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Preview: MLB: Baltimore Orioles Baseball...A Fan Speaks Out

MLB: Baltimore Orioles Baseball...A Fan Speaks Out

Ranting (and raving) about the Baltimore Orioles including regular season stats, schedules and news, playoffs and World Series aspirations, general team updates and player information.

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Dennis Sarfate has a lot to be thankful for this holiday season! He's making a great comeback from his clavicle surgery. Here's the full story.



Get out there and vote next Tuesday, November 4th, Oriole fans!



Get in on the election fever! Vote here for the 2008 This Year in Baseball Awards. Every voice counts!

Nastia...the name doesn't help


Did anyone watch the women's gymnastics last night? Could Nastia Liukin look any more unhappy? OMG. I guess her dad is her coach. Has he not noticed that his daughter seems to hate everything about gymnastics, especially her teammate? Seriously, if looks could kill, Shawn Johnson would have died a few times over last night.

I actually got uncomfortable every time Nastia was on the TV screen, as if I was watching someone suffer. I just feel bad for the kid. I'm glad she ended up with the gold. She deserved it, and I actually got to see what she looks like smiling.

I went to high school with a girl like that, and she scared the crap out of me. So much anger...heehee.

You Never Know...


How nice would it be if I got to buy World Series tickets this fall? At this point, anything can happen! I love springtime...

You've been PUNKED!


So there are some times that you don't want to be messed with, and then there are times you're just so relieved to have been messed with... this cracked me up. Phillies pitcher Kyle Kendrick didn't seem to mind being told that his trade to Japan was just a joke after all.

Really Cold Beer


It can't always be baseball season, I suppose, so I bought some Baltimore Ravens tickets today. Drinking a cold beer in a football stadium in November just doesn't seem the same, though.

A Look Back at the 2006 Baltimore Orioles


Okay, so I'm not usually a sucker for the musical montages, but this was an awesome watch.

Check out this not-so-sappy clip of the 2006 Baltimore Orioles season. (Why do I like it? Probably because it's one of the few musical montages that manages to NOT use Celine Dion. I like her and all, but adding Celine Dion to anything raises the sappiness quotient by a power of at least 10.)

Airing dirty laundry


Seems like the Baltimore Orioles are hitting the extremes as far as drama goes. Jay Gibbons starts complaining about lack of playing time, and manager Sam Perlozzo gives only this statement (from

"Perlozzo said he's spoken with Gibbons and that his office door is open for players to come in and talk. 'I don't have anything negative to say other than, we're trying to do the absolute best to get him right and we've been working on that," Perlozzo said. "The newspaper's not the place to talk about it.'"

Wish the press could have that same attitude about the whole steroid investigation story...

National Nemesis


Okay tonight's the real deal. Think Washington fans will see a win over the Orioles tonight? Well, as much as the Nationals would like to win this one, they just don't have the lineup. Look on the Orioles bench ... Jay Gibbons. Brian Roberts. Miguel Tejada. Melvin Mora. Ramon Hernandez. Aubrey Huff. Corey Patterson. Nick Markakis, Jay Payton. Kevin Millar. I think we will see a repeat defeat.

Will MLB see Sammy Sosa again?


Remember when you last caught a glimpse of Sammy Sosa? It was in 2005, in his one season with the Baltimore Orioles. He’s been wanting to get back into MLB baseball and has been working out at home in the Dominican Republic. Just the other day he was spotted working out at Ameriquest Field with the Texas Rangers, the first big league team to give him a break, way back when he was 16. Sammy stayed with the Rangers for 17 years before moving to Chicago, first with the White Sox, then with the Cubs. Anyway, nobody’s reporting offers, and Sammy is 38, not 16, but personally I’d like to see him back in the game if he’s got a few more swings of the bat in him.

Millar Back for One More Season


The Baltimore Orioles signed their first baseman Kevin Millar to a one year extension of his contract for $2.75 million. Millar has averaged 17 home runs and 67 RBI's over the course of his seven season career. Last season Millar reached base in 103 of the 132 games that he did play by hit, walk, or hit by pitch. Millar has an option for 2008.

Orioles Have Their Work Cut Out for Them


Looking over the Baltimore Orioles' calendar for the 2007, Ryan Sharrow of the Baltimore Business Journal found some tough spots on the schedule. Mainly the first half of it. First off, our birds will be up north to open against the Minnesota Twins. Then it's over to the Big Apple and three games with the New York Yankees. We finally get back to Camden Yards, only to stage our home opener against the reigning AL Champs, the Detroit Tigers.

Y'know what, though? Those are the kinds of games I'd most like tickets for!

One tiny break Sharrow discovered in the 2007 itinerary: 39 of our 73 post-All-Star games will be home games.

Googling around


Major League Baseball is hibernating, of course, so I’m taking the opportunity to catch up on world events, etc. etc. So I’ve been on the internet doing some googling. Only to find out that it makes Google mad if I refer to surfing any other search engine as “googling.” I read that they actually have lawyers stewing over this.

If this is true, and I must caution you that not everything you read on the internet is—sheesh!, they are just being stupid. How is this harming Google? If you were running Yahoo or AOL, wouldn’t you kill to have your name turned into the generic term for websearching?

Hey, Google, quit crying! Here’s a kleenex. I mean, a facial tissue.

Five years of relative stability for Major League Baseball


I didn't know the exact figures until I read it online, but MLB has had nine work stoppages since 1972. No wonder it seemed like baseball strikes were hanging over our heads all the time!

So it's great to hear that, in a spirit of cooperation, the clubs and the players have agreed on a contract that will kick in two months from now when the old one expires. No scary gap, and no potential walkouts or lockouts before 2011!

Starting to Look Like Tigers Will Represent AL


Now we all know that it is still mathematically possible for the Oakland A's to come back from an 0 and 3 deficit -- ask the Boston Red Sox -- but my gut feeling is that this American League Championship Series is going to the Tigers...very likely in a sweep, the way the Athletics have been looking. Saturday afternoon will tell.

At least we’re not Tampa Bay.


It’s easy to have a lot of pride in and awe from our “hometown hero” Cal Ripken, Jr. but the future of Baltimore really should be our focus. And for that we’ll need consistent pitching to have a chance if we want to celebrate in the post-season.

Swollen Pouty Lip Service


Baltimore is not the most exciting city on the planet. The only plan my girlfriend can come up with for next weekend is for us to get Pink tickets and go see her perform at the 9:30 club. I would rather swallow a pint of rusty nails so I am going to suggest we forgo the teeny bopper event of the season and get Orioles tickets again. She will probably pout a little and make me promise I will take her to some other girlie rock event in the future, but I can fake that easily enough. We are playing the Texas Rangers so the game might be as depressing as watching Pink run around the stage in platform combat boots while pummeling herself in the face with a cordless microphone. There is just not enough beer in the world to make me sit through that kind of weak spectacle willingly.

On a positive note: Nickelback tickets are on sale for their Baltimore show on July 26th.

Orioles split series against the Mariners and on to the Angels.


Bruce Chen missed the chance for his first win Friday in the first game of our series against the Los Angeles Angels. The Baltimore Orioles haven’t done well this weekend but I am hopeful for today’s game. We haven’t had a stellar season thus far but things are looking up after our 14-4 win over the Seattle Mariners.

Orioles impress in April.


The Baltimore Orioles are doing pretty well this season and I have high hopes that they will soon distinguish themselves as a winner in the American League East. What do you think of Bruce Chen’s contribution so far this season?

Benson takes down Devil Rays.


Kris Benson got his first win of the season against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays on Tuesday night and he looked like he was in top form. He gave up only five hits in eight innings and led the Baltimore Orioles to an 8-4 victory. Benson got some help from third baseman Melvin Mora who hit his third home run of the season. If things keep looking up we should win this three game series against Tampa Bay and gain momentum for some serious wins this season.

What a way to start the season!


The Baltimore Orioles won their regular season home opener against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. The spectacular final score was 14-7. Miguel Tejada and Luis Matos were two of the four Orioles who hit home runs that night. We tied a franchise record for RBIs in this sixth straight opening day victory. Baltimore may not have had a lot of wins in the spring but they looked fresh and practiced on the field Monday. Go Orioles!

Music to my ears.


There are some great concerts coming to the Baltimore area. Death Cab for Cutie will be here on the 11th of April and The Roots will be at the Warner Theatre on April 1st. The most exciting band visiting Baltimore is the Arctic Monkeys. They are as good as the White Stripes and Coldplay and are from the UK. I really like their music and can’t wait to go see them live. I got Arctic Monkeys tickets from Coast to Coast – you’ll see their links on the right side of this blog. Go there if you’re like me and want the best seats.

Bopping my head to some good reggae…


I’ve been listening to some new music by Matisyahu lately. His reggae is classic sounding with heartfelt lyrics that say a lot about what kind of man he is. I like to listen to him while searching the net for Baltimore Orioles news and spring training gossip.



The Orioles are making a name for them selves and our having a good turn around from last season. One of the players stepping up from the ashes is second baseman Brian Roberts. Roberts right now is leading the American league in voting for the All- Star ballot. Roberts is doing a great job in the lead off spot. In fact, in the past 50 games the O’s have played, Roberts was holding on to a .468 batting average in every first inning that he had played.