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Zope 2 Resurrection Sprint

17 Feb 2017 07:24:57 -0800

Hi Zope developers, gocept will host a second Zope 2 Resurrection Sprint to port Zope 2 to Python 3. (Actually it is Zope 4 as it is a bit lighter th

Installing Zope 2.13.25

02 Feb 2017 01:45:30 -0800

hi all, I see that 2.13.25 has been released but the Zope2 subdirectory is missing again. Can someone populate it? This command fails: ./bin/easy_in

Redirecting all objects in a folder

20 Nov 2016 20:46:52 -0800

How can I make it so that any object accessed under a particular folder gets redirected to another URL? In other words, someone going to the URL we

Help installing Zope2 in AWS

09 Nov 2016 10:38:51 -0800

Hello, Has someone installed Zope2 on Amazon Web Services (AWS)? Thanks in advance! NSilva

Zope 2 Status

04 Oct 2016 05:27:15 -0800

hi all, I used to watch for Zope 2 updates. Last version I updated to was 2.13.24. Now this page offers version

Fwd: change IP server

30 Sep 2016 05:37:48 -0800

Hello, I am newbie with zope And I wonder, if I change the ip of a server that already has Zope, I need to change any configuration file for it to r

requirements.txt 2.13.24 install zope 4 instead zope2

29 Sep 2016 13:54:25 -0800

I have installed zope2 using virtualenv and pip (1) but it's installing the new version of zope2 >pip list AccessControl (2.13.14) Acquisition (2.13.

Zope Migration Help

26 Sep 2016 02:34:33 -0800

Hi I am very new to Zope and have recently inherited a legacy Redhat 4 system that some infrastructure based on Zope 2.x and I would like some advice

Zope 2.13 + MS SQL Server 2008 + UTF8

22 Jul 2016 14:55:55 -0800

Hi again list After have setup my zope site and database to use ISO-8859-1, I did some test and unfortunely it fail with javascript doing AJAX calls

ODBC adapter

04 Jul 2016 09:08:37 -0800

Hi again list, Using zope 2.13.23 ZPyODBCDA 1.0.9.dev0 ( ) I have tried to install ZpyODBCDA but when