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Last Build Date: 23 Jun 2017 03:54:01 -0800

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Pull request to add parallel scanning to clamscan

20 Jun 2017 01:46:22 -0800

Hi, I posted a rebased version of my patch to add parallel scanning to clamscan here: As I haven

Re: [clamav-users] Question about ClamScan

12 May 2017 12:34:40 -0800

Hello, Not strictly single threaded, there is a timer thread for bytecode for example. You can search over the source code to see pthread_* function

Question about ClamScan

11 May 2017 22:29:22 -0800

Hi ClamAV Developers, Users I think Clamscan is a Single Thread Application. Am i right?. i inspected this for a little bit time. it doesn't have re

Question about ClamAV

11 May 2017 02:11:53 -0800

Hi ClamAV Developers, Users SaneSecurtiy and SecruiteInfo provides better virus signature database feeds. with help of this, we can Increase the Cla

ClamAV, extract source code signature

10 May 2017 06:02:00 -0800

Hello to all, I present myself to you as a student at the University of Bordeaux and I am an intern in the Technicolor company in France . I currentl

Re: [clamav-users] Question about Heuristic Scanning and Signature Based Scanning

09 May 2017 00:29:18 -0800

Thanks for Reply. How many Heuristic Scan Engines ClamAV using Now? what are extensions of db files used by ClamAV Heurisitci Engine? Can I Increas

Question about Heuristic Scanning and Signature Based Scanning

08 May 2017 22:49:09 -0800

Hi ClamAV Developers,Users As per My Understnading , Virus Signatures are Classified into two types 1.Static Virus Signatures(short/fixed length vi

Artificial Intelligence Based Anti-Virus

05 May 2017 01:37:55 -0800

Hi ClamAV Developers, Users, I have heard that Artificial Intellgience Based Anti-Virus provides more security than others.. is it really true? is th

Re: [clamav-users] ClamAV UnOfficial Database

04 May 2017 04:52:35 -0800

We already distribute some third party feeds into the official database, we have a program for that which can be found on our website. We would lov

ClamAV UnOfficial Database

04 May 2017 04:28:32 -0800

Hi ClamAV Developers, Users To my curiosity, i want to remove ClamAV Official Database and plan to integrate unofficial database with clamav engine.