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Preview: Padres Fans Since '76

Padres Fans Since '76

A blog about San Diego baseball, though now you can find us at Gaslamp Ball. Go Padres!

Updated: 2017-12-17T03:00:58.002-08:00


Gaslamp Ball down


So I dusted this thing off. There's no ETA on when Gaslamp Ball will be back. It's a shame really as we were getting a lot of visitors. Padres fans wanting to know about the trades. Orioles fans wanting to know about Nevin. Cubs fans wanting to know about Sosa. Reds fans wanting to know about minor league pitchers.

Oh well. If it stays down for too long, then I guess I'll have to actually write something here. In the meantime, we wait for Nevin's answer regarding the trade...

Just a reminder...


If you're looking for new Padres Fans Since '76 posts, you can find them at Gaslamp Ball. New address... Same Padres fans since '76.

Anonymous thinks I'm an Idiot re: Petco Park


Anonymous says:
Are you guys complete idiots?
I completly disagree with you review on the park.
First of all:
#5. There isn't much unique to San Diego about the park. Couldn't they have given it a mission theme or something?

What the heck, did you guys not notice the tile represents the cliffs of torrey pines, the white steel (oppose to other parks green/grey) represents our skies and white water ocean, the unique foods like rubios, Anthonys, Oggis, that only SD has. The friar bell (mission), the beautiful san diego wildflowers growing all over the park?...

I don't like those employees holding signs to make you wait to go to your seat between pitches either.
...Every ballpark has this, it's a courtesy and not mandatory!

9. So many Ads, it was worse when it first opened. The scoreboard was so distracting.
Well, they pay for the park inorder for you toenjoy the Padres, I agree it looks like someone let a 3 year old color all over the park, but they're paying good money and it makes everything cheaper in the end. It's a new park, deal with it.

Not sure how I missed all that. White steel = skies and ocean... check. Egyptian Tile = Torrey Pines... check. You are really stretching here. To be honest Mission Federal Credit Union looks more San Diego then the ballpark.

The signs are still dumb.

The tax payers paid for a nice big chunk of this park so I don't owe Moores any favors. What's that Ad money really done for us? NOTHING has gotten cheaper. The ballpark looks tacky and Moores hasn't increased our payroll. The ticket prices and food prices have doubled or tripled. The Padres and Moores have plenty of money. It is a new park and I have dealt with it, in my review.

Burroughs and Nady


I remember watching that Channel 4 one on one with Burroughs and he was roommates with X. Nady at El Mirage Apartments in Mission Valley. I wonder if there is any trouble at home with the two of them fighting for the same position at 3rd base. I bet Burroughs will refuse to take out the trash or pay the electric bill because he knows X. Nady hates that.

Ducksnorts has moved!


Ducksnorts has moved to a new site. I like the lay out of the new site a lot better. Well done Geoff.

That being said, did anybody hear Flan call it a "duck fart" last night? Jerry was so disappointed in him. He wouldn't even repeat it. What a gentleman. He requested that Tim Flannery call it a "Flare".

I wonder if Geoff considered calling his site "Duckfarts". It's catchy.

Oh yeah we've moved too, but PFS76 will still be around too.

We got the call... We goin' to the show, man... We goin' to the show...


Well, in an amazing turn of events... Blez from Athletic's Nation has asked us to blog for SportsBlogs Inc. Actually, he apprently asked Kevin, at Padres Nation then Geoff from Ducksnorts before finally, he got tired of rejection, and asked us.

Now you may say to yourself... (ahem, Jon and Sheona)... You may say to yourself that being the third choice out of like 5 choices ain't all that great. Well, I say to you, we're really easy. Easy to almost the point of being skanky. And while some baseball fans may like their blogs intellectual and thought provoking... Other fans like skanks. (That reminds me of a good story, from an opening day I went to with Jon. I'll post it on the new site, but suffice to say it ended with a slightly overweight, slightly skanky woman saying to me, "I got some free Cracker Jack right here." I don't know what that means either.)

So, if you want to read more about how we feel about Ted Leitner shaving his pubic hair or why jbox doesn't like the Pad Squad. Then come on over! We'll hold a spot for you.

Update: We'll be at Gaslamp Ball. Update your bookmarks accordingly.

Ugliest uniforms in baseball history


In the latest Astros Q&A on the official site, somebody asks what the worst uniforms were in modern baseball history, Astros or Padres. They ask Astros broadcaster, Jim Deshaies:
...most definitely, the Padres yellow and brown combination from the 1970s was worse than the Astros' orange-yellow-purple-red pattern.

"The mustardy-brown combination they had going on was really ugly," Deshaies said. "They've been good in recent times but that stands out to me."

Deshaies kind of liked the rainbow uniforms.

"They were ugly, but they were ugly/cool. The Padres thing was just ugly."
You know who else wore a rainbow on his shirt? Captain EO. Now you may think that rainbows are prettier than mustard and brown, and that's OK, but at least we didn't dress like Captain EO.



I watched a bit of the game yesterday on channel 4. I missed the broadcast the week before so this is the first I saw of it, but Bochy's got a sick goatee going. That's a good lookin' dude with that goatee. It somehow adds definition to his face. He always looked a little bit emotionless when they'd show him on TV, but now, he looks gritty and vivacious. Like a mountain man. I'm sure it will really do well with guys like Klesko, Nevin and Giles who can appreciate a well groomed man.

Also, jbox and I had a Guy's Night Out (GNO) on Friday and hit the bookstore and Jack-in-the-Box. Our normal GNO would have included a trip to Target, but this was abbreviated as Jon wasn't with us. I picked up a copy of San Diego Padres 1969-2002 A Complete History. Not very well titled I suppose. I've read up to 1978 so far. I'll post a review when I'm done, then let jbox read it. There's some great trivia questions though. I love trivia.

Finally, it looks like there's an active competition for third base. Nady at third would be awesome. Especially for my wife's cousin Sara. At the games she could shout from her family's seats at Nady and yell things like, "Yoohoo!" and "Tall dark and handsome! Over here!" Then when she catches his eye, she can bat her lashes a little bit and wave a little white hanky. When he gives her a wink in response, it will set her heart aflutter. Sara, it's true. Don't even deny it.

Former Padre Ego Retires


I don't think any former or current Padre had one the size of Roberto Alomar (dude, I'm talking about his ego here) who announced his retirement yesterday. I remember back in my husky days getting this guy's autograph on his rookie baseball card.


Afterward, I realized that I probably devalued the card by doing this. Turns out it didn't really matter as Alomar's on-the-field antics and fading career took this card's value with it. Adios Senor Alomar!


Padres Preview


Geoff from Ducksnorts has posted his Padres Preview at the Baseball Think Factory. I just finished reading it and there shouldn't be too many surprises if you already read his site. What I'm high on this season is our bench and bullpen. Last season was the first where I remember thinking, gosh we're kinda deep. This year should also be awesome as long as Sweeney keeps his entrance music.

We'll have to do our own preview and predictions. I can't imagine it being anything as informative as Geoff's, considering the kind of stuff we usually write about, but maybe we'll get lucky. I'm sure it will include predictions like, "Klesko will grow his hair out long again and return to previous form, a la Samson. This will also spark his return to shaking his head luxuriously after removing his batting helmet to get his golden locks out of his eyes." So be on the lookout!

In other news...
Brian Hiro of the NC Times profiles Aki Otsuka. Aki's not getting the attention he was and is starting to feel it:
"I'm sad," Otsuka said this week, laughing. "I want more attention."
Bochy better curb that. That growing ego will help no one. Ben Davis, Ruben Rivera... Aki Otsuka?

The anatomy of a fairweather fan


Here's the ingredients for creating your very own fairweather fan:

1. Expansion team - Since we came about in '69, only relatively recently have there been people who can claim themselves as a Padres fans, born and raised. And even more rare still is the fan who can claim "Padres fan, born and raised, and so was my mom and dad". And the guy who goes back two generations doesn't exist. This leads to...

2. Different allegiances - Quick count, how many people do you know count the Padres as their second favorite team. Our transplants may root as loud as anybody at the games for our Friars, and genuinely will want the Padres to win, but just wait till the Cubs/Cardinals/Reds/Pirates/Dodgers/Giants come to town. You grill these once "diehard" fans on why they're wearing the visiting team's colors and all they can reply is, "but I was born and raised this way."

3. Pessimistic local media - Personally, I think it's annoying when the Padres are losing and I hear Leitner refer to them as "your Padres". Then, when they're winning, it's "my Padres". I know some people think it's endearing, and it's Leitner being Leitner, but those people are the ones who have different allegiances. People who can say, yeah the Padres lost, but at least my Cubbies won. What about us fans, born and raised? How does that sound to us? Are you with us or against us? Well, sometimes I'm with you, and other times your on your own. I tell you, it's confusing. And some wonder why historically, fans haven't shown up when the Pads are losing. People listen to a loss and you get the announcer blaming the loss on you. Who wants that?

All that said, this news becomes a test. A test of faith. Listen to your buddies for the next few days. See how many of them see the possibility of Peavy losing time and say, "Well, it's just like the Padres." Then, read this and forget about what a jackass Bush was last year (Matt Bush my sensitive Republican friends). Forget about that, and try to think good thoughts. Happy, positive thoughts. I'll try to do the same.

The Fighting Boy Geniuses of San Diego


These posts recently have been so mean spirited. I think I'm taking in roids by osmosis from c-span and espnews, but the only effect I'm feeling is the rage part. Jbox too. That Gwynn post was mean.

Thankfully... Our fantasy teams have been picked! I have to go over my team a bit and see about making some moves, but check out my rotation and bullpen: Peavy, Ollie Perez, and my own personal coup: ALL THREE HEADS OF THE THREE HEADED MONSTER!

That's right, even though my offense looks amazingly weak - my best hitter is Berkman, and he's out for a little bit - I have the Padres dream 1-2 punch of pitchers and the heart of (in my humble opinion) the league's best bullpen. If we could have had Ollie and Peavy this year as they both mature... Oh I salivate at the thought. Luckily, thanks to the magic of fantasy baseball, they can be together not only in our imaginations, but on my team... The Boy Geniuses.

And the Three Headed Monster. I know it was silly to bump up Linebrink and Otsuka when it probably cost me all kinds of hitters, but I have to think about the confidence these guys will instill in the rest of my rotation. You having trouble in the 5th, boys? Don't worry. Three headed monster to the rescue.

By the way, I almost had the opportunity to meet Scott Linebrink while Jess and I were in Austin. We went to the Round Rock winter banquet. I shook Nolan Ryan's hand and had dinner with Reese Ryan and his lovely wife. Reese is a hearty eater. Not an especially big guy girthwise, but man, he can put the food away. It wasn't until later in the dinner did the MC mention that Scott Linebrink was in attendance. My offseason addled mind, combined with the delicious dinner and watching Reese Ryan literally inhale his food, prevented me from registering that it was the Scott Linebrink until after the dinner and we were in the parking lot.

A shame, really. I would've liked to have met him as he turned me into a fan after last season. At least he's on my fantasy team now. I'll be able to treat him to a fat contract with all the perks.

Now, I just better check out my competition...

Oh, a funny story about Nolan Ryan. The whole reason we were at the winter banquet was because Jess's brother was MVP on the Round Rock Express last season. We were guests of some distinction! Which, I guess, was why they trusted our rag tag group to sit with Nolan's son (I'm talking about my in-laws, wife and Brooks' better half, also a Jessie).

Anyways, it was up to Brooks to introduce us to Nolan, but having only met the Hall of Famer once, he was a bit flustered. Going down the line, he introduced his wife, Jessie, as "my wife Jessie" and his sister, also named Jessie, as "my wife Jessie". Then he introduced me as "Dex". So, as far as Nolan Ryan could tell, the MVP of the baseball team he owns is a bigamist with a fondness for Jessies and has a man servant. Nolan, to his credit, just kinda nodded sheepishly and shook all our hands like he's always meeting perverts like us.

OK, story time over. I gotta check out my team!

Gwynn should be investigated


People make such a big deal about how McGwire and Bonds were real skinny then turned into the hulk later in their career. They believe that this is proof that they used steroids.

I have a theory that Tony Gwynn has been using Weight Gain. I mean seriously look at the evidence. Is this stuff illegal in MLB? Well it should be!



Congress should really look into this. I'm just kidding Gwynn, but you deserved that after you got real cranky at that autograph signing I went to. Now we're EVEN!

I always like this ESPN article

Baseball vs. Congress


Professional baseball players sure look awkward when they are out of their element. That was my first thought when watching the replay on CSPAN last night.

McGwire was an embarassment. His comments were ridiculous. He looked funny with those reading glasses and weird skinny neck.

Sosa didn't know how to use the microphone and I didn't realize how badly he speaks english. I wonder if it was a defense mechanism. Like the some congressman asked him a question and he replied "I don't how to question..." and then starts shaking his head, like he doesn't understand anything. I wish I could find a transcript, all his answers were really strange.

Rafael Palmeiro looked insanely smooth. Like a big bottle of lotion. He had a nice denial and I was tempted to believe him. Maybe it was the smoothness.

Schilling looked the least like a professional athlete. I thought he was pretty stupid thinking that MLB could clean up it's own problem. I expected him to be smarter. I heard about him using all these computers to study hitters and such, so I thought he'd be kinda intelligent sounding. Turns out, not so much. (This from a guy who writes articles about the Pad Squad).

Canseco is just funny because he sincerely believe that he's smart. The way he really tries to put nice sentences together but they just never seem to work out.

They should give all these guys a night in jail for being dumb.

Back to business...


(Jbox, here's some wine snobbery for you.)

Someday, when we all become rich from blogging, I'm going to buy a winery in wine country, and I'll produce a grape. A grape that produces a slightly yellow wine. It will be very wet and sloppy and yet extremely bitter. Occasionally, the wine will do something nice for you, but the immediate aftertaste will leave you annoyed. I'll force people to drink my wine, even though they may not want to. I'll be able to do this because I'll have a no trade clause in the wine's contract. I'll call it... (did I wait too long for the punchline?).... the Klesko!

It's good to know that after yesterday's hearings, we can go back to what Padres fans have come to expect... more whine! Klesko style!
"It's not just the dimensions. The ball hangs up in the salt air. I was surprised when I saw the park, but what are you going to do?

"Will they admit that they were wrong? No. Will they bring in the fences? No.
Can you taste the bitterness? The wetness? Keep in mind, this is a very expensive wine that prevents you from buying something truly refreshing, like a Dr Pepper.

On Yoga:
"I like the program," he said. "It's a great way to start the morning. The stretching has a reason. You can feel that. It's the right type of stretching. I will continue to use the yoga. My back has felt great."
Well, we're all glad that his majesty approves.

New leadership for baseball


Sorry about my previous outburst. I'm all better now. These hearings were fascinating. I especially liked the insinuation that perhaps there should be some wholesale changes happening in baseball's leadership. I never really liked Bud Selig myself.

And what was up with the gapped tooth guy constantly rolling his eyes and shaking his head and audibly muttering under his breath. Man, that guy had a pair. I was waiting and waiting for a congressman to walk over and smack him, but it never happened. Why doesn't cool stuff like that happen?

I remember in college, when I used to have a subscription to Maxim, reading an article about a bodybuilder on roids. Or maybe it was in Stuff. Details? Whatever. In any case, the article was really disgusting, because the roids ended up giving him such bad constipation, he literally tore himself a new one to relieve the pain. Does anybody else remember that article? I mean, dude tore himself a new one.

If they want to have a PSA video that really works, you just have a reenactment of that scene. Ask a high school kid if he wants to go through that. I mean shrunken testicles is one thing. Roid rage? Please! Their coaches encourage aggressive behavior. But having to tear yourself a new one because you haven't been able to go for 2 weeks. Ummmm... yeah... I think I'll be playing golf this spring...

We gotta get regular baseball talk going again. This is getting distasteful.

I officially hate Mark McGwire


Who does this guy think he is? I'm watching the CBS Feed. Every answer McGwire gives is, "I'm not here to talk about the past. I'm here to turn this into a positive."

When asked what led to him eventually using Andro, McGwire goes on with, "I'm not here to talk about the past. I only want to turn this into a positive."

A positive!? Hey McGwire, you prick. You scumbag. You two faced red haired jerk. Ain't no POSITIVE on this subject. It infuriates me to listen to this LYING CHEATER take the fifth and talk about "positives".

(I said I "hate" him... I've gone to the dark side.)

What Did Jerry Do Today? Vol. V


He got up.

He went to the ballpark at 8 o'clock. He called somebody in San Diego about an article on him. Eventually, to avoid excess conversation, he faxed over his biography.

Today was also a wash day. Left the dryer running.

For breakfast, he was in the mood for bacon, but it was gone by the time he got to breakfast. He accused the "snuffers" of eating all the bacon before he could have some.

Before getting to the park, he discovered that somebody was in his parking space. Number 116. When he eventually got the space for his car, a lady came up and gave him grief for taking her space. They had words.

Baseball's solution to the steroid problem


Eliot Pellman, Major League Baseball's medical advisor, likened steroid use to an "insidious, contagious disease," but defended baseball's current program. Pellman said that a new video will be shown to players, who will also have access to a special hotline.
WOAH THERE! Slow it down, buddy. Maybe we should start with a few fliers and a web page. A special hotline and video is pushing the budget just a tad. No need to do more than we have to!

I would love to have seen the forehead slaps that followed this statement. This sounds like a little kid trying to come with an answer to the timeless parental question, "How do you think you should be punished?"

"Ummm... I guess I could skip watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at 4 o'clock and only watch Mucha Lucha..."

I mean really, a video and a hotline? Pellman... You're sitting in a CONGRESSIONAL HEARING! Nobody wants to hear about your crappy video and phone counselors. Jeez.

Steroid Hearing Today


Is there someplace to listen to this live? I'm not in front of a TV. I'm looking at the scorecard. It looks like it'd be interesting to listen to.
[Tom Davis (R-Va.)] cited studies that suggest that high school athletes think steroids are less harmful and that the number of high school athletes that have taken steroids has tripled over the last decade.
To be honest, I don't think it matters that that athletes think steroids are less harmful than before. Malcolm Gladwell talks about cigarette smokers in his book The Tipping Point. When smokers were asked how many years they thought they were losing due to smoking, the average was 9 years. In reality, studies estimate smokers are, on average, losing about 6 years of life due to smoking. So the people who smoke think it's more dangerous than it actually is, and yet they continue.

To paraphrase his conclusions (perhaps badly), people smoke because it's cool. The promised chance of death and exclusion from non-smoking prudes only makes it that much cooler.

What does that mean when it comes to steroids? It means that obviously, if something's not actively killing you, people don't care about what happens down the road. It also means that steroids have apparently become kinda cool which is really unfortunate for the integrity of the game as well as the health of our children.

Your children, really. I'm concerned about your children. I don't got kids yet. If a son of mine decided to use steroids, ain't no roid rage gonna save him from the whoopin' he'll get when his dad gets to him. He'll have to call his huge yolked out Arnoldesque buddies to pull me off him.

Loretta having a Gwynn Like Year


Here's a nice yahoo article on Loretta acting all Gwynn-like. I'd like to thank my secret source for the link.

Red Sox and QEFTSG


Yahoo news brings the Red Sox outta the closet.




Although I think the Billy Bean the former Padre was the first MLB player to come out after his retirement.

Here's an interview with Klesko and Towers about the prospect of an openly gay active player.
“It’s one of those things; no matter what, you’re going to have your guys that aren’t going to be happy about it,” Padres first baseman Ryan Klesko told the Times. “Obviously you shower together and do a lot of stuff together. For a lot of guys, they would be somewhat tentative about it.”

Through the magic of the internet...


...I'm able to listen to the game, while chatting with Kev and my brother, even though we're all in different places. And furthermore, I pass this information on to you. Magically! Like unicorns. Oh and Ted Leitner's taking a break day even though he had one yesterday. Lazy bum. We get a full 9 innings of Flan wherein we can judge him.

Update 12:54PM: They're talking schmack about our Padres over at Athletics Nation. I tried to create a user account real quick to defend our boys, but it takes 24 hours before I can comment. Those guys have thought of everything. Here's what they're saying in their mock play by play:

Khalil Greene tries to take Beane down, but Billy just swats him off like a mosquito. And now Ryan Klesko has grabbed Beane's dog! And he's... oh my God... this, this can't be... he's dry humping Billy Beane's dog!
Man, I hope Jess's 12 year old cousin and his prospective 11 year old girlfriend aren't reading this. They talk nasty up in Oakland. And besides... everybody knows Burroughs is the dog humper on the team.

Update 1:13PM: So the A's open up a big inning on a couple errors and a homerun by Byrns. No joke, here's what Kev chats to me (I'm busrider):
Kev says:
i love that Burns [sic] guy
busrider says:
ah jeez
busrider says:
look at kev dude
Kev says:
at the A's games, they play Burn Baby Burn when he comes up to bat
busrider says:
already rooting for the other team
Kev says:
i'd take Burns [sic] over Greene any day
Kev says:
i forget they spell it Byrnes
Kev says:
i wish we had that kendall guy
When you hear about fairweather Padres fans, they're talking about Kev.

Update 12:35PM: Well, the A's won. I turned it off for a bit at 12-1 or something, and just checked in to verify. Haces la vida.

Fantasy Baseball Notice


If you have a team for the Padres Fans Since '76 Fantasy Baseball League, then this is your second notice that we'll be drafting the teams this weekend instead of the 28th. The first notice was on the Yahoo discussion board for the league. There's already been accusations of collusion between QuakerLaner and Death to Infidels and the Tijuana Tequilas have threatened to call Don Fehr (as in "fear") to mediate.

In short, it's a good preseason when it starts with some scandal.

So get your draft list ready by St. Patrick's day, cause the draft will run sometime after that!

Padres and Yoga


Anybody know the difference between Yoga and Pilates? Thankfully I don't either.

Do you remember stories about Ted Williams swinging an axe all off-season? Or swinging three weighted bats until he couldn't lift his arms?

What's happened to today's baseball players and especially the Padres doing both Yoga and Pilates?

I didn't even read this article I was so disgusted. I'm sure it's much better for you and helps and all, but come on! I like my baseball teams like I like my coffee, HOT! I guess if yoga and pilates is gonna help with that then I'll let them slide... for now.

Uhhh yeah... lemme throw the focus on Klesko quick:

But the consensus is that yoga will help the 2005 Padres.

"I love it – all the guys love it," said left fielder Ryan Klesko, who joined the pitchers for yesterday's session. "It's been good for my hips."

You would love it Klesko! Stop talking about your hips, dude. Nobody cares!