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Last Build Date: 29 Sep 2016 17:12:19 -0800

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Re: [Trac-dev] Trac 1.2rc1 available

28 Sep 2016 14:21:51 -0800

There are also these Trac tickets to track progress on Python3 compatability:

How to do the page which displays only some of the milestones?

28 Sep 2016 06:57:57 -0800

Hi, As in the subject. I'm trying to prepare a page which displays a predefined set of the milestones. In other words I'd like to create a subset o

Support for Pygments lexer

28 Sep 2016 06:07:59 -0800

Hi, Is there a way to obtain the list of supported lexers in Trac syntax coloring based on Pygments, and which lexer name in {{{#! … }}} block to u

code changesfor full text search in InnoDB storage engine in MySQL

15 Sep 2016 11:01:06 -0800

We have been analyzing (slow) performance of Trac queries, with 160K+ tickets and 100 users. We have been experiencing Trac queries taking 45 second

Babel and genshi versions

15 Sep 2016 01:14:51 -0800

I am running Trac 1.0.10 on Linux, using Babel 1.3 and Genshi 0.7 (with speedups). Python is 2.7.3. All is working fine. But I like to try to stay saf

Trac 1.2rc1 available

14 Sep 2016 21:19:45 -0800

Trac 1.2rc1 is now available and ready for testing. Please give it a try in your test environments and report any issues you encounter. You can find

503 Service unavailable

14 Sep 2016 10:45:37 -0800

Hi , Im running trac 1.0.9 on FreeBSD behind a cosign auth. I am getting lots and lots of 503 service unavailable errors. I notice when I get the

"New Hack" temporarily disabled on

14 Sep 2016 08:35:42 -0800

Due to excessive spam, "New Hack" has been disabled on until (1) can be addressed. I hope to have this resolved in a few days. In the

Trac 1.0.13 Released

11 Sep 2016 02:58:53 -0800

Trac 1.0.13 Released ==================== Trac 1.0.13, the latest maintenance release for the current stable branch, is available. You will find thi

Can I create New Custom Ticket Select Fields from database tables?

08 Sep 2016 14:25:14 -0800

Wondering if it is possible to have a custom Select box in Trac tickets that has its values populated by Database table like another milestone field