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TAKING THE PULSE OF RED SOX NATION. Red Sox Truth, Rumor, Humor Not Owned Or Controlled By The New York Times-Boston Globe-Boston Red Sox Cartel Red Sox Nation, David Ortiz, Manny Ramirez, Jason Varitek, Curt Schilling, Keith Foulke, Nomar Garciaparra, P

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Derek Lowe's Real Mistake- He Should Have Done The Monstah Masha
Andrei Kirilkeno's wife, Masha Lopatova, isn't as strict as Trinka Lowe(image)
(DLowe Gets 'Er Done in GAME 7)


Doin' The Hokey Pokey



What's Up Pokey?
"Pokey is fine. He's with family. When personal feelings are involved, it's very difficult to put a timetable on the resolution of those.''
-Pokey's agent Mike Nicoterra

"I think that the 72 hours that have passed is more than a reasonable amount of time for him to offer some explanation for his unexcused absence. We still do not have that explanation, and we're moving on.''
-Marlins G.M. Larry Beinfest

A Red Sox fan favorite
Pokey's agent contacted the Marlins twice during his absence, so it sounds like harsh treatment from the Marlins' brass. We wish him the best.

Red Sox hurler rescinds trade request -


All's Wells That Ends Wells
David Wells will be the lefty in the 2006 Red Sox rotation
"I just told him, `Listen, plan on me going north, dude.' I said I want to stay. I said I think it will be fine. He was all smiles and that was that."

-David Orson Wells on his conversaton with Theo

"Just the way 'Tek looked at me. He goes, 'We need to talk.' We didn't really get a chance to talk, but, knowing 'Tek and talking to him a lot last year, I kind of had an idea what was going through his mind," Wells said. "That vibe I got from him, whoa, pretty deep."

-David Wells on his "Brokeback talk" with Tek

Alex Rodriguez Is An Albatross


Hub Flashback:
The Curse of A-Rod
Just A little reminder of the new order of things in Red Sox Nation.

World Baseball Classic: Rosters


World Baseball Classic: Rosters
Tek and Papi lead Red Sox WBC players.



New England Sports Hub Presents:HUB BUBThe Best Of Red Sox Hub March 2006 "I'm Nomar Hernandez""Nomar Garciaparra's grand experiment got off to a glorious start on Thursday. The veteran shortstop played his first Grapefruit League game at first base and made two dazzling, hit-saving plays in the third inning."- Los Angeles Daily NewsAGENT-SPEAKManny's Mouthpiece Says Trade Was Team's Idea:"I think it's been mis-characterized all along. I think it's been a situation over the last few years where the Red Sox have wanted to pursue trade alternatives, just to kind of see what's out there, and Manny has always been willing to participate in those kind of talks and he'd been willing to keep an open mind and cooperate if the Red Sox decide they want to have trade discussions with another team. "-Manny's Spin Doctor Greg GenskeHUB BUB:Over the winter, several sources in the organization indicated that Ramirez asked to be traded at least once during each of his first five seasons in Boston. unlikely to add pitching(The San Diego Union-Tribune)"I don't know if our two organizations match up. We really haven't had any discussions about Boomer since January. It doesn't look like he'll probably pitch in a game until the middle of March."- Padres G.M. Kevin Towers Wells will have to continue to work the buffet...uhmm...exercise bike in the Ft. Myers facilityOne Padres player the Red Sox inquired about this past offseason was leadoff man Dave Roberts, who two years ago became a catalyst in Boston's run to the World Series title. Towers has said he will keep Roberts, who was among the best leadoff men in the majors who made at least 400 plate appearances last year. Further, when the Padres and Roberts agreed to a one-year guarantee in December, Roberts received assurances that the club would retain him through at least June, said the player's agent, John Boggs."We have a verbal understanding that they won't trade him or think about trading him until the (July 31st) trading deadline. I've got a verbal understanding with Kevin Towers that Dave won't be traded . . . unless somebody wants him at the trading deadline. I'm under the understanding that won't change."-"The Stealer's" agentOf course they meant it at the time. It sounds like the Padres won't part with much to acquire Wells at this juncture, and will wait for him to disrupt the Sox clubhouse enough that he is handed to them.THE MANNY CAMSpring Training 2006 EditionThe Press BriefingRicky Williams RamirezA Manny Ortez To You John "Carrie"And, last but certainly not least, who can forget that Enrique Ritz is in camp...Dude, Where's My Bar???MANNY UNHAPPY RETURNSRed Sox Spring Training EditionRed Sox Hub Presents:Cliff Claven's Useless facts...Or are they just so titillating you feel McFilthy?Manny showed up in 2006 wearing the same Tim Brown Raiders jersey that he wore following the White Sox sweep of the Red Sox in the 2005 ALDS...Are you happy to be playing for the Boston Red Sox? "I’m here. I’m here." "Like I said I get paid to play baseball no [matter] where I go to play I still gotta go and perform even if I like it or not." -Manny Ramirez, during his 6 minutes with the press todayBase-ball Breaker:Workouts start at 9am...Manny showed up at 9:01 in his Tim Brown Jersey. His excuse for showing up to camp late was that he wanted to finish his offseason workout program; He declared himself in the best shape of his career, yet said that he was out of the World Baseball Classic because he wasn't ready and didn't want to embarass himself...Too late. That's okay Manny: As long as you hit 30 homers and drive in 130 runs, the apologists will stick with you. You'll find none of that on these pages...You owe your family, owner,teammates, and the loyal fans of Red Sox Nation an apology.-Manny Ramirez "Happy Ending" HubJUST LIKE STARTING OVERRed Sox Hero Derek Lowe [...]

KRT Wire | 11/06/2005 | Epstein's controversial departure upsetting to Red Sox players, fans


KRT Wire | 11/06/2005 | Epstein's controversial departure upsetting to Red Sox players, fans: "'We're not a better team without him,' Curt Schilling says.
'I'm very upset we're losing a guy like him,' says Jason Varitek, the team captain. 'It's frustrating as players . . . a lot of people you trust are leaving.
'We've got to find a way to right the ship. This has got to start from the top down.'"



P: "'I want to manage. You're always going to be interested if someone wants to interview you -- and especially [in Pittsburgh] because I'm familiar with all of those kids and the city and everything.'"



Red Sox Hub-Schilling Edition: You Hurt Me With Your Words: "Stung by recent criticism attributed to an anonymous teammate, Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling has responded with disappointment and disgust, saying the harsh remarks came from 'somebody who's not wired right.'

''Somebody on this team wants me to get booed to make them feel better, and that really bothers me a lot,' Schilling said in Tuesday's editions of the Boston Globe. ''Those are the kinds of things that really make me look at this game and understand that when I'm done in the game, I'll be done with the game.'" - N.E. Patriots: Injuries to stars could be serious

2005-09-26T11:10:48.143-07:00 - N.E. Patriots Hub: Injuries to stars could be serious
The injury to Matt Light looked less serious than Rodney's on film, but it is all speculation; Both Rodney Harrison and Light will be re-evaluated today.

Although he cautioned that it is all speculation, A physician that we spoke with stated that based upon the side angle of the blow, Rodney would be very lucky to escape a torn ACL. If it was an MCL tear, he could play with a brace or even have surgery and be back by the end of the year...Although the loss of Rodney Harrison would be a significant blow to the Patriots defense, the loss of left tackle Light would be an even bigger loss. The Patriots would have to rely on rookie 3rd round pick Nick Kaczur to protect Brady's blind side, putting the franchise quarterback at risk and likely throwing off the timing of plays. Brady needs to have full confidence in his left tackle in order to execute the complex and heavily timed Patriots offense...



  • Red Sox truth, rumor, humor...

    "Now you know the best of the story."

    Latest Red Sox laughers and mid-season trade rumors can be found at "The Hub."
    Red Sox Hub is the newborn affiliate of The New England Sports Hub.

    -New England Sports Hub



    RED SOX HUB DIGEST September 24, 2005

    There have been discussions in the Cubs organization about the possiblility of Nomar Garciaparra re-signing with the Cubs and moving to the outfield in 2006, as the club seems committed to highly touted shortstop prospect Ronny Cedeno, who ironically is on the D.L. for the rest of the season. If Nomar wants to play shortstop, Seattle and Arizona are good possibilities. Nomar’s brother Michael is still in the Mariners organization…If 3B Bill Mueller chooses the home cooking of the West Coast over Boston as is being predicted, Cubs will be free agent second baseman Todd Walker would be a nice low budget fit as a third baseman, a position for which he is better suited and has played well in the past. Walker would provide insurance at 2B, in case phenom Justin Pedroia flops there in 2006. Tony Graffanino is a free agent and likely a player rental unless he is willing to take a short deal and agree to a utility role with the Red Sox…
    Johnny Damon’s nagging injuries shouldn’t discourage the Sox from signing the sparkplug to a 4 year deal, but should increase the offseason urgency to move Manny Ramirez, which would allow Johnny Rockstar to move to a much less taxing Fenway left field. A deal with the Mets that includes Mike Cameron and top prospects makes sense, although ultra phenom Hanley Ramirez is still likely to move to center field…WEEI morning show conservatives Dennis and Callahan have been taking sound bytes of Tito Francona out of context in embarrassing fashion; embarrassing for them, that is. Francona appears on the mid morning show with Dale Arnold and Michael Holley, who have criticized the morning pair for their low brow antics. The morning boys don’t have the gajones to do anything but smooch between the cheeks of their regular guest pet, Sox President and part owner Larry Lucchino…Francona is getting ripped by fans and morning hacks alike, but is really doing his best management job ever in 2005, keeping a porous team, (No #1 or #2 starter, the worst bullpen in baseball (E.R.A.), no closer, a first baseman that hit like Jackie Gutierrez for most of the season, and a slugging left fielder who doesn’t respect the game and will shut it down if confronted), in contention and actually in first place for most of the season. If you want to rip anyone, look upstairs in 2005. (image) No, not God, and not "Dubya"...this one can't be pinned on the one man in America who graciously accepts more blame than Terry Francona...

    Philadelphia Daily News | 07/14/2005 | Kevin Mulligan | Kerrigan going to work for Yankees, under GM Cashman


    Philadelphia Daily News | 07/14/2005 | Kevin Mulligan | Kerrigan going to work for Yankees, under GM Cashman: "GF: Would you like to be back in the dugout next year somewhere?
    JK: I'd like to be back on the field as a bench coach or pitching coach, or as an advance scout, breaking down teams. I love doing "



    v - MLB- Red Sox continue to roll, win seventh straight


    7 Heaven:
    Red Sox Are Like "Buttah": They Are On A Role
    Ramirez hit his 19th grand slam and drove in five runs, leading the Boston Red Sox over the Philadelphia Phillies 12-8 Sunday for their season-high seventh consecutive victory.
    Ramirez tied Hall of Famer Eddie Murray for second place on the career grand slams list. Lou Gehrig holds the record with 23.






    Contrary to the opinion of 2nd rate beat writers, Manny is focused on a tear and focused on another title.