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Last Build Date: 17 Dec 2017 15:58:58 -0800

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15 Dec 2017 07:07:14 -0800

Guys, good afternoon. This week I bought ntopng enterprise and nprobe pro, both in the version for the Windows operating system. I downloaded the ap

Can't Connect after 3.2 Update

12 Dec 2017 16:13:22 -0800

Updated our Windows 7 64 ntopng Pro installation and now cant connect to it via, or from a remote machine. It was running OK with nPro

1 Router, 2 Uplinks, 1 Netflow

10 Dec 2017 06:39:32 -0800

Hi, currently I use 2 routers for my 2 uplinks. Now I've a new router witch is able to handle 2 uplinks. The new router sends one NetFlow stream. I

Re: Data not persisting through service restart or reboot (MySQL setup)

05 Dec 2017 01:49:21 -0800

Hi, Your ntopng.conf is missing an equal sign: -F="mysql;localhost;ntopng;ntopng;ntopng;mysqlpassword" The "gibberish output" of MySQL is p

Data not persisting through service restart or reboot (MySQL setup)

04 Dec 2017 18:33:01 -0800

Hey all, Between last night and today, I setup nprobe and ntopng with MySQL. My goal is to be able to look at the busiest hosts over a certain perio

New stable releases of ntopng, nProbe and nDPI

04 Dec 2017 01:14:10 -0800

Dear All, We are pleased to announce that new stable releases of ntopng, nProbe and nDPI are out. Among the new features introduced it is worth ment

Data Archiving

30 Nov 2017 23:36:46 -0800

Dear, how to archive the all historical data till specific date and delete/clean all data from the running Ntop Server to save space? I am having alm

Cyber Monday discounts

26 Nov 2017 22:41:47 -0800

Hi all, said that all our commercial tools will always be free of charge for research and education, today we offer a -20% discount on all our product

loading offline pcap instead "interface"

25 Nov 2017 05:26:41 -0800

Hello Forum Is there a way to load/analyze offline traces files(pcap) instead of selecting the monitor interface (within the GUI of Ntopng)? How? Th

Ready for ntopng 3.2 ?

23 Nov 2017 22:38:07 -0800

Hi all, we have recently made a few changes in the the ntopng engine. In particular - when you have multiple interfaces they are handled currently at