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Whatever strikes me as interesting, and serious Milwaukee Brewers thoughts. If you are a believer in respecting OBP, throwing strikes, and keeping the ball in the park, you may have found the place you've been searching for. The anti-ESPN of blogs –

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Hold hands and sing folk songs. That is still all they got.

Their hatred of the military leads them to having a world view that is completely out of step with reality. They keep wanting to "compromise" and discuss it with the terrorists.

Warren Zevon had the right idea, he just forgot about ammo. You can attempt to reason with a terrorist, or you can kill them. It ain't a bad thing to destroy evil.


First, the budget isn’t being cut. Indeed, Trump is proposing that federal spending increase from $4.06 trillion this year to $5.71 trillion in 2027.--Dan Mitchell

I have seen many "sky is falling," "end of the world as we know it" posts already on social media. The author of said posts are either lying, or being misleading. Feel free to mention this. In some cases, they will be angered, but if they are allowed to get away with untruths, it will lead to continued untruths...see "if you want to keep your doctor" followed by "if you want to keep your plan." When we insisted that was not the case, we were called racists. We were right. Stand firm in your beliefs.

In this "gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme" cultural shift, where "someone else" pays and "everything should be free," "cutting the budget" almost always means "not getting as large an increase as we would like."

This is why the debt doubled in 8 years of Obama, despite his best efforts to suck every dollar from those who earned it through "revenue enhancements."


The blood is on Hillary's hands, in part at least.

Luckily for her, her deal with the devil makes her untouchable.



Funny because it's true.


It must be noted Jim Doyle grabbed $1.2 billion from transportation fund. Dems borrowed $800 mill to cover the loss.--MacIver Institute

Remember this the next time raising the gas tax comes up to make roads better.

I'm all for it. I'm also all for working hard and finding places to save money elsewhere to pay for it. That's why I'm a conservative.


Haven't heard a whole lot of folks today saying we should welcome those from terror ravaged nations with no background check or worries at all. Because we're just so damn nice.

They said that a lot in the past few months though. We will not forget. The ads will not either. "Just politics" is a tough one to explain when you're talking about dead kids.

Wrong side of history once again. Soon, the rewriting will begin.


ABC incredibly concerned about anti Islam thought after radical Islams kill and injure innocents at concert.

If only they were a fraction as concerned with the anti freedom methods terrorists display.


Brewers "normal lineup" except Perez in CF for Broxton.

Also, Guerra looks like he will return FRI, a move will have to be made, barring injury, Franklin would be the favorite, with one of the bullpen guys as a possibility.


You can't buy this kind of positive marketing.


I'm still waiting to find a side by side comparison of Obama's and Trump's speeches after a terror attack. Obama all but blamed the victims, asked for understanding and peace, and used several words that many (including small town boys like me) would have to look up, if only we cared enough about what he said.

Trump called them evil losers.

The difference is striking. The elites will look at them and think Trump is a darn dope. Middle America will say "It's about damn time," and feel better about their vote.

The problem for the left? There ain't nearly enough elites.


The four certainties of USA politics
1. Trump has no chance of winning. Pence, Carson, and Palin are fools for endorsing him.

2. Hillary is not only healthy, but will be the most qualified president ever. And, she is beloved by all.

3. Trump did not really win. It was all Russian hacking. I mean collusion. I mean influence. Proof? No, none at all. What's your point?

4. The GOP is falling apart. The Dems have never been so motivated.

I do not understand why so many folks are hesitant to believe the old media's version of events. And what's this fake news I keep hearing about?


I was just reading on a message board about 3 weeks ago how badly Corey Ray was doing. Given how only casuals concern themselves with small samples that early, I did not even look at his numbers. Looks like he has overcome any supposed issues, and given he was drafted a year ago and is at A+, appears to be doing fine.

As a high first round pick, he's expected to move "fast," but he does not have to be protected on the 40 until after the 2019 season. 


Sounds like John Hammond might be on his way to Orlando to be their GM, as his former Pistons' buddy was named president.

Bucks seem to not be worried, and rumor has it they will promote from within.


Braun and Thames are both workout warriors. They should focus far more on flexibility and stretching than the weights at their age and length of season.


Somewhere in the northeast USA, the elite left rolled their eyes and said "This is why Trump won."

The funny thing is, the Rambling son had a 6-8 foot round inflatable pool until he was 7 or 8, and we enjoyed it together for hours all summer. At some point, I even learned how to "shock" the pool and keep it from being green and algae filled. We'd hit a beach ball back and forth, and it would fly out every 30 seconds or so, but before it would hit the ground, the Rambling son would be out running after it.

A tank would be far more sturdy, but they often get holes in them...they are just like an aquarium, they have to be perfectly level or they spring a leak right away, as water is very heavy and puts all the pressure on the lowest point. 


You mean it isn't free?

I hope they do it, it fails (well, that isn't even a question), and they have to come begging to the feds for cash. The federal government informs them to live within their means and figure it out themselves. In the meantime, many Californians "vote with their feet," leading to booming economies in Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and maybe even Colorado. And a bankrupt, failed, well gosh darn, how did that happen Golden state.

We've seen what happened in Detroit, what is currently happening in Chicago, and so on. It's not a debate, it's only a matter of when.


I am thrilled to see someone finally admit these entitlements, which make up about half the federal budget, are a problem and have to eventually be taken care of.

However, note the hatred and attacks the mere idea of taking less money from those who earned it generates. It's all they got.



They only have negativity. They haven't had a new idea in at least 20 years. Obama only won because of his speaking ability and the fact no one could point out how stupid his slogans were without being called a racist. 

Why are they so anti everything? No alternative means you either stay silent or complain.


Well, they have no sense of humor.

Ignorant folks aren't gifted in some ways and lacking in others. They are often deficient in every single area.



Nothing is more cowardly than these random acts of terror, designed to maim, kill, or injure whoever happens to be in the vicinity. You are never going to reason with or appease terrorist cowards.

Mike Moore said years ago fighting such attacks are just a waste of time, because there will always be losers with a ideology that feel they will be martyrs for eternity. He was partially correct, there will always be terror attacks.

Cowards tend to sour quickly when they see cohorts and buddies getting thrown in prison and shot through the head. Some will be shot, some will be captured. The harder you go after them, and the more freedom you give law enforcement and the military, the more will slink away, as they are timid, meek, and fearful by nature. When the going gets tough, they act a lot like the Occupy losers and other "protesters" in the USA...when you're out camping, doing drugs, and assaulting coeds, it's easy to "believe in your cause." When the weather turns mildly uncomfortable, the fun lessens considerably...even moreso when painful death is a high probability. The only difference is, one tries to create havoc, one tries to execute trusting souls.

One dead terrorist saves scores of innocents. It also frees the good guys to move onto to the next one, and is a huge deterrent to the wannabees. Not to mention, being aggressive is always far better than sitting back and justifying the dead by insisting "well, more people die in bathtub falls than from terrorism."

There's a reason that leading from behind BS looks an awful lot like not giving a damn.


Because their war on white men worked out perfectly.

I just had someone on Facebook a week or two ago argue with someone that white women voted for Trump. Her response?

"You can't believe CNN! They are right wing."

When the next dozen people laughed and asked if CNN was right, which outlets were left?

Her response? "I need to clean out my friends list."



Think how painful it is for most Dems to read this and accept people feel that way.


Brewers will make a decision with Blazek soon. He has a 2.53 ERA in a tough pitcher's park and is striking out just short of a batter an inning, while only allowing 1 HR in 21 frames.

His walks are high, but many pitchers start nibbling when at altitude. If Blazek was still on the 40, it'd be tough luck for him, as teams don't "owe" players on the 40 anything. But, he's not, and he's 28...Stearns won't let him sit down at AAA as a nonroster player if he has multiple teams interested in him to pitch in the majors. His peripherals are not as good as Espino's, not even close, but his end results considering his home park are outstanding. 


Not only is it unusual for a journalist to admit they were wrong (he's not old media), the fact Trump opened up China to US beef (in a few months mind you) is great for those who raise cattle.

We buy most of ours from the Rambling in laws, but don't get over to their place often enough. We also buy frozen ground beef patties from Aldi and Wal Mart for the grill, because they are really good and do not fall apart.

I googled up beef futures and found this chart, which shows beef is up 0.5-3% since they opened this morning.

Just for asking. Or, looking at it another way, why didn't anyone ask before?


I forget who said it, but one of the guys on Outnumbered last week summed it up perfectly:

If President Trump cures cancer this week, they'd say, yeah, what did he do last week?

Pull a Governor Walker, hold your head up, and keep fighting. Negative people are gonna be negative. The hell with them. Don't worry about them making stuff up...they're making stuff up because they know they're losing. Being called Hitler is a compliment...that's all they got.

Never forget, Republicans opposed Obamacare because they knew it wouldn't work. Dems oppose Trump's tax cuts because they know they will work. Same reason Dems loudly opposed Act 10. If they wanted to be fiscally responsible and let people keep the money they earn, they would not be on the left.