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Vinnie Mirchandani on disruptive trends and economics in technology

Updated: 2018-02-14T13:33:44-05:00


Microsoft Business Applications Analyst Foruma scorecard


Readers know my favorite vendor event format is the analyst summit. I have written extensively about Workday, Salesforce, Oracle, Plex and other summits on this blog and at New Florence. Interestingly, while other vendors have been perfecting the art of...

Davos debrief Part 1


It has become an annual ritual – I either talk to Malcolm Frank, EVP of Strategy and Marketing at Cognizant before or after the annual WEF event at Davos. This year it was after the event where he missed at...

GE and Digital Transformations: Dont jump to conclusions


It’s open season on GE. BusinessWeek has a cover article and calls it an “astonishing mess”. Competitors are gloating they are getting GE resumes in droves. My friend Brian Sommer recently tweeted “3 1/2 yrs. ago, I gave a copy...

Automation, Superworkers, ERP and CRM


I recently did a podcast with Ton Dobbe. I have know Ton for a long time in various roles at Unit4. He always impressed me with his work with organizations around the world around topics such as accelerating business change,...

Smarter Immigration


President Trump spent plenty of time on immigration in his State of the Union speech this week. I wish he had spent more time on each of the four pillars he identified and two policy changes he announced – we...

Love the smell of SKO in the morning. Smells like optimism


My favorite vendor event format is the analyst summit. A close second is the annual Sales Kick Off. That is where the vendor gets the entire sales and marketing team offsite to prepare for the new year. This time of...

Rethinking the two technology Moores


Throughout our technology careers, most of us have cited Moore’s Law about how fast technology evolves, or Geoffrey Moore’s “Crossing the Chasm” to speed up launches of products. To say each has been seminal to strategizing and marketing in technology...

SAP Nation and the new horror movie


My books go through (at least) 3 edits. My wife, Margaret does a readability review. Mark Baven does a thorough edit for grammar, flow and facts. The book design agency, 1106 reviews it for style. It is a lot of...

Davosa down year?


Every year the mix of events I attend changes and I sit back and ask – should I have gone to this one? Should I have made a greater effort to go an event I missed? My event choices are...

Why technology financial reporting needs to evolve


I started my career at PwC as an accountant. I kept renewing my CPA certificate for a decade after I had moved to the technology consulting practice. These days, I listen to (some) quarterly earnings calls of vendors I analyze....

Enterprise Software Platforms have underperformed


My first exposure to a software “platform” was back in 1983 when McCormack and Dodge introduced Millennium and started to migrate all its modules to have the same look and feel, extensibility, queries and other features. I was part of...

A weekend with inspirational ladies


Two books and a movie were the highlight of this long MLK weekend. The common theme – ladies in business whose grit and determination can inspire anyone of any gender, age, race, political belief. First, a couple of personal perspectives...

SAP: When you come to a fork in the road, Take it!


“Who pays when the SAP data center goes on strike and the solution is down?” Data Center going on strike? That portion of a quote from Hermann-Josef Haag, spokesperson for the DSAG HR management working group made me stop in...

Oracle Database: Solid for Now


Kicking the year off, ran a story which said “But Mr. Ellison’s comments about Amazon and Salesforce don’t tell the whole story. In reality, both companies are actively working to replace Oracle software running on critical business systems with...

Salesforce Analyst Summit: A solid B


I prefer going to vendor analyst summits over user conferences. I always feel like I am intruding on customer time at conferences. Salesforce hosted an analyst summit last week. Here are my scores: Venue: A The venue was to say...

The Year of Intelligent Apps


Happy New Year! John Sumser at HR Examiner recently tweeted Next year's primary software marketing message in #HRTech: "They don't make decisions for me. They make me a better decision maker." He need not have limited that statement to HR...

2017 Flyover


Facebook generates an annual collation of “memories” for every member. I looked at mine and felt it was too shallow. Google Search summarizes the most common queries across its user base at the end of each year in video below....

The Star Wars Jobs economy


Lots of people sat through the credits at the end of The Last Jedi waiting for a post-credit scene or for bloopers. Margaret and I did to see all the job titles that went into making the movie. It is...

The other technical debt


The CEO of a manufacturing company expresses frustration his plant employees have to key entries into the shop floor system. Why not a voice interface? And anticipating the objection, says don’t tell me they cannot use noise canceling technology to...

Tone down your AI expectations


We have had many previous hype cycles around AI. As I wrote in Silicon Collar : “Since the 1950s! That is when Alan Turing defined his famous test to measure a machine's ability to exhibit intelligent behavior equivalent to that...

Make Renewables so Cheap that they KILL Fossil Fuels


Peter Diamandis, of Abundance fame, put out this rallying cry in a recent post. Renewables definitely need a kick in the behind. A recent conversation with my lawn guy, Bruce told me how far they still have to go. I...

The Future of Workin an automated world


This time, last year I felt very lonely. In writing Silicon Collar, I was one of the few voices who is not pessimistic about automation killing masses of jobs. I kept getting asked, how can you ignore the rapid pace...

Two decades of HR Tech


Post updated with a change in source document Stacey Harris sent me a preview copy of the Sierra-Cedar annual HR Systems survey. It is the 20th edition, and I particularly enjoyed the walk down memory lane when I was following...

Dont write off SAP yet


It would be easy to be pessimistic about SAP when you read Dennis Howlett’s recent blog “It’s a hot mess and everyone, whether that is SAP, customers, partners or User Group people want it to go away. The issue comes...

Cognizants own Digital Transformation


You hear about digital projects at their clients, but you don’t hear much from outsourcers about their own transformations. Cloud competitors like Amazon, contract manufacturers like Foxconn and digital agencies have dramatically changed the landscape of services. So it was...

Plex evolves the Analyst Summit


I get invited to a number of user conferences. I must admit I often feel I am intruding there on customer time with vendor executives. I much prefer smaller analyst summits and Plex has honed such summits to an art...

Salesforces Open Tent


Dreamforce always has a feel of a political convention. You almost expect to see signs directing crowds to the LGBT or Pacific Islander caucus room. This year, watching it streamed I have been navigating through sessions titled with words like...

Raising the Bar - for clouds, renewables and digital - Part 3


My blogs, now 12+ years old, my 6 books and much of my consulting in those years have cataloged and celebrated cloud computing, renewable energy and digital transformations. I have been a big booster of each, but think we are...

Raising the Bar - for clouds, renewables and digital - Part 2


My blogs, now 12+ years old, my 6 books and much of my consulting in those years have cataloged and celebrated cloud computing, renewable energy and digital transformations. I have been a big booster of each, but think we are...

Raising the Bar - for clouds, renewables and digital - Part 1


My blogs, now 12+ years old, my 6 books and much of my consulting in those years have cataloged and celebrated cloud computing, renewable energy and digital transformations. I have been a big booster of each, but think we are...

The Definitive Guide to Connected Manufacturing


Plex has a neat publication for the new world of Advanced Manufacturing (see many examples in the resurgence that Greenville, SC is showing as a factory town) and where we are seeing the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Plex calls it Connected...

Salesforce: why so much hype?


They come in threes, don’t they? In the last week, I have read three pieces which have my hype antenna buzzing about Salesforce IDC in an annual study commissioned by Salesforce says the ecosystem of customers and partners will drive...

Oracle Cloud AcceleratorPart 1


At Oracle OpenWorld, Letty Ledbetter set up several interesting breakout sessions for a handful of us analysts. One of the more enjoyable ones was when Reggie Bradford, SVP described their Cloud Accelerator program. Located in Bangalore and Delhi in India,...

The emergence of intelligent HR software


I recently wrote from Workday Rising about the Age of Intelligence. It’s not just Workday which has been busy. John Sumser of HE Examiner has a study which looks at intelligent tools at Workday and 29 other HR-centric vendors. He...

Hey Alexa, Siri want to impress me?


My wife has already had it with digital assistants. Alexa seems to wake up to the inflections of her Irish accent. Siri to mis-pressed buttons in the car or her phone. I am a bit more patient but I also...

Book Review: The Age of Sustainability


I seek out Denis Pombriant, a fellow analyst, at industry events. We hardly ever talk about enterprise software. He is a history buff and a foodie and I walk away always having learned something and happier given his cheerful disposition....

Of Halloween and Enterprise Software


This time of the year, I buy several packages of assorted candies. Keeps the neighborhood kids who come around on Halloween happy. I happened to check the contents of one pack – it had Hot Tamales, Chewy Lemonheads, Tootsie Rolls,...

Workday and the Age of Intelligence


Mike McNamara is CEO of a remarkable $ 25 bn a year company that many people do not know much about. Flex is contract manufacturer for a wide range of products from automobiles to medical devices. Its design and shop...

NetSuite: Still alive and kicking


Oracle OpenWorld had even more going on than usual. Larry Ellison was so focused on autonomy facilitated by database version 18c that he had only slide for a number of other features it will introduce like 5 times faster RAC....

Workday Rising: Sneak Preview from Dan Beck


Workday’s annual user conference, Workday Rising, is in Chicago starting Monday. The European version is in Barcelona in a few weeks. It’s always an enjoyable event with “The Citizens of the Cloud” - some of the happiest customers in the...