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Please Help: Aborting a Catalyst request in auto method

15 Apr 2017 23:15:00 -0800

Hi , I want to return HTTP Status 401 along with a body indicating the friendly description from my auto method. so i have below in my auto: ======

Static::Simple plugin does not load

15 Apr 2017 02:48:58 -0800

Hello I've installed a new Catalyst environment from scratch, and Static::Simple does not show up in list of loaded plugins and does not work. Cata

Caching an expensive "global" calculation?

12 Apr 2017 03:44:33 -0800

Hi, This may not be strictly Catalyst-related, but I'd be grateful for any help - I dont know much abouteither caching or making things available thro

password strength

05 Apr 2017 06:14:02 -0800

Hi, I am trying to build in rules to check password strength when users reset their password.s Do people generally roll their own, or is there some

Paging support in Catalyst::Controller::DBIC::API

19 Mar 2017 01:28:37 -0800

Hi , We know that Catalyst::Controller::DBIC::API supports paging via list_count , list_page and list_offset options and its possible to fetch a pa

Catalyst::View::Email error handling problems

17 Mar 2017 02:56:24 -0800

Dear Friends Sorry for the beginner question! I experiment with Catalyst::View::Email and i try to send mail to multiple addresses in a while loop (

JSONP support Catalyst::Controller::DBIC::API

08 Mar 2017 18:15:17 -0800

Hi , How to get JSON response body wrapped in a callback function call (a.k.a JSONP) when using Catalyst::Controller::DBIC::API::REST I use Catalyst

Getting DBIC schema from outside Catalyst?

08 Mar 2017 13:06:15 -0800

Hi, I hope Im asking this correctly. I have a full-blown Catalyst application that connects to many DBIC schemas with information stored in the conf

Change of server

02 Mar 2017 21:02:18 -0800

 Hi there, I had a Catalyst application working on a debian 7 perl 5.14 apache 2.4, but I had to change it to a new server working with ubuntu 16.04

transforming empty values in request to perl's undef

02 Mar 2017 07:25:27 -0800

Hi , I want to transform request parameters in GET & POST requests so that any thing which is empty (string) gets converted/replaced my perl's undef