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bgpd (1.1.1-gentoo) not supporting confederations with AS Path length > 3.

22 May 2017 15:24:30 -0800

I am having a problem with bgpd (1.1.1-gentoo) not supporting confederations with an AS Path length greater than 3 ASs. The subsequent confederated

IPv6 BGP routes from a directly connected peer are not accepted in the routing table

17 May 2017 07:46:46 -0800

Hi to all of you, Apologies for cross-posting already to the dev list. I am using quagga 1.2.1 on a freebsd (10.3) as provided from an already comp

bgp neighbor defeult-originate route-map usage ?

15 May 2017 00:04:56 -0800

Hi, Can someone please, confirm or not my understanding of route-map usage on bgp neighbor default-originate command. I would like my router to ori

Relevance of sort-order for route-maps?

12 May 2017 06:50:00 -0800

Hi, I have a script writing route-maps to bgpd.conf, but it's only sorting the route-map names and not the the ID's. So e.g. the bgpd.conf looks li

[SPAM] [SPAM] Re: real pleasure

10 May 2017 17:29:36 -0800

Yo! It's been a real pleasure to meet you yesterday, thanks for everything! I just wanted to share with you something really interesting ht

Potential problem in rib_process function

10 May 2017 09:57:25 -0800

Hi Guys, I am using quagga release 1.2.1. I see one potential problem in rib_process function related to withdrawal of redistributed route from zebra

Quagaa 1.2.1 Release Problem..If Index missing from redistributed IPV4 route delete messages coming from Zebra.

05 May 2017 11:48:40 -0800

Hi, I upgraded to latest Quagga Release (1.2.1). I am noticing that when Zebra sends *ZEBRA_IPV4_ROUTE_DELETE *messages to clients, its no longer fi

OSPF6D Route Summarization

04 May 2017 19:19:55 -0800

Hi, I'm need summarize ipv6 blocks on my pppoe server, I give a /48 to the link pppoe session and one /48 to prefix delegation to CPE, I use a /48

vpnv6 support

01 May 2017 10:09:33 -0800

I have a question concerning vpnv6 support - perhaps I am missing something Is this functionality not complete? Thank you for your time. quagga-rou

BGP redistribute into OSPF

23 Apr 2017 04:29:39 -0800

Hi, I test the quagga 1.x?with the following configuration: router bgp 65501 no synchronization bgp router-id neighbor remot