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Orange and Black Baseball

Commentary on the San Francisco Giants in specific, and MLB in general. Sometimes amusing, always opinionated, and most importantly, low on carbs. Kansas City Royals and poker-related stuff thrown in for sake of confusion.

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I've least, in the internet sense


I've moved here: Orange & Black BaseballI wanted to start fresh...which is, of course, why I gave the new blog exactly the same name as this one. Ahem.In any case, it'll be the same general idea -- mediocre baseball analysis mixed-in with corny jokes and gratuitous use of ellipses. ...ellipses

Two things that NEVER should be combined


42-year old Greg Maddux.Padres alternate home jersey...camo gold, for lack of a better description.Egads.

Is this thing on?


I hardly even know what to write, only that I felt the need to this space, since nothing had been written here in over a year now.There's going to be naught but crickets to greet these words, I'm sure (and inattentive crickets at that...they always give me the cold shoulder, the bastards), but one doesn't jump on a bike pedaling madly after not riding one in a long time,

It seemed like the perfect time to say...


...boy, I'm so glad the Giants traded Jeremy Accardo for Shea Hillenbrand. That move worked out oh, so well for the Giants.Good job, Brian Sabean. Sticking with Armando Benitez was indeed the correct move, as we all know traded youth for veteran know-how and savvy works each and every time.With that, I'll balance things out a bit -- I must admit that overall Randy Winn has done more than I

Ah, memories...


Last night made it a lot easier to not hate Ryan Klesko.It's a sports hate, mind you, not real life hate like I have for the Dodgers, the Dallas Cowboys, and wasps (the honey bee is fine, and serves a purpose, but what do wasps do other than scare the living crap out of most of us?). I've heard good things from a couple of reliable sources telling me Klesko is a very nice guy -- he just had a bad

You reap what you...were supposed to have reaped at first, only didn't...until later...whatever


Okay, now this is a bit more balanced. Unfortunate and sad, but the Law of Averages is sitting there with a smirk on his mug.Eight game winning streak complete with great pitching, little offense, and a lot of one and two-run victories. Two-game losing streak, complete with little offense, and two one-run losses.Live by the narrow victory, die by the narrow defeat.Not to beat a dead horse, but at

Daniel, meet Crow. Crow, Daniel.


I hear Crow tastes ever so slightly better when it's lightly fried in olive oil with some garlic, green onions and mushrooms.Ah, nevermind -- Crow tastes like chicken anyway.After reeling off seven straight wins and vaulting themselves right back into the NL West chase on the strength of Barry Bonds Bombs and some superb starting pitching, it's pretty easy to just slap the fat and ride the wave



The only thing I'm hoping to get out of this year at this point, with the Giants running a 2.2 runs/game average, is that the Giants find a new general manager. Brian Sabean has been so exposed over the last couple of years -- he's basically rode Barry Bonds throughout his tenure here, and made two blindingly brilliant moves to acquire Jeff Kent and Jason Schmidt.I'm just tired of seeing Sabean's

Praise Be to the Law of Averages


Just acknowledging the win -- it's there, it happened, and we'll hope for more. We'll also hope that Armando Benitez finds his way onto another team...but a couple of side notes to the aforementioned 6-5 squeaker:The Royals won, too, with Alex Gordon, a.k.a Oh-My-Garsh-Please-Save-Our-Franchise v.2007 belting his first homer, and Zack Greinke, a.k.a Oh-My-Garsh-Please-Save-Our-Franchise v.2006

Did I Say Rough? I Meant Painful...


I wonder how long it'll take the Giants this year to realize that what they've put together isn't going to work...and had no chance. Wagers, anyone?The only team in the league that has scored less than the Giants is a team that's played four less games, and there's only one team with a worse run differential than the Giants.The Giants are not only starting the season losing six of their first

This is going to be...rough


This game will be, in the next hour or so, my first full Giants game watched so far in this young season.I'm seeing about what I expected -- the Giants are a team which has to have a few things go right to win. They can't afford poor pitching performances, they can't afford missed opportunities to score, and they can't afford...well, any mistakes, period.I truly believe this is the swan song not

Yeah. Um. It's Me...Really!


This is an "I'm not dead" post. The lack of time that I've had in the last bunch of months to write anything that would've meant something to somebody has been a bit disheartening, but I have made the mental committment to myself to get back to writing, and back on track......only problem is, I have so little real idea as to what's going on with the team that I'm going to have to take a bit of

So, what now?


Jason Grimsley has been reported as linking many big league players, including such names as Miguel Tejada, Andy Pettitte, and...wait for it...Roger Clemens, in using performance-enhancing drugs.So...what now? Is your world rocked yet? If so...why?C'mon, did any of us really think that Barry Bonds was going to be the only guy to villify? It's unfortunate, because a player like Clemens has an

And....cut. That's a wrap.


As I said before, it was unlikely to begin with, but now it's strayed into the region of Well-Nigh Impossible. The Giants aren't going to see post-season play in 2006, and more's the shame, because the NL playoffs could've benefitted from the Giants special brand of mediocrity. Now they'll have to settle for the mediocre mediocrity of every other team that's going to make it, with the exception

Gotta gloat and laugh...and, gloat and laugh a little more


After watching the 2nd half (and missing the 1st half, dammit) of the Michigan/Notre Dame game...excuse me, the Michigan obliteration of Notre Dame, I just had to put up a small post of satisfaction.If anyone follows the Wolverines at all, you know what they're problem has been in many recent years has been -- early season losses, and specifically, early season losses to the Irish. It's always a



Looks like Luis Gonzalez and the Arizona Diamondbacks will part ways at the end of this season. Gonzo is an older, veteran player who still seems to have retained a portion of his former skills, thus the chances of him playing next season are pretty good.Do you know where I'm going with this?Don't do it, Brian Sabean. Just...just don't do it. It's an unlikely move at best, but still, I feel it's

The instructions seemed so simple...


Find control panel on thigh, on the left side of left legUnscrew control panel doorFind "Care" buttonSwitch to "Off" positionI think I'd better call the Help Desk, because although I flicked that switch to the "Off" position a couple of weeks ago, it hasn't worked yet. I still care.Caring, however, is one thing. Hope is altogether something else. By now, I've found that I've completely exhausted

Death in the Family


I hope that didn't sound too dramatic, but recently my truck died, causing my commute to lengthen by about an hour and for me to lose a bit of enthusiasm to write something on this blog after work...or even on my days off.Looks like I should be picking up something this week, so my quality of life ought to improve enough from that to make writing something not be such a chore. I will acknowledge

One eye on next season


Eliezer Alfonzo. Nuff said.(I really hate that expression, but it just seemed to fit.)As the season wears on and he continues to run a SLG over .500 and a decent batting average, it's becoming harder to figure out what the Giants might do next season at the catcher position. Alfonzo isn't as good as Mike Matheny defensively, but when you can hit 40 points better and SLG about 150 points better,

Okay, now I'm just confused


At the point last week when the Giants had lost 13 of 16 games and were playing the red-hot Dodgers, I put forth my theory on the ebb and flow of the Giants fortunes to my friend Lucky Luis as that series began. I told him that a sweep of the Dodgers was in the making -- not because of anything to do with the rivalry between the teams or because I thought the Giants were any better than the



I was trying to figure out, a bit before I wrote this, whether my desire to was stronger than my desire to write that single word of finality to drive home the last nail in the Giants' coffin for the season. Both were pretty strong desires, as I haven't written anything in a week and a half (sorry, for those who care), and I've been waiting for the moment to come where I

Anatomy of a win


Trying to figure out the Giants and the NL West is an exercise in futilitism and frustratocity.The win finally came, as we all knew it would...eventually. But if the Giants have been the epitome of mediocrity this year in most areas, one thing they do very well is steal the joy out of a win -- this time with a near-meltdown in the 9th inning, for once not caused by Armando Benitez (though in true

Yep, that fits


Follow up the biggest winning streak of the year with the biggest losing streak of the year.And today is the trading deadline.But man, it's a good thing Brian Sabean got Shea Hillenbrand and Mike Stanton, because otherwise things would be worse.Oh, wait a minute...getting swept by two of the worst teams in the NL is about as bad as it gets, isn't it?And wonder of wonders, Armando Benitez figures

Mike Stanton, eh?



I see your true colors, shining through


All part of a well-orchestrated plan, you see.There may have been a few of you who came by here after the Giants won their 4th and 5th games in a row recently, looking to see if I had anything to say about the team. After all, in winning the third game of the series against the Padres the Giants had not only won that series and catapulted themselves into 1st place in the NL West, but the five