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Betr.: RE: seeeing only logs from a certain number ofusers

07 Dec 2009 21:49:56 -0800

David Paul, Thanx for your advise. I will put it in the script. Next week i know if it work's (we dont have an proper test envirement). With kind r

seeeing only logs from a certain number of users

07 Dec 2009 03:39:48 -0800

Dear Reader, Somehow we can only see the weekly logging from 20 logs(ip entry's) and up. Because we use an MS loadbalancing, certain logs are not in

Creating Custom Reports

23 Nov 2009 08:18:45 -0800

Is there a way to write/create custom reports for Analog, in order to process data? For example, if I wanted a report that grouped by user, and for e

Customizing LOGFORMAT to accept "Account Number"

19 Nov 2009 16:10:21 -0800

Is there a way to setup the LOGFORMAT, such that it can accept an "unrecognized type", such as an account number. Currently, I have the following log

Reporting just referral activity

17 Nov 2009 08:41:32 -0800

I have referrer info in the logfile and I want to only report subset for pages that got hit as a result of a Google referral. That will give me a lis

How do I alter web page template

17 Nov 2009 06:39:26 -0800

I need to included a summary attributed to all html table tags? Is there a template that I can modify so that the summary attribute is set automatical

any one require help

14 Nov 2009 20:26:31 -0800

hi Guys any one require helps in setting up of analog and report magic than let me know.I am here to help you out -- regards, Mastinder singh 09974

Reporting on elements in the request line

10 Nov 2009 06:46:01 -0800

Hi I've got log files from a Google Search appliance. The data is located in the "request" value. - - [05/Nov/2009:14:50:49 -0500] "GET /

Order of processing steps...

04 Nov 2009 10:43:47 -0800

Thanks for all the help so far. Where can I find Analog's order of process. I'm trying to understand this in order to process URL parameters/querystri

a little bit OT - doing backups

04 Nov 2009 07:43:19 -0800

Sorry if this is not 100% analog centric. But I guess anyone in this list is familar with the issue: I recently resurrected a site which did not do a