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Last Build Date: 08 Dec 2016 08:07:55 -0800

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Verizon Email Contacts

07 Dec 2016 10:34:27 -0800

Hello, I need to connect with an admin w/ Verizon's email abuse team. Thanks, ping

Fwd: Looking for a Comcast engineer

07 Dec 2016 06:03:15 -0800

Thanks to the team that reached out, this has been resolved ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Chris Lane Date: Tue

Canadian National Railway contact

06 Dec 2016 07:48:12 -0800

If there happens to be someone here from the Canadian National Railway, or if someone knows someone there, could you hit me up off-list? Attempting t

Looking for a Comcast engineer

06 Dec 2016 07:08:45 -0800

If a Comcast engineer is available mind hitting me up offline. I am not a customer, but a former customer of mine is still advertising my IP /24 out

Need contact info for AS1798 - State of Oregon

05 Dec 2016 11:29:44 -0800

If you could contact me off-list, I'd appreciate it. - Tyler

Favorite Speed Test Systems

05 Dec 2016 06:50:38 -0800

For many years we have had a local instance of the Ookla on our network, and while it is pretty good some other tests seem include more

Level3 / Cogent / NetFlix BGP Assistance

04 Dec 2016 09:14:57 -0800

Hey all, In early October our traffic levels from NetFlix went from about half Level3 and half Cogent - pretty well balanced - to all on Level3.

Wormly SMTP Test Message

04 Dec 2016 07:11:27 -0800

This message was sent using the Wormly SMTP testing tool by this user: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko

Acquiring unused IP range. Some questions

02 Dec 2016 14:43:57 -0800

Hi everyone, we are about to acquire a block of IP’s from another organization that has unused space, and being fairly new to these procedures, I w

Avalanche / domains / registrars & registries

02 Dec 2016 12:21:39 -0800

FWIW one of the people involved in the takedown has reported that most of the 800K domain names were DGA. Here was my nutshell overview summary synop