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Preview: Orange is the New Black '06

Orange is the New Black '06

giants talk. whatever is in your head about 'em, blog it!

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a no no-hitter


i do have to agree with dave flemming and john miller about that loose ball from the LAA bullpen. It totally destroyed his rhythm because the very next pitch was a solid single. but biggie ups to me main man cain. its real good sh*t!
I didn't really notice the no hitter until the 6th inning. I totally forgot about that, as did so many giants fans out there last night. Usually you tend to forget when you see a 1 run from the LAA.

watching the game from the bleachers, a lot of people had disgruntle remarks when they saw accardo and benitez warming up in the bullpen. Personally, I agreed with the crowd (37,951). Although Benitez has a 1.71 era, it is still thin waters when it comes to this guy. guys hit off him a lot and I remember that one oakland game when it was a guy on 2nd and 3rd with 1 out!!!!!!!! thank god feliz was there to make a one man double play. even if Benitez did save the game. he got lucky. armand "feliz rodriguez" benitez.

Schmidt's Sweet Sixteen


This morning on KNBR, Gary Radnich spoke to a guy that left early on monday's game because of his kids..."There comes a point in your life where you have to pick Family or Jose Vizcaino." I just thought it was funny. Jose Vizcaino is our joker Giant...hooray!

With the NBA Playoffs and Giants Baseball, I have come to a conclusion that Jason Schmidt is the Sam Cassell of MLB. He does not have great looks and to top that off, he does not have a lot of hair. EEK! - seriously, he looks like an asian alien, that Schmidt!
(image) But I do have A LOT of respect in his game. Another excellent game by our Achilles Heel, our Ace. (image) Congratulations on his achievement of Pitcher of the Month. I listened to the game today and I would expect that every 2 strike count comes a SWING AND A MISS...and it happens. I am getting that automatic vibe that he is going to strike out people in the double digits. When I'm in need of love and protection, I go to my mommy, isn't Schmidt the Mommy of the San Francisco Giants? Fo shizzle!

Peer Pressure is a Bitch


The crew and I sat at sec 138 last night; chilly and windy enough to get your head cold. What are the odds? So it was routine, with the amount of beers we chugged and smuggled in the park, my cousin and I went to the bleacher bathroom and concession area; which many of you know where Morbitzer caught 715. While taking the innings piss, I heard Dave Flemming on the radio speaker about a Florida Homerun that Willingham hit. Buzzed as I was, I yelled out "we were right there!!". Bonds allegedly tried to play it off with a dramatic catch but then flipped it back to the crowd when it was offically ruled a homerun. When we got back to our seats, the rest of the crew were all hyped up saying that my other cousin caught the ball ...but then he threw it back to bonds.
When Bonds threw it back to the crowd, it rolled down to where we were sitting. My cousin hid it under his jacket for a brief moment but then showed the fans that he had it. Then EVERYONE around him were chanting "THROW IT BACK, THROW IT BACK!" cousin does not go to a lot of games and he thought everyone does it with a non giant he threw it back and everyone cheered yet at the same time full of was the highlight of the game. Peer Pressure is a Bitch...

FINALLY saw a Bonds homerun. Even if it wasn't a milestone homerun, it still is, isn't it? I told everyone how I felt the emptiness inside of my SF Giant heart that out of all the games I've been to, no homerun. Until last night. Everyone was going crazy- I finally fulfilled my SF fantasy and witnessed a homerun by Bonds. We received a Commemorative Pin saying that "I witnessed Bonds HR"....very very very fun night.... something that I can share with for years and years to come.

II Legit to Quit


Just when you think the Giants will be swept by the dominating Marlins, especially when JASON ELLISON starts off taking the place of Randy Winn, they win! Just like McHammer, you lose but you try to avoid the sweep of devistation by winning the rubber match and make a BLOG to regain your Hammer Time fans but through the internet. what a major turn.

It should be an interesting match up against the NY Mets especially when Bonds took a 3 day rest. Will they cheer like what the Marlins fans did when he first stepped up to the plate on game one? Wait, we're talking about New York. Where they boo their own players if they are doing a bad job and write articles about Homeruns that doesn't help when they are already leading(hint: Alex Rodriguez). Let's here the boo birds everytime Barry plays Left Field but hit a homerun, 716, to make em shut the hell up!

the reason to losing to the losers


Giants fans, do not blame the Giants for losing the series to the Marlins. I know it is hard to accept and it ruins your day just listening to John Miller & Dave Flemming saying the "Marlins are on top..." bleh bleh.
Traveling from San Francisco to Florida can cause many negative effects. These games the Giants played in Florida shows you the effects of Jetlag. An exception was to Lance Neikro because he wanted to show the 18 people including Felipe Alou that his 2 homeruns straight outta the DL was a better choice than the double A hot hitting Travis Ishikawa

"The Impacts of Jet Lag

When you’re suffering from jet lag, your reflexes are slower – both mentally and physically. For this reason, it is a good idea not to start driving a car for a day or two after traveling if at all possible - especially if you're going to be driving on the other side of the road as well!

Business travelers - you should avoid any high pressure business negotiations until you have acclimatized to the new time zone. Some companies have a formal policy of 'no business meetings the first day after a flight' but this policy fails to recognize that jet lag can last as much as a week or more!"

Playoff Beard


Matt Morris no relation to Zach Morris from saved by the bell pitched a roller coaster yesterday. The worst team in baseball beat the giants 5-1. Straight poo. I think Morris should shave off his dirty beard because it's not giving him any luck and that san jose sharks are out of the playoffs. He looks like a dirty old man straight outta chopping lumber. Shaving his beard will give him a good feeling, look CLEAN for once and maybe win some games, especially from the MARLINS! heck, I saw a total of 18 people in the stands, most of them being CHEERLEADERS?! I understand them being in basketball and football games, but in a baseball game where there were more media people for bonds then actual fans of the marlins! stupid.

See, look at this true champion. Clean cut, fierce, and confident. Shave off that playoff beard, Matt Morris!

seven fifteen



A roaring sellout crowd witnessed history Sunday afternoon with two curtain calls. Although the Giants suffered a tough 4th inning, seven fifteen was a good concellation prize.

the Japanese Cowboy Travis Ishikawa . With his double that could have started a rally, really showed what this guy is made of. He is starting to be recognized real quick. Loud cheers are heard before he steps up to the plate. Today's game had some newbies and I guess Alou wanted to see what these guys have. Jonathan Sanchez , we'll be seeing him a lot in the near future. remember that name.

Anyway, Congratulations Barry Bonds for hitting it in the park that Barry Bonds built. You have made the bay area proud with pride.

via hiptop


A very productive game against the rockies last night. Although schmidt lost his first 2 starts, he's been unstoppable. It is remarkable how he can lure batters to swing at his high fast ball. His style of pitching is uncanny. Compared to the average pitcher, he has a quick wind up that is difficult for batters to see his release point. Every pitch looks the same which is why he is a crazy mo fo.

Travis ishikawa was the player of the game hitting 3 of 4 with many rbi's, doubles when we needed it. He played 3 games so far and I really think they should keep him. I watched the game where he hit his firsts. I knew that this guy had potential. I hope alou will use him in many games in the future. We need him.

Game #45 vs. St. Louis


Giants take the battle of the bay series 2-1 heading home to face the hot hitting Pujols. Last night Pujols hit his 22nd of the season. I'm actually looking forward to see him bat, I will respect him more if he hits one tonight. Watched an interview from Pujols claiming that he is "not a hard hitter, he is just a good line driver" that apparently goes yard everytime.

Matt Cain was candy last night pitching a shutout against our rivals. He is the 3rd youngest Giants pitcher to do so with only 1 hit. Giants starting pitchers are really doing well this season. Wright will be pitching tonight and I really think he will get better and better. He can strikeout and has a nasty curveball. Schmidt got his game back too. Losing his first 2 starts, he has won ever since with a 4-2 record. I just thank God that they got rid of Fassero, he wasn't contributing at all. The home opener against the Braves pulled back to back homeruns and one of them being the braves starting pitcher that day.

The Sweep headed into Interleague Play


The Giants demolished Astros in the 3 game series. This is definately a confidence booster for the line up as they head to Oakland for the weekend. Noah Lowry will be pitching tomorrow's game with an undefeated record of 1-0. Amazing. Bonds will play DH for the series and that will give him lots of rest on his legs. I think he will hit 714 this weekend. He better, he is far due. Watching parts of 'Bonds on Bonds' on espn, He was talking about losing weight to support his legs. These handful of days rest will be a benefit, no doubt.
It was last minute that I decided to go to tomorrow's rivalry game. It should be a good mix between A's and Giants fans. Boo birds and cheers will intermix this interleague series. Bonds will again attempt to make history by hitting his #714 in Oakland. It's close enough to San Francisco.

Pedro has a hot bat by hitting 3 consecutive homeruns in the Astros series. Even Morris, the starting pitcher, had a couple hits. The bottom lineup is surely making their end of the deal by upping up their era's.

Game #40 vs. Houston



The Giants take the series from Houston winning the first two. This is my first post and I will try to keep an update as many times as possible. The blog is not to recap the game but what the Giants are molding themselves into, individually and as a team. It also allows me to keep my writing mode fluid...
VOTE FOR PEDRO! Get on the Pedro band wagon. I called knbr last month talking about Pedro Feliz and how he is just pulling a Devi Cruz by striking out and not producing. Mr. T replied my comment with a "where's alfonzo, bring him back!" This month of May has turned the tables for Feliz. He is known for being a first pitch swinger, which he is. But I'm getting the sense that Feliz is paying more attention of his pitches. The last two games vs. the Astros proved his first pitch frenzy. The first game had full bases, and the first pitch he saw cRUSHED it like no other, and then some. Today's game Wheeler was the 4th pitcher from the bullpen and the first pitch he saw was a fast ball up and in and he took it to the Crawford Boxes. 2 homeruns in 2 games. He is producing. The next game I'll be attending is Monday vs. St. Louis- my sign will be "VOTE FOR PEDRO!" see you there.