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ntopng not accessible after upgrade

17 May 2017 15:02:32 -0800

I've had ntopng working for a long time, but it's not working for me after an upgrade today. I ran: sudo apt-get upgrade sudo apt-get update After the

Re: Traffic sent and traffic received in historical view in ntopng

17 May 2017 02:13:37 -0800

The speed isn't the problem, Simone. It's the fact that the "one day" option, for example, covers the previous 24 hours, ending at the time you run th

New way to dockerize ntop products

15 May 2017 14:39:36 -0800

Hi Can you please have look at this image? I was thinking about the stunning way of dockerizing ntopn

Traffic sent and traffic received in historical view in ntopng

12 May 2017 11:02:31 -0800

Hi, Can someone please tell me what I need to do to get differentiated traffic sent and received in the 'historical view' on an interface? Thanks in

ntopng nagios integration with windows

10 May 2017 01:16:32 -0800

Hello, I need some help with the nagios integration. I'm running a ntopng (2.4.160627 - Pro Small Business Edition) on a Windows Server 2008 R2 Stand

Total bytes per IP for accounting on ntopng

07 May 2017 04:21:16 -0800

Hi, I'd like to collect of clients downloaded data per IP every day so I'll integrate it for home made quota management per IP. How can I get the da

Unclear hardware choices

01 May 2017 10:44:02 -0800

I wish the pages were clearer about what is and is not suitable hardware. I want to monitor a fairly small SMB network and I think that I mig

Interface speeds on NTOP showing greater than interface

20 Apr 2017 08:28:00 -0800

We've a mikrotik sending to nprobe and then on to ntopng. The flow timeout on the mikrotik is set to 1minute which is the same on nprobe, but we're co

pfring-dkms_6.5.0_all.deb Size mismatch

19 Apr 2017 06:46:34 -0800

Hiya! On a fresh Debian 8.7 install I'm getting: E: Failed to fetch Size mism

Need some conceptual guidance with sending flows to ntopng

15 Apr 2017 11:56:15 -0800

Hi everyone, I'm running ntopng 2.4.170215 - Pro Small Business Edition; all is well and I'm very impressed. My question becomes releva