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Here are a few thoughts on the Brewers...

In the second inning of the Brewers game today you saw why speed can be so dangerous. The way Jenkins was pitched to was completely set up by the fact that the Blue Jays were worried about Weeks running. He then stole second, but Geoff Jenkins couldn't drive him in.

Chad Moeller has to have the ugliest swing of any position player in the Major Leagues. Now I haven't seen every position player hit in the Major Leagues this season, but it's just a feeling I have. You could go take in a game at a county park and see lots of guys with better swings mechanically than Moeller. He doesn't use his backside at all. If you look at his back foot (right) it doesn't rotate through...That's one of the many reasons why he doesn't have any power.


New Faces in Milwaukee, Brewers head to Tampa BaySince I've been away, the Brewers have made a few roster moves. Gone from the Big League roster are Gary Glover (who was DFA'd and is now in AAA), Junior Spivey, Jr (traded to Washington), Dave Krynzel (who was called up and sent down since we last spoke). Future Greatest Player of All-Time Rickie Weeks has been called up, Tomo Ohka has been moved into the 5th spot in the rotation, and Julio Mosquera is also up with the Crew. Lots of movement, but what does it all mean?Glover was too inconsistent for the Brewers (and that's saying something). The fact that nobody claimed him when he was waived shows that other teams aren't too impressed with him either. It's good that he accepted his demotion, because it's nice to have some depth on the mound.Spivey being traded wasn't a surprise to anyone. Of course he made a spectacular defensive play and hit an eventual game-winning HR for the Nationals on Sunday, but I'm not too worried about it. Spivey just didn't look good at all this season. Now with FGPOAT Rickie Weeks up presumably for good (check above for definition) and with Bill Hall playing as well he has, the infield situation looks solid.Mosquera is up because Damian Miller has been dinged up and perhaps because Chad Moeller has been so brutal. Once Miller is fully healthy and ready to play more than three games a week, the Crew will make a decision between Moeller and Mosquera. Moeller has been swinging the bat a little better lately (though, when hitting .085 it's not that difficult to do. If you get one hit a week you're probably doing better than you were before).Tomo Ohka was a great addition for the Brewers. His incredibly low K/9 so far this season (2.83/9 in 54 IP) may be cause for some concern, but career his K/9 has been over 5.The Brewers have three against the worst team in baseball, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. INTERLEAGUE ACTION AT ITS FINEST!!!The Devil Rays are in complete disarray (imagine that). Usually they just suck and keep quiet about it, but this time people are speaking out...Lou Pinella: "This was supposed to be the breakout year. The problem is, we've got a new ownership group here that's changed the direction we're headed. They're not interested about the present. They're interested about the future. And that's their right."Carl Crawford: We're getting blown out. It's been embarrassing, but right now, you just want to hide your head under the ground..."I'm afraid that we might break a record for losses this year," Crawford said. "I sit down and talk about that all the time. I'm afraid we might break that [106-loss club record]. And it might not even be close, either. That's just being honest. Right now, you just wish for anything to happen."In an attempt to fire up the squad, Devil Rays' brass made some bold moves by deciding to DFA Alex Sanchez and release Charles Johnson. I'm sure those are the types of blockbuster moves the fans and players were hoping for.Charles Johnson declined to be traded to Los Angeles down the stretch last season while playing in Colorado. I hate when people question a player's heart because fans don't know. But when a guy decides to stay on a moribund last-place quality franchise instead of being thrown into a playoff chase, I think that says all you need to know about him. Translation: CJ sucks and has (apparently) no heart. Tough to keep a job in the big leagues with that combo.Tampa Bay designated Alex Sanchez for re-assignment today, despite the fact that he had the highest AVG in the AL in May, and is hitting .346 on the year. Translation: Alex Sanchez is a bitch.Way back in Milwaukee during the summer of 2002 when Royster-Ball was all the rage, veteran clubhouse guy Lenny Harris threw Sanchez threw a wall. Also, once Ruben Quevedo, accompanied by his wife, beat up Sanchez in the players parking lot. I'm not sure as to why those two violent episodes occurred, but I'm guessing it can be easily related to my earlier description of Sanchez. Oh yeah, and this year the[...]


There's No Trip Too Remote From Which You Can't Come Back
I will be in So Cal for the next two weeks, so again I apologize for my infrequent blogging. Against the Grain shall return regularly on June 13th...Sorry for the inconvenience.


Helling Injured
Nashville Sounds pitcher Rick Helling was impaled in the left arm by shards from a broken bat last night. The injury is non-life threatening, but very few details were released about his condition.

As players continue to use lighter bats that are more prone to snapping in half, this is a possible concern. Personally, I'm surprised that more people aren't injured by broken bats. MLB should come up with some regulation as to the weight distribution of the bat. The way wood bats are made now, any ball not hit on the barrel results in a snapped bat.

It's similar to the situation in college baseball with aluminum bats. What will it take for MLB to make a chance with the wood bat situation or college baseball to stop using aluminum bats? Probably having a player killed.


Brewers Win Again, Adams to the Minors (?)
Despite obviously not having his best stuff, Doug Davis managed to throw seven shutout innings in the Brew Crew's 3-0 victory over the Astros last night. The Houston Astros have been shut out eight times all ready in 2005.

Jeff Cirillo continues to be a surprise. I'll admit that I wasn't even sure that he'd make the Opening Day squad, let alone become the everyday man at 3B. He deserves it, as Branyan has struggled with injuries and ineffectiveness as of late.

Ben Sheets will make his return from the Disabled List tonight. In order to make room for Sheets, the Brewers in a surprising move, sent RHP Mike Adams to AAA Nashville. Rather than DFA Tommy Phelps or Julio Santana, they chose to send Adams down to AAA. He obviously isn't the weakest link in that bullpen, it's completely a business decision. It's not often that you see a pitcher with a 2.70 ERA sent to the minors. A situation like this happened a few years back with the Reds and Austin Kearns. He was hitting about .295 and was the only guy with options left, so they sent him down.


Brewers Take Three-Game Winning Streak Into Tonight
The Brewers did what they had to do against the Rockies--they mopped the field with them. It was nice to see the Brewers play against a team that didn't even belong on the same field with them. An equally horrible road team comes into Miller Park tonight as the Brewers play three against Houston this weekend.

Carlos Zambrano has "computer elbow". Mike Remlinger now has "recliner finger". The Cubs are hilarious.

With Ben Sheets coming off the DL Saturday, it looks like either Tommy Phelps or Julio Santana will be sent down to AAA. There is also a chance that Gary Glover could be optioned out, but my gut instinct is with Phelps.


Brewers Win A Thriller
Well, anytime Colorado and Milwaukee get together and you don't fall asleep watching the game, I guess that's a plus.

Chris Capuano continues to pitch like he's reaching his potential. His last three starts have seen him allow 4 earned runs in 24 2/3 innings.

Last night provided some incredible de je voux. Just like Capuano's last start, he entered the ninth inning tossing a shutout. He hit a batter and then Yost came out and got him. Although I was caught up in wanting Capuano to go the distance last night, I did agree with the decision to take him out. There were a few differences in last night's game in comparison to his start against Washington...

1) The runner was on first with 0 out as opposed to a runner on second with 1 out
2) Ricky Bottalico was up in the pen instead of Mike Adams
3) There were two righties coming up as opposed to against Washington, when it was possible to walk Vinny Castilla (or pitch around him) and go after a lefty.

Bill Hall continues to swing the bat well. I would try to work him into the lineup as much as possible right now. I'm not going only off of the statistics (yeah small sample blah blah blah), but if you watch Hall's approach you can just tell he's much more confident and seems to have a much better approach at the plate. Whereas last season he would hit a ball hard once every five at-bats, he seems to be doing it about 40% of the time right now. Everybody and their sister knew the way to get hall out was to get some sort of off-speed pitch over the plate early in the count and then show him a fastball out of the zone and comeback with a slider away. Now it's not so simple to get him out. With Junior Spivey and JJ Hardy both struggling, I would try to work Hall into the lineup anywhere in the infield.

It's always difficult to "expect" a sweep in a series, but really if the Brewers want to make a run at .500 you'd like to see the Crew sweep teams like Colorado. Especially when the Rockies have three wins on the road all season.


Kolb No Longer Closer for Braves
Normally when an All-Star closer loses his job in mid-May, some people might be surprised...This isn't one of those cases. Most people aren't surprised at all about the fall of Dan Kolb in Atlanta. Brewers fans (and SABRmetricians alike) were all concerned about his incredibly low K/9 rate last season.

More than his K/9 rate (which actually is 5.94/9 so far this season), it has been his inability to throw strikes (16 walks in 16.2 IP) that has been his downfall. Kolb has also allowed 18 hits as well, and his ERA is now at 6.48.

Could it be that Mike Maddux is a better pitching coach than Leo Mazzone? Well, it's possible that Maddux knew how to work with Kolb better than Mazzone, but I think any comparisons of Maddux to Mazzone might be a little premature.

I remember last season near the All-Star break marveling at how Kolb had allowed something like one extrabase hit and very few walks. That is OPS at it's finest. Low OBP and no Power against Kolb allowed him to dominate. If a guy who has problems striking hitters out like Kolb, the more walks he gives up and the more extrabase hits he yields will spell disaster.


Obermueller Rules
Well, at least he did last night. Wes Obermueller put it together last night, like he has been known to do on occasion, and threw eight shutout innings against the Nationals in the Brewers 8-2 victory.

Obermueller has filthy stuff, and if he could throw the ball over the plate with some consistency he could be a very serviceable middle-to-back of the rotation guy. Obermueller has way more upside than Glover, but I still think that Glover can provide more stability--which is usually what a team will settle for at the end of the rotation.

Geoff Jenkins has been on a mini-hot streak. Ned Yost has placed Jenkins in the third spot ahead of Carlos Lee, with the idea that he'll get more to hit with a legitimate power-threat hitting behind him. There is a school of thought that wherever a hitter bats in the lineup doesn't make much of a difference. If you're running a simulation it probably won't change much, but if you think about the aspects of the game that can't be quantified, who knows how much of an effect it can really have. I don't think it would turn a average hitter into an All-Star, but it can make a difference--especially for a guy like Jenkins. With Lee behind him he should see more fastballs and pitchers will go after him more. The last thing you want is Jenkins getting pitched around, since I'm pretty sure I saw him swing at a pickoff throw once last season.

Little things that can change based on a batting lineup.
-base stealer ahead of you--could see more fastballs in running situations
-power hitter behind you--pitchers will come after you more often
-batting 8th--pitchers go right after you with nobody on base, pitch around with RISP
-righty sandwiched between lefties or vice versa -- favorable lefty/righty matchups
-hitting leadoff--usually more fastballs or pitcher will go after a guy, especially to lead off an inning


Review of the Javon Walker Celebrity Softball SlamI'd like to start this post out by clearly stating that I was working at this event, I did not decide to waste my free time and attend this thing as a spectator.First off, this has to be the loosest interpretation of the word "celebrity" in the history of the English language. By my count there was one celebrity (Tara Reid) and one good football player (Javon Walker). The rest were local radio personalities, practice squad quality football players and in some cases just random dudes. Really, Javon Walker and Tara Reid were the two people who kept this game from being legally stripped of its "Celebrity" softball game status. They were one actress/skank and one Pro-Bowl wide receiver over the "regular" versus "celebrity" softball game divide. With headliners like Walker and Reid, you definitely wouldn't expect to draw THIRTEEN THOUSAND PEOPLE!!!That's right. There were thirteen thousand people in the greater Milwaukee area this past Saturday that had nothing better to do than to watch Green Bay Packers' longsnapper Rob Davis hit grounders to Milwaukee Wave head coach Keith Tozer. Actually, that last statement isn't entirely true...Rob Davis K'd twice in his only two plate-appearances.Milwaukee Rapper Coo Coo Cal hit a sacrifice fly.Like every "celebrity" themed event in America today, it would not have been complete without its share of reality-TV rejects...This game featured Kwame Jackson from "The Apprentice" and Ethan Zohn, the winner of Survivor: Africa...I guess we're supposed to know who these people are.Najeh Davenport was a no-show for the event. The rumors that he was busy making a mess in the Brewers Clubhouse have not been confirmedThe award for "dude who took the game way too seriously" went to Brad Kitt, who won the WKLH Try-out. Each time he came to the plate he took a ton of practice cuts and I'm pretty sure he drew a walk...Yes, he drew a walk in a softball game.Sam Cassell threw a CG three-hitter. I was lucky enough to have a conversation with Tara Reid, and it went something like this...Me: So Tara, how do you like Milwaukee?Tara: It's nice. They don't put WD-40 on the sinks and toilet seats in bars here so it's a lot easier to do lines of coke in the bars.The after that Tara went and fired her manager for having her somehow end up in a softball game in Milwaukee...Okay, I may have made that last conversation up.Tara Reid was asked how she ended up being in this event. She said she met Javon Walker at the Super Bowl in San Diego. I was hoping that the person doing the interview would ask her to define her meaning of the word "met". Translation: Javon is on a long list of NFLers that Tara has partied with. And, well Javon is on a much longer list of guys who have partied with Tara. I think most of you reading can see through my definition of "partied".One positive from the experience was that I found out that there is something more annoying than local morning radio personalities...Local morning radio personalities hosting a celebrity softball game. That's all that needs to be said about that. I just don't understand the concept of a "celebrity softball game". I don't know why these things are necessary. At least this one was to benefit a charity, but still...Thirteen thousand people showed up. That's more than the Brewers drew last Monday against Philadelphia. I'm not sure if the sports world has contributed anything lamer to our society than a celebrity softball game. It boils down to America's obsession with celebrities. Watch VH1 or MTV and see all the reality shows about the private lives of B-listers. Well, I better finish this post, "Gridiron Challenge" is on ESPN now. I better catch this episode or before you know it I'll miss the next six hours of it.[...]


Against the Grain Ready for the Summer
Well, school is done for the summer which means that Against the Grain will be re-launched after a brief hiatus.

Check in tomorrow for my review of the Javon Walker Celebrity Softball Slam (I think you can guess how I feel about such events). I will also have something about pitch counts and the recent success of the Milwaukee Brewers.


Brewers on 5-Game Winning Streak, I'm in Over My Head
Hey everybody. Just wanted you all to know that this website still exists, I've just been incredibly busy with my last two weeks of school and every thing else that's been going on. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Nomar on 'roids?
This witch-hunt needs to stop. We were lead to believe that stories completely lacking substance about players using performance enhancing drugs would stop once the testing got stricter and the season got underway...Well apparently not, because everybody seems to be on Nomar Garciaparra right about now.

Is this how it's going to be from now on? Every time a player has injury troubles there are going to be major publications and top columnists in the country speculating that player is on steroids? This is ridiculous. The only reason it won't stop is because talk-radio loves it, gossip columnists love it, and evidently the public loves it too.

B.J. Surhoff had injury problems early on with the Brewers, maybe he was on 'roids.

I thought the U.S. Congressional Hearing for MLB was their version of the Salem Witch Trials, but maybe we need to be more overt with this. Let's just have Jose Canseco cry out "I saw Goody McGwire with the devil!" and everybody can gasp at each new accusation.


Brewers Rained Out Monday
Wes Obermueller will have to wait until another day to make his first start of 2005. The Brewers and Cardinals were rained out Monday night. The game will be moved to the off-day both teams had scheduled, which is Thursday. That will be a day game. This rain-out came at a good time for the Brewers. Ben Sheets is still dealing with an inner ear infection and the bullpen would have been thin with Obermueller starting. Now they get another day to rest.

Geoff Jenkins doesn't seemed to concerned about the pitching staff. He was hoping for a Wednesday day/night doubleheader instead of a single game scheduled on the off-day. He doesn't appear to be down with the decision to play on Thursday.

"This is not an off day, we're here for six or seven hours," Jenkins said. "You enjoy your off days just because you relax and do whatever. It makes no sense."

I was always led to believe that the players hated doubleheaders, especially day/night ones, because it takes up their entire day. Jenkins comes across as a professional athlete bitching about something that isn't important at all, but I understand that some of these guys probably value their off-days a lot--especially because they only get a few during the season. Nevermind that they get six months to "relax and do whatever" in the off-season.


NFL Draft
So I just turned on the NFL Draft. I like the NFL, don't get me wrong. But how come the draft is such a big deal? The weeks leading up to it are filled with "rumors", of which 99% are completely inaccurate.

Does anybody have a better job than Mel Kiper, Jr? The guy works about three weeks a year, and gets paid quite well. You may be wondering how I know he gets paid so well, but come on...Look at that hair--Nobody making less than about $800,000 a year could afford buying so many hair-care products. Plus Kiper, Jr is less accurate than a weather man.

Also, the draft has been on for about an hour so far...And THREE PICKS have been made. Great television.

ESPN just ran a commercial saying "Go deep...The Draft Matters". They were talking about how Zach Thomas was the 157th pick in the 1996 draft. So ESPN is telling people that they should watch EIGHT HOURS of draft coverage, just to see the one Zach Thomas-type player who gets drafted. You know somewhere in America, there is some loser decked out in his favorite team's gear telling people "see, that's why I watch the draft!".


Crew's 7-Game Losing Streak Comes to an End
All it took was a gem from Victor Santos. Santos dominated the Giants in his first MLB complete game, as the Brewers snapped their losing streak by winning 6-1 at SBC Park. After a particularly brutal spring and a healthy dive in production the second half of 2004, everybody was skeptical about Santos. So far in 2005 though he has been the most consistent starter on the staff.

Manager Ned Yost decided to "shake up" the lineup by moving Damian Miller to the 2-spot, Geoff Jenkins to 3, Lyle Overbay to 5 and Junior Spivey to 6. Most likely this had very little to do with the six runs the Brewers scored, but can you really blame a manager for trying something like that? Yost can't go out and swing the bat, so other than sub people in and out, he can't do anything but change the order in which they hit. Spivey has a little higher SLG% in his career over Miller, but nothing that is substantial.

I know computer simulations show that very little is accomplished by changing the lineup. There are things that aren't accounted for in those simulations--such as how players are pitched when their hitting 1st as opposed to 8th. Or how a player is pitched with a base-stealer on in a running situation. I doubt that these subtleties would make a huge impact, but again it is something that cannot be quantified. Just because something cannot be quantified doesn't mean it should necessarily be minimized or dismissed altogether.

Here is your expert analysis for the game: The Brewers won because they scored more runs than the Giants.

Brady Clark and Damian Miller have been off to a good start in 2005. Carlos Lee and Geoff Jenkins look as though they are coming around finally. It would be nice to see the Crew run off a nice string of wins here to get back near .500. They'll have their work cut out for them as they have two more vs. San Francisco before heading to St. Louis for three.

This afternoon Milwaukee sends Chris Capuano (0-1, 4.41 ERA) to the mound against Brett Tomko (0-3, 6.75 ERA).


Sheffield Stuff
I haven't commented on the Gary Sheffield incident at Boston the other night, so I thought I'd take a moment to do that now.

While Sheffield did show great restrain in not jumping in the stands and fighting fans, I still think he has to be punished for taking a swing or push or whatever it was at a fan. I'm not saying a lengthy suspension, but I don't think a game or two would be too much to ask.

Like with the Ron Artest situation, I hate the rationale of "YOU WOULD'VE DONE IT TOO!". First of all, no I wouldn't have. Second of all, I understand that people have an instinct to defend themselves. Ron Artest wasn't defending himself, Nor was Stephen Jackson for that matter. They were running in the stands looking to fight anybody they could. That's not self-defense. Gary Sheffield didn't do anything like Artest of Jackson, and I do agree he could've went "Artest" and ran into the stands like a psychopath. He didn't, and that is good for the game. Still he should have some sort of consequence, because you simply cannot have players going into the stands. Fans don't go on the field, players don't go into the stands and we can all live happily ever after.

Fans are stupid. Players are stupid. If you go to a game, don't throw things on the field, don't spill beer on players, don't take a swipe at a player. Just sit there, enjoy the game, drink your beer and try not to incite a riot.


Brewers Lose, Brewers Lose
Odalis Perez took a no-hitter into the seventh. Chris Capuano struggled with his control but still had a solid outing. Ricky Bottalico allowing a three-run homerun to The Gamer (Milton Bradley) was the back-breaker as the Crew lost 7-3 to the hottest team in Major League Baseball last night at Miller Park.

I got my first look at Norihiro Nakamura. That guy has the most messed up swing I have ever seen. I don't see how he can be a productive hitter in the Major Leagues. The guy steps into the bucket on every swing. Offspeed stuff away should dominate that guy. He has had good seasons in Japan, but I just can't see how a guy that pulls off of the ball so much could ever have success in the Major Leagues.

After knocking the ball around against the Pirates in the opening series of the season, the Brewers offense has somehow managed to look worse than it did in 2004. It is only 12 games into the season, so sounding off the panic alarm might be premature, but with all the cynicism that surrounds this team, it won't be long before the fanbase turns on them again.


Brewers Thoughts
A little more than a week into the season and the Brewers are currently in fourth place with a record of 5-6. By looking at their runs scored/runs allowed differential they should be doing a little better, but it is still very early in the season.

It is dissapointing that they have a record of 5-6 because of the starting pitching they have had so far this season. In 11 games they have had outstanding starting pitching and have been close in every game so far. Brady Clark and Damian Miller have been outstanding at the plate, while Carlos Lee has struggled and Geoff Jenkins have been brutal.

The Brewers are 4-1 against Pittsburgh, 1-2 against Chicago and 0-3 against St. Louis so far.

Milwaukee starts a two-game series with Los Angeles tonight at Miller Park. Chris Capuano (0-0, 4.35) takes the hill against Odalis Perez (2-0, 1.59). Porn Stache will be playing second base for the visiting Dodgers.


City of Milwaukee Slowly Being Taken Over by Orange Vested Cult
So as I've been driving around lately I've noticed an alarming trend--there are people with Orange Vests all over the city of Milwaukee. I don't know when it got to this point, but they are EVERYWHERE.

First it started as a few Orange Vests near the Marquette Interchange, but now they have completely taken over that piece of land and claimed it as their own. Now the Orange Vests have even spread further up 43-North and 94-West. They have altered lanes, closed down exits and caused other forms of transportation-based terrorism. The Orange Vests are taking over the world.


Brewers Thoughts
Well, the first week of the season is complete and the Brewers are 4-2. Space that out over the entire season and that's a record of 108-54. Hey come on, let a guy dream.

All facets of the club have been playing pretty well. The starting pitching has been great, the offense has been solid, the bullpen has been doing the job. Really, this team could be 5-1 given the way they lost the finale in Chicago, but that's the way baseball goes.

I've been checking the Baseball America prospect report daily. For those of you who don't have it, I highly recommend signing up for it. Dave Krynzel has been on fire in AAA. Rickie Weeks and Brad Nelson have been solid too. Krynzel has been the real story so far. He has been showing the ability to hit for average and provide doubles power. After his outstanding Spring Training, perhaps all of the Krynzel skeptics (like me) will be proven wrong. I really hope so for the Brewers' sake.

Opening Day was about as good as it gets yesterday. Russell Branyan provided some serious power, Doug Davis threw another gem, and Jeff Cirillo made his first regular season appearance in a Brewers' uniform since leaving after the 1999 season. A few years of toiling in obscurity allowed Milwaukee fans to forget that Cirillo was a non-roster washup and allowed everybody (including Cirillo) to hope he can rekindle his success of the mid-90s in Milwaukee.


Blogger Problems
The past week I have been unable to edit the site, luckily today I was able to make it work. I don't know if this problem will subside for now or if I'm going to be posting infrequently still in the future. Hopefully the site stops giving me problems.


38 Minor Leaguers Suspended for Steroid Use
I just read on ESPN that 38 minor leaguers were suspended for taking steroids. Most of the players aren't top prospects, and some of them are former big leaguers who appear to be heading nowhere. Former Brewer Robert Machado was caught, even though he is currently a minor league free agent.

Really though, is 15 days (or 10 in MLB) that big of a suspension? Yes you get outed, but I think once players are getting caught more frequently identification won't be that big of a deterrent. You get your 10 day suspension or whatever but it's not like you lose the muscle you spent all off-season building up. Get suspended for ten days and then bulk up and hit possibly hit forty homeruns and cash in for the rest of your life. I don't know, it doesn't sound like that bad of a deal to me.


Brewers 161 Wins Away From Perfect Season
Could things really be changing in Milwaukee? Ben Sheets gets run support? The team hits with runners in scoring position? Jeff Cirillo hits a bomb? What is going on?

Sheets obviously didn't have his best stuff, but he still managed to allow only two runs in seven innings. He struck out six and walked (you guessed it) zero. That's a real sign that you have an ace--When he can go out there without his best stuff and still be tough to beat.

The Brewers just looked like a winning ball club. I know it's only one game, but it's definitely nice to see. What's interesting about the season opener...The Brewers won big, but talk to any Crew critic and they'll say "hey it's only one game". I agree, but if they Brewers had lost 9-2, would it still be "just one game" in the eyes of the fans? I realize that there are twelve years of futility that helps to form people's perceptions, but really this is a different team, with a different owner, and a surprisingly talented team.

The Brewers will go for a 2-0 start Thursday afternoon when Doug Davis faces off against Kip Wells.