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Whatever strikes me as interesting, and serious Milwaukee Brewers thoughts. If you are a believer in respecting OBP, throwing strikes, and keeping the ball in the park, you may have found the place you've been searching for. The anti-ESPN of blogs –

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Why no one takes their mock fury seriously.

They only give a damn about women when it's politically advantageous to do so.

You can't argue #metoo in one paragraph and insist Leann Tweeden is a slut in the next.


As a wise man once said, we'll be cleaning up Obama's "let's just let them do that they want, the old media will cover for us" foreign policy for at least half a century.


Crew continues to shop at the bargain bins.


This is how they get more Trump.

Pretending to be offended by non offensive quicker way to offend those blessed with common sense.


10-6, tied for 7th of 114 for the week.

133-75, tied for 38th of 114 for the season.

Lost another eliminator, 9-5 for the campaign, tied for 16th of 30. Only one remains perfect for the entire year.


10-4 after the late contests, and got my eliminator correct. 


It's funny because it's true.


The economy was booming under Obama despite numbers that said otherwise.

The economy is going straight to hell under Trump despite numbers that say otherwise.

And they wonder why no one pays attention to them.


Crew and Yo Gallardo come to an agreement for 2018.

A bit surprised it is a major league contract, given his struggles and injuries of late, but obviously, Stearns would not have given him one if he was concerned about losing someone.

We've heard a lot about the Crew having an offer out on swingman Jesse Chavez, though it has since leaked out Chavez will be deciding from several teams soon.

Nothing wrong with bringing in depth, especially at discounted rates, which I assume he will receive. I certainly would not expect Yo to match his long run of 3.75ish ERA's, but I would not be surprised at all to see him bounce back to a 4.50ish ERA, especially in the NL and with Counsell's complete apathetic attitude towards removing SP's before they get into trouble. 


Lions and Chiefs today.


A couple hundred years ago, many 26 year olds were grandparents.

Think how clumsy those phone conversations with the insurance companies were, especially when one considers the phone had not yet been invented.


Every day the economy remains a success under Trump will be as shocking as the bad news under Obama's "you did not build that," shake his finger in contempt at business every step of the way mentality.

They just don't understand what positive thinking and positive discussion of American exceptionalism does main street USA.


I got the Colts, because I gotta pick one of them.


Arctic ice every week since 1990.

Don't notice much difference? Me neither, but as I always say, as lonmg as the liberal tears flow about something this stupid, it keeps more money in my pocket.


Kinsler turned down a trade to Brewers, as well as other clubs.


Brewers had a player(s) in mind, but had already been taken when their pick came up, per Adam.


Brewers do not lose any players in minor league phase of Rule 5 either.

Damien Magnifico was chosen by the Pirates. My, how his star has fallen. Great to find an arm like that.


That moment when you have to decide whether Kimmel's a fraud or a complete idiot.

My money? Firmly on both.


Brewers lose no one in major league portion of Rule 5 draft.


Brewers pass with their pick in Rule 5, we will soon see if they had another team pick for them, as was discussed last night, since they chose 21st.


Rule 5 draft underway. Crew has an open spot if they like a player.

Rumor mill this AM has the Crew asking about Royals' Whit Merrifield and the Jays' trying to acquire Villar.


I'll probably go a little more in depth tomorrow, but as of this moment, I still feel the top two players available in the Rule 5 draft are Dom Nunez (C, who can also play INF) and Rob Kaminsky (LHP).

Stearns said today they would be meeting tonight to decide whether to make a pick (and before that, clear a spot on the 40).


Stearns says they have not felt comfortable paying the price for relievers other clubs are paying. He says he think there will be plenty of good arms left to build a quality bullpen, using both internal and external options.

No one mentioned it, but what Jared Hughes was asking for might look better now as well. No word if they will be clearing a 40 man spot to make a Rule 5 selection either.


Tomi wins the internet for today.

The rest of us, well, there's always tomorrow.

Of course, it's true too.


Santana has two years more team control, is younger/cheaper, but is not as good a defender as Ozuna.

Still, you'd get a pretty good idea what Domingo is worth just by adding a lower level prospect to what the Marlins get for Ozuna, when it is eventually announced. 


Swarzak signs with the Mets, 2y/$15M.

Money seems market based, wonder if the Brewers made an offer or not.