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we are round and we roll as we will

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Ok so I've got some things to tell. On monday for some reason my eyes were killing me like...really really bad. I couldn't even open them. So I went to the optomatrist and he put something in my eyes that made them completely numb. It was very nice in comparison to the extreame burning. Any way I took some drops and they're better now but I still can't wear my contacts for a whole week. Lame.(image)

I've been hanging out with Crystal and Chase a lot recently. She's really cool even though she tends to drink a lot and pop a lot of pills :( oh well.(image)



I feel like shit. Last night Chases new love intrest Crystal came over. She's really chill. She's a cute little scene kid with a drinking problem. So she comes over last night and her and Chase get really baked and she asks me to drive them to Jack in the Box to get tacos. So we go get tacos and then we come back and get really stoned and eat. Then Crystal is like oh we should go swimming so we're swimming and Chase is like we should get some Joose (this flavored malt liquor) but it's like 9:45 and the place Crystal can buy at closes at 10 and is in the next town. Chase and I are like fuck it we'll never make it we're wet in the pool and it's to far to make it, but Crystal's like dude lets go I can make it. So we hop out and I get my robe on and Chase takes forever getting ready and we leave with like 9 minutes to spare and Crystal get's behind the wheel and just books it and we make it there at 4 minutes to 10. It was crazy. But I wish we haden't made it right about now. I have the worst hang over I've felt like puking all morning. Bleh.

So Vanilla


I'm bored. Levi's at work and i have nothing to do but knit and watch t.v. I guess Jessica is coming over today and maybe I'll teach her to knit and we'll pick our classes for next semester. Maybe I'll ask her to bring the bottle of Smirnoff and we'll get drunk and watch Heroes. I duno. bleh.



Today Levi says he's going to take me out to lunch. I'm kinda excited just to get out of the house. I might suggest that we stay out all day if I can. I don't have much gas so I don't know how far we'll get but I've got to get out. Maybe I'll go to a show or something. Cosmos maybe.
Levi wants to go give blood. I guess that's ok.

Make me see god



So yesterday was fun. I got my nose pierced took some pictures, hung out with Levi. My nose herts like a bitch. I'm usually really great with piercings but this one was bad. The most painful I've ever had. But it was totally worth it. I might just have a (image) party tomorrow. Get a little trashed and forget about how badly I wanna move out of here. I just hate always feeling like I've done something wrong. Anyway forget about all that mess. I'm 19 years old. How exciting! Sch(image) ool starts in a little more than a month and I'm glad. I just can't wait to get on with life. Starting on Monday I'm going to take Levi to work and then go knit at starbucks or something. Just to get out of the house. I'm gonna go smoke a bowl with my room mate.

It's been such a long time


That's funny to see all those post from 2 years back. I'm glad I found this blog instead of creating another one. So today is my birthday. I'm very excited. I haven't done much yet even though I've been awake since 6:30 this morning. I've just been opening presents and eating peanut butter cups (yum) Chase gave me a delicious looking chronic joint raped in clear strawberry flavored paper. I can't wait to smoke it later tonight with him. My mom gave me some perfume and a cute little heart shaped necklace. Levi hasn't gotten me a present yet but I have my suspicious. I think he plans on getting me an oz. of Mec lol.
I can't wait till Levi gets home. He's been at work all day and I can't call him or anything. He should be home by 3 and then hopefully all my birthday wishes will come true. I think I'll go watch nip tuck and knit until he gets home.
<3 Christina




It's not that I'm bad at posting. it's just that I spend the night at Levi's house a lot now and they don't have internet. I went to the beach with Luke and Levi yesterday and it was very fun. I woke up at 7:30am and got my stuff together and went to wal*mart to get a new bathing suit. I didn't end up getting one though cuz I didn't look good in the one that I wanted. oh well. So i bought batteries instead. then i drove back home because I 4 got the driving directions to the beach. After i got the directions I drove the Levi's house. they wern't awake so I had to wake them up and get them ready. Luke didn't have what he needed so I had to take us back to his house so he could get his stuff. Then finally we were on our way to the beach. we stopped for Mc Donalds to eat (I'm not eating there for a long while) and then we kinda got lost trying to find the beach parking lot. on our quest to the parking lot we saw this really cool random peach of art in the middle of the water. I stopped to take a picture of it. When we found the parking lot we had to walk a little ways to acctualy get to the beach we wanted to go to. But you can't really get there with a car because you have to walk on sand stone. It was really cool though. we saw a lot of crabs and little tiny fish. we found our spot and debated wether or not we were acctualy going to get into the water or not. Luke played his guitar and we listened to him (he's pretty good). Then Luke and Levi went into the water and made me watch their stuff. Because I'm scared to do most stuff I got left behind for most of the day. I tried not to let it bother me to much but really it sucked a lot. I really can't beleive that they left me alone so much when I did so much to get us there. It was fun but not as fun as I hoped it would be. I spent the night at levi's house again.

sex 2X's



(image) (image)
Ok so today I woke up at Levi's house. We had sex and then we went to my house. We ate cereal and then we went to Wal Mart to go check out cameras and junk for me to buy. I saw a few nice ones but I think I'll just end up buying a few rechargable batteries and a charger. that will be good. After we were done looking at cameras we were just about to leave when we saw Michelle's little brother. He showed us where Michelle was and we talked to her for a long while. It was pretty cool. we looked at yarn and stuff and Levi pretty much gave me the ok to hang out with her again which is cool with me. I think I'm going to call her tomorrow night or something. That will be cool. After we left Wal Mart I went back to my house to get some money from my parents (My dad's back from his trip. He baught me a shirt. It say's New York and I like it very much) so that Levi and I could go to boomers with Mike Luke Olga and some of Luke's friends. It was pretty cool at first because it wasnfree Tuesday so all the games were free. We were supposta have wrist bands but we didn't have the money to pay for them so we just played untill we got caught. After we got caught I wanted to leave but Levi wanted to stay with Luke so Mike gave him his wrist band and left with me. Levi stayed and at first I was mad but then I realized it was no big deal. I had fun hanging out with Mike any way. We went to Boarders so that he could get a c.d that he wanted with a gift card that someone gave him for graduation. (I think I'm going to paint him a picture for his graduation present) He offered to give me what was left on the card which was really super sweet but I didn't want to take it because it was almost 10 dollars and i know that he doesn't get money that often and well...i duno it seemed like it was too much money to just give away. So he baught 2 fathers day cards. one for Levi to give and one for him to give. I thought that was very nice. He also baught these red lolly pops for us to share. They didn't durn out to be so good though. On the way back to his house we talked a lot about smoking and shared some secrets with eachother. We talked a little about Cali andhow Mike was feeling about their break up and I feel really really really bad for him. I hear that he acted a little out of sorts when she broke up with him (he hit her and wouldn't let her leave the room) which makes me wonder things about Mike. If he's diffrent then how I think he is.

Today I had sex 2 times

I hope to go to the beach tomorrow.

no beach...



we were supposta go to the beach yesterday but we didn't end up going because Levi sucks and didn't call any one to come with us. So this morning we cleaned my house and then my mommy gave us 20$ to go see a movie. First we went to Levi's house and I watched the Poke'mon movie while Mike and Levi played DS. Levi grabbed a bunch of condoms and after a while we left. We got 2 nacho supremes and went back to my house and ate them. They were sooo yummy. Then when we were done we had the best sex in the world on my living room floor. Shortly after we were done my mom came home and then we left again. On our way out my neighbor stopped us and told us to be safe. Levi thinks she herd me. I hope not. How embarassing. We went to Parkway and bought tickets to go and see Spider man. i thought it was pretty cool but not quite as cool as I hoped it would be. I saw the previews for a movie that I really want to see though. It's called Across the Universe. I think it's about the Vietnam war. so cool looking. After the movie we hung out with Tom for a long while. We talked about film and he baught use lunch at Mc Donalds. At around 10pm we went to my car and had some more amazing sex in the parking lot of Parkway. fun stuff. Then we went to Levi's house and I spent the night. I loved yesterday.

sex 2X's

nice day



Today was very nice. I woke up and went downstairs to see if Luke and Levi were up yet. Levi was awake and so i spent some time with him kissing and loving. then we woke Luke up. My mom came down stairs and told us that if we cleaned the house that she would take us out to breakfast. I washed the dishes and Luke and Levi cleaned the living room. Then Levi went up stairs and took a shower. Luke and I were talking for a while and he decided that he wanted to take a shower with Levi. So we both go up stairs and Luke knocks on the door. Levi refused to open it so I turned the lights off and made him open it. when he did Luke started taking off his pants and shirt. I left the room and he took off his shorts and hopped into the shower with Levi. Levi forced him out and he got dressed again and came downstairs with me again. it was soooo funny. I love Luke when my mom got home I got dressed and we left. we all ordered omletts for breakfast and they were yummy. My mom paid the bill and left before us. When we were all done I took drove Levi and Luke to the trolley stop. Luke didn't have any money so I gave him a ride to his house. At first I didn't want to because I didn't have a lot of gas but now I'm glad that I did. We talked the whole way and had a lot of fun. He didn't even mess with my stario like he usualy does (I hate that soooo much). When I got home I helped my mom put together her new computer chair. Then I went up stairs and got ready for dinner. I tried on a few of my mom's fun wigs and found that I actually liked one of them. (the one I'm wearing in the picture) it was fun. Then we went out to dinner at this fancy Mexican food place. I order yummy seafood enchaladas. Later I think I'm going to go pick Levi up from his friend Stevens house so he can spend the night at my house. We're going to try and go to the beach tomorrow. fun stuff.
condomless sex 1 time.
Levi spent the night




Yesterday was my first official day of summer vacation. I can't belive it's here. I'm sooo happy. Friday I spent the night at Levi's house. i fell asleep at around 8:30 because I didn't sleep at all the night before. When we woke up we went to go pick up Luke from Cody's house and go to Denny's to have breakfast. i ate a yummy grilled cheese sandwich and Levi and Luke had mini cheese burgers. After breakfast we went to Parkway mall to go and see Pirates of the Caribbean. It was pretty good. After the movie we all went to my house and ate sandwiches. Then Levi and Luke left to go storm the gates of Helix. They wanted to go and get on all the roofs and stuff. They got caught though and were asked to leave. On the way back to my house I guess they saw a hooker on El Cahone Blvd and Luke asked her if she was crazy....he propositioned her for sex and she walked away. or so they say. I don't beleive them. Well then they walked back to my house and they both spent the night. I stayed up and watched the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie with Luke until 2am and Levi went to sleep around 1:30.all in all it was a very fun day. I like Luke a lot. He's my favorite one of Levi's friends.

I'm going to keep track of how many times I have sex with Levi this summer.Friday June 8th 2 timesSaturday June 9th 2 times.