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Running Quagga on Mininet

17 Nov 2017 19:56:18 -0800

I am running the following demo: I would like to issue vtysh commands to indi

Re: [quagga-dev 16664] Quagga 1.2.2 released

12 Nov 2017 22:56:31 -0800

Hi, could you please provide the signature for the latest quagga tarball? Thanks. On 10/03/2017 06:58 PM, Balaji Gurudoss wrote: > Hi, > > Quagga

Failure connecting VICI socket: permission denied

07 Nov 2017 08:08:14 -0800

Hi, I??m trying to setup nhrpd with strongswan, and I??m getting this error message. Failure connecting VICI socket: permission denied Does anyone


02 Nov 2017 12:53:24 -0800

Quick - question: In version 1.2.2 I can now configure vpnv6. No show command? quagga-router# sh ip bgp A.B.C.D Network in t

ospf route-map

01 Nov 2017 04:59:27 -0800

Hi Guys quagga 1.1.1-3+deb9u1 kernel 4.9.0-3-amd64 OK i have a working ospf setup between multipl


10 Oct 2017 09:45:55 -0800

I'm trying to run quagga on mininet because I need OSPF. From what I've understood I need a zebra instance and an ospfd instance on each switch; sin

MININET - first steps

06 Oct 2017 09:10:59 -0800

Hello, I'm trying to use Quagga with mininet (Ubuntu 14.04). I have a certain topology and I'd like to run OSPF on all of them to capture routing pa

Static route with next hop works when configured in kernel but not when configured via quagga(?)

04 Oct 2017 20:23:51 -0800

Hello all, My appologies for my lack of experience with the edgerouter brand. I may confuse the names of the software packages being used by the edger

Quagga version 1.1.1 BGP peer-group send-community support ??

04 Oct 2017 06:30:19 -0800

Hi, We are using quagga version 1.1.1as a route-server and have just noticed that send-community doesn't appear to work when configured under a peer

Quagga 1.2.2 released

03 Oct 2017 09:58:39 -0800

Hi, Quagga 1.2.2 has been released, available from the usual place: This is a minor release, wi