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Maemo Community Council Elections - provisional results

23 Sep 2010 09:03:40 -0800

Hi all, The Maemo Community Council elections closed last night, and the results are in! Congratulations to the incoming council members, who are: A

Maintenance break: updating auto-builder to resolve dependency issues

16 Apr 2010 03:12:46 -0800

Hi all, The fremantle autobuilder will be switched to use the debian-squeeze devkit in order to resolve as much SDK backwards compatibility issues as mailing moved to new servers

05 Jan 2010 03:13:43 -0800

Hi, After a bit of unexpected struggle Niels and myself got the mail services moved to the new servers. Thanks Niels for the help! Some emails you s

Maemo Community Council elections: voting open!

12 Mar 2009 04:23:29 -0800

Hi all, The nominations for the Maemo Community Council elections of March '09 closed last night, and votes for the council election are now open. T

Announcement for maemo Eclipse Integration version 0.9 (Beta)

25 Feb 2008 23:48:48 -0800

============ ANNOUNCEMENT ============ Release Information =================== Project: Maemo Eclipse Integration Version: 0.9 (Beta) Baseline

Announcement of Maemo Technology Overview training material for maemo 4.x Chinook

10 Jan 2008 08:17:37 -0800

Maemo team is happy to announce the availability of updated maemo 4.x Chinook training material package (new version published is 1.3). Maemo training

maemo SDK+ ALPHA-1 development environment released

28 Dec 2007 06:15:03 -0800

Dear all, We are happy to announce maemo SDK+ Alpha-1 development environment for maemo developers. Release information ---------------

Maemo 4.x Chinook training material release version 1.0

12 Dec 2007 01:48:11 -0800

Maemo team is happy to announce the availability of maemo 4.x Chinook training material. Maemo training courses provide an efficient overview of the t

maemo 4.0 Chinook beta SDK released

17 Sep 2007 07:36:52 -0800

Nokia has released the beta version of the maemo 4.0 SDK , codenamed Chinook (shor

Social News beta is live!

14 Aug 2007 08:20:38 -0800

Hi again, Although it is not Friday we have an other announcement for today: There is no better place on the web to learn w