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Whatever strikes me as interesting, and serious Milwaukee Brewers thoughts. If you are a believer in respecting OBP, throwing strikes, and keeping the ball in the park, you may have found the place you've been searching for. The anti-ESPN of blogs –

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Oof. Herro reopens his recruiting.

Like most high school kids, they change their mind 20 times a day. I hope he ends up in Madison. One wonders if he simply wants to "just be another guy" at a school a long way away than be "the home state kid."

Remember, he can give a verbal to 100 different schools, all that matters is when he signs a letter of intent. I have no idea how good his grades are, but the academics have scared away a plenty of potential Badgers too.



Think back a few weeks, how easy it would have been to simply say, "You know, it's controversial to our fan base to protest during the anthem, so we will fine and suspend you if you do. The other 165 hours you can protest how you want, but not during the game."

Remember, no decal was allowed to mourn assassinated Dallas cops (see, that was "controversial" but disrespecting the flag is not). Nothing could be written on cleats in support of 9/11 victims...again, "controversial" to mourn terror victims).

It barely would have made a ripple of news...the NBA effectively did this the other day, pointing out the rule made in the 90's is still in force.

Instead, they decided everything against Trump was genius. If he says it's right, it must be wrong.

They got played. Like many companies based in NYC, they are in a bubble and have no idea how the country thinks.


Payton signs a 2 way deal with the Bucks.

I think he will dominate with the Herd and be ready in case of injury.

One thing I do not know is what happens if another team wants to put Payton on their 15 man, if they have to work a trade with the Bucks or if they will do what's best for the player and release him and allow him to get into the NBA. We'll have to see what happens. 


I know nothing about the Packers' QB they signed to the practice squad, but he went to Air Force before transferring to Virginia Tech, and while they do make exceptions for athletes, they do not allow dummies in. He'll probably have most of the playbook in his head by the time they play after the bye week, heaven forbid he's needed, right Packers' fans?

If it were me, I would have brought in the best running QB out there that can, you know, throw "ok" because teams in the NFL simply do not see enough running QB's to bother coming up with schemes to defend them, other than basically having a "spy."


They'd have better luck convincing me how darn mean and the like Trump is if they would not have called all around good people W, McCain, and McCain Hitler.

Life comes at you fast.


I wonder why the silence on this? One would almost have to believe they have hidden it because it does not fit the narrative.

The irony? One wonders how much came to the forefront because of the Russia investigation...remember that? The silence is deafening.


Healthy as a horse.

Not even trying to hide that little drinking problem anymore either.


See, the humor is when a Dem is in office, and the serious and arrogance is when the GOP is.

Because that's the way it is when you're a hack.

When Obama cut off visas from 7 countries, he was being thoughtful and cautious. When Trump did the identical thing, he was a racist.

Because shut up.

However, I do credit the Supreme Court for not laughing out loud as they told the appeals court they were fools. 



Lots of people in the MLBTR comments want Dee Gordon as the 2B. Thoughts?


Positives: Gordon is a good defender, runs well, and has a decent (.330) OBP for his career, would be helped about 5-6% by playing half his games at Miller Park, though he is not a HR hitter, would likely increase his extra base hits.

Negatives: Very "slight" of size, signed for 3y/$39M with an option for a 4th, heavy splits (far better versus RHP, about .310/.340 versus LHP, not a bad option against a loogy, but would probably be platooned with Perez or Villar); 30, probably headed down hill from here, OBP very BA dependent, as he rarely walks (4.5% career, 3.6% LY), good SB man, but just an above average success rate (77% career, 79% LY, comparable to Villar).

I would prefer a Cesar Hernandez type, but Gordon would cost less due to his age and big contract, probably just a single prospect of some merit.


This is that evil dude that Obama kept ripping apart for having the nerve to defend his country from unprovoked military attacks for 96 months.

Shoulda given them pallets of cash, I guess.


Well, to be fair, he was clueless on pretty much every decision for 8 years.

Admittedly, however, this was a doozy.


Well, good.

You can't fix stupid.


I'm not saying Paul Krugman is always wrong.

I am saying it just seems that way.


Trish Regan is correct, I've broke my little toe twice, and it really, really sucks.

I didn't miss any work either. Of course, I don't have "other issues" as well...


I'm sure they will argue it's all because men suck.


The irony is, the only people this will not help is those who already don't pay any taxes. That's what the left calls "the wealthy."

That's why the Dems hate it so.


Brewers' minor leaguer recovering from HBP cardiac event.


Well, to be fair, he also did not proudly say Trump had no chance of winning the presidency, because he's so much smarter than us.




Even moreso because he's guilty as sin.


100% true.

Well, to be fair, Harvey wasn't a Republican.


Richard Jefferson has decided to sign with the Nuggets, Bucks claim veteran wing Deandre Liggins to fill the 15th spot...for now.

Liggins is a 3 and D guy, but I doubt he will be with the team if they find someone better.


If I have this right, Obama released dangerous terrorists, to free Bergdahl from captivity, all so he could plead guilty and go to prison?--JR Salzman, decorated veteran

True that.

It's quite a legacy.


Rose McGowan reminds me a little bit of our president...fighting liberal hypocrisy, using bad language, and while a huge underdog, seems to be kicking butt and taking names.

And, call me sexist, but she's far more attractive.


No glaring errors in MLB's Brewers outlook...though they might have asked for some help from a well known Brewers' blogger or the record, of course.

The nontenders and 2B options both seem well thought out, as do the possible extensions. I think there's a chance Vogt returns, but as with Jeffress or Torres, they will probably have to be nontendered and brought back as free agents.

Nunez is a RH bat, but has always hit RHP better than LHP...he has outstanding versatility, though he will probably get 3-4 years due to his very good 2017, which was likely Fenway Park related. He's been slightly below average defensively at 2B, though he might well improve to about average playing there somewhat regularly.