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Whatever strikes me as interesting, and serious Milwaukee Brewers thoughts. If you are a believer in respecting OBP, throwing strikes, and keeping the ball in the park, you may have found the place you've been searching for. The anti-ESPN of blogs –

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I stopped at the neighborhood "I only need a couple things" grocery store today because I knew I was low on bagged lettuce (why yes, yes I am hellishly cool). I knew the Rambling son, who does not yet share the low metabolism curse, had been sans ice cream for a while, and sure enough, it was on sale for 2 for $4. Me being a rube sheep in flyover country, I bought 2, even though I assume one would have rung up as $2. The selection was pretty picked over, so I just grabbed a couple of the "dark chocolate" flavor as his tastes are as simple as my own.

He opened one tonight, so I tried a bite, as did the Rambling wife. Oh my. Rich ice cream with rich dark cocoa taste, just like a bag of Dove chocolates or those spendy brands that are 72% cocoa, almost more bitter than sweet.

It was so yummy, one could easily sit down with a spoon and the carton and wonder what the hell happened a half hour later when you notice 75% of it is gone.



She's rich too.


Tylenol with codeine treated as a narcotic in USA.

Sold OTC in Canada.

We're in the very best of hands.


Bandy with a grand slam at AAA.

If only the Crew played at altitude and faced minor league pitching, this would be an easy game.


First of all, it's working perfectly as planned.

It's easy when you design something to fail. It works even when it doesn't.


GOP finally doing a better job pointing out Obamacare losing insureds left and right now that it is legal not to have it.

As I pointed out earlier, Scott Adams has pointed out the old media keeps proclaiming these plans are "failures" because the CBO says they will insure fewer.

1. The CBO is clueless, Obamacare only covers half what the CBO predicted. They are politically motivated bureaucrats, and they lean left.

2. If you judge a plan on how many are covered, obviously no GOP plan will be "as good" because it does not mandate citizens buy it. Freedom is good, despite what the left would have you believe.


Grilli's velocity is actually up a bit from LY, but he has struggled like KRod, with the HR ball. Another candidate for a minor league, make good contract.

KRod does sign with the Nats, but has an opt out in two weeks.


Sarah Huckabee kicks ass and takes names.

Old media left licking their wounds and very unhappy someone is telling it like it is. I must admit, them being offended at the term "fake news" when the NY Times and CNN have both been caught many times reporting complete fiction is hilarious.


CNN is unhappy that their years of fictional news has come back to haunt them.

That's a shame.


It wasn't even about health coverage. All about changing the culture, making the government responsible for not only providing insurance, but paying for it.

By the way, the CBO's recap of the bill was phenomenal for most of us, as it will lower the average premium while reducing the deficit $320M.  As Scott Adams pointed out, the old media insists on judging a bill by how many are covered, and to be honest, it's a false narrative...if you do not make it mandatory to have coverage, that darn freedom will lead many people to simple decide to hope for the best, or that the math does not work if you are healthy, young, have few assets, or a several of those things.



Who would have thought if you artificially raise expenses businesses would look to cut expenses elsewhere?

Damn puzzling.


Crew decides to stick with 13 pitchers, Nick Franklin DFA'd. We will see if he clears waivers and is able to be outrighted.

40 man is now at 39.


They have always been Abortion Inc.

They still are.


The irony? Most of us regular joes would prefer peanut butter and jelly or bologna to the fancy smancy "herb" stuff now served.


The hell you say.

Who woulda thunk it?


Brinson homers back in Colorado Springs. He was right on the ball in his last dozen PA's, and hit many line drives and deep fly balls, but nothing was falling in.

He'll be back, probably as early as later this season or in 2018 to be sure. I would expect Stearns to gauge the market for Broxton and Santana in the offseason, as they will be near peak value as "proven" players and with several years of team control remaining, with OF replacements are a plenty in the system. I don't think I've ever seen a team with 4 OF's at AAA that will undoubtedly have major league careers, though Wren is likely a reserve type in the bigs due to his lack of power.


I have pointed this out many times.

It worked better than the current option, and only affected those who had a problem, as opposed to everyone.


Crew sign 2nd round pick, $50K under slot.

Dubon and Derby sent up to AAA.



What did Reagan say? The loss of freedom is just a generation away. It goes quick. That's why we have elections regularly.


Bill Bennett wonders on Outnumbered if the GOP should just allow Obamacare to continue, as it will fail and before it does, go through a painful death spiral of increasing premiums, people losing coverage, and doctors refusing care.

Kennedy points out how Obamacare has fallen apart in just 3-4 years, and imagine what would happen in 30. No one wants the responsibility for it. Even Obama is backing away from it now that he's out of office, saying "they should work to improve it" after it being hailed as a savior. We all know the left won't put out a fire at a puppy shelter without looking at the polling numbers first, and while Obamacare has actually gained popularity as it becomes apparent it's on its death bed, it remains hugely unpopular.


They are a parody of themselves.

Pride is wonderful to have, but their "pride" is only for selfish reasons. Ask them if a GOP group could march with them, and you'll see they have some of the most unaccepting people on the planet.

Because shut up.


KRod in talks with Nationals.


Hustler criticized for cover model wearing too much fabric. Exaggerated subject matter intended, because Ramblings does that.

A lot.

Link may not be suitable for work. That said, if I got upset at stuff others do, I would be upset A LOT.


I cleaned plenty of toilets back when I worked retail. I delivered pizzas for 5 years as a younger fella too.

Of course, I'm not racist either.


First visit to message board in a couple weeks.

First played during Brewers' game*.

See ya in a month.

*I will say this though, those of you that see the Ascension Health ads, that dark haired gal talking to the doc, kickboxing...almost makes me want to go to the gym.