev Digest, Vol 174, Issue 9

12 Oct 2017 13:40:51 -0800

> My scripts, which read stdout from ssh, weren't seeing EOF from the > remote session.? It was being sent, but lost.? I tracked it down to the > f

[PATCH] remove creation of RSA1 host keys from scripts

12 Oct 2017 03:02:12 -0800

Now that SSHv1 is gone is should also go away from the places where host keys are generated. Greetings, Eike -- Rolf Eike Beer, emlix GmbH, http:/

[PATCH][RESEND] use autoconf MKDIR_P to reduce usage of legacy mkinstalldirs script

12 Oct 2017 02:59:57 -0800

Basically all platforms have a proper "mkdir -p". Autoconf has install-sh as fallback when using AC_PROG_MKDIR_P, which is also hardened against race

[PATCH][RESEND] apply the struct dirent penalty only when needed

12 Oct 2017 02:57:19 -0800

Hi, attached is a patch that reduces the memory in use on all systems where BROKEN_ONE_BYTE_DIRENT_D_NAME is not defined. It would be good if there

tunnel device name acquisition?

10 Oct 2017 13:01:01 -0800

Numerous how-tos all over the Internet show how one would set up a tunnel using ssh, e.g.: ssh -f -o Tunnel=ethernet true I was

Re: Fw: the source code of OpenSSH for Windows

09 Oct 2017 13:15:24 -0800

On Mon, 9 Oct 2017, ?????? wrote: > > Hi,Dear: >  Sorry to be a bother,I am a software developer of Huawei Technologies > Co.Ltd in China. >  I se