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Preview: Coalition of the Darkside

Coalition of the Darkside

Published: 2006-06-09T12:37:19-05:00




"When I blasted her here, she didn't play it out here, she sent me an email complaining....."

I sent you an email because it was the proper way to handle it. Not to get into another one of your public displays of ridiculous anger. I tried to tell you what was going on on my end, but you wrote me back with one of your patended, nearly unintelligible tirades telling me that your problems were worse than mine.

As far as the comments thing, this particular part of the blog was targeted by spammers. The ASV part of the blog no longer exists, so it wouldn't get spam. Comments are closed on the American Idol blog as well. So once again, you are talking out of your ass.

I find it kind of odd that you would be sitting here in MY space, the space I own and pay for, blasting me. Your arrogance, insolence, immaturity and general bad attitude knows no bounds, TC. I've tolerated your shit for a long time. You have no idea how to talk to someone like an adult. Everything with you is all drama and tirade. This is a fucking website. About a baseball team. If things in your life are so fucked up as you lead me to believe, maybe you should spend less time going into convulsive fits about me abandoning you and more time fixing your other shit.

You wanted this brought public? You got it. I wanted to handle this in email. You wanted otherwise. I wanted to handle this in a friendly, understanding, grown up kind of way. You, as always, wanted otherwise. You are a fucking drama queen with an anger management problem, TC. Grow up.

This blog is done. All authors have been deleted. Go play in your own damn playground. Don't fucking insult me in my own home. Everyone else, sorry it had to come to this, but blame the guy who preferred to act like a freaking two year old instead of just simply sending an email.

I Told You All


Michele's written this joint off.

Look at her new deal... not a word this joint exists. When I blasted her here, she didn't play it out here, she sent me an email complaining.....

As far as I can see, she's using the same hosting service, with one would expect same filters, so why does the comments get killed here but not in her "punk"/car new thing?

She's acting like a Met. She should be stripped of her "15" shirts.

She got bored and took a walk.

Comments Are Down


After many days of seeing no comments on this site, it occurred to me that they might be down. Indeed, they are. I tried to leave a comment on TC's latest post and can't. Is there anyone besides Michele who can fix this? She seems to have abandoned us, so I'm not counting on her to notice. Otherwise, TC, we've gotta migrate over to your new site. But that ain't happening unless you grant us access. I see Ric can post, but I can't.



They've already postponed tonight's game, and it's not even raining. Maybe there will be a torrential downpour later on, but who knows? What’s with this canceling games hours before they're played. Weather forecasters are known to be wrong sometimes. Wait until the start of the game. If it's raining and keeps raining, postpone the game. If it's not raining, start the game and take your chances. Sure, you might waste your starter, but then again, you might not. Bogus!

Crackhead Alert!


Who stole this asshat's meds?
Curt Schilling believes Joe Torre is a Manager of the Year candidate for coordinating the walk-in clinic that the Yankee clubhouse has become. Yet the Boston ace threw in one caveat yesterday: The Red Sox are pretty banged-up, too.

"We're in the same boat," Schilling said before the Yankees' 13-5 victory last night. "We might not have as many people on the disabled list, but we're just as beat up as anybody - if not more so - than anybody in the big leagues.

"We're not on the level of the Yankees as far as the amount of significant injuries, but we're almost doing the same thing. You look at their bullpen and what they're doing to get to Mo (Rivera), and you look at (Boston rookie relievers Manny) Delcarmen and (Jermaine) Van Buren, these kids coming up from Triple A are throwing big innings."
No, numbnuts. You would need to lose Manny and, say, Trot Nixon for the foreseeable future before you were even close to the Yankee's "boat."

And what's up with this "sucking up to Torre" schtick? Is his contract up after this season and he wants to follow Cleaned Up Caveman?

Enough Already


The word great is one of the most overused and misused words in sports. Let's understand something. The Mets-Giants game today is exciting. It's not "great" as the announcer just said. Great are games 4, 5, and 7 of the 2001 World Series. Great is game 7 in the 2003 ALCS. Johnny Damon flagging down a shot in the gap in May is not a great catch. Aaron Rowand breaking his nose against the wall is not a great play. Derek Jeter's dive into the stands, Derek Jeter's flip, Willie May's catch in the 1954 World Series. Those are great plays. Got it? Great, err, good.

Uh-Oh Whew!


Jeter just got plunked on the right hand and was taken out of the game. The pitch may have gotten his wrist. Gulp!

Update: Everyone exhale. Just a bruised right thumb. X-rays negative. Day-to-day.

Small Ball


Another putrid performance from Aaron Small. Looks like he was a 1-year wonder. Question is whether Small is nuked when Chacon returns.

Yanks Should Stand Pat


Newsday is floating the idea of the Yankees landing Ken Griffey, Jr. to fill their corner outfield need. I say no. They don't need another high-priced veteran. Melky Cabrera and Bernie Williams are doing just fine, thank you, and are more than adequate fill ins, even if needed for the rest of the season. Don't waste the money, don't waste whatever talent the Reds would want for Griffey, no matter how little. Beyond Leche and Bernie, the Yanks also have plenty of big bats still in the line-up. Damon, Jeter, A-Rod, Giambi, Posada, and Cano. We don't need another stinking All-Star. Where the Yanks need to make a move is with the starting pitching. The rotation is thin. Hopefully they can cobble something together for a top starter.

Derek's the Man


Fresh off his hand injury, Derek Jeter was back in the line-up last night with two key RBIs, including the game winner. In order, the Yankees I want up in clutch situations: Sheffield, Matsui, Jeter, and Cairo. In order, the Yankees I don't want up in clutch situations: A-Rod, A-Rod, A-Rod, and A-Rod. Though A-Rod is on a hot streak and faring better in key spots.

He's Back


Jeffrey Maier - we all remember him - is a legit college baseball player and could be drafted by his dream team, the Yankees, in this week's draft. Though he's not touted as a major leaguer, imagine the irony if he winds up on the same field as Derek Jeter.

Yo TC!


What's up with the Darth Boss George Brigade? We want access baby!

Living Up to the Hype


It took some time, but Corey Patterson is finally living up to his potential. Traded to the Orioles from the Cubs after four up-and-down seasons - he also played part-time in 2000 and 2001 - the 26-year-old centerfielder is posting some nice numbers. He's batting around .290 with 7 homeruns, 21 RBIs, 29 runs scored, and 21 stolen bases. I've always liked Patterson and felt that the Cubs had a trade for Carlos Beltran in 2004 for a package that included Patterson and a third-base prospect whose name I no longer remember. It would have been a good trade for both teams. Instead, the Cubs lost patience with Patterson, swung a trade for Juan Pierre, dealt Patterson for two minor leaguers, and are now paying the price. Pierre has been awful this season. Should have. Would have. Could have.

Got Melk?


Melky Cabrera just saved Jaret Wright's bacon with a perfect peg to nail Javy Lopez at home and save a run. The more I see of Leche ("milk" in Spanish) the more I believe he's going to be an All-Star. He's a four-tool player. He can run, field, throw - he's now tied for the league lead in outfield assists with six - and hit for average but not power. At least not yet. He seems 100% comfortable, far different from his shaky and nervous debut last year. He acts and plays as if he belongs in the majors, and he does belong. The Yankees have developed two teriffic position players in him and Cano. I don't want to see either of them traded for anyone. Period.

The List Grows


Every day it seems that someone on the Yankees goes down. The other night the entire starting outfield was out. Sheffield is now on the DL for possibly the reason of the season, Mo missed last night's game, Jeter has a jammed hand, Damon has a bad foot, and on and on. Top it with a starting rotation that's only one deep - they've got Moose and no one else - and it's a miracle that they keep winning.

Let's see who's in the line-up tonight. Ok, Damon is playing, Jeter is back in and now batting third with Sheffield out, but A-Rod and Posada are out. What's up with that? Has Posada's injury worsened? Why in the world would A-Rod be out? Anyone have any idea why?

Don't know about you, but I'm not putting much stock in this season. I'll keep watching or listening, and I'll keep rooting, but I'd be shocked if the Yankees win this season.

Update: A-Rod had a stomach virus and could miss Saturday's game, too.