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Ky Cubs Fan

Updated: 2014-10-02T23:17:53.922-07:00


Back from the, not the Cubs.


Had to take a different position in my job that didn't allow me to get on a computer as often as I liked. I found the site "" and it got me fired up enough to try and get back on the ball about posting semi-regularly. Hey I also just spent 3 days on the north side hanging out at Wrigley and some cool watering holes around town. That's enough to get anyone started back into blogging.

What is going on in Chicago?


The Rooftop Report has a nice observation about some bad blood between The Tribune Comapany and City of Chicago. Maybe the Big Wigs in City Hall are Sox fans. This sounds like it could be a long pain in the ass kind of stand-off. No matter, Cubbies are taking their frustrations out on the Stros at the moment. Right now how can anybody say moving So-So was a bad move? Who got in Dusty's ear and got to change the juggle the line-up? It seems that for the moment everyone is pretty comfortable where they are. Patterson 1 for 5, HR, 2RBIs. Lee 2 for 4, 1RBI, 2B. Nomar 2 for 3, 2RBIs, HR. Alou 1 for 5, RBI, HR. So-So 1 for 5, RBI, HR. Grud 4 for 5, 2RBI, 2HR. Barrett 2 for 4, RBI. WOW! Looks like change is just what these guys needed. Munro isn't the best pitcher going right now,but hey we needed a little shot in the arm. Brandon Backe is scheduled to take the mound on Saturday. He's coming back up from New Orleans to fill Pettitte's spot. Let's give him a great big welcome back and score a W

Change is good


What is wrong with the line up now? I don't see anything. So-So did a great job Thursday going 2 for 4 with 1 RBI and 1 HR. That is literally on fire for him lately. Goodwin starts instead of Patterson and goes 2 for 3, a double, 1 stolen base and 3 RBIs. Hey, I said it before I'm a Cub fan, not a Patterson or a So-So fan, I want ALL the Cubs in the playoffs. 1-8 hitters go 11 for 27...1-8 hitters got on the ball this game. All this against a Lefty. The Cubs have got decide before the playoffs, are they going to hit lefties or not? This guys are too good to keep this back and forth with the lefties. Now, what does Dusty do with the line up. Change it some more, or leave it the way it played Thursday? It think he needs to go with a line up can obviously hit left handers, tweak it a little for the right handers and go with it. Keep So-So where he is for now, it can't hurt and its already better than where he was.

Do the Cubs even deserve the wild card?


First a little humor, to ease the pain of the last couple of days. Why won't So-So eat at White Castle? Because all they serve are sliders! Ohh, that was great, whew, let me catch my breath before I continue. At this point I'm not sure the Cubbies deserve to be the wild card. They move Patterson to lead off, it worked pretty well, so why won't they open their eyes and move some other players? 1-3 hitters are getting on base, So-So is not getting them in. You can say it anyway you want but he is not getting the job done. When I saw the last couple of games, I was ready to burn the keyboard up on bad mouthing Sammy. Now, I have to rethink it. Yeah, he is bombing at the plate, but is it his fault, or should some of the blame be put on Dusty? Shouldn't he have the coconuts to shake up the batting order to capitalize on Nomar and Patterson doing their job. Also, is there something wrong with So-So? He really looks lost in the box. His swings on breaking balls away are down right terrible. He doesn't attempt to get the base hit, he is swinging for some big HR, and right now I don't think he can do it. Is it his timing, or body mechanics or is he just not seeing the ball? This is another place where Dusty needs to step in and do/say something. If So-So is too vain or too big of a superstar to listen then tough nuts. So-So doesn't knock in ONE run on Sunday! RBI: C Patterson 2 (50), N Garciaparra (7), M Barrett (52), R Martinez (25). This problem needs to be corrected by SOMEONE! Granted the Cubs in general are not getting the job done but the guys that are supposed to get on base are doing a hell of alot better than the guy that supposed to get them in! Alou blowing up on Sunday, who is surprised? I think he has always been that kind of player and the Cubs let that outburst cost them a win. You are not going to be a wild card team and defiantly not going to win a NLCS if you don't adjust and overcome these type of obstacles. Everybody needs to get over Sammy's ego, make the needed adjustments, and get this wild card.

What was that?


I don't know. I really thought we could put a butt whipping on the Padres. I think this says it, about this game and this season; HR: N Garciaparra (1, 4th inning off Eaton 0 on, 0 out), S Sosa (25, 2nd inning off Eaton 0 on, 0 out), M Alou (27, 2nd inning off Eaton 0 on, 0 out), D Lee 2 (24, 4th inning off Eaton 0 on, 2 outs, 9th inning off Hoffman 0 on, 0 out) Five HRs with NO-ONE ON BASE. Play small ball, when they do that they win. Patterson goes 2 for 5 with a double. Not great, unless you are on a team that goes a combined 8 for 36. What about Lee? 2 for 4, of course they were both solo home runs. He was big winner tonight with 2 RBIs. I'm afraid to say anything about game 2 with the Padres, so I will wait until after the game and see what unfolds.

Cubs vs Padres, Wild Card Race


As much as I love Patterson, I'm there for the team and the win. Looking at the Fox preview for the 1st game between Cubs and SD I noticed some interesting facts..2B Todd Walker is 8-for-15 (.533) against Eaton, and this one about So-So...the Cubs slugger is hitless in a season-high 15 straight 15 at-bats, striking out seven times. Sosa hasn't gone five consecutive games without a homer, let alone a hit, since July 4-9. I'm saying this because I think you have to do what's good for the team. Walker owns Eaton, pull Patterson and start him. So-So is in a slump(that's an awfully pretty word for what he is doing) so he adjusts or he sits down. We want to do what gets the Cubs in the play-offs not doing what doesn't hurt So-So's feelings. I don't think Eaton is looking forward to tonight's game..the last time he saw the Cubs he gave up seven runs and nine hits - including three homers - in five innings of a 7-5 defeat. He is 4-0 on the road with a 2.42 ERA since May 26 though so we still need to be careful. The last time So-So faced SD with Eaton on the hill, Sammy does a fairly respectable job, 2 for 4 with 1 run, 1 HR and 2 RBI. This is an important game, hell they all are this point in the race, they need to get fired up, focused and put some distance between them and the rest of Wild Card.

Maddux gets 300


Maddux gets his 300th. I know this is late but I've been busy and haven't got to get to the keyboard. Way to go Greg!!. Cubs drop one on Sunday. 1-4 hitters go 3 for 15. Holy Cow! Do they get a seeing-eye to lead them to the plate? This is terrible. 5-8 go 5 for 13. A little better, but the 5-8 always seem to get the bat on the ball. If the 1-4 aren't getting on base though, it doesn't matter. Now for the big suprised, they were facing a lefty. Man oh man, they have got to adjust, and not for 1 or 2 games at a time. The last 8 games, he goes 4 for 31, 1 double, 0 triples, 2 HR, and 5 RBIs. 10 SO and only 2 walks. Who is this Great Giant of Offense that contributes so much to our Beloved Cubbies. Sammy "SO-SO" Sosa. May 7 his avg was .303, May 15th and June 19, he reached .291 and since then it has been 2 steps down, 1 step up and the last 3 games have been; .269,.265,.262. This is not a Bash Sammy Band Wagon that I have just jumped on, I have thought they needed to trade Sammy for the last couple of years. He should have been traded when he was something everyone else wanted so we could have got something big in return. Now, we couldn't get squat. The last three years his fielding % has declined, .982, .980, .977. I just think that this isn't a "slump", I think he is on his way down. NOW! I don't think what he has done for the Cubs should be dismissed OR he should be just dumped like damaged goods. I have alot of respect and gratitude for him. I saying that when its time to go its time to go. He is pulling alot now days, he can't hit a lefty, if sitting him down means letting someone that can hit the lefty, then, hey! Do it. I afraid Sammy is going to turn into another Barry Larkin. Just hanging on when its way past time to let go, and the team suffers for it. The time to work someone into his spot is now, not when he can't help mold that someone. I still like Patterson leading off. Granted he's probably not Lou Brock but, I think he can develop into a genuine threat. Adam Eaton takes the mound Tuesday against Prior. He's a righty and his last two outings have not been something to sing about. Aug 4 vs the Phillies he last 5 innings, 8 hits and 7 runs. July 30 vs Dodgers he goes a whole 3.2 innings, 9 hits and 7 runs. Lets hope the Cubs put it on him that fast and Prior can keep them guessing.

Pitching Update


ESPN says late Thursday that Jason Schmidt is now the starter for Friday. Still a RHP. No problem, Cubs are rolling.

The Cubs Git-R-Done!


How's that for turning up the heat on that wild card? The Cubs sweep, that's right sweep the Rockies at Coors Field. Stoney says that is a first. Wood look good, Prior looked great, he's 4-0 with a 1.29 ERA against the Rockies, and the bats were smoking. 1-4 hitters go 1 for 16. But wow, look at the 5-8 hitters they go 7 for 19. That's the way to pick up the slack. So-So makes the error that gives the Rockies their only run. I didn't see the play but it still gives me some info to use to pick on So-So. After Patterson finally turned it around, the one AB I get to see him at, he swings at three terrible pitches. I have always liked Patterson, and I really like him in the lead off spot. His slugging % has gone from .430 to .439 and his OBP from a .321 to .330 since moving to the lead off spot. Ivy Chat says he has never been a Corey fan but he's starting to come around and likes the way things are going now. I agree, I'm telling you, Corey at lead off and Nomar hitting second is going to do great things for us. They are the key! The press is STILL bad-mouthing Nomar! What's the problem with these guys. Is there something there we should know or be worried about? I don't think so, I still say it just sore loser syndrome. Man, swept the Rockies at home! That rocks so hard! Now on to San Francisco facing RHP Tyler Walker. The Cubs haven't faced the Giants, but they handle RHP pretty well. Matt Clement doesn't have to worry about moving anymore, so let's get focused and put some distance between us and the rest of the wild card.

Who's afraid of left handed pitchers?


Not the Cubs! Was that 11 that batted in the second? And what about Mr. Wood? 3 hits in the first, and then 3 over the next 7. Thats pretty dang good. That fast ball was smoking and the slider was biting. I hate to say it, but are we over the southpaw slump? If we are, the Cubs are going to roll. Putting Patterson in the lead-off is I think the best move Baker has made. That and getting Nomar appeared to have fired these guys up. Patterson goes 4 for 20 July 26-August 3. The last 2 games as lead-off, 3 for 8. This will be my last comment about this...while looking for some stats, I found yet another article slamming Nomar. Keven Hench from Fox Sports makes Nomar out to be Snidley Whiplash. He says that Manny got over being treated bad in the off season but Nomar..."meanwhile, looked like an Enron exec in front of Congress, indignant, hostile and wishing he were anywhere else." He also questions Nomar's support of his teammates...Get on with your life Boston Cry-Babies. He's gone, instead of bitching about how bad he was and being pissed off about it. You BoSox fans are acting like a little high school princess that got dumped the day before the prom! Why didn't you try harder to make him happy. Time will tell but I think Nomar will be happier and more productive in Chicago. Maybe the BoSox are worried that what happened when they got rid of the Babe will happened with Nomar.

Cubs and The Rockies


The left handed pitching isn't hurting the Cubs as much as Coors Field is right now. Cubs go down 3-0 after the 1st. Fassero duels it out with Wood, heres hoping Wood can out last Coors Field, and the rest of the team can out last the lefty. The Cub Reporter has a great line on the matchup. Of course I don't know how to put a link to his page, so you'll just have to take my word for it. Now, lets sit back and watch The Cubs Crush Colorado.

I don't think we're in Boston anymore Nomar


Here are are some things some of my relatives have said in the past. Great-great grand-pappy J D..."Trust me Chris, the world is flat." Great grand-pappy JD..."I'm telling you Mr. Bell, no-one is going to talk into that thing when they can just use the telegraph." Grand-pappy JD..."Man will walk on the moon when monkeys fly outa my butt." Last but not least..JD(me)..."Nomar is not coming to Chicago." Oh yeah, and this one..."Maddux will get his 300th on his first try." Dang, when will I learn? Why, why, why, did I believe what the CEO of the Sox and the Boston Globe said about the trade? Oh well, that's the way it goes. I am so pumped about Nomar coming over here, I think he might be the missing piece to our wild-card puzzle. And we get to keep Clement! Does this rock or what? Now its our turn to kick a little ass. Lets crush some southpaws guys. Now about that fish wrap in Boston. The Globe now says that Nomar was dragging the BoSox down like a stone and now they can more or less play up to their potential now that he's gone. Wow, thanks for the memories and the great send off. That bites! I guess when you lose something you really wished would stay you do get a little ticked. You know the "I didn't want you to stay anyway, so just go ahead and leave!" attitude. Lets hope that Nomar ends our goat curse and just for all you sore losers in Beantown, starts the new NoMor NoMar Curse. Byha Ha Ha.

Someone finally answered the wake-up call


Well, this is what you expect from a bunch of hitters that are picked to win the NL. Bottom of the 7th and the 1,2,3,4 hitters are 6 for 16. Yes, that was a lefty throwing for the first 5 innings. Is this a good sign that the Cubs can handle a southpaw or is it just a fluke. You know the "Even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometime." theory. I like to think it shows that the Cubs can handle the mean ol' lefty. Milton ain't no slouch. 11-2 and on July 25, no-hit the Cubs into the ninth. Then again, the Cubs going o-fer against a left handed hurler isn't that hard to imagine. OK I return to the keypad. Looks like the Cubs pulled it off and won. Prior gives up 4 home runs in 4 1/3 innings. 2 to Abreu and 2 to Burrell. Not counting the HRs (since we won I believe we can) Prior gives up only 5 hits. I found this next bit of info interesting, he had 11 fly balls and 0 grounders. 11 flys, and 4 were HR and no grounders? Sounds like the ball was staying up a little in the zone. 1,2,3,4 go 7 for 20, 1-5 go 8 for 25, and 1-6 go 11 for 29. Thats getting the bat on the ball a little more like it. The issue of trading Clement for Nomar is still creeping around the blogs, and web pages. Some say that if Prior didn't have a good outing then we don't trade Clement. Does tonight count for a good outing? I think so, I can only go by stats I reap from various web sites, but it sounds like Mark had a little problem today and I contribute that to simply being his first outing after being gone for awhile. His next start will determine more, of course that will be too late, so trade Clement now for someone that can hit left handed hurlers. Prior will be there for us. OK. Tomorrow its Millwood and Clement. Millwood is a righty. YEAY, the Cubs do like their right handed pitchers. I do see one problem, with all the trade talks, I am worried that Clement might stumble,....bad. Its hard enough to throw at that level without having to worry about filling out your change of address cards. I hope I'm wrong but.... Now for some help, I am new to this and I have always been a baseball fan but I have never been a big stat cruncher. Doing this blog has really opened my eyes to the wonderful world of stats and it is a blast. It makes the game even more interesting. So, if some of my info is wrong or if I make a big deal out of some numbers that really don't amount to a hill of beans let me know. Thanks. Done!

Nomar is No more


It looks like The Cubbies are not getting Nomar.   The Boston Globe says that the deal "..ranks on the far side of improbable...".  The Red Sox CEO Lucchino thinks Nomar will still be a part of the BoSox on August 1st.  I am not that surprised but it would have been nice.  Today the boys did a little better, the 1,2,3, and 4 hitters go for a combined 6 for 16 and left 14 on base.  Derek "The Big Red C" stated the Cubs were having a tough time with lefties.  Yesterday they can't buy a hit, today they do quite a bit better.  Sure'nuf yesterday a leftie today a rightie.  I can't believe that is the problem entirely.  This isn't the first time around the block for these guys, and they are the top of the line aren't they?  And this isn't the first week of April, they have seen these pitchers a couple of times, shouldn't they have been able to adjust by now?  "Big C" stated that southpaws rely greatly on the change-up and the Cubs have a trouble with that pitch(where does he get this great info/stats? I got to get them too.)  That is the pitch that supposedly throws the timing off for home run hitters.  A-HA THAT"S THE PROBLEM!!!!  These guys are all swinging for the fences.  Look at all the no-one on base home runs that have been hit.  Look at all the 0'fers our 1,2,3 and 4 guys go.  Dusty needs to get in these guys asses!!  Base hits guys, steals, 2 on with only one out, NATIONAL LEAGUE BALL in other words is what they need to do.   The Phillies come to The Friendly Confines tomorrow and Eric Milton is slated to take the hill.  Lets see.....he a ....LEFTY.   Prior is going for the Cubs lets hope he can keep it under 1-2 runs or we might be headed for another Left Hook KO.    Done!

The Cubs are fading...


Man oh man,  is the wild card even a possiblity now?  Cubs drop another one.  Once again the bats are dead.  These guys have GOT to get some men on base.  It doesn't matter if you can hit home runs if they only get you one run.  From the highlites it appeared Wood was a little flat.  (If that's not the case please correct me.)  The Brew Crew gets 10 hits and has 14 lob.  The Cubs get 5 hits and has 3 lob.  3.  3!  Man what is going on?  When will this slide down a slippery slope come to an end?  Is Nomar the answer?  I like him, I think Clement for him is a good move.  We have GOT to get some pop in our bats.  This is ridiculus.  Macias, Grud, So-so, and Alou go for a combined 1 for 15.  This is the 1-2-3-4 of our line up.  1 for 15.  I think my daughter's softball team's 1,2,3, and 4 hitter could luck up and go 1 for 15 against a pro pitcher.  Dusty has got to get in these guy's rear end.  I think the answer might be in So-So.  Do we need him?  I know I'm not the smartest guy in the baseball world so I have to ask.  Why isn't he on the trading block? Surely we can get something for him.  Cabrera coming to the Cubs?  His numbers do look pretty good but being down here in the south I don't see/hear much about him.  Oh well, last words, get rid of So-So(I know its not possible but its my blog, so what the hell), Dusty, wake your boys up!!! and go get someone to heat up those bats.

Maddux knocks on 300


Today I have heard from no less than 4 media sources on the lack of attention given to Greg Maddux as he approaches his 300th win.  They make comparisons to The Rocket and the attention he was getting.  Why is anyone suprised?  Hasn't Maddux lived his entire baseball career "outa sight, outa mind"?  Can anyone remember ANY scandal involving Maddux?  When it comes to pitching he comes in gets the job done and goes home.  I can't even recall Maddux making a derogatory statement about anyone.  I do recall that he does keep a book on virtually EVERY batter he has faced.  On PTI today they said he was "bookish", its true with the glasses he is very unassuming but so was Clark Kent.  As far as The Rocket, first let me say he is one of my favorite pitchers.......but.... in clutch games/situations, he is a choker.  I say Maddux gets his 300th the first try, then he will probably go home and play Gameboy. 
This is my first blog so I appreciate any suggestions, tips.  Thanks.