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An account of the Chicago Cubs with some random pop culture thoughts.

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Nan has a Cello website


Nan Kemberling has a website, so if you need a teacher for cello lessons in Atlanta, she's the perfect choice. Go Cubs!


HopeThey say hope springs eternal, but for most of the last two years I've had precisely no hope for the Cubs to contend. Finally, somewhere between Zambrano's win over St. Louis and this tidbit from Peter Gammons..."Then there's the matter of plate discipline and on-base percentage. After one frustrating loss in April, Piniella went into the clubhouse and yelled, 'There's nothing wrong with


OverreactingThe Cubs mailing list I subscribed to had a little argument the other day about a Baseball Prospectus article (possibly this one although it's hard to tell since I'm not a subscriber.) Joe Sheehan was arguing that Cubs' problems are greatly overstated, and he predicted they'll be leading the Central by the All-Star break. He was met with derision on my list, which is understandable


Cubs look for heavenly intervention OK, losing all these openers is getting annoying. But, if you remeber back to 2002 the Angels lost the opening game of all three rounds of the playoffs yet eventually brought home the world series title. We are months away from even thinking about this scenerio, but we also have to remember that even though openers feel like they have more magnitude they are


Nice win Wade Miller's 2007 debut is not one he will likely want to remember 6 earned runs in 4 innings. The Brewers got those 6 runs before the Cubs even put a crooked number on the board. But, the Cubs had some fight in them scoring 4 runs in the 6th inning to set up the most pivotal moment of the game.With the score 6-4 the Cubs got the first two runners of the 8th inning on base


Q BloggingI have no clue how this will look since I am trying to blog from a smartphone. Nice win today and a few moments that could be deemed most important. Aramis' homer is probably the most obvious, but I am going for something else.For me and hopefully to carry over the rest of the season, Dempster's 9th inning was the most important thing. He threw strikes and whiffed the last two on


Impatience is not history's friend Continuing on my theme of pointing out what I feel to be the most interesting, impactful moment of the game I am going to again go to something subtle. Obviously Rich Hill was fantastic last night and the bats scored enough in the first to support him leading to an easy win.Hill was so good though that he was flirting with destiny. He retired the first 15


Yuck I could pick a few pivotal moments in the game where the Cubs messed this one up. I just hope that they don't decide to waste too many more good performances from the back portion of the rotation. Marquis deserved better - the whole team deserved better. But, bad fundamentals, a crappy bullpen and horrible situational hitting will sink a team every time. I just hope they get them all of


Make the other guy make a decision Read any books about poker and the headline is a common theme. The best players apply pressure to their opponents forcing them to make decisions. Making more decisions gives people more chances to make a big error. Personally, I have a friend I play with that I can tell within five minutes if he is having a good decision day. If not, I play ultra


Discovery of new superstitions My wife and I moved to Cincinnati shortly after our marriage almost 6 years ago. In that time I have been fortunate enough to have the Cubs open their season here 4 times. I have now managed to attend all of them.My overall record is 2-2. The two wins occurred when attending either by myself or with my dad. The losses happened when attending with Scott or my


Opening DayIt's Opening Day, the greatest day of the year. I had planned to go to class today, breaking a long string of enjoying the Cubs' first game of the year. In college I would skip class to watch a full slate of games. Right after graduation, I had to wake up at 4am to catch the Cubs and Mets from Japan (fortunately I don't have to mention Benny Agbayani in this post because that


Cubs HBO Documentary Drinking GameAs you may have noticed, updates have been non-existent this summer. I'm simply out of things to say about the Cubs management from Hendry on up. On any given day, the most relevant news to our chances of winning a World Series are on the business page where we see if the Tribune is coming any closer to selling the team.That said, I'm planning to get some fun


Gut und Evil (I dont know "evil" in German)Two fans from the US/Ghana game Thursdaz. Guess which one I blame for the loss?


Dufresne shuts down CubsWho the heck is Dufresne? Well that was Tim Robbins character in one of my favorite movies of all time - The Shawshank Redemption. Why does Astros starter Andy Pettitte remind me of him? Well he is able to crawl through 500 yards of foul smelling sewage and come out clean on the other side.For my memory I cannot come up with another pitcher that consistently wins


The Sound of Silence With a headline like that one might expect the first line to be "Hello Darkness my Old Friend", but there is no darkness in Cub-land today - well minus the record, the injuries, the manager and the presence of Neifi. After dropping the first game of a four game set to the Redlegs in uninspired, apathetic fashion the Cubs came roaring back to win the final three.What does


RoadtripTuesday the Cubs lost, scored one run, and drafted a toolsy project outfielder considered by most a reach at #13 overall. The good news is, I'm leaving for Germany tomorrow, and I think the EU stand against torture includes a prohibition on televising Cubs games. If it doesn't, it should.If you're curious what I'm up to over there, visit the aptly named Scott's World Cup Blog. There's


The Cubs get swept and I don't careWell, I do care, but to some extent its out of sight, out of mind for me. I'm spending the week in Nashville, Tennessee, where I attended last night's US/Morocco game. The US team's performance was beyond frustrating. They dominated posession through most of the game, turning up the pressure in the final minutes to create a series of golden opportunities.


Trying to repress the hateI don't want to be a one-note hater, but damn if this franchise doesn't spend every single day trying to come up with new ways to make me hate them. Last night I sat down to write about the Cubs signing of Tony Freaking Womack. I wanted to write something honest yet not a pure hatchet job, but the absurdity of this team signing that player was just too great. There's


Subconsciously Facing the Truth When the Indianapolis Colts played the New England Patriots this season the Pats head coach made some rather strange moves. He chose to go for it on 4th down early in the game when a punt was clearly in order. He tried a trick on-side kick at another point. Media speculation the next day was that a beat up and overmatched Patriots "knew" they could not hang


That's not the point... As most of Cubs Nation calls for Dusty's head on a plate the offday produced a slew of stories in the Chicago papers about Dusty's future and about the Cubs struggles in general. The Tribune had an interview with Jim Hendry in which he addressed trading for another player while Lee is out.We've tried to [trade]. You can't force things. We're always trying to be


Its just awfulThose were the words of my Chicago grandmother on the phone tonight when I asked her if she'd been watching the Cubs. The Cubs were National League champions when she was born, but the intervening years have not been as kind. I'm not going to claim the last two weeks have set a new low, but even our Cubs haven't been this dismal too often. Today was the twelth loss in thirteen


HA HA HA HA HAI just read this story from the San Fran Chron. Apparently, Dusty is "mildly annoyed" that the Cubs haven't extended him. In fairness, Dusty denied saying it, and actually volunteered that he shouldnt be getting an extension now anyway:"At this point, when you're losing, you can't be annoyed about nothing but losing. How do you expect to be offered a contract when the team just


The Damage is DoneFor the first time since April, the Cubs looked like a major league baseball team last night. Carlos Zambrano was dominant, the offense pounded out eight runs on eight hits, we held Bonds at 713 and won the game 8-1. Too little, too late.Here's a list of things that happened during the worst stretch of hitting in franchise history:The Cubs went 1-10.The Cubs scored thirteen


Things I am sick of seeing The '06 version of the Cubs has been marred by injury, bad play, poor managing and well everything that marred the '05 Cubs. Right now they are in a true tail spin. They have lost 8 in a row, 9 of the last 10 and 18 of the last 32 (OK, the last one is just silly, but if you are going to frame "streaks" around imaginary boundaries why not use the beginning of the


New lowsI just updated the world's saddest post at Gonfalon. If you haven't looked, it basically says that this years Cubs have set or tied the franchise record for fewest runs scored over a five-game span, a six-game span, 7, 8, 9, 10, and now an eleven-game span. For a while '06 was running neck and neck with a particularly ugly June of 1963, but the cream is really rising to the top now as