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Whatever strikes me as interesting, and serious Milwaukee Brewers thoughts. If you are a believer in respecting OBP, throwing strikes, and keeping the ball in the park, you may have found the place you've been searching for. The anti-ESPN of blogs –

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Not only has just about every Republican dropped to their knees and praised the Mattis pick, the left has been eerily quiet.

They're scared to death of him. He's a proud American, brave, a tough guy who doesn't take any crap, and despite the fact he's 66, could make 90% of biased journalists wet themselves by walking up behind them and saying "Excuse me."

He's everything the Dems are not.

Be honest. You know damn well he's a Republican, just like you know those protesters that vandalize and get arrested are Dems, if they bother to vote.

These are stereotypes, but stereotypes are far from random, the vast majority are 100% true.

The idea that patriotic heroes are Republican and spoiled brats are Dems explains maps like these better than all the words ever printed.


Sure I could say I delivered pizza.

Obama could have said he's going to raise taxes to, but instead, he bragged about the need to "enhance revenue."

They don't understand the rubes in flyover country can access on their puters too.


One thing to consider...if the NCAA had went with an 8 team playoff...the Big Ten might have had 4 participants.

Go figure.


I love seeing Penn State recover so quickly from penalties given to them for the alleged, unproven misconduct of folks kind of, sorta, almost associated with the program two decades ago.

The fans kept showing up and supporting the program. Most players stayed despite the lack of a bowl game.

That's how it's supposed to work, except for the NCAA could have realized they were punishing innocents. The punishment could have easily been giving up bowl game money from their appearances and their conference brethren, as well as TV money, in effect, costing them money to field a team.


Two excellent games on, the ACC and the Big 10 title games.

As the wise philosopher Mayhem once said, "Yeah, sports!"


Live video from Green Party headquarters.

Just think what those elitists that are still weeping over Hillary could have done with that money to actually help people.

This is why they lose.


Every time I talk to the Charter folks, they try and sell me on a free 30 day trial of an upgraded package. I just thought of it today and decided this would be as good a time as any, as the holidays means more time off for all, and the cold weather is on its way.

I called and the gal said it is really a 45 day free trial, as it's a 30 day with a 15 day grace period. So, for 45 days, we have every channel they offer (hey, if you're going to upgrade and not pay, UPGRADE). I just went through the next 24 hours on the movie channels and set 3-4 movies for the DVR.

Call your provider, my friends. It costs them nothing to flip a figurative switch.


Ten minutes of grown up discussion, as Tucker Carlson and a NY Times editor both realize and point out how despicably biased the Times is, and how they frame the news rather than report it.

The Times gal looks like she's about to throw up her hands and look for a more respectable place to know, maybe dealing drugs, or in sales or retail.



It's funny because it's true.



I could have sworn it would work.

Well, it will next time.


77 teams have now qualified for a bowl game the old fashioned way. That means 3 will have to sneak their way in through the back door of the academic progress rate (APR), which the NCAA set up, which involves how many student athletes graduate, transfer, and the like.

More is good. If you don't like them, don't watch them.


That's 60 years, for those keeping score at home.

The outrage if the roles were reversed would be legendary. Of course, expecting the left not to be hypocrites? That's a FT job without benefits.


The Rambling wife is spending the weekend in Chicago with her sisters, aunts, cousins, and who the hell knows who else.

{This morning she texted me to inform me they were at a German Xmas market. I have no idea what that even is. In my head, I imagine Hogan's Heroes tree ornaments and strings of bratwurst for sale everywhere. Sadly, my imaginary version is probably infinitely more exciting than the actual event.}

I told the Rambling son yesterday on our way from school that he could choose whatever he wanted on this side of town for SAT night dinner (small town hicks would call this supper, which is what we call it, except when I'm pretending to be bourgeois class). In the meantime, I decided I wanted Chinese food tonight, and the odds of him choosing that is not a positive number. No biggie, Hot Wok has a drive thru, so it will only add a few minutes. I just asked him what and when he wanted to eat, and he said Culver's about 6.

Culver's is about 10 minutes from our house, and Hot Wok is too...but they're about 15-18 minutes apart. I just had to map it out to decide when to leave to get home around 6, with unknown quantities of time at each restaurant.

My life is a 6th grade story problem no one wants to solve.


Badgers buckets play at noon on BTN, Bucks at 4 on FSW.


Hey, you got anything in here I can poison myself with?--Frank Barone

Raymond remains hilarious, all these years later.


It's been almost a month, and I still have not seen a single Dem admit their real, actual problems:

1. Blacks simply did not turn out for an old white woman like they did for a young, black man. And, Trump nearly doubled the black vote too.

2. Hillary was a very flawed candidate.

2a. While the left still mysteriously blames "racism," almost beyond belief (because many counties that voted for Obama 1-2 times voted Trump?), the fact white women voted against a white woman tells you pretty much all you need to know about her lack of likability.

3. The campaign's focus was on everything except the economy. Many people vote with their wallet. The left's focus on social issues was also hurt by the fact Trump is by far the most gay friendly and most liberal GOP primary winner since...who? Ford? Ike?

4. People who decided late chose Trump at an almost 2-1 clip, remarkable for a group that, by pure definition, should be close to 50/50. This includes many who planned to vote for Johnson/Stein, who barely got a third of what the polls guessed a couple weeks before the vote. Most attribute this to the fact Hillary's ads were almost strictly negative (only 8% mentioned the economy) and Trump's were split about 50/50 between positive/negative (35% mentioned the economy).

And I have pointed out often, the longer they ignore this stuff, the better it is for the GOP. Also, the more they whine about the results, and call Trump voters (even the reluctant Trump voters) stupid, the more those that crossed over (Trump won independents easily, a group that, depending on factors, includes those who "usually" vote one way or another.) might well decide they have no interest in going back and joining those spoil sports. Every single cabinet pick has been labeled as a racist, or anti semitic, or both...even those that are black or Jewish.

What's that old saying...when everyone is racist, no one is racist? I'm sorry, but when you call the greatest surgeon of our time "stupid" and "racist" (Ben Carson is a black man, to those unaware.) odds are, levelheaded folk are going to shake their heads. From what I can tell, Steve Bannon's supposed "bigotry" is related to hearsay from his ex wife during divorce proceedings and child custody battles. I'm sorry, but when you've lost unabashedly biased Anderson Vanderbilt, you've lost  the left.

By the way, if you question this, remember when I said the protests would end quickly once it got a bit nippy outside? What's happened in the last 7-10 days?

Colder weather = vandals and the ill behaved drinking $5 coffees and cuddling under blankets in subsidized housing. They're a dedicated bunch until it gets slightly uncomfortable. Then, you're on your own.



Because they're nothing but selfish. They support the left because the only thing they want is all the free stuff they can carry.


I guess I never really said that the Brewers offered arby to the 5 others who did not sign today, as they were required to do to keep their rights.

Many folks seem to be thinking they would not have tendered Scooter and Kirk had they not signed, but that seems to be assuming a lot. I would think they would have liked to have signed all 7 of them, for payroll certainty and to avoid the built in ugliness of arby; not just the hearing, but the exchanging of numbers and the inevitable hurt feelings.


Tyson Ross nontendered by Padres, becomes best FA pitcher available, though he may miss some of 2017 as he recovers from injury.


Carter officially nontendered/released as well.


Scooter and Crew avoid arby, sign for $2.5M.

MLBTR had guessed $3.1M, but considering Scooter has made about $1.75M in his career, more than doubling it next year guaranteed probably seemed like an easy call to him.

Of course, that does not mean Gennett will return, as he is now even more a bargain to other teams. I still prefer the Villar/Arcia/Gennett/Thames infield, likely with Perez playing 1B or 2B versus most LHP, as Jon's arm plays far better at 3B than 2B, where the vast majority of throws are routine, sidearm flips.


I must admit, this is pretty unique if you are having a get together of some sort.


Not only did the NFL win the network ratings, another 4.5M watched on NFLN and was the #1 show on cable last night.

You can boo hoo all you want about their ratings being down, but they're still dominant.


Goforth clears waivers and has been outrighted to AAA.

Geltz has also been outrighted. He has a week to decide whether he wants to accept or become a minor league free agent, per team.

{Geltz has been outrighted before, that's why he can be a FA, while Goforth has no such right.}

I assume the Crew spent much of the last few days "recruiting" Geltz a bit, as they had no other reason to claim him, as they could have waited until he became a FA to try and sign him.

40 man now at 39, pending arby nontenders.


He's right. As soon as the elation settles in that Hillary ain't gonna be president, us conservatives will be forced to realize that, at best, Trump is a moderate who will likely spend far too much money, and have several platforms that we think are just foolish.

Beats the alternative though. As they said on Outnumbered today, "Hillary wouldn't be having a victory tour. No one showed up at her events before, and they sure wouldn't be excited about her now."