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Whatever strikes me as interesting, and serious Milwaukee Brewers thoughts. If you are a believer in respecting OBP, throwing strikes, and keeping the ball in the park, you may have found the place you've been searching for. The anti-ESPN of blogs –

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Socialists do not understand math. Imagine that.

50% are cheaper than the median, by the way. Should we make housing free?

I suppose all apartments should be above average...


So good to see.

I hope they keep this up until NOV 2018.


The smugness against those who work for a living is quite apparent.

And, they look like very nice uniforms to me, though I like gray and black more than most.


Nieuwenhuis clears waivers and accepts an assignment to Colorado Springs.

Maybe he and Suter can catch a flight to Denver together. While that's romantic, I assume Kirk probably flew home FRI to spend a few days at home, awaiting his fate.


Suter back down, Garza activated.

As Counsell pointed out, if Broxton is able to run that fly ball down (and left unsaid, the bad luck of Hughes allowing a blooper and a ground ball that both ended up being cheap hits), it's probably a different outcome. 1 and 2 run games almost always have a play or two that determine the final, and it's often simply luck. They often say good teams win close games, but they win them at a rate far lower than they win blowouts.


Suter being called on again today after going 3 frames FRI night tells me he's almost certainly the guy headed back to the minors to make room for Garza...barring an injury, of course.

You could argue Marinez, Milone, or Hughes, as they are limited due to lacking options.


I like Nieuwenhuis making $550K far more than Martin at $4.75M. Stearns is not a believer in a .300 career OBP either.

Never say never, but I doubt it.


Adam says many are wondering when Brinson will come up.

One has to keep in mind, if Brinson would go 0-4 in his debut, those that do not understand small samples would insist he needed to go back down.

Those that wonder why Broxton is off to a slow start wondered the same thing last year. Casuals gonna be casual. He's hitting almost exactly as one would expect a guy to hit with a .240 BAbip. Good fortune does not balance out in 53 PA's.

As if on cue, while I was digging for that link, he smacks a double.


It's almost as if being called names has only strengthened their beliefs. Mostly, they seem to love the fact he's not Obama.

Imagine that. I seem to recall a wise man saying this numerous times...

Here's how it will go:

NOV 2016--You are all idiots.

JAN2017--Fools I tell ya. 

APR 2017--Total nimrods. 

SUMMER 2017--They should all be rounded up and killed. 

FALL 2017--If I could kill them and not get caught, I would.

SPRING 2018--The devil himself.

SUMMER 2018--The hell with them.

FALL 2018--Hi. I wanted to talk to you about your vote. I respect you and would really appreciate it if you would consider coming over to our side.  

Remember, the minority party always gains in the midterms. How much they gain, however, is directly related to their message and likability.


Glenn Beck and many others may disagree, but there's plenty of pro choice people in the Republican party.

However, that same "agree to disagree" sentiment appears to have no place in the Democrat party whatsoever, at least at the top. 

That's fine with me. Trump won because of independents and moderates, and many of them are either pro life or agree with limits on abortion as well. Push as many folks away as you wish, there's plenty of room in our tent.


Trish is right.

Not tired of winning.



He's right you know.


Eight years of apathy looks especially damning considering the first 3 months of the following administration has been a beehive of activity. Tax cut on the way next week. You can hear the left cursing!


Well, when it's that tough answering the easy questions, you know the struggles were real.


I forgot Garza had to be activated MON when I was discussing that 25th roster spot. Suter is likely to return to AAA, barring injury to another.


No one has claimed Nieuwenhuis yet I guess, as Stearns says they hope he makes it through and will happily make room for him at AAA if he does. I would assume they would just send Wren down to AA to play every day for a while.

Even if he does clear, he could become a free agent and have a clearer path elsewhere. At the very least, he will likely get an opt out and an agreement to be brought up or released if another team offers to put him on their 25 man roster.


Funny, they never have any "security" issues for the riots.


Always interesting to see a terrorist event in France. As Newt Gingrich pointed out, France has very strict gun laws...except for terrorists, who have no problems obtaining weapons. Funny how that works.

No one dare mention the actual problem, for fear of offending someone. This criminal served 20 years in prison for trying to kill cops, but was turned out onto the street to kill again...because shut up. He was detained two weeks ago in a terror investigation...but let go.

As long as you're treating it like a criminal investigation instead of a war, the USA and their allies will continue to lose.


I would tend to agree.

Fight back where it hurts...not only not show up at the opponent's celebration of self importance, but completely ignore it.


The hell you say.

Selfish potheads gonna be selfish potheads. You can make it legal at the state level if you wish, but that doesn't make those who use it suddenly give a damn.

Heck, I consider it a win no pets or rape tents were left behind.


I disagree.

More Chelsea, please.

The mere fact so many on the left adore her makes me feel better all by itself.

EDIT: The article has several laugh out loud moments, including a guffaw about a 5 year old Chelsea writing a letter to President Reagan. She doesn't even realize she's a parody of herself. 


If you need to take 5 breaks a day, you better be self employed or really, really good looking.


Why is this sweeping the planet? Because it makes perfect sense.

Citizenship ain't a right, it's a privilege. Behave or go back to the craphole you left behind. That's not mean, that's the way it is.


The "bad luck" continues wherever socialism reigns.

Go figure.

When everyone is "equal," no one wants to unload the truck, work the overnight shift, or, you know, much of anything.


I hate to, you know, bring common sense into a good rant that doesn't make any sense, but considering every player in MLB history has been male, the fact there ain't that many women in front offices ain't even a mild surprise.

As a firm believer in the best person for the job, the whole idea of pushing certain races or genders is pretty much offensive to me. It reminds me of the days of "there aren't enough black QB's." As long as one insists on prefacing a noun with an adjective that describes race, you're part of the problem.

Condi Rice was not the Sec of State because she was a woman, because she was black, or because she was a black woman. But when Hillary Clinton was given the same job, her gender was suddenly very important, because it fit the narrative the old media wanted to sell. The public sees right through it, luckily. They think the rubes are deplorable and uneducated rednecks, but they ain't.

As Jeff Foxworthy points out, those people that are made fun of all the time are the same ones that join the military, start their own businesses; build the roads, bridges, and buildings we all depend on; and serve on the police force and as firefighters. That ain't because they're too dumb to do anything else, it's because that's what they choose to do.

Suffice it to say, if the house is on fire, I don't want the person going in to try and save me or my family to have been hired to fill some liberal's politically correct quota.