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Whatever strikes me as interesting, and serious Milwaukee Brewers thoughts. If you are a believer in respecting OBP, throwing strikes, and keeping the ball in the park, you may have found the place you've been searching for. The anti-ESPN of blogs –

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Let's make a sequel to a documentary that was 100% fictional and one lie after another.

Let me guess...this one says they weren't wrong...just "early."


FSW and ESPN both have the Bucks on, but ESPN is about 7 seconds behind.

So, does that mean we're basically watching a tape delay every time we watch ESPN? I think it does.


Fix it? He's the dictionary example of broken politics. The only thing he's good at is promising stuff without his nose actually growing as he does so.

It takes a blatant politician to blame your failed health care plan on the party that did not cast a single vote for it.


Bagwell, Raines, and IRod elected to Hall.

Apparently, Bagwell and Raines got better after being on the ballot for 7 and 10 years.

I'm embarrassed for the baseball writers, because they're too ignorant to blush at their own incompetence.


I've heard impassioned please for pardons for Mike Milken and Dave Petraeus in the past couple hours. I can't say I have much of an issue with either, though I assume Petraeus has little chance due to politics. seems like I think of him as a Dem, but nothing is listed on him if you google it. His "crime" was such a long time ago and he served his time, so it's just paperwork.


I guess I just do not get it. Obama won in 2008 and picked his cabinet. Trump should do the same thing. The argument seems to be, well, he should choose moderates instead of people whose views are in line with his own. Why don't we just let the minority party pick the cabinet then? I do not recall hearing anyone in 2009 brag about what a glorious moderate group of nominees we have here, as communist Van Jones, far left liberal Hillary Clinton, and former armed occupier of university building Eric Holder were put forth and passed.--seen on a conservative message board

As others pointed out, Jones was just a figurehead advisor, not a cabinet member, but his point is a good one. They went so far as to change the rules to get their unqualified party loyalists passed, and are now complaining about it.

If it weren't double standards...



The Manning pardon (technically, it was a commutation) was because of her transgenderness. All the rest is inconsequential, especially as this administration has shown many times it is apathetic about the military.


Matt's probably right, but since Obama did not use it in his argument (which was embarrassingly weak), I'm not sure we can debate it.



I've never seen Dems so loudly disagreeing before. You know this is a hot button issue they are getting tons of calls/emails/letters on, and it's running 90%+ against.


My favorite part of the Betsy DeVos confirmation hearing is watching Dems cheer a room full of old white men telling a woman she's unqualified.--Comfortably Smug

Heh. There is nothing the left hates more than a strong, conservative woman. 


Never forget, Reagan worked with a Dem House his entire presidency.

Leaders lead. Losers make excuses.


This is normally the coldest time of year, with average highs and lows of 26/6. So, since we're warmer right now, this "warm stretch" is likely to continue, as the current above average temps is expected to last 7-10 days, and by the time that is over...guess'll be a warmer time of year, with higher norms.

The extended forecast goes until 2/4 on Accuweather, and there's not a single below zero temp on there. Let's hope they're right. 

Is that a negative? Only if you're a negative nellie of mammoth proportion.


Peter King just pointed out that Trump using Twitter is just using modern communication used to be radio, TV, newspapers, and now it's not. That's an excellent point.

As others point out, the White House has a Twitter, and when the tweet is signed B.O. it means it was authored by the president, or at least, someone typing what the president dictated. The only reason the old media has a "problem" with Trump's Twitter is allows him to talk directly to the public, and not allow them to input their bias. I'm never heard a citizen complain...after all, if you do not care to read his tweets, you just don't follow him.


Hard to believe a Kennedy is this full of common sense.

That said, my Facebook is full of people that are terrified of Devos and other nominees...and that's a good thing. They are afraid for the right reasons...they think the gravy train of union money is going to come to an end. One quote says it all..."She is going to funnel money away from teachers and into improving software and updating hardware. That is not good for my pension."


Mike Rowe's "Oh Brother" was just put on You Tube.

Ironic in nature, but all very true. The more things change, the more things stay the same. It's only 6 minutes, so take a few moments and enjoy it.


Why do I know the Obamacare numbers are lies?

Look who is saying them.

Note they mentioned 20M+ still have no coverage. Covering 10M has run the us one kizillion dollars. What's that old saying...if you think health care is expensive now, wait until it's free.


Two thoughts to ponder today.

1. One has to wonder if the near unanimous disgust about the Manning pardon yesterday will have any effect on a possible Hillary pardon. Many casuals have no idea who Manning is, but, of course, everyone knows HC. However, some on the left would welcome it, which might help minimize the fallback. Given Obama's focus on his legacy, which ironically, has fallen dramatically in the past 90 days (I have seen the phrase "his legacy is getting Trump elected" from a dozen different authors.); as it's tough to imagine him pardoning her...but to be blunt, if you can excuse treason, you can excuse anything. The gals and lucky guy on Outnumbered just blasted the decision, as did many Dem politicians, many calling it shameful and indefensible.

2. Lost in the elation/safe space seeking election results is the historical nature. Many insisted Obama's victory was memorable, but I never understood it. I get the fact he was the first black president, I don't preface my nouns with such adjectives because they're not needed in today's world. I could have said the "gender reassigned" Manning above, but I chose not to, because, really, who cares? I never once considered that a black person would not be elected president at some point, and probably before 2050 (what I would call the near future). Colin Powell probably would have won had he ran for either party.

However, Trump's win was predicted only by a very few, and that tiny amount was dismissed as kooks and fools (I said he would lose by a single state, and was roundly dismissed as a fool, despite the fact I just used Real Clear Politics.) until the results began coming in. The polls were mostly wrong, the pundits were mostly wrong, and the old media, despite cheerleading for the opponent openly, were showed to be powerless. For the next half century, every poll and seemingly huge lead will have to be prefaced with, "Remember Trump."


I'm so glad she's not on my side.


Eric Thames will be the latest data point as teams try to project how star-level performance in the Korea Baseball Organization carries over to Major League Baseball, and Fangraphs’ David Laurila spoke to Brewers GM David Stearns about the factors that went into signing Thames. Stearns explained that improved plate discipline despite a vast increase in the number of breaking balls Thames saw in Korea played into the decision, as did a number of analytics processes and statistical projections. “As more players play in the KBO, or any other foreign league, and then come back to the States, projection systems are going to continue to improve,” said the Milwaukee GM. “Clearly, the translation of KBO stats to (MLB) stats isn’t as straightforward as translating a Triple-A environment to a Major League environment, but it still played a role in our evaluation.”--MLBTR

First of all, the KBO is nowhere near AAA, it's best comparison may be the Mexican League, which has some former major leaguers and AAA vets playing alongside young native born 19-22 year olds, and the stats show it, as the more experienced guys put up video game like numbers, .425 BA, .500+ OBP and so on.


Why do they pretend to be outraged by fake news? Because they know it will lead back to them.


The Rambling dog could have done this, except that he couldn't hear, or talk, or pay attention.


Leggy and Libertarian.

Bless her.


Absolute brilliance.

Sadly, he'll be called an Uncle Tom and ignored. Because they're far more polite and civil than us.


Teachers on TV Land is back, and funnier than ever.

It's in very poor taste, but it's hilarious. It is laugh out loud funny. It reminds me of the old days when the teacher's lounge door opened and the smoke poured out like it was on fire.

Set your DVR's and be prepared to laugh loudly.


I do not want to hear another damn word about how serious those leaks were and how Wikileaks were an incredible breach.

In this case, we had the criminal, we convicted the little SOB, we sentenced him (her), and because the left doesn't feel treason is a serious enough crime to be concerned about.

They wonder why morale is so low in the military and intelligence departments.
The only concern they have is when it's embarrassing to how the Dems operate. 

If it weren't for double standards...



She's too honest for government work.