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Plugin 20148 Query - Netbackup Agent Detection

16 Mar 2009 13:33:42 -0800

Hi, apologies if this is the wrong place to query this. Nessus plugin 20148 gives the scenario: The remote host is running the VERITAS Ne

pci plugins....

13 Mar 2009 21:59:25 -0800

hi all... i used to use nessus at my old job (currently unemployed)... it was pretty cool. now i had to get some license (?!?) the thing is the

WinXP and win2k3 (Was Re: Nessus Digest, Vol 65, Issue 1)

05 Mar 2009 07:40:12 -0800

I'm not sure about Win2k3, but with WinXP, if the admin password is blank, then that account doesn't work. If you have a password for the account,

Re: Nessus Digest, Vol 65, Issue 1

04 Mar 2009 09:45:36 -0800

WinXP and win2k3 won't let you authenticate with local admin over a network. Jk Sent from Jim's iPhone On Mar 4, 2009, at 12:00 PM, "nessus-reque

SSL Weak Ciphers

26 Feb 2009 09:13:12 -0800

On Windows Server 2003 how do I remediate Nessus IDs 26928 and 31705. I¹ve already changed these entries at SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Securit

Editing existing nessusrc files?

23 Feb 2009 15:28:59 -0800

What's the appropriate way to edit existing nessusrc files? I typically like to create a configuration in NessusClient then export it to nessusrc for

FDCC results

23 Feb 2009 08:56:32 -0800

I have run the Windows XP Desktop v.2 audit files on my workstations and have found that many of them are failing because the configuration does not e

plugin updates fail

21 Feb 2009 13:51:16 -0800

When I try to update my plugins , I get "Update failed to finish due to a problem" almost immediately after starting. Is there a log I can check to

Unable to get Nessus to run local checks on Windows servers

19 Feb 2009 07:59:50 -0800

Hello, I'm having trouble determining why the SMB credentials I've configured are not able to login and run the local checks on our Windows 2003 S

Plugin to detect domain membership?

18 Feb 2009 14:56:53 -0800

Anyone have a quickie script to confirm domain membership based on the SMB credentials provided? Looks like I might be able to make use of plugin 103