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Last Build Date: 07 Dec 2016 22:09:23 -0800

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Anyone seeing URIBL_BLOCKED?

06 Dec 2016 13:58:20 -0800

Hi - Around 7PM yesterday (US eastern time), I started seeing URIBL_BLOCKED, and it didn't go away after midnight. I tried switching to one of our

Unexpected TVD_SPACE_RATIO and strange action of X-Originating-IP

06 Dec 2016 09:43:26 -0800

One of my web sites sends me a minimal email to indicate its status. There is no body, just a subject and the usual headers. It is sent several time

PerMsgStatus get('From') returns different values in the same email

06 Dec 2016 08:19:01 -0800

I have a plugin that has the following lines: my $header_from = $pms->get('From', 0); dbg("ZS_HeadersCompare: $functname($rulename): header_from = $h

Password Protected Archives

05 Dec 2016 00:58:12 -0800

Hi There is a rule that catch PASSWORD PROTECTED ARCHIVE attached ? I don't want to block in Mailscanner but catch in a RULE to mix with others rules

Save the date: ApacheCon Miami, May 15-19, 2017

30 Nov 2016 11:24:52 -0800

Dear Apache enthusiast, ApacheCon and Apache Big Data will be held at the Intercontinental in Miami, Florida, May 16-18, 2017. Submit your talks, and

return value of

28 Nov 2016 15:14:56 -0800

Hi, what's the return value if an IP is listed on Seems to be When is the return value Can't find anyt and 'failed to parse plugin'

27 Nov 2016 08:28:09 -0800

Hi all, After a recent upgrade to perl-5.24.0 on fedora25 with spamassassin-3.4.1, I'm seeing this bug:

How to use BUILD_SPAMC=no ?

25 Nov 2016 19:44:51 -0800

In Makefile.PL we observe 'BUILD_SPAMC' , # Set to 'no' to skip build of spamc. 'BUILD_SPAMD', # Set to 'no' to skip build of spamd. Do

Spam with attachments and UNPARSEABLE_RELAY

24 Nov 2016 02:23:52 -0800

For a few weeks I've been suffering spam messages with attachments getting through with a suspicious score of 0.0. Upon inspection, they all had the

"Complex regular subexpression recursion limit exceeded" error from sa-learn

23 Nov 2016 15:24:41 -0800

I'm running Postfix, Spamassassin, amavisd-new, and Dovecot on an Ubuntu 16.04 LTS server. For some time now, I've been running my inbox and junk fol