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Last Build Date: 09 Dec 2016 07:15:09 -0800

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Searching for tickets with empty CF in RT 4.2.8

09 Dec 2016 02:53:34 -0800

Hello, I have some saved searches on my dashboard. Three of them are based on a Custom Field; one show tickets where the CF is set to X, one where CF

RT 4.4.1 LDAP Authentication issue.

09 Dec 2016 02:11:18 -0800

Hi everyone. First sorry for my english i'm french. I try a couple of week to have LDAP authentication with my fresh RT 4.4.1 installation. All seem

error during RT::Extension::Announce initdb

08 Dec 2016 09:42:58 -0800

Hi all, I was installing RT::Extension::Announce just now. Running perl Makefile.PL told me to run make initdb for first-time installations, so I did.

supplying database credentials to rt-fulltext-indexer

08 Dec 2016 07:38:28 -0800

Hi all, I completely forgot to set up rt-fulltext-indexer as a cron job after initially enabling FTS. When I run it now, it complains that the databas

Signed email

07 Dec 2016 16:59:35 -0800

I'm trying to setup rt 4.4.1 to send s/mime signed email. After some fussing around and figuring out that openssl couldn't handle the full chain of c

which scripts fire when

07 Dec 2016 13:17:32 -0800

Hi all, In my last email, I asked about duplicate messages being sent out and was told to check the RT workflow and enabled scripts. In doing so, I re

Preventing duplicate emails

07 Dec 2016 08:46:44 -0800

Hello list, Is there an example of a script to prevent duplicate emails? We often have users adding an owner as a CC, or adding someone as a CC and a

Re: Issue With ExternalAuth

05 Dec 2016 14:35:44 -0800

Hi Claude, Your english is much better than my french :) I've cc'd the RT users list as they may have additional suggestions. The short answer is no

Search by custom role value

05 Dec 2016 08:21:57 -0800

--------- RT 4.4 and RTIR training sessions, and a new workshop day! * Los Angeles - January 9-11 2017

Queue Advanced Format

05 Dec 2016 06:23:33 -0800

Some of our users see a different list query format then others. If you open a Queue and click Advanced, you see a textarea labelled "Format" The co