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28 Mar 2017 04:53:52 -0800

Cheers folks, since last weekend my clamscan states Heuristics.Filetype.ZipWithJS-6162396-0 FOUND on some files. These files are from 2015 and I as

Ubuntu 16.04 - ClamAV with AMAVIS 100% CPU - very few Google results

28 Mar 2017 04:33:51 -0800

Hi, I've used clam-av for for years but not kept up to date with the many changes. Since upgrading I'm found clamd is spiking and staying put at 100

Java API

27 Mar 2017 12:34:13 -0800

Is there an officially supported Java API for ClamAV? If not, is there a generally accepted best user contributed one? Jessica _____________________


23 Mar 2017 07:05:32 -0800

hopefully someone from "scamnailer" reads this - please remove that rule - these are 100% false positives - there are subdomains below and well if y

how to find Html.Phishing.Auction-214

22 Mar 2017 05:52:57 -0800

Hello, have an issue here with this signature. Html.Phishing.Auction-214 is found within an small sql-file. i try to find corresponding text to remo

Error when using a private mirror

22 Mar 2017 05:17:04 -0800

Hi, I'm testing the use of an S3 bucket to store databases for a private mirror. I'm getting an error when running freshclam against this private mir

Reporting malware/false negatives

21 Mar 2017 17:26:56 -0800

Hi, I reported an encrypted word macro virus this morning, and this evening it is still not detected by sanesecurity or clamav proper. How long does

ClamAV Scanning Algorithm

21 Mar 2017 09:33:56 -0800

Hi All, I would like to know ClamAV Scanning Algorithm Internal logic could please anyone of you explain in detail Thanks, Crazy Thinker _________

Condition: start condition failed at Fri 2017-03-17 14:45:52 IST; 42min ago

17 Mar 2017 09:35:02 -0800

Hi, Ububtu 16.04.2 server edition ClamAV 0.99.2 installed postfix 3.1.0-3 installed I could not reload the clamav-daemon.service due to the below

CentOS 7 fanotify and Clamd

16 Mar 2017 08:35:10 -0800

I'm trying to get on-access scanning working in clamav on CentOS 7. I'm running CentOS 7.3, kernel 3.10.0-514.6.2.el7.x86_64, and can confirm that th