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deal architect

Vinnie Mirchandani on disruptive trends and economics in technology

Updated: 2016-09-29T19:59:40-04:00


Darwin on demo: Workday Rising


I saw Panera Bread present eye-popping stats at Workday Rising - 65,000 hires a year with rapid growth and 90% staff turnover and yet, on-boarding expectations of less then 24 hours. It would not be an exaggeration to say Panera,...

Burning Man-Machine: Automation gone awry


In writing my book, Silicon Collar, I saw plenty of examples of how machines make human workers safer, smarter and speedier. I also became more aware of poor implementations where the man-machine balance is broken and leads to worker and...

Oracle: Time to push the pedal on cloud apps


Larry Ellison joked at Oracle OpenWorld he was told Fusion applications would be developed in 4 years. They have taken over a decade. Snicker all you want. The flip side of that is Oracle started developing cloud apps years before...

Workday Rising: Sneak Preview from Leighanne Levensaler


Workday’s annual user conference, Rising is in Chicago next week. The European version is in Barcelona in a few weeks. It’s always an enjoyable event with “The Citizens of the Cloud” - some of the happiest customers in the world....

SAP: In Oracles rear view mirror?


It struck me when Infosys CEO, Vishal Sikka talked about his acquisition of Panaya in his keynote this afternoon, how little attention SAP has received at Oracle OpenWorld this year. In fact if SAP was not hosting TechEd this week,...

Oracle AI: Adaptive Intelligence


As Steve Miranda previewed last week, one of the more interesting announcements this week at Oracle OpenWorld is around its Adaptive Intelligent Applications. Steve had said “Basically, what we're doing is leveraging our data cloud, which I know you're familiar...

Oracle IaaS opportunity is much bigger than Amazons


Three things were striking about Larry Ellison’s kickoff keynote at Oracle OpenWorld last night a) he was at his late night host best – I must have been a sight as I burst out in humor every few minutes b)...

50 shades of pessimism


Silicon Collar is off to very nice media reviews, Amazon reader reviews and many nice emails from readers. But in many ways it has also touched a nerve. Some are irritated with my optimism. I find they fall into three...

Oracle Open World a SaaS sneak preview from Steve Miranda


Oracle OpenWorld, its annual marquee event which starts on Sunday, can be overwhelming. This year, the agenda shows more than 1,800 sessions spread across 12 venues in and around Moscone Center. That section of San Francisco shuts down to cars...

The Post-Corporate Job Economy: A Remarkable US innovation


Lost in all the noise about the “middle class squeeze”, angry workers “who have been left behind”, and that 6 out of 10 Americans say the “economy is on the wrong track” is another story which has not been widely...

A Tale of Two Wildly Divergent Emotions


Dennis Howlett posted this weekend “The robots are coming and we are royally screwed”. In contrast, ZDNet ran my column “Automation is coming, but it'll take longer than you'll think (and won't take your job)” The timing of the columns...

The SAP Sisyphus


These days , far removed from the origins of Greek mythology, it is easy to feel sorry for Sisyphus as he pushes a huge boulder up a hill, only to watch it roll back down. He is cursed to repeat...

A generation of P..s


No, I am not echoing Clint Eastwood. My P is much more damning — we are a becoming a generation of pessimists. I have just released my new book, Silicon Collar. It is meant to combat widespread pessimism about machines...

Sparking all kinds of discussions about man and machine


They say the modern day author is cursed because he/she has to compete with short attention spans and many competing forms of content. I say the modern day author is, in reverse, blessed with all kinds of instant feedback. Imagine...

Why would a son want a different life from his father's?


The question jumped out at me in this article about the wide open spaces in Mongolia. It’s a question a nomadic herder asks. It may seem quaint to us these days but it is something that was accepted for generations....

Doctor, Heal Thyself


An interesting set of observations from Silicon Collar While analysts are predicting doom and gloom from automation to other sectors, they themselves continue with a labor and paper intensive model based on dated, static tools like Magic Quadrants and Waves...

Silicon Collar excerpt The Sum of All Fears


My new book, Silicon Collar, which will be released in Kindle format on Friday, is on balance a positive book about the impact of automation on jobs, but as I write “While the practitioners I interviewed were positive about the...

The Fall enterprise event season


September to November brings many enterprise events – Oracle OpenWorld, Workday Rising, Salesforce Dreamforce and others. I am looking forward, this year, to updates on core ERP, HCM and CRM functionality, but also hope to hear more around: a) Use...

The Golden Age of the Worker


(Cross posted at Medium) I am releasing in time for Labor Day weekend, Silicon Collar — an optimistic perspective on humans, machines and jobs. I studied how automation — machine learning, robotics, unmanned autonomous vehicles, white collar bots, exoskeletons etc....

Activist Technologists


In writing my book, Silicon Collar, I knew I would need to address the pessimism of many academics, analysts and economists about automation leading to jobless societies. I also found myself getting in all kinds of policy issues around Universal...

Not your grandpas shop floor


My excitement for the manufacturing Renaissance comes out loud and clear in a paper I wrote about NetSuite’s manufacturing customers here “The agenda (at the WEF in Davos) this year was “Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution”. The first three revolutions...

Plex doubles down


I had a chance to catch up with Jim Shepherd, Group VP of Strategy for Plex about the recent acquisition of DemandCaster. I have asked to speak to some of the 10 joint customers, but the initial positioning is promising,...

SAP has its hands full


A CIO in an email congratulating me on my new book, Silicon Collar, wondered if SAP was relieved this one is not on “the Nation”. They don’t need to worry about another book. They have their hands full. Several mid-level...

The next 100 days


I hardly ever write political posts on this blog. This is an exception – somewhat. For starters, I am middle of road politically. Right leaning economically as many small businesspeople are, left leaning socially. I tend to fall in line...

Congratulations, NetSuite


Oracle is buying NetSuite for $ 9.3 billion. I have long admired NetSuite. They are cloud pioneers going back nearly two decades. CEO Zach Nelson helped in countless ways when I wrote The New Polymath I was hoping they would...

Zoho: what if the entire software industry ran like this?


Just about a decade ago, I ran a guest column from Sridhar Vembu which was striking in that he promised to invert the traditional software model which typically invests 10 to 15% of revenues in product, and 50 to 60%...

Silicon Collar: Excerpts


As I have done with previous books, I will excerpt about 10% of Silicon Collar over the next several weeks in prep for the book release early September. Amazon is taking advance orders for the Kindle version here. On New...

Inforum update


I spent a couple of days at Infor’s user conference in New York this week. I did a podcast with Jon Reed of Diginomica about the event, and have included excerpts from that conversation and added some other thoughts below....

Next Book: Silicon Collar


My new book is nearing the end of the editing process and is headed to the design agency. It should be released by middle of September. Here’s a synopsis: “Never before have people had such a broad choice of occupations...

I hope this is not SAP Nation 3.0


Nucleus Research just issued a report which will make SAP wince SAP’s new marketing tagline – run simple – is not only grammatically incorrect, it’s grossly inaccurate. Nucleus analyzed the experience of SAP customers and found varied – at best...

Globalization 2.0Taking it Global


I know a lot of people are upset with the UK. Lots of wealth destroyed around the world, Young Brits mad at older Brits, Scots mad at the English, Europeans upset with the Brits. It’s important to not forget something...

Part 2 of Interview with Stephan Sieber of Unit4


This continues our interview with the new CEO of Unit4. Part 1 ran yesterday. The Unit4 brand is much stronger in Europe than in North America. What's your vision for changing that? In fairness, North America is already around 15%...

Interview with Stephan Sieber, CEO of Unit4


Stephan Sieber took over as CEO of Unit4 in April. He joined the company in 2014, after over more than a decade at SAP, including Managing Director of SAP Switzerland and Chief Operating Officer of the region DACH (Germany, Switzerland...

SAP finally has a marketing hit


SAP Marketing has had a rough patch. There was the obnoxious “spokesperson”, Phil that SAP had to hastily take down. There was the balloon imagery around SAP’s cloud. Someone forgot to think about the hot air connotations. There’s all the...

Jeff Weiners dystopian comments


On Monday as I was going through the first edit of my book on automation, I heard of the whopper Microsoft bid for LinkedIn. I then read CEO Jeff Weiner’s letter to employees announcing it. Josh Bernoff calls the letter...

The HP Enterprise Startup


I had a chance to spend some time at the HP Enterprise Discover event in Las Vegas last week. I was last at the event in 2012 when HP was a $120 billion entity. Today, HPE after the spin off...

Big Brains focused on Big Things


Five years ago, I heard Jeff Immelt, CEO of GE use the term Industrial Internet of locomotives, wind turbines, aircraft engine and MRI scanners to differentiate from the Consumer Web that Apple. Google, Microsoft, Amazon and others have made part...

Coasting towards 5,000 innovation posts


I just checked the New Florence index and we are at 4,960 posts. We should cross 5,000 by middle of July at the current pace. The first post on that blog was on March 7, 2005. Back then, I was...

SAP, Apple and Microsoft


I believe every vendor should be proud of successful customers. Both Apple and Microsoft use SAP in different parts of the enterprise. With recent partnering announcements with Apple, and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella making an appearance at SapphireNow, I have...

SapphireNow: Too Little, Too Late?


I was in California last week relishing NetSuite’s SuiteWorld – and its two decades of cloud maturity and growing industry functionality as I summarized here. I happened to see a 8 page color SAP insert in the Wall Street Journal...