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Preview: Second Home: Yankee Stadium

Second Home: Yankee Stadium

Information for the Die Hard Yankee Fans!!!

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Abreu to Yanks


I dont like this trade one bit. I dont want to lose proctor or steve white or cj wilson. I like Abreu's GG and OBP but Cory Lidle or Jon Lieber...Lieber sucks now and Lidle is a almost 5.00 ERA in the NL....I still say wait it out for matsui cano and sheff to come back...Our guys are fighting hard and dont need anymore hitters

Sitting here ....


It is 11pm and the Yankees game isnt over yet...My opinion is that Arod should only go after a pitch he knows he can drive...if not...walk and let jeter try...if not...extra innings...

Trade Rumors


Jose Guillen... .277 thanks
Shawn Green.... too thanks
Soriano.... still cant forgive him for his terrible hitting in clutch thanks
Abreu... lost his power swing... would only take him if it didnt cost too much in prospects

Keep Melky, Cano, Hughes, Tabata, Wang, clippard, desalvo....the rest can be sent out...



In the grand scheme of Randy Johnson's career, Monday's win over the Tigers will be nothing more than one of his 300 or so victories.For the 2006 Yankees, however, it may be a turning point in the 42-year-old's season.After getting hit for four or more runs in each of his last six starts, Johnson threw six shutout innings against the Tigers, who entered the game with the best record in the Majors. The Yankees came away with a 4-0 win at Comerica Park, as New York won its third consecutive game and five of the last six."He set the tone today," said manager Joe Torre. "He went out there, threw a lot of strikes and got a lot of people out early. I think he felt pretty good about himself."Johnson, who allowed two hits, carried a no-hitter into the sixth before giving up a two-out single to Ivan Rodriguez. The win was No. 270 in his career, tying him with Burleigh Grimes for 31st place on the all-time list."One good game doesn't make a whole year, but five or six bad games don't make a year, either," Johnson said. "It doesn't mean I'm done and doesn't mean I've had a bad year. Today was a nice game.""Let's face it, he's Randy Johnson," Brandon Inge said. "He's been around a while. He knows how to make adjustments. He's still a great pitcher, and he proved it today."Four different Yankees hitters drove in runs against starter Jeremy Bonderman, who pitched into the eighth inning.Although he allowed five runs in five innings against Boston last Wednesday, Johnson finished that outing by retiring nine of the final 10 batters he faced. Monday, the southpaw picked up right where he left off, sitting down the first eight hitters in Detroit's all right-handed lineup."He was pretty confident going into this start," Torre said. "This was building on what he did in Boston. I was anxious for this start today, because I wanted to see if he could carry over what he started there."The Yankees gave him some runs to work with in the third, getting RBIs by Johnny Damon and Derek Jeter to put New York on top, 2-0. After walking Inge and Placido Polanco with two outs in the third, Johnson recovered, retiring Marcus Thames to end the inning.The Yankees added to the lead in the fifth, getting RBI singles by Alex Rodriguez and Jorge Posada to make it a 4-0 game. "I was pleased that, knowing we had a good pitcher going against us, that we didn't try to get too big," Torre said. "We took what they gave us. We were aggressive, yet patient."Johnson retired the side in order in the fourth and fifth, carrying a no-hitter into the sixth. Miguel Cairo, playing shortstop after Jeter left the game with a mild sprain of his right hand in the bottom of the fifth, made a nice grab of a hot liner for the first out. A-Rod followed with a tremendous play on Polanco's hard grounder, keeping the no-no alive.After Johnson walked Thames, Rodriguez broke up the no-hitter with a single to right field on Johnson's 83rd pitch. Johnson struck out Magglio Ordonez to end the frame, keeping the shutout alive."The mechanical stuff seemed to fall in place today," Torre said. "I didn't see any frustration other than when he walked a couple of guys. We couldn't be more pleased."Although Johnson called Monday's 92-degree heat "perfect" weather, Torre said that the pitcher was feeling "woozy" before the seventh inning. Torre sent him back out to the mound on a batter-by-batter basis, but Carlos Guillen led off the inning with double, bringing Johnson's day to an end after six-plus innings, two hits, three walks and four strikeouts. "I was having fun out there; my location was a lot better, the quality of my pitches were a lot better," Johnson said. "I'm not going to make a big deal out of it, because I didn't make a big deal about my last four bad games. You move on.""He was doing a lot of things out there," said Posada, who estimated that Johnson threw as many splitters on Monday as he did sliders. "Not trying to think about the past, just looking forward to his outing, he took it upon himself to hav[...]

I was right this time


Wang needs to pitch 8 innings to save the Yankees bullpen...Those words were uttered by me this afternoon to a couple of work friends. I told them that if he gets into the 8th inning, they will probably win. Being right every once in awhile is nice. A hot hitting team like the Rangers hit a buzzsaw and its name was WANG....

Record: 23-15

Tommorrow afternoon: Wright vs Padilla. I will be extremely surprised if we win this one. VERY SURPRISED!



Well....if you read my last post you will see that I said that the Yanks we going to lose the 5-16 game...WOW...I was wrong...Great intestinal fortitude on the part of all Yanks last night. One note that people might not have seen. When Po Po hit the homer both Jeet and Arod jumped over the fence at the same time...Tandem style...if you watch the video on the yankees website you will laught hysterically...Here is a great pic from the game...Instant classic.


Tonight Wang vs Loe

Wang went 8 innings last game out...if he does the same tonight we will have a chance of winning. Hopefully Giambi is back in the lineup...



Moose was awesome...really on top of the Rangers...King just about everybody. Our new acquistion... Farns blew the game for us...

Well...if we ever get consistently good Mo wont have alot of innings in later in the season.

Record 21-15..

I post this watching that Yankees are down 10-5 tonight...looks like 21-16 is coming around the corner..



Randy Johnson showed signs of improvement on Sunday, but not enough to walk out of Yankee Stadium a winner.
The veteran left-hander had given up only one home run to a left-handed batter in his previous 48 starts when Mark Kotsay slugged a two-run shot to right in a three-run Oakland first inning.

Jay Payton added a solo shot, his first home run of the season and his first in 54 games, in the sixth to help Oakland end a four-game losing streak with a 6-1 victory over the Yankees before a crowd of 52,587.

Johnson (5-4) had given up 26 runs in his previous five starts. He'd walked 14 batters over that span after walking none in his first three starts.

Johnson struggled in the first inning on Sunday, giving up four of the eight hits the A's got off him over six innings. He walked one and struck out four in a 96-pitch effort.

Mark Ellis led off the game with a single and then bagged one of the three steals the A's had in the game, bringing their season total to eight. Steve Swisher then struck out, but Kotsay lined a home run into the lower stands in right field.

It had been 36 starts since Eric Hinske of the Toronto Blue Jays homered left-handed off Johnson, who has now given up just two long balls to lefties since the start of the 2004 season.

The Yankees had little success solving A's right-hander Dan Haren (3-3).

Jorge Posada's homer to left-center with one out in the second got the Yankees on the board. Haren then retired 13 Yankees in succession before Derek Jeter grounded a single past third base with two out in the sixth.

My opinion:

Scott Erickson will not cut it. Pavano needs to get back...Dotel needs to come back and after reading multiple comments...Crosby and Cabrera arent going to cut it until Gary and Matsui come back. We dont need Abreu/soriano/whoever someone throws out there...we need a mid to late 20's outfielder that hits above .270 or so and has decent defense...remember that we have Sheff back in 2 weeks or so...

As far as Johnson is concerned, people are calling for his head and saying that he needs to go and retire...PEOPLE...he is RANDY JOHNSON! he is still throwing strikes and sliders...its all mechanical....Although the radar gun still clocks Johnson in the low to mid-90s, one American League scout in attendance said those numbers were deceiving. "[Johnson] is trying to prove he can still throw hard every single pitch -- and it's killing his location and it's killing his slider," said the scout.

He will work it out....I am happy about the rest of our pitchers...i have to have faith that Jaret Wright will be fine will going to be a long man and Aaron Small will work a clean inning.

Record: 21-14

Sorry I havent posted in awhile.

I am interested in finding those Louisville Slugger bats for someone I know. Comment on my blog if you know where to find them

Damon gets the brushback


When Johnny Damon signed with the Yankees, he figured his days of hitting against Randy Johnson were behind him.
He was wrong.

Damon was one of four hitters lucky enough to face Johnson during batting practice on Thursday, as pitchers threw to hitters for the first time this spring.

"There's nothing quite like it," Damon said. "It was good to see the best right out of the chute. ... He's the best, and you have to be able to do something against the best to be successful. He's still pretty intimidating when you step in the box against him.

"I'm hoping this was my last time today."

Johnson threw to Damon, Derek Jeter, Gary Sheffield and Wil Nieves, though none of the hitters even bothered to swing at most of the Big Unit's offerings.

"They were working on tracking the ball, but it's nice just to get out there, I guess," said Johnson. "It's hard to evaluate where you're at when they're still early in Spring Training."

"I was watching pitching practice, not hitting practice," said manager Joe Torre. "I feel for them. I'm glad it's them and not me. It's a horrible time for hitters."

When hitting coach Don Mattingly was making out the lists of batting practice groups, he delivered the bad news to Damon that he would be hitting against the five-time Cy Young Award winner.

"I've known Jason [Giambi] longer than you," Mattingly told Damon, "so you have to hit off Randy Johnson."

There were a few moments of excitement, as Johnson brushed Jeter off the plate once, then did the same to Damon.

"I think Randy was getting a little upset that they weren't swinging," said Torre. "He was throwing hard, and he had a couple that were close shaves."

"The problem for me is that I'm pulling for both sides," added the manager. "When you see Randy do what he did today, you like that -- except for the fact that he's pitching against your guys. It's sort of a double-edged sword."

On his third pitch to Damon, Johnson grazed the center fielder's left forearm, though Damon was fine.

"Guys were teasing him, saying he should have done that last year," Damon said. "He did it plenty of times last year. I was never comfortable."

MY TAKE: Unit should be brushing back alot more people this year. AROD should have the same attitude that UNIT does. SCREW EVERYONE!!!! We just want to win...stop being nice to everyone!

My Yankee Weekend....REALLY!!!


So this weekend ending up being a great weekend for being a Yankee fanatic. On friday I ordered my season tickets...BEHIND HOME PLATE!!! Also went to a Rangers/Penguins game and watched the Rangers beat the snot out of the Penguins...Jagr almost had a hat trick in 1 PERIOD!!! But, who was at the game...JOHNNY DAMON...sitting behind the goal...When they showed him...half the crowd booed and half the crowd cheered...YOU GOTTA PROVE YOURSELF JOHNNY DANGEROUS!!!!...I know you will

Then on Sunday I went to Secaucus to meet some Yankee players for autographs..Cloninger, Pettitte, Martinez and Key...I had already meet and gotten an autograph of Tino in Tampa so I didnt go to him at all....I decided to meet Key first...( I decided not to use the picture I took because I found out that people are then using that picture on ebay for authentication of autos)


Jimmy Key, instrumental in the Jays and Yankees World Series of the greatest undervalued pitchers...Before I even met him I was in line waiting for tickets when this "supposed" yankee fan was in front of me with his pitching rubber...he has just went to LAST LICKS(gotta give them a plug because they are ALOT of fun to got to and get autos...send a message if you want more info) and got Mo's auto on the rubber...He made the statement ..." I want to get some Yankee great pitchers on this rubber...I then asked him if he was getting Key and Pettitte...He said "Jimmy Key is a bum....." BUM...I almost knocked him out....I asked him how many months he has been a Yankee fan...he didnt like that very much...WHATEVER....I am 6 foot 4...what was he going to do to me???? Onto Jimmy Key... Probably the one of the nicest guys I have met. Not too many people cared to get his auto so I spoke to him about his career and asked him what he was up to now...He and I talked for about 5 minutes then I went off to get in line for Pettitte... I then forget to get him to inscribe 96 World Champs...He said he would only do it if I could tell him the other year that he also won...I replied with the right answer which suprised him and he obliged....great guy...

(image) freaking huge...even to my standards...He ended up leaving before about 100 people were still left...He had a waiting line of about 500 people. I like the fact that some fans are still loyal to him....Very nice guy...wish I could of spoke to him a little longer...Wanted to know if the Yankees came calling again, would he answer the phone?

No Small Feat


Aaron Small avoided arbitration with a 1.2 million offer from the Yankees.

Small had asked for a raise to $1.45 million when the two sides exchanged arbitration numbers last week. The Yankees countered with $1.025 million.

In addition to his base salary, Small could earn $80,000 in performance bonuses: $15,000 each for 15 and 20 starts, and $25,000 each for 25 and 30 starts.

Small made $149,180 last season after he was brought up from the Minor Leagues on July 17. The most he ever made in a season before this year was $197,500 in 1998.

"It took several conversations," said general manager Brian Cashman. "But anytime you can keep these things out of the arbitration arena, that's preferred."

Small compiled a 10-0 record in the regular season, helping New York capture an eighth consecutive American League East title.

The 34-year-old journeyman started the 2005 season in the Yankees' Minor League system, going 1-4 with a 4.96 ERA in 11 games with Triple-A Columbus. Small was called up after the All-Star break to help fill some holes in the Yankees' banged-up rotation. After making his Yankees debut on July 20, he went back and forth from the bullpen to the rotation, filling in where necessary.

On Sept. 29, Small defeated the Orioles at Camden Yards, completing a perfect 10-0 season. Small became just the fourth pitcher in big league history to win at least 10 games without a loss, joining Tom Zachary, Dennis Lamp and Howie Krist.

In Small's nine starts, the Yankees were 8-1, though he is expected to fill a long-relief role in the bullpen this season if the rest of the rotation is healthy.

The only other Yankees player eligible for arbitration is Shawn Chacon, who earned $2.35 million in 2005. Chacon asked for $4.15 million for the 2006 season, while the Yankees countered with an offer of $3.1 million.


"We got Small settled," said Cashman. "I have Shawn Chacon to focus on now."

Say it ain't so Joe...


After reading this article.....

I was about ready to go down to the Marriott Marquis and beat the heck out of the people that are doing this auction...

THEY ARE SELLING JOE'S 1947 MVP award along with all the World Series rings that he received in 1996.

I don't want anyone to buy these things. They should be in the hall.

I am probably overreacting because I personally think that Joe D. is the greatest Yankee ever and my favorite baseball player.

I know that people would like to own some of these items but I dont think that anyone deserves to have them. Including the family that is now selling it off.

Say it aint so Joe.....

Isn't it sad


I have to say for Met fans that it is really said when this is the picture that is showing all over the AP wire. LET KRIS PITCH THE BALL and let Anna pose topless...dont confuse the two in sports reporting. It is funny how all reports talk mostly about how upset Anna is at the Mets. "I was misled to think of this group as a family" Anna said.

My opinion is that you dont dress the way you did for the Christmas party if you want this to be a "family"

I wish Kris well, with Mazzone's help, he will be very good this year.

Mets got NOTHING out of this deal. Julio can't close a game much less a door...and Maine is young...well see what happens with him



After reading the ESPN article saying that the MLB is going to not have the World Baseball Classic if Cuba is not allowed to be a part of the tournament. I say "Let them cancel the classic"

Here are the reasons why:

1. Players will get hurt.

2. Players will get hurt.

3. Players will get hurt.

Knowing this information, It is just a bad idea to have this Selig formed tournament anyway.

I know what you are thinking....Players ger hurt throughout the season too but this tournament may stop certain players from even competing for the team that they are supposed to be representing.

Jorge Posada= 12 Million a year???


I am definitely a big proponent of paying players what they are worth and even paying certain players a bit more for future considerations.

BUT, after catching 62 games, Posada will begin to make 12 million a year for the next 2 years. LET ME REPEAT THAT...12 million years...for a .260 hitter and 60 RBI's who still doesnt call a great game.

While I am a Jorge fan...he is a great player and has been with us through the beginning stages of our dynasty...paying him what he is worth is like 3-5 million a year range.

Here is an option for the Yankees that hasnt been talked about much.


Season Stats
Season 119 410 45 121 17 0 15 69 0 .295 .336 .446
Career 716 2484 250 678 108 2 65 362 2 .273 .309 .397
Last 7 5 16 3 6 1 0 1 2 0 .375 .444 .625
Projected 120 413 45 122 17 0 15 70 0 .295 .336 .446

Looking at those stats we can platoon both Molina and Posada and have Posada play first when Giambi just the DH.

Molina can also properly catch off speed pitches much better than Posada and he is more durable than PO PO as well.

The New Yankee Stadium



Because I care nothing about the fact that Preston Wilson is going to the Stros and Jeromy Burnitz HATES the O's(which is a bit funny) I decided to write about the new stadium.

This year I finally decided to get my own season tickets for the Yankees. I had been partnering tickets and wanted to have my own. Now,, I have something to pass along to my family. Which I do really enjoy. I think there is nothing better than bringing your son or daughter to go see the best team to ever put on a baseball uniform.

Anyway, This new stadium is exciting to look at. Bringing the new and old together. BUT, I do not like that there are less seats and more skyboxes. George, think about who is there EVERY game, rain sleet or snow? We are, not the so called bigwigs that want to spend 10 grand per game to sit and be hand fed food.

I do hope that they dont invoke a seat license per seat when they move our seats over to the new stadium. $500 per seat just to have the opportunity to purchase your seats is NUTS. I dont think the wife will enjoy with me telling her that the tickets might be a grand more. She is a huge fan as well but there is no way that she will be OK with spending another grand for tickets. Well see what happens.

Enjoy the pics....Hopefully we found out what the Yanks are going to do about 1st base backup. Phillips will not cut it, hitting only fastballs.

Miguel is HOME!!!!


NEW YORK (AP) — Infielder Miguel Cairo and the Yankees reached a preliminary agreement Wednesday on a $1 million, one-year contract.

Cairo's deal is pending a physical, which likely will take place this week.

He was with the Yankees in 2004, winning the starting job at second base during the second half of the season and winding up with a .292 average and 42 RBIs. He wanted to re-sign but the Yankees balked at his contract request last December and instead signed Tony Womack, who lost his job one month into the season and was dealt to Cincinnati this month.

Cairo batted .251 with 19 RBIs for the Mets last season.

He would be a reserve infielder with the Yankees, who have Robinson Cano returning at second base.

My thoughts: Cairo came up with a huge offer to the Yankees after the 2004 season and they said NO, but now because he wants to win and cant do that with the Mets, he comes back. As a reserve infielder it is great so I am excited about this pickup because he was a tough out for us!!!!

Kim Jones: Smarter than we thought she was....


Kimberly Jones will return in 2006 as YES' Yankees beat reporter. Her five postgame questions to Joe Torre won't.
Yankees Entertainment & Sports Network brass yesterday exercised its option to pick up the second year of Jones' contract, according to a YES spokesman.

The spokesman said THAT "at Joe Torre's request," Jones would not lead off the manager's postgame press conference with a series of questions. Last season, Torre was miffed after learning that some of Jones' inquiries were planted by Yankee officials. Torre expressed his displeasure over the situation directly to George Steinbrenner following the season.

Jones will continue her player interviews and news reports. But when it comes to interviewing Torre, she will be just another member of the pack of notebooks and microphones.

My take is the she was just a puppet hired by the Yankees just to piss off the rattle the chains of the Yankees brass...This year might be different since I think that Larry Bowa might throw her into the dumpster if she annoys them again.




Damon a Yankee.....WOW


When the offseason started I never thought to myself that "Lets go after Johnny Damon" I still had hatred for all Sox players. BUT, I did watch Johnny alot not just when he was playing against the Yanks but many other teams. He changed the way you approached the Red Sox lineup. Scoring 117 runs last year really opens your eyes to a very different type of player. He doesnt have a cannon for an arm, I know. He throws bloopers to HOME. But if you watch, he has thrown out many base runners going from 1st to 2nd. He can track a ball down better than any other player from last year. (Tops in the league for putouts) He also is a true leadoff hitter. The yanks dont need Damon, they needed a CF and he fills the void. He came into their lap instead of before where the Yankees made it pretty clear what players they wanted because Steinbrenner would open his mouth to the media and proclaim who he wanted in his stocking for Christmas.

Think about this. Back in 97-00, Bernie was still a great CF. He was hitting 20 or so HR's and batting in 100 or more RBI's. He still could track down a ball very well and still tried for 2nd on a long single.

Damon, doesnt hit for power but he does get on base and disrupts pitchers. With this lineup, he will be rounding the bases more than Jenna Jameson.


Plus I am liking Damon's wife

Don't Complain


Buck Showalter can do whatever he wants with his team. They are tired and have nothing to play for. He didnt try to stick it to the Yankees. He just was worrying about his players. If you have nothing to fight for anymore then why have the players in? Yankees shouldnt have complained about their lack of playing because the real Yankees didnt show up on Sunday either. Just deal with it.



Looking back at my post from April...I laugh. I published what our team would look like, never even thinking about how much drama would actually happen throughout the season. Look at our roster going into the playoffs.

Randy Johnson
Aaron Small(Who?)
Shawn Chacon
Mike Mussina(I think he is lying about his health)
Jaret Wright
Chien Mien Wang( I love Taiwan)

Tanyon Sturtze
Wayne Franklin
Tom Gordon
Mariano Rivera
Alan Embree
Scott Proctor
Felix Rodriguez
Al Leiter

1st: Jason Giambi
2nd: Robinson Cano
SS: Derek Jeter
3B: Alex Rodriguez
C: Jorge Posada
RF: Gary Sheffield
CF: Bernie Williams
LF: Hideki Matsui


Bubba Crosby
Felix Escalona
Ruben Sierra
John Flaherty
Matt Lawton
Mark Bellhorn
Tino Martinez

On another note, I just put down a deposit for MY OWN SEASON TICKETS!!! I am really excited about this! 12 game package will do me just fine.

Postseason starts Tuesday!

Random Questions:

Why is Jaret Wright pitching against Schilling on Sunday?
DO the yankees want to knock the sox out of the playoffs or not???
Torre better not rest everybody, I would like to see them win tomorrow.

I will be posting often so keep checking often...I might be going to the ALDS or possibly the ALCS....

Greatest ESPN Post EVER!!!


All I can say is that this article is a MUST READ!!!! I really thought that ESPN had a bias against us but its turning!!!


Clemens Double Secret Probation???


According to New York Post, Drayton McLane(owner of Astros) said that there is a special clause in the contract of Roger Clemens. If the Astros fall out of the playoff race in early July, then he MUST be traded to the yankees and ONLY the yankees. Too funny!

Why, in God's name, would we pick up a 18 million pitcher that the Red Sox and everybody in the AL already knows. Yes, he is Roger the Rocket Clemens but we have Carl 20 years younger the Rocket Pavano. I watched Rocket pitch great games in October for us and he can do but the question is WILL HE DO IT?

We will all have to wait for that to happen!

1998 All over again


In 1998, the Yankees won a sick amount of games...but that is not what I am about to talk about. I wanted to let you all know that supposedly the WITCH DOCTOR aka Ramiro Mendoza is being signed by the Yankees for a minor league contract. strawberry next? knobby??? I know I know...MATT NOKES!!!!