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A runner in my heart and always will be. I admire ...


A runner in my heart and always will be. I admire your passion and have read your book six times so far. I always give the book away after reading it then buy another. I love to run and hope to qualify for Boston someday. Thanks for all the inspiration from Wayne in North Carolina, the next time your nearby send me an email.

i think you need your own tv show. thanks for all ...


i think you need your own tv show. thanks for all the stories....very interesting, including the comments others post. with all the adventures, run, bike, whatever and the vast array of people you come across with, i can already picture a sitcom. Good stuff.



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wow, i can't imagine it, but it is intriguing to t...


wow, i can't imagine it, but it is intriguing to think how you'd feel at 50 miles or so ... I've done marathons (feel like a wimp after reading this though) and know how bad that can feel, i can't imagine doing back to back to back to back marathons !! wow.

Hi,Do you have an email adress I could contact you...


Do you have an email adress I could contact you at ?
Best regards

Sophie Dosik

Great interview and great information i have got w...


Great interview and great information i have got with the help of these questions in this interview.I know its not about
turbulence training
which i was looking even then its really helpful for me.

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Hi Dean. Not many people make me say wow. I starte...


Hi Dean. Not many people make me say wow. I started running in 1999 after some 10 years of not running and being told by doctors that I would never again after breaking my neck in 3 places playing pro rugby. I still have problems with my left side but in those 9 years I've done many triathlons (3 ironman) ultramarathons (100km and MDS) and Jungle marathon in Brazil 2008. I'm planing Badwater... I cradit my motivation to amazing people such as yourself for the encouragement to push the limits. Thanks you for your book and your kindness. God Bless. Roy Chen-Campbell. Vancouver. Canada.

Dean, you still reading these blog entries?THANK Y...


Dean, you still reading these blog entries?

THANK YOU for continuing to take the high road when it comes to some of the comments posted on blogs. You've done great things and I'm sure that you will continue TO DO GREAT THINGS going forward! Thanks for raising all of the money for charity that you did during your NYC treadmill run! :)

Also, thanks for taking the time to return every email I've ever sent you (only 2, who's counting).

I ran my first 30 miler a couple of months ago right after I read your book for the 2x. Thanks for sharing your story with us.


Tom Jr.

great book, but i have to disagree with all the "h...


great book, but i have to disagree with all the "humble" comments about i type this he has just fallen 20 miles short of beating chris bergland's 24hr treadmill world record, the same record he and dean ran for in april of '04, and chris set. the kicker is that dean didn't tell chris, his supposed "friend", that he was going to attempt it until the day before he did. dean is the equivalent of the "neon deon sanders" of running. for true humbleness and candor look to chris bergland, a real humble ultra-marathoner, and triple ironman champion. btw, a good friend of mine from college works for chris at a manhattan running store.

Keep it going Dean - your book got me beyond 26.2 ...


Keep it going Dean - your book got me beyond 26.2 miles and got my brother working towards his first Marathon.

Prepping for a 250 mile 6 day stage race in Atacama, Chile now.. next?


The book was so powerful, that I dropped it midway...


The book was so powerful, that I dropped it midway in my dim-light room around midnight and decided to go for a run.

It was a healing adventure, I saw a lot of things that night which started with a shooting star (not a coincidence) and a full moon. I thought about the 'listening to your heart' bit , which was really an inspiration in doing something that most ppl write off as impossible, or irrational.
One love

I have have learned some useful facts and perspect...


I have have learned some useful facts and perspectives about running and marathon from friends that I made at It is amazing as to how some activities are utilized in exactly the same manner in many different parts of the world...

I interviewed Dean Karnazes once also. Amazing!!So...


I interviewed Dean Karnazes once also. Amazing!!

Someone suggested I should interview you sometime, too.

While we do shows on everything, the health and fitness ones have been very popular with the audience.

Hey Dean,I read your book and found it a SUPER rea...


Hey Dean,
I read your book and found it a SUPER read, I recently bought it for my sister also for crimbo knowing she would love it.
We are both massive sport enthusiasts, with a long history in competitive sports. I competed in Modern pentathlon internationally when younger, always done track running and always swum. Which eventually led me to Triathlon which I love.
I do go out alot alone on big runs, biggest to date was a 36 mile run over the Brecon Beacons (Wales), was only meant to be a marathon distance but we forgot to account for the contours on the map and it ended up alot longer Ooops.
Anyway, In your book you never mention injuries or any aids that you might use to prevent injury, such as massage. I have spoken about you with other chums that have read your book. I always keep saying he must just prefer to sound positive and not mention them. You must get injured doing those kinda distances. Well do you, or are you just very lucky!
I hear that you are doing an event in Italy this year in some ski resort. I only know that as my sister whom has moved there (Treviso) met a friend of yours (girl) they mentioned Gaylord who you talk about in your book. Anyways what you up to over there, I am due a visit there and it would be great to see you in one of your challenges if possible. Let me know if you need a water boy!
Have a look at my pics from a race when I was in Aus, enjoy the pic's
Hope to hear from you soon mate GOOD LUCK for the New Year

Dean:Ultramarathon man - inspiring.50 in 50- simpl...


Ultramarathon man - inspiring.
50 in 50- simply a awesome.
running home across the country-priceless

Love reading your book and articles. You've got me intrested in running beyond 26.2

Matt D.

My teacher told my class so much about you.Then I ...


My teacher told my class so much about you.Then I told my parents about you.I decided to write about what you did so when I have children I can tell them about you.I am in Running Club at my school.And I ran 25 miles during the year so far.I am tring to get to 200 miles for the whole school year so I can get a big trophy.Maybe when I get older I might run marathons just like you did.


This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

I just happened to pick up a copy of RunnersWorld ...


I just happened to pick up a copy of RunnersWorld with Dean on the cover a couple of weeks before the St. George Utah marathon. The next morning during a training run with my girlfriends, I told them about Dean doing 50/50/50, and we realized we had a chance of actually seeing Dean during the marathon on Oct 7. Halfway up the Veyo hill I was thrilled to hear my girlfriends yelling, "Jody, we found Dean!" He talked to us for several minutes and was so pleasant and friendly. And every day since last Saturday as I'm hobbling around I've been thinking that Dean's running another marathon! Dean, you rock! Thanks for the inspiration.

Robert -Dean is cranking out his 50 marathons, but...


Robert -

Dean is cranking out his 50 marathons, but asked me to relay the following reply:

"Thank you for your very kind words, I really appreciate it! I look forward to the opportunity of running with you in NJ as a training run for your first Ultra.

All the best,

Dean Karnazes"

Dean - Thank you for writing the most inspirationa...


Dean -

Thank you for writing the most inspirational books I have ever read. I was actually able to finish your book in a train ride to and from work and read it a second time a week later. In fact, this book has made the rounds in my family and friends and many have been inspired in their own way - either to get in shape for their wedding, to run ultras or to just ask themselves "Why do they do it?" in every aspect of their life - not just running.

I hope to be running side by side with you in New Jersey (your Endurance 50 stop before the NYC Marathon) as a tune up for my first Ultra - the Knickerbocker 60K.

Best of luck in your Endurance 50 quest.

- Robert

PS - Scott, great interview. Really supplemented the book for me.