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Alternatives to CGI perl module

10 Sep 2016 05:54:44 -0800

I hope that this message would not be considered off topic. I have been developing web apps since 1996 and have about 84,000 lines of perl code imple

Apparent memory leak

06 Sep 2016 07:00:03 -0800

The system load reported by the uptime command, on one of my servers, periodically spikes to 20-30 and then, shortly thereafter, I see this in dmesg:

[ANNOUNCE] Apache-Test 1.40 released

06 Sep 2016 05:35:36 -0800

We are pleased to announce the release of Apache-Test 1.40. This release is now, or soon will be, available for download from your favourite CPAN mir

[request] Mogilefs modperl handler

31 Aug 2016 01:35:47 -0800

Hi, MogileFS is an open source distributed filesystem, see: for more details. There is a Nginx module as a proxy for uploading, d

[RELEASE CANDIDATE] Apache-Test-1.40 RC1

24 Aug 2016 10:02:25 -0800

Please download, test, and report back on this Apache-Test 1.40 release candidate.

Looking for solution to Apache2::AuthCookieDBI authentication on Apache > 2.4

24 Aug 2016 05:40:43 -0800

Hi, I've taken a stab at updating Apache2::AuthCookieDBI myself as per: I've

PerlSetEnv and PerlPostConfigRequire && in RHEL 6.8

28 Jul 2016 21:28:02 -0800

Hi all, Tl;dr I've actually resolved my problem.but I figured I'd send this email anyway as it might be interesting to users of mod_perl on Re

test failure w Apache 2.4, perl-5.24.0 and trunk

22 Jul 2016 14:51:29 -0800

Since Steve Hay asked for trunk vs 5.24 and 2.4 reports, I gave it a whirl on Omnios/Illumos. t/filter/in_bbs_inject_header.t is my only fail with us

write handlers with C or modperl?

22 Jul 2016 02:00:24 -0800

Hello, We have some handlers which were written by modperl for API endpoints. yes developing a apache handler with modperl is so easy and quick. but

[mp2] Test failures in mod_perl 2.0.9 (Apache 2.2.31, perl 5.24.0)

21 Jul 2016 14:16:12 -0800

-------------8<---------- Start Bug Report ------------8<---------- 1. Problem Description: Until recently we have been using Perl 5.8.8, Apache 2.2.