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Published: 2017-05-29T02:18:45Z


Where can you contribute to open data? Yes, you!


This is just a quick post to gather together some pointers and links that were shared in answer to a question I asked on twitter yesterday: I'm collecting a list of sites/apps that allow people to contribute to #opendata. What services would you suggest beyond OpenStreetMap? — Leigh Dodds (@ldodds) May 24, 2017 I want […](image)

The British Hypertextual Society (1905-2017)


With their globe-spanning satellite network nearing completion, Peter Linkage reports on some of the key milestones in the history of the British Hypertextual Society. The British Hypertextual Society was founded in 1905 with a parliamentary grant from the Royal Society of London. At the time there was growing international interest in finding better ways to manage […](image)

Designing CSV files


A couple of the projects I’m involved with at the moment are at a stage where there’s some thinking going on around how to best provide CSV files for users. This has left me thinking about what options we actually have when it comes to designing a CSV file format. CSV is a very useful, but pretty mundane […](image)