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Last Build Date: 05 Dec 2016 07:05:40 -0800

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case-sensitivity in ExternalAuth::DBI

07 Nov 2016 13:40:39 -0800

From what I can tell RT's user Name and EmailAddress fields are intended to be case-insensitive, and that's certainly what my users expect. Given th

[rt-announce] Request Tracker Training in LA, Update!

03 Nov 2016 10:38:34 -0800

Join us for our first 2017 RT training, in Los Angeles! We'll be there January 9-11. The first two days are our comprehensive training, and the third

Add first Custom fileds than resolved Ticket

12 Oct 2016 02:29:03 -0800

Hello, when I close the Ticket with the funktion Action resolved and add custom fields value the system resolved first the thicket an than add the v

Only user with SuperUser rights can see Modify who receives mail for ticket

10 Oct 2016 09:00:03 -0800

Hello, I would like that this piece of code in the ModifyPeople.html File is executable only for user with SuperUser rights. I tried to use the code

[PATCH] Fix logging of client ip in

02 Oct 2016 03:44:55 -0800

Hi, While debugging some configuration issues, I came across a problem with logging, RT 4.4.1 when using external authentication always logs UNKNOWN

Attempting to make Subject: tag matching a little more permissive, diff enclosed

28 Sep 2016 10:53:55 -0800

Hi. I'm trying to make RT play nice with a certain large telecom vendor's ticketing system. They're trying to play nice too, but they're too dumb to g

Agend see Work Phone without special Permission

15 Sep 2016 05:28:56 -0800

Hi, is there a way that agents can see the work number of a other user on the User Information Site without setting the permission "Create, modify an

[rt-announce] Announcing End Of Life for Request Tracker 4.0 Series

08 Sep 2016 08:31:57 -0800

Hello! Request Tracker 4.0, originally released in April of 2011, will reach end of life on February 15, 2017. After that date, Best Practical will n

[rt-announce] Training update: Moving LA and announcing Boston!

18 Aug 2016 08:32:13 -0800

Due to multiple requests, we are moving the LA training to Q1 2017. While there was heavy interest many folks said they couldn't swing our original da

[rt-announce] Request Tracker Training, Coming to LA in September!

04 Aug 2016 07:49:10 -0800

Come one, come all to Request Tracker Training in beautiful Los Angeles! We’ll be there September 12-14! Day one focuses on the usage of RT for non