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Last Build Date: 21 Feb 2017 18:07:01 -0800

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Enforce a minimum article size

21 Feb 2017 10:16:07 -0800

I'd like to prevent users from creating new pages that barely have anything in them. I can't find any options to enforce a minimum article size. Ther


20 Feb 2017 07:23:29 -0800

He instalado Mediwiki, pero no sé como registrarme como administrador. Wenceslao Segura _______________________________________________ MediaWiki-l

Change property type on Wikibase Wiki

20 Feb 2017 06:10:03 -0800

Hello, Is it possible to modify the type of a property declared with Wikibase ? Thanks, -- Jean-Baptiste Pressac Traitement et analyse de bases d

Re: SECURITY: Flow security fix to make sure EnableFlow is always attributed

17 Feb 2017 15:09:56 -0800

On 01/20/2017 05:02 PM, Matthew Flaschen wrote: > There is a security fix to ensure that EnableFlow is always properly > attributed. Backports have b

images (edit-mode) not shown with https-wiki

17 Feb 2017 04:05:59 -0800

Hi all, We've a problem when using the Visual Editor with a https-protected wiki (MW version 1.27.1): images in a wikipage aren't displayed when edit

PageContentSaveComplete not called for ImportDump.php?

15 Feb 2017 11:36:12 -0800

Hello, When ImportDump.php is run, PageContentSaveComplete hooks are not called, unless I'm mistaken. Is this true, and if so, is it by design, or a

PageForms Tokens

14 Feb 2017 07:12:21 -0800

Is it possible to pre load some tokens and allow additional entries to show up in the list? I tried values= however if anything else is added it does

Wikibase : Using external properties and items

13 Feb 2017 02:29:23 -0800

Hello, Is it possible to configure it's own version of Mediawiki + Wikibase to make statements using properties or items of Wikidata or other instan

Spawning images for test purposes

12 Feb 2017 16:45:49 -0800

Hello everyone, I am writing unit tests for an extension, and as part of this test, I need to use the names of files on-wiki. My own wiki set up has

Enterprise MediaWiki Conference Spring 2017 Proposal Submission Deadline - 21 February

10 Feb 2017 12:48:53 -0800

*Apologies for the cross-posting* Hello all, A quick reminder that we are looking for proposals for presentations at the upcoming EMWCon - March 8-10