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Preview: Stros Baseball

Stros Baseball

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Middle Infielders


Now we are in part two of the lookat the 2007 Astros. Today we take a closer look at the middle infielders.
Lets start with second base and Biggio's quest for 3,000. As Biggio gets into his fortys he has declined some and needs more rest at this stage in his career. Biggio will likely play alot in the beginning of the season. He should get to 3,000 sometime in late June or early July. With the signing of Mark Loretta, Biggio should get more rest and be more productive towards the end of the season. This will probally be Biggios last season as he wraps up his HOF career.
Now we get to shortstop manned by Adam Everett. Everett is one the best fielding shortstops in the league but still struggles with the bat. His glove work will keep himn in the lineup but I wouldn't be surprised if the offense starts to struggle Phill Garner shouldn't hesitate to jumpstart the offense by putting Loretta in there. Now they usally bat Everett down at the bottom of the order but I believe they should put him in the two hole. He has had the most success batting there.
Batting 2nd 94 86 394 348 63 101 14 2 7 29 16 0 52 6 22 2 5 4 14 1 .290 .331 .402 .733
Here are his career numbers batting second which are by far the most production the Astros have gotten out of him.
So that concludes the Look at the middle infielders keep loking for the next installment where I take a look at the catchers.

Corner Infielders


Today I will start a series of post looking at the Astros team for 2007. Today is the corner infielders.

Lets start with First base. Here we have Lance Berkman absolutley no questions or controversy just another MVP caliber season from him and yes I am predicting him to win the MVP this year. Now should he get injured or be out for any time his position would be filled by a combination of Mike Lamb and Mark Loretta. Lamb would likely get most of the time but lets hope we don't have to think about that situation.

Then there's third base which comes with many question marks. Here we have Morgan Ensberg who is a mystery in himself. I just can't figure out why he can't find any consistency. The only thing he does consitenty is walk. Now he did have a bad year last season so he should be due to have good season. There is also a lot of trade talk around Ensberg and I think if a good trade comes along I'd do it because he probally just needs a change of scenery. Now should Ensberg struggle or be injured again Mike Lamb and Mark Loretta would se a lot of playing time. That would make a decent platoon and should get about average production out of them. I'm just hoping Ensberg turns it around and regains his form from 2005 and sticks around for a long time.

So there's my breakdown of the coner infielders. Keep loking in the next day or so I will take a look at the middle infield.

New Blog


Hey everyone I have recently been asked to write an Astros Blog for a new site. The blog can be found at There are also blogs for other teams with more to come. Don't worry though this blog will live on but I would also like you to read the other as well. Thank you.

Former Astro Pitcher and Coach Vern Ruhle Dies


Sad news over the weekend about Vern Ruhle. On Saturday night at a hospital in Houston He died of complications from a transplant while being treated for cancer. He was currently a pitching coach for the Cinncinatti Reds. He will surley be missed by the baseball world.

Summary of Offseason moves


Well this off season the Houston Astros have been much busier than lately. It all started off with the Carlos Lee signing. I'm still on the fence about this move it brings a nice addition to the offense that was desparetly needed but for a little to much money and to long luckily he only has a partial no trade clause at the end of it allowing us to move that contract.
Then the rumors were swirling about of the Astros acquiring a starting pitcher. Jennings was rumored as was Garland. All the while Pettitte was still unsigned then he made his decision which was to return to New York. Well this left a big hole in the rotation so the Astros went out and got the Jennings trade done. Many believe the Rockies made out like bandits in this deal but as you know I think otherwise.
Then the Astros made a suprise signing when they inked Mark Loretta to a one year deal. This was a excellent move. It gives us so much depth on the team. We have a guy who can play all the infield positions and bring offense. He will help spell Biggio at 2nd as well as likely seeing time at 3rd and short. I expect if the offense is strugling and everett continues to not hit as he has his entire career Loretta will see plenty of time there.
They have also signed a handful of people to minor league contracts and invited them to spring training. Of them three will have a good shot at making the club. Munson will once agian be battling for the backup catcher position during spring training and of the choice between Munson, Quintero and Gimenez I would choose Munson again. He didn't have a good year last year hitting but its better than what either of the other two would give plus with more playing time which will likely happen as Ausmus can't continue to play as much as he has and shouldn't because his defensive skills have diminished and can't hit at all.
Another person with ashot at making the clubis former Astro Richard Hidalgo. Hidalgo has lost wieght and been playing very well in winter ball which is haow he got the Astros attention. If he proves he can still be a decent hitter with his defense he'd be perfect for the club. Luke Scott is not that good in right Hidalgo would be a good defensive replacement in close games. Also if he still hits lefties good he'd be a perfect platoon partner for Scott in right field.
Today the astros signed another former astro to a minor league contract in the form of Brian Moehler. He pitched in three games last time with the stros and not to good in those before he went down with an injury
But its a low risk signing so i guess it can't hurt to try again.
All in all it has been a busy offseason and spring traing is sure to be interesting with many things still undecided. So lets get this thing started becuase I'm ready for the season to start.

Astros sign Hidalgo


Well a few days ago the Astros as expected signed former Astro Richard Hidalgo to a minor league contract and invited him to spring training. I personally love this move there's no risk involved in it and he is able to recapture some of that magic from 2000 this could really help the stros offense. He is said to be in much better shape than last time he was here back in 2004 before the trade to the Mets. This most likely means the end of the line for jason lane who has likely seen his last days as an Astro. With the somewhat shaky defense in the outfield this upcoming season Hidalgo's defense will be essential. Also if he can still hit he'd be a perfect platoon partner for Luke Scott.

Astros close to signing Loretta


Well the Astros are close to signing 2nd baseman Mark Loretta to a one year deal worth 2.5 million. As you may recall Loretta was briefly an Astro in 2002 after a trade on august 31 with the Brewers. Finally Loretta is back in houston. This signing is probally the best move Purpura's made since taking overas GM. This strenghtens the bench. Loretta will lkely see alot of time at a number of positions. He plays all 4 infield positions. He will also bring some much needed leadership to the club that was lacking last year. Many people speculate that this move will mean a trade is coming but i nessciarily don't see it that way although it does give you more options and can be more open to trades.

Jason Jennings an Astro


Well today Purpura pulled the trigger on a big trade today. The initial reaction is that the stros got ripped off well at first it seems like that but not when take a longer look at it. First let start by me telling you what the trade was just in case you haven't heard already. The Rockies traded Jason Jennings and Miguel Asencio to houston in exchange for Willy Tavares, Taylor Buchholz and Jason Hirsh. The latter is the one most are upset about or excited depending on who's point of view your looking at this from.
In this trade the Astros get a solid pitcher who has been improving and is coming off a good season while pitching his home games at Coors Field he will continue to be solid and probally get better now that he's out of Colorado. Ascencio is essentially a through in to this deal. Admittedly I don't know much about this pitcher I had to do a little research. He used to be with the Royals before going to the Rockies. He had Tommy John surgery but struggled even before the surgey so he won't much of a factor.
Now the Astros did have to give up some players to get Jennings. First there's Willy, in my opinion he was very likely to be dealt this offseason because he'll be arbitration elegible after the '07 season and the stros are not very fond of his agent a name I refuse to say but you probally know who I'm talking about.coughscottborascough. Then there is taylor buchholz who was the main piece of the Wagner trade a few years ago. Well after a few seasons of Buchholz having numerous arm injuries he has still yet to reach his potential and probally never will. Now we get to Jason Hirsh He is the one who hurts the most but he's unproven and could very well be an all star a couple years from now or he could be the next Tim Redding or Scott Elarton two ther can't miss prospects with lots of talent who never reached thier potential.
The Astros now have a chance to sign Jennings to an extension who will be a free agent after the season. He's from Texas so there is agood chance of getting a hometown discount and saving a lot of money with the amounts pitchers are getting nowadays on the open market.

Astros Offseason Moves


Hey everyone sorry I haven't written any post in a while just been busy. Well The Astros have been busy especially this week. They earlier resigned Biggio which was a no brainer. Then The day after Thanksgiving aka Black Friday came and the stros did some Christmas shopping of thier own. Unfortunately they weren't able to find any good deals. they signed Woody Williams to a 2 year deal worth 12 million. Then they signed Carlos Lee to a six year deal worth $100 million. No that was not a typo they really gave him that much. Now the big questions remaining are will pettitte and Clemens return but they shouldn't wait around for the awnser.

Astros climbing back into the race


The Astros have over the weekend pulledc to within 5 games of the Cards for the division. They start thier series with them tonight in St. Louis. Pettitte was scheduled to make the start tonight but has been pushed back until tomorrow. Taylor Buchholz was called up to start the game.

Astros climbing back into the race


The Astros have over the weekend pulledc to within 5 games of the Cards for the division. They start thier series with them tonight in St. Louis. Pettitte was scheduled to make the start tonight but has been pushed back until tomorrow. Taylor Buchholz was called up to start the game.

Astros give Oswalt an extension


With the Astros coming home after winning their last three games and getting back to within 3.5 games of the wild card they took on the Brewers with Oswalt on the hill. With Roy pitching on his 29th birthday the Astros defeated the Brewers 10 - 3 and after the game they rewarded Oswalt with a new contract. His contract is for 5 years and $73m with an option for a sixth year. I love that the Astros went ahead and locked him up longterm and they got a very good deal. Willy's hitting streak ended tonight at 30 games and he was hit by pitches a couple of times tonight. Lane came off the bench to deliver the huge grand slam to put the game away.

Munson DFA'ed and House called up


In a somewhat shocking move today the Astros have designated Eric Munson for assignment. He had started the first three games of the series against the Brewers coming into today and even hit a homerun during the series. But he did only have a .204 batting average so its not to shocking. Well they have called up J.R. House from Round Rock who had just continued his great hitting since being promoted from AA. House had previously been in the majors with Pittsburgh in 2003 and 2004. He quit baseball for a year to play football and had a shoulder injury which required surgery. In AA he had been catching a lot but when he was moved to AAA he mainly played First base due to Round Rock already having enough catchers. If you remember earlier in the year when Clemens was pitching at Corpus Christie House was his catcher during that game.

Astros lose the game and another pitcher


The Astros lost tonight to the Brewers in the game started by Wandy Rodriguez wh was sarting in place of Oswalt. Backe had earlier in the day been placed on the DL. Well during the game Fernando Nieve came in and pitched in relief. He left the game after 1 inning with a strained right elbow. He will likely be placed on the DL now as well. If he does go on the DL The Astros will probally call up Sampson or Albers to replace him. Oswalt will start on Wednesday if his wrist is better if not the Astros are in serious trouble. Thats not to say they aren't already in trouble. The Astros are only 4 games back of the Wild card but just can't seem to put any wins together every time they win a game they lose two or three in a row. Byseptember the Astros will be looking at the future and callup a lot of young players and let them play. Pence and House should come up September 1st and start until the end of the season.

Backe placed on DL, Wandy called up


Brandon Backe was placed on the DL today with a strained ligament in his right elbow. This is the same injury he had at the beginning of the season which kept him out for over 3 months. Wandy Rodriguez was called up to replace him on the roster. Roy Oswalt who had a bruised wrist in his last start was scheduled to pitch tonight but was likely to miss this start will not start tonight and it will be Wandy instead. The Astros lost last night after winning the first game of the series to the Brewers on Thursday.

Astros get swept by Cubs


The Astros concluded a three game series with the cubs today and lost 1-0. They also lost last nights game in the 18th inning. Brad Lidge came into the game in the ninth with a one run lead but once again blew the save. Finnally Garner has decided to take Lidge out of the closers role. He has decided to go with a closer by committee. Hopefully Nieve will get some opportunitys to close games. The Astros are now on a 5 game losing streak and now will be heading out on the road. First up is the Brewers. Hirsh will be making his second start and will be opposed by Ben Sheets. This will be another tough game and could extend the losing streak. Willy Taveras extended his hitting streak to 18 games today which is the longest hitting streak by an Astros this season.

Astros lose Padres series, Start new one with Cubs


On Sunday afternoon the Astros lost to the Padres for the second game in a row and lost the series. But its not all bad because they are still only 5 games behind the Cards for the division and 3 1/2 back of the Reds for the Wild Card. The Astros now start a three game series with the Cubs tonight. Carlos Zambrano goes for the Cubs while Oswalt takes the hill for the stros. Zambrano has been really good against us this year so it will be a tough game to win.
Preston wilson who had been DFA Saturday will likely be released tomorrow if they can't reach a deal with some team before then. The Astros have until the 21st but will grant him his release so he can find a team to play for. The Rockies have shown some interest but according to reports the talks have cooled off. I for one would like to wish Wilson good luck and please don't sign with NL team.

Preston Wilson DFA, Hirsch called up


Well we finnally got the answer to question about who would be gone to make room for Hirsch and earlier today Tim Purpura announced that Wilson was DFA. Now the club has 10 days to trade him or he can choose to become a free agent after 10 days. Hopefully the Astros will be able to pick up at least a minor league player in a trade. The move makes some sense he has recently lost his playing time to Luke Scott who has been on fire since being called up. But what some people don't realize is Peston was 2nd on the club in rbis and despite his homeruns not being up as much as his career numbers he was hitting consitently.
The Astros completed the sweep of the Pirates and last night against San Diego they defeated the Padres with the help of a homerun from ANDY PETTITTE!! Yes Andy Pettitte hit his first career homerun and is the second Astro pitcher to hit one this week. Tonight Jason Hirsch will make his major league debut as the Astros try to beat the Padres agian.

Astros going for sweep


The Astros have really cuaght fire recently wining 6 of their last 8 games and are trying to sweep the Pirates tonight with Clemens on the mound. In last nights game the Astros had a huge blow out win. Aubrey Huff hit 2 homers and Roy Oswalt hit a homerun of his own. The Reds and Cardinals played a series against each othe this week and the Astros have been able to gain ground in the Wild card race. With a win tonight the Astros will only be 2 1/2 games back. the Astros are currently leadin 2-0 after four innings.
this weekend the Padres will be coming into town for thee games. On saturday Jason Hirsch will make his major league debut. After dominating all year at AAA the Astros are finally calling him up. It is still unknown who will be sent down to make room for him on the roster.



Alright a lot has happened since i last updated the blog. Its been a while because my computer was broken so sorry i haven't made any new post latley. Since i last updayed the Astros resigned Clemens in june and at the all star break made a trade to get Aubrey Huff from Tampa Bay. I like the trade to get Huff but I still don't like giving up Zobrist to do it. By the way since Tampa Bay trade julio Lugo to the Dodgers Zobrist was called up this past week to start at shortstop. The month of July was not good to the Astros as they almost fell out of the race. But in the past week with the Astros winning the series at San Diego and the Cards an d reds struggling the Astros have managed to stay in the race. They are six games out of the division and four out of the wild card.
Luke Scott was called up recently and is really hitting good and even hit for the cycle. with Berkman now back in the lineup Scott has been starting in place of Wilson. Matt Albers who was recently called up from AA was sent back down after his bad outing in SD and Nieve was called back up. Nieve will prbally continue to work in relief roles as he had been doing in Round Rock since he was sent down. The Astros have an off day on Monday an will probally skip the fifth starter untill the next time one is needed. When they do need a fifth starter the should call up Hirsch who has been dominating at AAA all year and needs to be called up.

Astros get swept and Burke placed on DL


This weekend in colorado the Astros were swept by the Rockies. In game onew Buchholz pitched a very good game but Lidge blew the save in the ninth. The Astros lost the game. Saturday they agian lost and also lost Chris Burke. While playing right field he went back to the wall running full speed and hit the wall injuring his shoulder. It is the same shoulder he injured last September while diving for a catch in centerfield. The Astros placed him on the DL and have called up Joe McEwing from Round Rock to take his place on the roster. The Astros then got beat again today as the Rockies cvompleted the sweep.
Tomorrow the Astros travel to San Fransico to play a make up game from a few weeks ago then will be playing in Los Angeles Tuesday-Thursday. Oswalt will be pitching on Monday. Also trever Miller is currently on a rehab assignment and could be activated this weekend.

Astros lose to Reds


Tonight as the Astros went to Cincinnati and had Roy Oswalt who was 15-0 against the Reds in his career and Lance Berkman who always hits very good in Cincy the game looked like it was going to be an easy win but the game just didn't work out as planned. The game had a lot of runners on base for both teams but a lot of them were left on base. Roy gave up 3 runs during his time in the game then the bullpen came in and gave up a couple more making the lead 5-2 for cincy going to the ninth. Wilson hit a homerun to right in the game. In the top of the ninth former Astro David Weathers gave up a two run homer to Lance to make it a 5-4 game but got the final outs to give the Reds the win. The homer was the 30th forLance in his career against the Reds. Pettitte will go to hill tomorrow for the Astros aginst HarangR

Astros win 2 of 3 from Dodgers


Last night in an exciting game preston Wilson broke out of his slump as he drove in two runs and scored another. The game went to 14 innings and was the longest regular season game in MMp history. The game ended when Wilson hit a sac fly to drive in the winning run. Early in the game Adam Everett was hit by a pitch on his hand and he left the game. X-rays showed that there was no broken bones and he is day to day. Brad Ausmus was ejected from the game in the ninth inning.
Tonight the Astros took the field trying to win the series with Wandy on the hill. Wandy had another really good game once agian. He pitched seven innings and only gave up 2 runs as he earned his 4th win of the year. Lance Berkman went deep as the astros scored 8 runs off the Dodgers in an 8-5 win.The Astros record is now 15-6.
The Astros will now head out on the road going first to Cincinnati for a series starting on Friday. In game one of the series Oswalt will face Claussen, game two will be Pettitte and Harang, and the third game will be Buchholz and Elizardo Ramirez. The reds are currently only a half game behind thwee Astros for first place. But they likely will be much further behind the Astros after the weekend is over. Oswalt has a=had a lot of success against the Reds and Berkman loves to hit off the Reds pitchers in Cincinnati so look for those two to have really good games this weekend.

Astros lose as Lidge blows a save


The Astros began thier series tonight with the Dodgers, Pettitte pitched a good game going 7 innings and gave up only one run. The Astros scored a run early on a Asmus rbi double. They game was very close the whole time. The Dodgers tied up the game at 1 in the seventh. Lance Berkman broke the tie in the eight with a homerun to left center. Lidge came in in the ninth with a one run lead and gave up a leadoff triple to Lofton and followed that with two walks. Nomar came to the plate with the bases loaded and only one out and took Lidge deep for a grand slam giving the Dodgers a 5-2 lead. The Astros record now stands at 13-6.

Astros sweep Pirates


The Astros completed a sweep of the Pirates today as Roy Oswalt got his fourth win of the season. Biggio leadoff the game by hitting a leadoff homer and finished the day with 4 hits and was a triple shy of the cycle. Ensberg hit his 9th homer, he has now hit a homerun in 7 of his last 8 games. Roy pitched 7 innings giving up 1 run on six hits and struck out seven. The Astros now improve thier record to 13-5.
In the next series the Los Angeles Dodgers will be coming into MMP. Pettitte will go against Lowe, Nieve agaist Penny, and Wandy will be facing Perez.