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Published: 2017-10-18T05:58:40Z


The Lego Analogy


I think Lego is a great analogy for understanding the importance of data standards and registers. Lego have been making plastic toys and bricks since the late 40s. It took them a little while to perfect their designs. But since 1958 they’ve been manufacturing bricks in the same way, to the same basic standard. This […](image)

Mapping wheelchair accessibility, how google could help


This month Google announced a new campaign to crowd-source information on wheelchair accessibility. It will be asking the Local Guides community of volunteers to begin answering simple questions about the wheelchair accessibility of places that appear on Google Maps. Google already crowd-sources a lot of information from volunteers. For example, it asks them to contribute photos, […](image)

Under construction


It’s been a while since I posted a more personal update here. But, as I announced this morning, I’ve got a new job! I thought I’d write a quick overview of what I’ll be doing and what I hope to achieve. I’ve been considering giving up freelancing for a while now. I’ve been doing it on […](image)

Bath Playbills 1812-1851


This weekend I published scans of over 2000 historical playbills for the Theatre Royal in Bath. Here are some notes on whey they come from and how they might be useful. The scans are all available on Flickr and have been placed into the public domain under a CC0 waiver. You’re free to use them […](image)

We can strengthen data infrastructure by analysing open data


Data is infrastructure for our society and businesses. To create stronger, sustainable data infrastructure that supports a variety of users and uses, we need to build it in a principled way. Over time, as we gain experience with a variety of infrastructures supporting both shared and open data, we can identify the common elements of […](image)

Experiences with the Freestyle Libre


Yesterday I implanted a sensor in my daughter. Today we have graphs. — Leigh Dodds (@ldodds) May 12, 2016 We’ve been using the Freestyle Libre for just over a year now to help my daughter manage her Type-1 diabetes. I wanted to share a few thoughts about how well it’s been working for us. I […](image)

Thank you for the data


Here are three anecdotes that show ways in which I’ve shared data with different types of organisation, and how they’ve shared data with me. Last year we donated some old children’s toys and books to Julian House. When we dropped them off, I signed a Gift Aid declaration to allow the charity to claim additional […](image)

“The Rock Thane”, an open data parable


In a time long past, in a land far away, there was a once a troubled kingdom. Despite the efforts of the King to offer justice freely to all, many of his subjects were troubled by unscrupulous merchants and greedy landowners. Time and again, the King heard claims of goods not being delivered, or disputes […](image)

Data is infrastructure, so it needs a design manual


Data is like roads. Roads help us navigate to a destination. Data helps us navigate to a decision. I like that metaphor. It helps to highlight the increasingly important role that data plays in modern society and business. Roads help us travel to work and school. They also support a variety of different business uses. […](image)

Lunchtime Lecture: “How you (yes, you) can contribute to open data”


The following is a written version of the lunchtime lecture I gave today at the Open Data Institute. I’ll put in a link to the video when it comes online. It’s not a transcript, I’m just writing down what I had planned to say. How you (yes, you!) can contribute to open data from Leigh […](image)