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deal architect

Vinnie Mirchandani on disruptive trends and economics in technology

Updated: 2017-12-12T10:26:50-05:00


The other technical debt


The CEO of a manufacturing company expresses frustration his plant employees have to key entries into the shop floor system. Why not a voice interface? And anticipating the objection, says don’t tell me they cannot use noise canceling technology to...

Tone down your AI expectations


We have had many previous hype cycles around AI. As I wrote in Silicon Collar : “Since the 1950s! That is when Alan Turing defined his famous test to measure a machine's ability to exhibit intelligent behavior equivalent to that...

Make Renewables so Cheap that they KILL Fossil Fuels


Peter Diamandis, of Abundance fame, put out this rallying cry in a recent post. Renewables definitely need a kick in the behind. A recent conversation with my lawn guy, Bruce told me how far they still have to go. I...

The Future of Workin an automated world


This time, last year I felt very lonely. In writing Silicon Collar, I was one of the few voices who is not pessimistic about automation killing masses of jobs. I kept getting asked, how can you ignore the rapid pace...

Two decades of HR Tech


Stacey Harris sent me a preview copy of the Sierra-Cedar annual HR Systems survey. It is the 20th edition, and I particularly enjoyed the walk down memory lane when I was following HR applications at Gartner. “20 years ago, David...

Dont write off SAP yet


It would be easy to be pessimistic about SAP when you read Dennis Howlett’s recent blog “It’s a hot mess and everyone, whether that is SAP, customers, partners or User Group people want it to go away. The issue comes...

Cognizants own Digital Transformation


You hear about digital projects at their clients, but you don’t hear much from outsourcers about their own transformations. Cloud competitors like Amazon, contract manufacturers like Foxconn and digital agencies have dramatically changed the landscape of services. So it was...

Plex evolves the Analyst Summit


I get invited to a number of user conferences. I must admit I often feel I am intruding there on customer time with vendor executives. I much prefer smaller analyst summits and Plex has honed such summits to an art...

Salesforces Open Tent


Dreamforce always has a feel of a political convention. You almost expect to see signs directing crowds to the LGBT or Pacific Islander caucus room. This year, watching it streamed I have been navigating through sessions titled with words like...

Raising the Bar - for clouds, renewables and digital - Part 3


My blogs, now 12+ years old, my 6 books and much of my consulting in those years have cataloged and celebrated cloud computing, renewable energy and digital transformations. I have been a big booster of each, but think we are...

Raising the Bar - for clouds, renewables and digital - Part 2


My blogs, now 12+ years old, my 6 books and much of my consulting in those years have cataloged and celebrated cloud computing, renewable energy and digital transformations. I have been a big booster of each, but think we are...

Raising the Bar - for clouds, renewables and digital - Part 1


My blogs, now 12+ years old, my 6 books and much of my consulting in those years have cataloged and celebrated cloud computing, renewable energy and digital transformations. I have been a big booster of each, but think we are...

The Definitive Guide to Connected Manufacturing


Plex has a neat publication for the new world of Advanced Manufacturing (see many examples in the resurgence that Greenville, SC is showing as a factory town) and where we are seeing the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Plex calls it Connected...

Salesforce: why so much hype?


They come in threes, don’t they? In the last week, I have read three pieces which have my hype antenna buzzing about Salesforce IDC in an annual study commissioned by Salesforce says the ecosystem of customers and partners will drive...

Oracle Cloud AcceleratorPart 1


At Oracle OpenWorld, Letty Ledbetter set up several interesting breakout sessions for a handful of us analysts. One of the more enjoyable ones was when Reggie Bradford, SVP described their Cloud Accelerator program. Located in Bangalore and Delhi in India,...

The emergence of intelligent HR software


I recently wrote from Workday Rising about the Age of Intelligence. It’s not just Workday which has been busy. John Sumser of HE Examiner has a study which looks at intelligent tools at Workday and 29 other HR-centric vendors. He...

Hey Alexa, Siri want to impress me?


My wife has already had it with digital assistants. Alexa seems to wake up to the inflections of her Irish accent. Siri to mis-pressed buttons in the car or her phone. I am a bit more patient but I also...

Book Review: The Age of Sustainability


I seek out Denis Pombriant, a fellow analyst, at industry events. We hardly ever talk about enterprise software. He is a history buff and a foodie and I walk away always having learned something and happier given his cheerful disposition....

Of Halloween and Enterprise Software


This time of the year, I buy several packages of assorted candies. Keeps the neighborhood kids who come around on Halloween happy. I happened to check the contents of one pack – it had Hot Tamales, Chewy Lemonheads, Tootsie Rolls,...

Workday and the Age of Intelligence


Mike McNamara is CEO of a remarkable $ 25 bn a year company that many people do not know much about. Flex is contract manufacturer for a wide range of products from automobiles to medical devices. Its design and shop...

NetSuite: Still alive and kicking


Oracle OpenWorld had even more going on than usual. Larry Ellison was so focused on autonomy facilitated by database version 18c that he had only slide for a number of other features it will introduce like 5 times faster RAC....

Workday Rising: Sneak Preview from Dan Beck


Workday’s annual user conference, Workday Rising, is in Chicago starting Monday. The European version is in Barcelona in a few weeks. It’s always an enjoyable event with “The Citizens of the Cloud” - some of the happiest customers in the...

Oracle Autonomy: A Giant Leap


In writing my last couple of books, Silicon Collar and SAP Nation, I have observed how hypocritical the IT industry has been about automation. AI, robotics, drones are good for customers but not in reducing tech labor? The worst offenders...

Predictions, Redactions


At their annual Gartner Symposium event in Orlando today, Peter Sondergaard predicted "AI will be a net job creator starting in 2020" To that, Jason Hiner at TechRepublic snarkily commented “Gartner's research chief couldn't have opened the company's flagship conference...

Plex and the Fourth Industrial Revolution


I first wrote about the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the 2013 book The Digital Enterprise. A collaboration with the CEO of Software AG, most of the examples profiled there were Germany based. At the same time, companies like GE were...

Oracle OpenWorld enhanced expectations


Oracle OpenWorld starts Sunday. I am going with more enhanced expectations than I have in previous years As a baseline, I expect to hear updates on Oracle SaaS – financials, HR, ERP, CRM and on the NetSuite business unit. With...

IFS extends its vertical focus


Readers know I think the software market is at a pivot point. We have plenty of hr, financial and basic CRM functionality, but very little in the way of industry specific functionality. I have always liked IFS’s focus on complex,...

Cloud, Digital: a Continental Divide?


DSAG, the SAP user group for German speaking Europe, shared results of a recent survey involving more than 500 decision-makers from IT and various business units. Reading it I was struck by similarities and differences between how the US and...

Oracles momentum


I tend to not listen to vendor quarterly earnings calls. I get much better value from briefings at industry analyst events and from customer feedback. I also find it irritating that executives brag and beat up on competitors on these...

Rimini Street: The next chapter


People still think of Rimini as a cut rate, third party maintenance provider for on-premise Oracle, SAP, IBM and Microsoft software. That was Rimini 1.0. In a talk series I did with them last year, I saw Rimini 2.0. Because...

SuccessConnecta higher calling?


We live in troubled times. They call for principled leadership, standing up for values, and for ignoring our darker angels. Whether that was the intention of SuccessConnect or not, I certainly walked away from the event with that message. Rob...

Going to SuccessConnect


I feel the excitement and the nervousness of a freshman about to go to college and a rookie about to go to training camp. I am going to my first ever SuccessConnect next week! One of the most popular strategies...

Living the Dreamforce


Salesforce has the honor of becoming “the first enterprise cloud software company to break the $10 billion revenue run rate" Amazingly, just a short 8 years ago I was blogging about its “second billion”. They have gone from strength to...

Automation and Jobs: the tide turns


I felt lonely last year as I was writing Silicon Collar. I had a minority view that modern machines will not lead to dramatic job losses, at least not any time soon. In recent weeks I have read many articles...

Infosys in a world of Amazon, Workday and Foxconn


Vishal Sikka has resigned as CEO of Infosys. In a blog post he says “It is clear to me that despite our successes over the last three years, and the powerful seeds of innovation that we have sown, I cannot...

A more realistic, less alarmist Oxford study on automation and jobs


In my book, Silicon Collar and in several blogs I have critiqued the 2013 study by two Oxford researchers which reached this alarmist conclusion about the impact of modern day machines on jobs: “According to our estimates, about 47% of...

A Post-Trump Globe. And Trump had little to do with it.


Whether you worship or abhor President Trump, whether you are a proud American or one who thinks Americans are ugly humans, get ready for a dramatically new world order. And it has little to do with Trump. We are ending...

The New Polymaththe seven year itch


John Wiley released The New Polymath seven summers ago. Lots of readers tell me it is my best book. It inspired them as executives to build multi-disciplinary teams and multi-faceted products. Modern and ancient polymaths I described have inspired other...

Oracle Cloud Apps 13: A pivot point?


Oracle Cloud Applications Release 13 – its bi-annual cloud applications release – announced this week solidifies the company’s position as the industry’s broadest suite – across ERP, HCM, CRM and SCM domains. Oracle has been at work on this for...

SAP Smooth and Relaxed?


Let me start off by saying I am really pleased I went to SapphireNow this year. I saw what I called the “dawn of intelligent applications” with Leonardo. I liked CEO Bill McDermott promising to do more for customers about...