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Last Build Date: 11 Dec 2016 01:53:33 -0800

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drbd-9.0.5 & drbd-8.4.9 & drbd-utils-8.9.9

21 Oct 2016 05:10:48 -0800

Super release day! For drbd-9 there is one very important fix. All drbd-9.0.x version until now had the following bug: In case you are running

drbd-9.0.4 & drbd-utils-8.9.8

06 Sep 2016 09:20:37 -0800

Hi, recently we have been working a lot with OpenStack and had to fix many bugs in drbd-9.0 to make it work smooth in that context. There is still mo


18 Jul 2016 05:57:54 -0800

No one complained about the release candidate, so without further changes, this is the release. Git:

drbd-9.0.3 & drbd-utils-8.9.7

14 Jul 2016 08:59:57 -0800

Hi, to all users of drbd-9.0.2: You want to upgrade to 9.0.3. We fixed a significant number of serious bugs and a even higher number of other bugs.


11 Jul 2016 09:16:49 -0800

This is a release candidate. Please help testing, and let us know of any problems or regressions, performance or otherwise. Thanks, Lars Git


19 Apr 2016 14:55:26 -0800

Hi, since a number of important bug-fixes accumulated in the master branch it became necessary to tag the code base as 9.0.2. No new features at this

drbdmanage v0.93

02 Mar 2016 07:53:09 -0800

Dear DRBD9 & drbdmanage users & testers, we have published version 0.93 of drbdmanage. This version includes a new backend storage plugin for ZFS. T

drbd-9.0.1 & drbd-utils-8.9.6

03 Feb 2016 11:49:02 -0800

Hi, it is a long time since the release of drbd-9.0.0. Many bugs have been fixed, just as expected for the first maintenance release after a .0 relea

drbdmanage v0.90

21 Dec 2015 07:35:08 -0800

Dear DRBD9 & drbdmanage users & testers, we have published version 0.90 of drbdmanage. This is a pre-release that is considered close to feature-comp

drbd-8.4.7 & drbd-utils-8.9.5

17 Dec 2015 01:09:48 -0800

Hi, with this release we fixed some performance regressions in 8.4 that trigger only when DRBD is used as block storage target. (I.e. they do not tri