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Last Build Date: 24 May 2017 06:05:20 -0800

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mythtv-setup: Recording profiles question

22 May 2017 16:19:54 -0800

I am working on the mythui setup pages and there is an anomaly in Recording profiles. The system automatically adds a recording profile group for ev

Freesat EIT

22 May 2017 11:36:51 -0800

HI, I have recently been testing my new DVB SI code against DVB-S Freesat here in the UK. I am not seeing EIT actual schedule data where I expect t

Re: Crash in ~DVBChannel() - Wiki comments

18 May 2017 09:57:19 -0800

Hi Roger, I looked at the Wiki. Suggest removing the: Environment=HOME=/~/.mythtv line because tilde expansion doesn't seem to work in the .service f

Crash in ~DVBChannel()

15 May 2017 09:29:30 -0800

I recently put an old tt budget DVB-S card into my main system to do some testing. This system already a quad tuner dvb-t card in it. Adding the new

Mythweb Javascript issues

09 May 2017 12:07:10 -0800

Hi all, After upgrading to the latest MythTV dist, I'm getting Javascript issues due to the age of the jquery & prototype libraries. The fix is to g

Mythtv pes_malloc and pes_free

07 May 2017 03:53:38 -0800

The libmythtv implementation of mpeg2 uses its own simple heap management overlayed on top of the standard heap allocator (malloc/free). This is imp

myth spotify plugin?

03 May 2017 03:29:51 -0800

Guys, How difficult will to be update below mythic spotify plugin to current myth? I remember someti

Versions and theme download

01 May 2017 12:10:17 -0800

Hi Stuart Re-sending this email because I had sent it from the wrong address. Regarding ticket #13020 I wa

Backend opening too many files?

29 Apr 2017 00:18:32 -0800

Hi All, I built and started running current master last night, and it crashes within about 3hrs. Saw a log on my console where I started it from say

Question about build

26 Apr 2017 11:40:19 -0800

According to one user, the Archlinux official build produces MythTV with version as a commit hash "3543e74" instead of the normal "git describe" for