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From mailing lists to web forums

12 Jan 2009 09:08:00 -0800

Hello everyone, For 10 years now, the Nessus user base has been supported with the use of mailing lists as a medium to communicate with the communi

Tenable / ImmunitySec / D2 partnership

07 Jan 2009 08:56:42 -0800

Hi everyone, As many pen-testers use Nessus in conjunction with other tools, I'd like to point out that Tenable today announced a partnership with

Nessus Virtual Appliance

25 Sep 2008 09:58:48 -0800

Hi, Tenable Network Security has released a virtual appliance for the Nessus 3 vulnerability scanner. The VMware appliance is available to Profess

Nessus (Windows) released

21 Jul 2008 11:48:13 -0800

Hi, Nessus, an errata release for Windows, is now available. This version fixes the following Windows-specific bugs: - With some configura

Nessus 3.2.1 released

30 May 2008 03:29:16 -0800

Tenable Network Security, Inc. is proud to announce the availability of Nessus 3.2.1. We encourage every Nessus 3.2.0 user to upgrade to this new v

Tenable Updates Subscription Model for the Nessus Vulnerability Scanner

14 May 2008 04:22:03 -0800

Hi, Tenable Network Security Inc. today announced an update to its Nessus subscription model. Please read our letter at :

Nessus 3.2.0 released

12 Mar 2008 02:25:17 -0800

Hi there, Tenable is proud to announce the availability of Nessus 3.2.0, as well as NessusClient 3.2.0. Nessus 3.2.0 is a major release, containin

Nessus 3.1.9 (beta) available

15 Jan 2008 01:02:47 -0800

Hi, Tenable is proud to announce the immediate availability of Nessus 3.1.9 beta. The main changes compared to 3.1.5 are the following : - Debia

NessusClient 3.0.1 released

28 Dec 2007 01:45:32 -0800

Hello everyone, Tenable is proud to announce the availability of NessusClient 3.0.1. This new release fixes the following issues present in versio

NessusClient 3.0.0 beta4 released

27 Sep 2007 09:09:38 -0800

Hi, We are proud to announce the availability of NessusClient 3.0.0beta4. This new beta contains two 'new' features : - The ability to authenticate