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Preview: Red Sox Baseball as Seen on the Cards

Red Sox Baseball as Seen on the Cards

Welcome to my online baseball card display/Red Sox fan blog! No, despite the title, this has nothing to do with the St. Louis Cardinals. Here, I post lots of things about the 2004 World Champion Boston Red Sox as well as some stuff about baseball in gener

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Manny Being Manny


While Manny Ramirez is still my favorite player (primarily because of his godlike hitting abilities and his one-two combination with David Ortiz), I question his recent behavior off the field. He's doing his flip-flop with the trade again, and he backs out of the WBC but shows up late for spring training anyway. He's also one of the most expensive players around, and it may very well be that it has all gone to his head. However, we must play along with Ramirez, as once he gets it together mentally, you can just let his bat do the talking!

Baseball's Olympics


I'm just starting to come out of off-season hibernation, but I'm getting excited about the World Baseball Classic! For those who haven't heard, the World Baseball Classic features sixteen teams in a championship face-off for bragging rights and a cool trophy. Red Sox players Mike Timlin and Jason Varitek will by playing for Team USA, barring any last-minute changes.

Merry Christmas, Everyone! (I'm blocking centerfielders out of my mind)


In this time of giving (which, at least for one team to the south of here, is also a time for taking), I would like to wish all my viewers a safe and merry Christmas and a happy brand-new year. (For those of you who don't celebrate Christmas, have a great day off anyway!) December 25 also carries special significance in the baseball world as it is one of just three days in the entire year that the Baseball Hall of Fame is closed. (The other two are Thanksgiving and New Year's Day.) Remember, there's still winter ball and the World Baseball Classic to keep us busy in the off-season. Happy Holidays!



The Hot Stove really started to heat up when the Red Sox reportedly signed Jed Hoyer and Ben Cherington, both natives of my home state New Hampshire, to share the powers and responsibilities of general manager, with the possibility of Theo returning to an advisory position. To the best of my knowledge, we have never had a two-man GM like this before. (Any baseball historian who knows otherwise, please post a comment with the details. Upon verification, I will post it in the main article and credit you if you so desire.) I can see potential "de-generalization" of "general" management, where one GM focuses on duties as they pertain to on-field performance, collaborating with the other, who primarily concerns himself with the business of baseball. Then again, maybe these two new guys will simply be "talking heads" for Theo, who will be the brains behind the club when he comes back. As I have said countless times in the past, only time will tell...

Public Service Announcement


Now, I rarely post any non-baseball topics to my blog, but I feel that, as a blog owner, I have a certain duty to warn the computer-using population of virus threats.

Recently, a friend, who shall remain nameless, advised me of emails appearing to be from the FBI. If you receive such an email, DON'T OPEN IT! Instead, press the Delete button to purge this virus-carrying email from your inbox. (If you have a "Secure Delete" feature, use that.) It's not worth the risk of attempting to report this as spam. (Whoever sent this will pay in the long run)

If the FBI REALLY wanted to contact you, they would visit you in person. Also, ALWAYS ask to see the badge of any uniformed officer who visits your home, even if you think you know him or her.

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.



As you may know already, Theo Epstein (aka Young Theo) has resigned the position of GM for the Red Sox. Now, before you accuse him of being another greedy exec, keep in mind that his business decisions helped us break the Curse. What will Young Theo do next? Some say that he will take a year off since no other team is hiring right now. Only time will tell.

Thanks for a great season


Well, if we won the World Series every year, it wouldn't be so special now, would it? Hey, the White Sox haven't won it all since 1917! Still, this doesn't mean that the White Sox are BETTER, just HOTTER. Any team can go through streaks (both winning and losing) at any time. It's just that it counts in the playoffs.
On a lighter note, the Bruins are back. Time to find out what this hockey hubbub is all about. Go Bruins!



We are exactly tied with the New York Yankees for the AL East right now. Anything could happen at this point... perhaps this entire race will come down to the final games against the Yankees! Talk about a climactic race! (Of course, it ain't over 'til it's over. Comebacks, after all, make up the excitement of the Sox and the Sox-Yanks rivalry.)

Get ready for some action!!!

David Ortiz: The Key to Team Batting


Where would the Red Sox be right now without David Ortiz? Ever since Game 4 of the 2004 ALCS, Ortiz has been famous for his power hitting in tight situations. When we are down by a run or two, we're often saved by a trademark Ortiz walk-off homerun! That's exactly what happened during the 11th inning last night at the Rogers Centre against the Blue Jays. Now, this is very special, because if Papi hits another one out of the park tonight, he will have tied his career season high of 41 (set last year). That would be a big thing for the big slugger!



Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling has once again proven his dominance over the Yankees. He pitched 8 innings of five-hit, two-run ball today, and the Sox won 9-2, putting them 4 games ahead of the Yankees in the AL East. Interestingly, the last time he pitched against New York as a starter was during the ALCS that made him a legend!

Bellhorn to Yankees


Mark Bellhorn has declined an option to go to the PawSox and has left the team. The second baseman now plays for the Empire. Personally, I'm surprised that the Yankees even wanted Bellhorn, considering his notorious strikeout numbers. I guess one team's trash is another's treasure!

Recent Happenings


Curt Schilling finally pitched a start after all this time in the bullpen. Even though we lost that game, give the guy a break! It's been a while for him, and he will undoubtedly fall back into place very soon. Until then, keep an eye on "Little Schill"! Jon Papelbon! For a rookie, Papelbon has done extraordinarily well and definetly has a future.
However, in order for the pitchers to help us win games, we need run support. This means than we have to stop leaving runners on base. Far too many times, I have seen bases-loaded, no-out situations only to have everyone strike out. The best Red Sox triple is worthless if nobody gets a hit to score him.



YAY! He's back in the rotation! Today is an off-day (have a safe flight!) but tomorrow Schilling is scheduled to pitch against the Kansas City Royals! (BTW, KC finally broke their 19-game losing streak the other night!) Now, as Red Sox fans, we must remember that we are still susceptible to jinxes, so we must be careful...


Warmup comments such as "Get ready to throw some HEAT!" are OK, however.

Sea Dogs!


When I went to the Fisher Cats-Sea Dogs game, the Sea Dogs won. I personally think that both teams are great, even though thr Fisher Cats were the home team. I noticed an up-and-coming Red Sox prospect wearing number 2 at shortstop. His name is Hanley Ramirez. I have confirmed with Fenway Ambassador Drew Thurlow that he is NOT related to Manny Ramirez, although both are from the Dominican Republic. Hanley made some amazing plays look routine! I've even heard rumors about moving Renteria to 3B and putting Hanley in as a shortstop next year! Keep an eye on Hanley...



Tonight I am going to a New Hampshire Fisher Cats game in Manchester, NH. The Fisher Cats will be facing the Portland Sea Dogs, AA affiliates of the Boston Red Sox! These players are the big-leaguers of tomorrow, and now I have a chance to see them today! (I will take pictures to post soon!)



Of late it seems that Schilling has been going through a slump as a closer. Somtimes thia can cost us a game, but I stand behind Curt, no matter what happens. Curt Schilling went against all odds last autumn, and there is no reason that he cannot once again become the "Schil" that we all know and love. Despite the last few games, I do believe that Schilling will trimph once again. I stand behind Schilling 110% of the way!



Yesterday's game was called on account of rain. Since only four innings were played, this game does NOT count in the official standings. Right now, it looks like the game will not be replayed, meaning that the Sox will simply play a 161-game season this year. (Of course, if the final game has playoff implications, the game will have to be somehow squeezed in.) Imagine having to wait over four hours for rain that never stopped! That's what the fans in attendance had to do.

Tickets for last night's game may be redeemed for unsold tickets of equal value at the ticket window. If all tickets are sold out, unless the Sox replay the game, you're out of luck.

More Fenway pics


Here's the plaque from when Fenway was remodeled back in 1934.

Here's a view from the .406 club (you can see it before the game if you take the Red Sox Tour)


And here's batting practice! Note how Renteria (SS) has taken the field!

Pictures from Fenway


This is the outside of Fenway Park.



When we were getting ready to go to the game, it was discovered that the tickets were for the previous night's game! Although we didn't get those seats, we did find two other tickets for sale for the correct game. These were in the bleachers, but we could see the outfield just fine. Manny went into the scoreboard during the seventh inning, during which the Rangers scored five runs. The Red Sox won 8-7 in 10 innings--leaving only 41 minutes to catch the last train to leave Boston at North Station! (We managed to catch that train, which left one minute before midnight, with 3 or 4 minutes to spare--what a race!) I'm not quite sure what we would have done had we missed that train... Anyway, it was a 4-hour, 13-minute 8-7 Red Sox victory in front of ourselves and 35,306 of our fellow fans. Pictures will be posted soon.

Answer to last post's question: Lower- $90.00



Finally, the day I've been waiting for is tomorrow! I'm going to Fenway, and I have a very nice camera to prove it! Yes, tomorrow's night game against the Texas Rangers will feature ME in the front row of the grandstand! Barring any unforseen circumstances (injury or suspension) the Texas pitcher will be Joaquin Benoit, and Matt Clement will start for the Sox. As you know, Clement is new to the Sox this year, signed as a free agent during the offseason from the Chicago Cubs. Considering he has gone 11-3 so far this year, he apparently has had no problem adjusting to the AL rules. (The DH rule is twofold: In the NL, the pitcher must bat, meaning that the other pitcher has an easy strikeout most of the time. With the DH, this is eliminated, and the pitcher no longer has a chance to pad his record.) Now, for a little game...


How much do you think I paid for my two grandstand tickets?
My total bill (before taxes and shipping) was NOT $105.00. Do you think that it was higher or lower? The answer will be in the next post.



Last week, I took a vacation to Provincetown, MA, the last town on Cape Cod. (latitude 42°03.771' N, longitude 70°08.970' W for all you GPS heads out there.) The Boston traffic wasn't too bad, but it still took nearly four hours to get there from Merrimack, New Hampshire. On the way there, I listened to the radio. The sportscasters were talking about Manny Ramirez being traded to the Mets. Deals would be made. Deals were all set, ready to be signed. Commercials aired. Commercials would end. Deals would die. I counted down the time left until the trade deadline using my watch (which is radio-synched to the US atom clock) and I am happy to report that Manny Ramirez WAS NOT TRADED! Not only that, but he took back all of the talk of trades, and it's the first time I've heard Manny use the line, "Manny Being Manny"! WHAT HAPPENS IN BOSTON, STAYS IN BOSTON!