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[lvs-users] [PATCH] ipvsadm: catch the original errno from netlink answer

05 Aug 2017 04:38:28 -0800

nl_recvmsgs_default() returns NLE_* error codes and not errno values. As result, attempt to delete virtual service returns NLE_OBJ_NOTFOUND (12) which

[lvs-users] [PATCH] ipvsadm: check if a virtual service exists before attempting removal

31 Jul 2017 05:35:55 -0800

Removing a non-existing service results in a confusing "Memory allocation problem" error message: # ipvsadm -D -t Memo

[lvs-users] UDP packet loss when real server removed from farm

16 Jul 2017 07:41:03 -0800

I'm using keepalived to distribute DNS requests (UDP port 53) to a group of DNS servers. The farm is using source hashing. Environment is RHEL, with

[lvs-users] DR-TUN Issues: Packets become martians on real server

14 Jul 2017 08:13:10 -0800

I am building a DR-TUN configuration to load balance DNS traffic. My issue is with the real servers: the ipip packet get unwrapped and appears on the

[lvs-users] package fragment through lvs

04 Jul 2017 05:50:24 -0800

I have meet a very strange problem in my LVS environment. when I connect to mysqld real server, mysql client is ok. when I connect to LVS to access

[lvs-users] Not all subinterfaces come up after pulse restart

26 Jun 2017 15:46:54 -0800

Hello, I hope someone has seen this issue and can help. Problem: Each time I run "service pulse restart", ifconfig outputs only 1-3 of the 4 interfa

[lvs-users] netmask for vip?

17 Jun 2017 17:16:32 -0800

If vip from subnet, and no netmask support in configuration, the default netmask is I test default netma

[lvs-users] Best way to collect number of packets dropped by IPVS?

31 May 2017 18:47:46 -0800

Hi, I'm wondering what is the best way to see / check / collect number of packets dropped by IPVS. There're several scenarios, I can think of, when p

Re: [lvs-users] Do Higher Persistence Values Cause Higher Resource Utilization?

26 Apr 2017 13:46:31 -0800

> I'm not 100% certain, but I can't imagine this > causing any performance issues. Me neither, but I want to be extra careful since there are so man

[lvs-users] Do Higher Persistence Values Cause Higher Resource Utilization?

25 Apr 2017 14:58:51 -0800

We have about 1200 realservers behind 600 virtual services (2 RS per VS). Currently, persistence is set to 240 seconds. We are considering setting a v