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The architecture of digital value

Published: 2017-09-23T11:50:27-05:00



Due to my current employment as a Forrester analyst, I am no longer posting here. I am leaving the site up as it contains interesting discussions and contributions by various notables.

The Joy of Digital


Beware the Cookbook Approach! We hear this, but what does it mean? Usually, it means the mistake of thinking something complicated can be reduced down to a simple set of steps, like a recipe in a cookbook. I've heard people...

ITIL and PMBOK considered harmful


I am teaching entry-level IT students at a Masters' level that ITIL and PMBOK (more generally, IT service management and project management) are often unnecessary and sometimes harmful. I have incorporated these perspectives into my survey text for digital management....

Digital education, beyond "stack" and "lifecycle"


One of my goals in designing a new survey textbook was to "drink my own champagne." I've been an architect and concerned with systems and service design in many forms. An educational experience is a service, requiring design. My first...

A 600-page book? What was I thinking?


The last year and a half, I have been consumed with an obsession: writing my second major book. It is a very different creature than my first book, Architecture and Patterns for IT. I wrote this book for my students...

Pivoting IT education


Flying back from the IT Service Management Forum meeting in Oslo (where I was honored to give an AM keynote), I watched The Intern. It stars Robert De Niro as Ben, a 70-year old widowed retiree whose boredom leads him...

IT4IT as a reference architecture


Part 3: IT4IT as a reference architecture In January 2014, as an AT&T executive assigned to Target, I made the case I should attend the National Retail Federation’s big party (ahem, convention) in New York, at the Javits Center. I...

IT4IT: Asking the harder questions.


2nd of 3 parts. Part 1 Disclaimer: this post represents my personal views only. Let’s confront some of the harder frequently asked questions about IT4IT. "IT for the sake of IT”? “Oh, you want IT for the sake of IT?...

IT4IT: what you need to know


First of 3 parts Disclaimer: this post represents my personal views only. I was in Edinburgh, Scotland this October for the official launch of the IT4IT standard by The Open Group. As a followup, I attended the HDI/IT Service Management...

What ITIL didn't say


I never wanted to doubt you but I'd be better off without you I'm no good at lookin' the other way It wasn't what you said it's what you didn't say Mary Chapin Carpenter, "What You Didn't Say," Shooting Straight...