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Last Build Date: 18 Aug 2017 14:34:46 -0800

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Adding additional alert blacklists

17 Aug 2017 14:38:38 -0800

I was wondering if its possible to add additional txt based lists of IP addresses for ntopng to alert on besides the emerging threats list. I tried a

nprobe config question

16 Aug 2017 08:45:25 -0800

Hi All, I have ntopng v3 running on Ubuntu 16 and I believe I have nprobe running as expected on a remote box, which is sending netflow to ntopng. Â

How to upgrade ntopng on Ubuntu?

11 Aug 2017 11:22:01 -0800

I'm getting the message  A new ntopng (v.3.0.0) is available for download: please upgrade. Anyone have information on how to do this?  or how to i

Syslog Alert forwarding?

06 Aug 2017 15:14:57 -0800

Hi! I have recently gotten NTOP-NG running in my environment and am fairly pleased with it so far. What I would like to do that I have not been able

Interface Views with Dynamic Flow Collection Interfaces

21 Jul 2017 09:38:51 -0800

Is there anyway to use the Interface Views feature while also using the Dynamic Flow Collection Interfaces feature based on Probe IP Address? Example

nDPI HTTP dissection

19 Jul 2017 00:06:10 -0800

Hello ntop teem, I was unpleasantly surprised that the nDPI product does not actually inspect the pacts so deeply. For example, it does not know how

Re: Ntop Digest, Vol 158, Issue 15

14 Jul 2017 11:15:50 -0800

Hi Simone, Can you please give me a call on Monday to arrange a time to troubleshoot. It is not picking up the other networks. Thank you, -----Orig

Re: Ntop Digest, Vol 158, Issue 11

14 Jul 2017 06:38:33 -0800

Hi Simone, I tried what you said but I am still not getting all the networks from netflow data on my router. Here is a screenshot of what networks

Daily download totals needed

13 Jul 2017 18:59:18 -0800

I'm investigating why our ISP's website is displaying our daily download stats as about 1/4 of the normal amounts for the last three weeks. One theor


13 Jul 2017 10:19:39 -0800

Hello, I recently installed Ntop and I love it so far. However I am unable to pull any netflow data from my router. Ntop is only displaying 1 network